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    Changes Guide by Yoni

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       ____        __                            
                      / __ \____  / /_____  ____ ___  ____  ____ 
                     / /_/ / __ \/ //_/ _ \/ __ `__ \/ __ \/ __ \
                    / ____/ /_/ / ,< /  __/ / / / / / /_/ / / / /
                   /_/    \____/_/|_|\___/_/ /_/ /_/\____/_/ /_/ 
            ____        __            /  _____                   __    _         
           / __ \__  __/ /_  __  __  /  / ___/____ _____  ____  / /_  (_)_______ 
          / /_/ / / / / __ \/ / / / /   \__ \/ __ `/ __ \/ __ \/ __ \/ / ___/ _ \
         / _, _/ /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / /   ___/ / /_/ / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / /  /  __/
        /_/ |_|\__,_/_.___/\__, / /   /____/\__,_/ .___/ .___/_/ /_/_/_/   \___/ 
                          /____/ /              /_/   /_/                        
                  ____  _ ________                                   
                 / __ \(_) __/ __/__  ________  ____  ________  _____
                / / / / / /_/ /_/ _ \/ ___/ _ \/ __ \/ ___/ _ \/ ___/
               / /_/ / / __/ __/  __/ /  /  __/ / / / /__/  __(__  ) 
              /_____/_/_/ /_/  \___/_/   \___/_/ /_/\___/\___/____/  
                               ______      _     __   
                              / ____/_  __(_)___/ /__ 
                             / / __/ / / / / __  / _ \
                            / /_/ / /_/ / / /_/ /  __/
                            Written and Researched by soapman87
                                      Version 1.01
     TABLE OF CONTENTS                                            SEARCH CODE
    --------------------                                         -------------
    1. Version History ..............................................[VSNH]
    2. Inroduction ..................................................[INTRD]
    3. Changes in Ruby and Sapphire from the Older Pokemon Games ....[CHNG]
    4. Differences Between the Ruby and Sapphire Versions ...........[RSD]
    5. Miscellaneous Differences ....................................[MD]
    6. Contact Information ..........................................[CINF]
    7. Credits ......................................................[CRD]
    8. Copyright Notice and Legal Sutff .............................[CNLS]
    * 1. Version History [VSNH] *
    Version 1.0 - 4/18/05
      - Completed the first version of the guide
    Version 1.01 - 4/27/05
      - Add a single line in the introduction
    * 2. Introduction [INTRD]  *
    This line is only here so that if someone copy and pastes this guide, this 
    line will be included, making it easier for me to make sure this is my guide.
    This guide was written after people emailed me about differences between the
    Ruby and Sapphire versions of the game. I started a new game and wrote down
    and searched for each and every difference and/or discrepancy between the two
    games. This guide is just meant to help locate and explain the differences and
    changes and stuff like that. On with the show !!!
    * 3. Changes in Ruby and Sapphire from the Older Pokemon Games [CHNG] *
    When Gamefreak created Ruby and Sapphire, they introduced many changes from
    Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal. The following is a list of new things in
    Ruby and Spphire, as well as things taken out from the older versions.
    1.  A completely new land, called Hoenn, which is situated far from Kanto and
        Jhoto regions.
    2a. New Gym Leaders (duh!!!).
    2b. New Gym Badges (duh!!!).
    3.  One hundred and thirty five (135) new Pokemon have been added which brings
        the total number of Pokemon up to three hundred and eighty six (386).
    4.  You are no longer able to choose the name of your rival.
    5.  No more Team Rocket. Now the enemies are Team Magma (R) and Team Aqua (S).
    6.  They have introduced 2 on 2 battles. The first two Pokemon in your party,
        as long as they are not unconscious, will be sent out. If you have less
        than two unconscious Pokemon, then you cannot challenge the trainers. In
        fact, these battles are optional. In other words, you need to actually talk
        to the trainers to initiate the battle. The only obligatory one is the 
        2 on 2 Gym battle, (Gym number 7).
