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    Safari Zone FAQ by ElecMan

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    Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Safari Zone FAQ Final Version
    by ElecMan
    Welcome to the Safari Zone FAQ for Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire for the Game Boy
    Advance. This FAQ was made to help you get an overview of the Safari Zone and
    whatever it has to offer you.
    This is the final-final version of this FAQ. As of now, I have removed my
    e-mail address due to the high number of mails asking for help. And everyone
    apparently needs help with finding the Pokeblock Case. I guess this must be
    because people are lazy, the answer has always been here, under chapter 3!
    Please take your time to read, and enjoy the game! There should be no need to
    contact me about the Safari Zone, everything is covered here. Thank you and
    have a nice day! :)
    Table of Contents
    1. The Safari Zone
    2. The different areas
    3. How to catch Pokemon in the Safari Zone (and how to get the Pokeblock Case!)
    4. Complete list of obtainable Pokemon in the Safari Zone
    5. Secrets
    6. Credits
    1. The Safari Zone
    The Safari Zone is an "exciting safari" through an area that looks exactly like
    any other Route in the game. Nothing exotic, really. The Safari Zone feature
    was first introduced in Red/Blue/Yellow, but was absent in Gold/Silver/Crystal.
    There it was under maintenance. But now it is back. Yay. In R/B/Y, the Safari
    Zone had tons of elusive monsters you could only find there, and getting them
    was no walk in the park. This time around, it is less exciting, but more fun
    since you will be finished with it in the blink of an eye. Monsters are much
    easier to catch. Mainly, this place has in Ruby/Sapphire become a dump for old
    Pokemon. You can only find R/B/Y/G/S/C Pokemon there, no new ones. Also, most
    of them are pretty annoying like that Phanpy or that Oddish (which you can get
    pretty much elsewhere in the game, but it has to appear here as well, just to
    show how much it hates you). And this is the only place where you can get a
    Pikachu. Yippee...
    The Safari Zone is located on Route 121, right next to Lilycove City. There
    will be a Jr./Sr. standing outside "guarding it". You can get inside easily by
    using CUT on the tree that's in the way or you can take the whole ten paces
    around it and enter from the other side. This way is the easiest if you are
    entering from Lilycove City, or you can go the ten paces walk around if you
    want to CUT the tree just for kicks. Anyway, now you know where it is.
    So, now you're inside the building? Wow! Pass the clerk on your right hand
    side, or speak with him if you want more information about the Safari Zone, but
    that won't be necessary since I'm going to provide you with enough info.
    There's a PC here, but that's irrelevant at the moment. Or check it if you
    absolutely must, rearrange your team, items etc. Pass the next counter and the
    clerk welcomes you to the park like it is really that much fun. If you want to
    participate, you'll have to pay 500 credits. Say yes, and he gives you 30
    Safari Balls. The game will end if you run out of balls (most unlikely that you
    do) or if you walk/run 500 steps (most likely that this will happen). Then you
    are escorted outside and a man will be blocking the door back. Oh no! You're
    trapped! Well, not really. If you press Start, you will see a Retire option.
    Choose this to end your Safari game. Also, notice how they have removed the
    Save feature when you're in the park. This means you don't get to Save and
    reset if you meet the wrong Pokemon or do something stupid (which can't be
    done, really). But it's not really that much to pay 500 to play again. Because
    you will be playing again. Why? Because it is so much fun! Er...not, but keep
    on reading and you'll get it.
    The park is divided into four areas, southeast, southwest, northeast and
    northwest. You will begin in the southeastern area. You have access to the
    southwestern area by foot. To reach the northern areas, you need a bike.
    Actually, you need both bikes to get everywhere so you have to return with a
    different bike. Bikes can be switched at Rydel's Bike Shop to the right of the
    Poke Center in Mauville City. You do have a bike, right? If not, get it at
    To reach the northeastern area, bring your Acro Bike. From the southeast area,
    head north until you get to a white fence-thing. Get up the stairs and hop onto
    your bike. Ride on top of the fence and jump whenever necessary. Then you
    should reach the northeastern area. The Acro Bike jumps when you press the jump
    button and the directional button at the same time. If you still don't get it,
    try reading the book in Rydel's Bike Shop.
    To find the northwestern area, have your Mach Bike ready. Head over to the
    southwest area and head north. You should see a cliff with a sand slope on it.
    Use your Mach Bike at full speed and get up the slope. Find your way around the
    cliff and down the stairs and you will be in the northwestern area.
    2. The different areas
    The following contains information about the different areas and what Pokemon
    you may find there.