    7.  There is an updated Pokedex which now includes the option of looking at the
        size ratio of your Pokemon towards you. In other words, it will show you
        how much bigger Kyogre, for example, is than you, as well as how much
        taller you are than, for example, Lotad.
    8.  You CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT visit the old lands of Kanto and Jhoto. Sorry!
    9.  If you select a Pokemon and select Summary, it wll give you some more
        information which includes the area where you caught the Pokemon, which
        level you caught it at, and which kind of Pokeball was used to capture it.
    10. As you trek through the Hoenn region, on some of the different routes it
        rains. You can see the rain poring down as you walk through. If you get
        into a battle on that route, a Rain Dance effect will happen throughout the
        battle, just as if you would send out Kyogre into battle.
    11. They have introduced a new sort of mini-game: Pokemon Contests. See one of
        the other guides on Pokemon Contests for further details.
    12. You now have the option of choosing between two different bikes to ride on.
        One is called the Acro bike and it allows you to do tricks, such as doing
        a wheelie, and hopping up and down. The other bike, the Mach bike, allows
        you to go approximately twice as fast as you normally could by running.
    13. You can now run by holding the "B" button. You need to have the Running
        Shoes however.
    14. Pokemon have been assigned special abilities which activate in battle which
        can help boost their attack strength or cause other effects to benefit
        themselves, or damage the opponent's Pokemon.
    15. Pokemon have also been given, in addition to number 14, things called
        Natures which can boost certain stats by up to 10% more, helping them a
        lot. However, it also decreases another stat to balance it out.
    16. As opposed to Crystal Version, the Pokemon when sent out into battle do not
        animate anymore. The sprites are just stationary.
    17. Each and every Pokemon has its own icon when you view it in your party.
        This makes it much easier to distinguish between two different Pokemon.
    18. When battling against another trainer, his Pokemon are listed as "Foe ___"
        instead of "Enemy ____".
    19. They have introduced things called Secret Bases. (See the Secret Base
    20. The HM6, which used to be Whirlpool in G/S/C, is now Rock Smash.
    21. They have introduced yet ANOTHER HM, this time its HM8. It's Dive.
    22. Remember the Apricorns? Well in this game, they're called Berries and there
        are about 49 or 50 different kinds. And remember how the Apricorns would
        grow back the next day? Well, now you need to water the berries that you
        plant, (yes you need to plant them yourself), in order to make them grow.
        And guess what? Each berry has a different regeneration rate. Some take 3
        (that's right THREE) days to grow again.
    23. The badge names now have a space in between them. For example: In the older
        versions, the third badge was written as "Thunderbadge". Now it would be
        shown as "Thunder Badge"
    24. In battle, there are new things which affect the weather of the battle. The
        weather condition Hail, will  damage all Pokemon which are not an Ice-type.
        Rain Dance will cause it to rain boost all Water-based attacks, and Sunny
        Day will make the sun shine which powers up all fire-based attacks. In the
        desert, the battle will automatically have a Sandstorm, which boosts 
        ground-based attacks, I think.
    25. HM5, Flash, instead of lighting up the whole entire screen, now only
        illuminates a small-medium sized circle around you.
    26. When you access any PC from any Pokecenter or something of the sort, the
        screen of the PC gives a brief flash. When you turn it off, it flashes
    27. In this game, as opposed to the older versions, your rival, (the opposite
        gender character that you chose) is nice to you.
    28. The graphics are much better and the color is a bit more vivid. Just a tiny
        bit better :)
    29. The linked battle system just got much better! Now you can have 4-way
        battles with your friends.
    30. The quality of the sound is much better than it used to be.
    31. When you walk through the Hoenn region, you can sporodically hear the cries
        of the Pokemon that you can catch along that specific route. For example,
        if you were travelling in Lava Road (or whatever it's called), you can hear
        the Pokemon cry of Numel at times.
    32. Remember how the screen used to be darker at night than it was at daytime?
        Well, they have removed the Day and Night effects. Now the game just runs
        on a 24 hour clock.
    33. I forgot to add this above, so it should be around number 3 or something,
        but whatever. They have removed 185 (I think) Pokemon from the game and
        They are not able to be caught. However, the different icons are supposedly
        included in the game programming. This obviously means that you can trade
    34. There is something included which players like to refer to sometimes as a
        "TrainerDex". This lists different trainers after you fight them and tells
        you if they want a rematch. The correct name is "Trainers Eye". This
        replaced the old Cell Phone.
    35. Speaking of which, I think that this is the first time that you can fight
        a single trainer more than once. In fact each trainer can be fought a
        maximum of five times, to the best of my knowledge. And each time the
        Pokemon that they use become somewhat stronger.
    36. Once again, you CANNOT visit either Jhoto OR Kanto.
    37. A couple of the Luck and Chance games in the game corner have been changed.
        These include the removal of the Card Flipping game, and the slight change
        of the Roulette and the Slot Machine.
    38. In the Pokedex, for example Dodrio is now a "Triple Bird" type instead of a
        "Triplebird" type.
    39. There is no more Headbutting trees.
    40. No more riding over Whirlpools.
    41. Pokeblocks are now included in this game. Pokeblocks are things which you
        can feed your Pokemon in order to increase their trait stats. See one of
        the contest guides on the site for more info. I recommend reading the guide
        authored by "moviebuff2287" on Berry Blending.
    42. The TV has now taken the place of the Radio.
    43. The character you play as is now either the son or daughter of one of the
        gym leaders, depending on which gender character you chose.
    44. In fact, you now have a sort of protege of your own, Wally.
    45. They have introduced more Pokeballs for you to use to capture Pokemon. The
        following are specialty Pokeballs. Each one serves it's own purpose.
        Dive Ball - Makes it easier to catch Pokemon while underwater
        Luxury Ball - Makes the Pokemon you caught with it like you more
        Nest Ball - Makes it easier to capture weaker Pokemon
        Net Ball - Makes it easier to catch Bug as well as Water-type Pokemon
        Premier Ball - Works just as well as a reuglar Pokeball
        Repeat Ball - Makes it easier to catch Pokemon you've already caught before
        Timer Ball - Makes it easier to catch a Pokemon the longer the battle lasts
        Gorgeous Ball - Works just as well as a reuglar Pokeball
    46. There are a few new ways of evolving Pokemon. See Section 5 below for more
    47. There are some new Technical Machines, or TM's.
    48. A new baby Pokemon has been discovered.
    * 4. Differences Between the Ruby and Sapphire Versions [RSD] *
    Ever since the first two versions of Pokemon came out (Red/Blue), there have
    always been differences which required you to either own both release versions
    of the game or trade with a friend who owned or had the other version.
    This section is devoted to the differences between the Ruby and Sapphire
    1) The following Pokemon appear in their respective versions as follows. You 
       need to trade from one cartridge to the other to get them all.
       Note: Each Pokemon has a corresponding Pokemon which appears in the other 
       one. They are listed in corresponding pairs.
       ----------               --------------
       -  Ruby  -               -  Sapphire  -
       ----------               --------------
        Seedot                      Lotad
        Nuzleaf                     Lombre
        Shiftry                    Ludicolo
        Zangoose                    Seviper
        Solrock                    Lunatone
        Mawile                      Sableye
        Groudon                     Kyogre
        Latios*                     Latias*
        *Note: In the normal course of gameplay, you can only catch Latios and
         Latias in their respective versions. A while ago, Nintendo offered a 
         promo which allowed you to get to Southern Island which held the opposite 
         one (Latios/Latias) depending upon which game you had.
    2) The enemy in Pokemon Ruby is Team Magma, and the enemy in Pokemon Sapphire
       is Team Aqua.
    3) Based on which verison you have, the team from the version you don't have
       will try to help you fight the team which is in your version. Simply, if
       you have Ruby version, then Team Aqua will help you defeat Team Magma. This
       works the other way also.