    Southeastern Area
    This is the area where you start. Find yourself a patch of grass and start
    looking for Pokemon. Here is what you can find in the southeastern area:
    Pokemon              Quantity
    Oddish               Many
    Gloom                Few
    Doduo                Some
    Pikachu              Few
    Girafarig            Some
    Natu                 Some
    Wobbuffet            Some
    Southwestern Area
    In this area, you can fish or Surf to get Pokemon, but there is also grass
    here. If you are fed up with Oddish popping up all the time, more fun awaits
    Pokemon              Quantity
    Oddish               Many
    Gloom                Few
    Doduo                Some
    Pikachu              Few
    Natu                 Some
    Wobbuffet            Some
    Goldeen (Fishing)    Some (Old Rod), Many (Good Rod, Super Rod)
    Seaking (Fishing)    Some (Super Rod)
    Psyduck (Surfing)    Many
    Northeastern Area
    Get here with help from the Acro Bike. Some rare Pokemon appear here, Gloom
    appears more and Oddish less. Good news. But you'll also run into Phanpy here,
    probably a thousand times. Try not to slam your GBA on the floor. Also, grab a
    cool Heracross. He appears very seldom though. There is also a desert area
    here, where you can use Rock Smash to get a Geodude, which you've probably
    already got.
    Pokemon              Quantity
    Oddish               Some
    Gloom                Some
    Geodude (Rock Smash) Many
    Phanpy               Some
    Xatu                 Few
    Heracross            Few
    Northwestern Area
    More rare Pokemon to catch in this area. You can fish and Surf here as well.
    And what would an area be without Oddish?
    Pokemon              Quantity
    Oddish               Some
    Gloom                Some
    Doduo                Some
    Dodrio               Few
    Pinsir               Few
    Lairon               Few
    Rhyhorn              Some
    Goldeen (Fishing)    Some (Old Rod), Many (Good Rod, Super Rod)
    Seaking (Fishing)    Some (Super Rod)
    Psyduck (Surfing)    Many
    Golduck (Surfing)    Few
    3. How to catch Pokemon
    Yes, you already know how to catch a Pokemon, but the Safari Zone is a little
    different. Instead of sending out your Pokemon to do the work, the Trainer must
    do it by himself/herself. When you enter "battle", you will be given options
    just like in an ordinary battle. These are "Throw Ball", "Pokeblocks", "Go
    near" and "Run". It looks like this:
    | <Throw Ball>        Pokeblocks |
    |  Go near            Run        |
    The thing needed to catch a Pokemon is of course, a ball. But sometimes,
    throwing a ball just isn't enough. In most cases it is, but to increase the
    chance of catching one, use the other two options before throwing a ball.
    Here's an explanation.
    The Pokemon will be glaring you right in the face in the Safari Zone. If you
    choose to throw a ball, there's a great chance that it will be caught right
    away, depending on the "rare" level of the Pokemon. Rare Pokemon like Heracross
    are harder to catch than that stupid Oddish who is everywhere. The Pokemon in
    the Safari Zone have the will to escape at any moment (if it's their turn), but
    that can be delayed by using Pokeblocks. Pokeblocks is almost like the "Throw
    Bait" option from R/B/Y.
    You have probably come over Pokeblocks by now. If not, go to the Contest Hall
    in Slateport City and receive a PokeBlock Case from the little girl. Then speak
    with the man at the Berry Blender machine (can be found in any Contest Hall).
    He explains how it works and follow his instructions and make Pokeblocks with
    him (various Berries are required). You can also link up with a friend to make
    Pokeblocks. If you choose the Pokeblock option in the Safari Zone battles, you
    will be prompted to select a Block from your Bag. Press B if you regret your
    choice. Select the desired Pokeblock and you will throw it at the Pokeblock. It
    will most likely catch the Pokemon's interest. Now is your chance! Throw a ball
    and you might catch it! There are no guarantees that you are assured a catch
    when you throw a Pokeblock, it just makes the Pokemon hang around for a little
    longer. Or it might run if it doesn't like the Block at all. Different Pokemon
    likes different Pokeblocks. Try different combinations. Or not, I used only a
    Pokeblock once, and it didn't help very much. Go for the next strategy, which
    is a whole lot better, and save your Pokeblocks for something else.
    The "Go near" option is probably your safest bet. It always works for me. This
    feature allows you to take one step closer to the Pokemon (although the
    graphics don't register this at all). If it doesn't run away, throw balls at it
    until it is caught. Simple!