    4) Ruby's game cartridge is red while Sapphire's cartridge is blue. (Duhh!!!!)
    5) In Ruby, you get the Red Orb in the course of gameplay while in Sapphire it
       is the Blue Orb. These help to release the legendary Pokemon respective to
       your version.
    6) In Ruby, Team Magma tries to get the land expanded, while in Sapphire, Team
       Aqua tries to expand the ocean.
    7) In Ruby, the meteorite is meant to cause the volcano to erupt, while in the
       other version it is meant to cause it to dry up. 
    * 5. Miscellaneous Differences [MD] *
    Aside from the differences which come from the two games, both games have some
    of the same differences. The following are a list of them.
    1) If your chosen character is a boy, then your rival will be a girl (May). If
       you picked the girl, then your rival will be the boy (Brendan). Both will
       help you along your journey to becoming the Pokemon Master.
    2) Your house is different depending on which gender you chose. If you chose
       to be a girl, you start out on the right side. If you chose the guy, you 
       begin on the left. The lab will always be opposite your house.
    3) Regarding the new evolution methods listed above in number 46:
       Some Pokemon evolve into different Pokemon based on the time of day.
       One Pokemon also evolve based on how beautiful it is.
       One Pokemon comes into being only if you have an empty space in your belt &
       an empty Pokeball available.
    4) As in all the Pokemon games, your rival always has the Pokemomn which is 
       the one with the strength against your Pokemon type.
         The 1st battle with Brendan/May will include the following Pokemon:
      | If you chose: |    Treecko       |    Torchic        |      Mudkip      |
      |  They'll Use  |  Torchic Lv. 5   |   Mudkip Lv. 5    |   Treecko Lv. 5  |
          The 2nd battle with Brendan/May will include the following Pokemon:
      | If you chose: |  Treecko         |    Torchic        |      Mudkip      |
      |  May/Brendan  |  Wailmer Lv. 18  | Shroomish Lv. 18  |  Wailmer Lv. 18  |
      |     Will      | Shroomish Lv. 18 |   Numel Lv. 18    |   Numel Lv. 18   |
      |     Use       | Combusken Lv. 20 | Marshstomp Lv. 20 |  Grovyle Lv. 20  |
          The 3rd battle with Brendan/May will include the following Pokemon:
      | If you chose: |  Treecko         |    Torchic        |      Mudkip      |
      |  May/Brendan  |  Wailmer Lv. 29  | Shroomish Lv. 29  |  Wailmer Lv. 29  |
      |     Will      | Shroomish Lv. 29 |   Numel Lv. 29    |   Numel Lv. 29   |
      |     Use       | Combusken Lv. 31 | Marshstomp Lv. 31 |  Grovyle Lv. 31  |
          The 4th battle with Brendan/May will include the following Pokemon:
      | If you chose: |  Treecko         |    Torchic        |      Mudkip      |
      | May/Brendan's |  Swellow Lv. 31  |  Swellow Lv. 31   |  Swellow Lv. 31  |
      |    Pokemon    |  Wailmer Lv. 32  | Shroomish Lv. 32  |  Wailmer Lv. 32  |
      |     Will      | Shroomish Lv. 32 |   Numel Lv. 32    |   Numel Lv. 32   |
      |      Be       | Combusken Lv. 34 | Marshstomp Lv. 34 |  Grovyle Lv. 34  |
    The is the small section where i tell you how to contact me.
    My email address that i use for guides is soapman87@yahoo.com
    My screen name, if you wish to use IM me is supersoap87
    And no, my cell phone number will not be released!!!!
    * 7. CREDITS [CRD] *
    I would like to thank the following people:
    soapman87 (Me) - For writing this guide
    http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ - for the amazing ASCII art at the top
    This guide can only be hosted on Gamefaqs.com
    If you would like to post this guide on your site, please just email me and I
    may just give you permission. Thanx - soapman87

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