    The thing with the more rare Pokemon like Heracross and Xatu is that they love
    to leg it as soon as they get the chance. And they have a very low encounter
    rate so getting them can be a real pain, but don't give up. If you don't have
    the patience to find Xatu, catch a Lv.26 Natu and raise it one level. Voila!
    Also, you might have noticed the Pokeblock cases in the park. If you out a
    Pokeblock in those, it supposedly attracts Pokemon. What Pokemon that will be
    attracted depends on the Pokeblock. Supposedly, people have been saying that
    Pokeblocks attract Pokemon of the same color. Example: If you use a Yellow
    Pokeblock, you will have a higher encounter rate for yellow Pokemon. But also I
    have heard that the different colors attract different types of Pokemon, like
    Mild-types and so on, although I have not tested this out. Again, don't waste
    your blocks on this, the block doesn't stay there for long and it certainly
    won't attract any hard-to-get Pokemon. Just walk around. You will find what you
    want anyway. The entire Safari Zone will probably entertain or annoy you for
    about 30 minutes or so. Knock yourself out!
    Happy hunting!
    4. List of Pokemon
    Here's an alphabetically list of the entire Safari Zone Pokemon Collection:
    Pokemon                  Area             Quantity
    Dodrio                   NW               Few
    Doduo                    SE/SW/NW         Some/Some/Some
    Geodude (Rock Smash)     NE               Many
    Girafarig                SE/SW            Some/Some
    Gloom                    SE/SW/NE/NW      Few/Few/Some/Some
    Goldeen                  SW/NW            Some(OldRod)/Many(Gd/SupRod)
    Golduck (Surf)           NW               Few
    Heracross                NE               Few
    Lairon                   NW               Few
    Natu                     SE/SW/NE         Some/Some/Some
    Oddish                   SE/SW/NE/NW      Many/Many/Some/Some
    Phanpy                   NE               Some
    Pikachu                  SE/SW            Few/Few
    Pinsir                   NW               Few
    Psyduck (Surf)           SW/NW            Many/Few
    Rhyhorn                  NW               Some
    Seaking                  SW/NW            Some/Some (Super Rod)
    Wobbuffet                SE/SW            Some/Some
    Xatu                     NE               Few
    5. Secrets
    There are secrets in the Safari Zone? No, I didn't believe that either. Maybe
    they're not secrets, but they are a set of ways to make things easier in the
    Zone. So, read on if you like to know how you do it and to save your cash
    (yeah, like you'll lose much money on this Safari Zone side-quest). They are
    really "infinite Safari Zone time" secrets, catching Pokemon can still be
    1. Position yourself in the grass and stand still! Now, lightly press the
    directional button (anyone you like!) so that the character faces another
    direction. The character is only supposed to face another direction, not take a
    step. Keep doing so and you should enter battle with Pokemon. This supposedly
    uses no steps and you have infinte time.
    2. Again, position yourself in the grass, but before you do so, bring a Pokemon
    with Sweet Scent. Now, as you're standing there in the grass, use Sweet Scent
    from the menu and Pokemon will be attracted to you, allowing you to enter
    battle with them and catch them. No steps lost!
    3. The final trick requires an Acro Bike. Now, get to the nearest...guess
    what...patch of grass (!) and get on the bike. Hold B and you will hop one one
    spot, making the grass under you shake. You should eventually enter battle with
    Pokemon with your remaining steps intact.
    6. Credits
    I would like to thank the following:
    Nintendo for making great games.
    Various people for helping me with the quantity of the various Pokemon in the
    Safari Zone.
    The following have contributed to the FAQ: Nienna (leone@gondor.dk), David
    Sgambettera (uneed2dfa@excite.com), John Wentworth (jwentworth@optonline.net),
    Diablos (d1abl0s@hotmail.com), (Dfjfks@cs.com), D H (dav_how11@yahoo.com),
    OldRavensFan (brian7606@comcast.net), Keegan Wedwick
    (fr0d0_bagins1@hotmail.com), (Sillyboy561@aol.com), (bowhunt3@qis.net)
    Ghosttenks (Combarishnigm@aol.com). Those were the names I found in my e-mail.
    If I have forgotten to credit someone, let me know, but also include what you
    contributed with and I'll fix it.
    And you for reading this!
    This guide is copyrighted (C) to the owner (that's me) and should be used only
    for private use. Reproduction, hiring, renting or publishing this FAQ is
    illegal. GameFaqs is of now the only site where this guide can be published.
    Copyright (C) Kim Johansen 2003-2006
    Pokemon and its characters are copyright (C) Nintendo.

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