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    One-Pokemon Challenge Walkthrough by Blink18skull

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 02/27/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire 
    One-Pokémon Challenge Guide Version 1.5
    -Legal stuff-
    Copyright 2006 by Galcle C. Silva (FinalSkull)/ E-mail finalskull@hotmail.com
    Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire and all related marks are copyrighted and trademarked 
    by their respective owners.
    This guide can be found mainly on Gamefaqs.com
    You may print, read, do what you want with it, just don't steal my work, 
    alright? If you want to put this in your site, mail me first.
    People who want to use something of it on their own guide, don't forget to 
    give me a little credit.
    If there are some major spelling errors, feel free to contact me.  
    Version 1.0-October, 2006: Finish the entire guide, and posted in the 
    Version 1.5-February, 2007: Updated some stuff. Created the History section.
    Added the "MADkip mode", plus new FAQ questions.
    This guide started in a nice day of October. I was happily looking through my
    nearly-complete Pokédex (Ruby version only - no trades), when my good old GBA 
    fell on the floor. Conclusion: ALL my data was erased. I was so pissed off, 
    that my next step was throwing it again in the floor. I left it there for an 
    hour, while I went to take a bath to cool down a bit. When I went back to it,
    it was still miraculously working. So, I had no choice but to start my game 
    all over again. Then, I had an idea: could I finish the game using only one 
    Pokémon in battle? And so my quest began.
    After some time, I finally finished it. So, to those who had a similar 
    problem like mine, or just is sick of doing the same thing over and over 
    again, have a emulator to divide save files (or any other device that does 
    this), or simply aren't afraid of erasing your own game data, I wrote this 
    guide as a challenge for them, plus threw in my own guide to finish it, to 
    those who think it's impossible.
    -Main Steps: Normal One-Pokémon Challenge-
    The normal game stands for the previous version of my guide.
    1> Choose your "Battler Pokémon".
    The first Pokémon you choose will be the only Pokémon you'll be using to 
    battle. Naturaly, it will be one of the starters: Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip.
    This challenge is set to use one of these 3 Pokémon as your only battler.
    2> Get 2 "Support Pokémon".
    "Wha? You said that I could only use one Pokémon. What about the other 2?"
    As you may know, a Pokémon can only learn 4 techs, and in the game, you will
    need 6 of the 8 HM techs to proceed, thus you'll end up with 2 Poke, even if 
    the challenge says "one-Pokémon".
    But you can only use your battler Pokémon to battle. That's why they're 
    called support. They'll be on your party only to learn the HM moves and use 
    them, and nothing more. After you enter a gym, you must place the support on 
    the Pc (now you have only one battler).
    When you finish, take them back to proceed. Also, it's best to save before
    every trainer battle, 'cause if you lose with your battler, it's a reset and
    reload matter.
    Oh yeah, you're free to use some HMs on your battler too (if compatible). 
    .You can use only the chosen battler Pokémon to fight anytime and anywhere;
    .Support Pokémon can only be used to learn the HM moves;
    .If your battler faints, you need to reset to your last save, or let all your 
    support faints;
    .Abilities such as "Pick up" of the Zigzagoon are not allowed;
    .No Gameshark cheats (this one is obvious, but I decided to put it here as a 
    .No "glitches" are allowed;
    .HM moves can be used on the battler. If it can't learn it, use it in the 
    support. Fly and Flash are not required to complete the game, so, support are
    not allowed to learn them (only battlers);
    .The main objective is to finish the Pokémon League Elite Four and the 
    champion battle. Sidequests are not necessary, but if you feel like you need 
    to complete everything, you're free to do so;
    .People using emulators: no save states;
    .No time limit to finish the challenge. No level caps either;
    .You are not allowed to enter in 2x2 battles besides the gym leaders in 
    .You can teach to your battler any TM that you think is useful. Also equip 
    anything on it.
    If you think that you disagree with any one of these rules, don't try to 
    nuke my home, just try the way you think is best for you.
    If you have any question about the rules, you can e-mail me if you wish. I'll
    try to reply as soon as I can.
    -"MADkip" Mode-
    People told me that my previous challenge was way too easy. So, I found that 
    you can finish a game using only and only one Pokémon, regardles of HM moves.
    I call it the MADkip mode. 
    Choosing a Mudkip in the beginning, the player can play through the entire 
    game using only him. You can swap some HM moves through the game with move
    deleter, and finish the game.
    -Main steps-
    1> Get Mudkip in the beginning.
    2> Capture 2 Zigzagoons (for Tate&Liza battle).
    The rules are similar for the One-Poke challenge, but this time, all HM moves
    are learned by Mudkip. The scheme of learning HMs are as follows:
    1: Learn Cut;
    2: Learn Rock Smash;
    3: Learn Strenght;
    4: Learn Surf;
    5: Erase Cut at move deleter. Learn Dive;
    6: After you win the last badge, go back to the move deleter and erase 
    Dive. Learn Waterfal.
    That's it. You may cross the Victory Road and reach the Elite Four.
    It's all up to you when to learn the moves, because you can wait until the 
    move is extremelly nescessary to proceed.
    Oh yeah, you can still make Mudkip evolve normally (besides, it's the only 
    way to learn most of the HMs).
    I haven't wrote a guide for it yet, but I'll think about one soon.
    If you want to try the One-Pokémon challenge alone, stop reading here and try
    it out. If you think it's totally impossible to do so, keep reading the 
    walkthrough that I've wrote.
    Good luck!
    (Scroll down a bit to see the rest)
    -One-Pokémon Walkthrough-
    This walkthrough is for those who want to complete a One-Pokémon Challenge 
    described in this guide. It's best if you have finished the game at least 1 
    or 2 times normally already. This guide may contain spoilers in it.
    What you'll see here is my way of finishing the challenge, but there may be 
    many other tactics to be explored (every person has it's own way of playing 
    Pokémon), so you're free to use whatever you think that's gonna work.
    It's a little rushed, really, especially towards the end. I won't be telling 
    what items does, or other things that can be found in other guides (which 
    Pokémon you can find in a route, etc.). We'll go straight forward to the 
    Pokémon League Elite Four.
    It's not a beginner guide, so, don't bother asking me if you are lost 
    somewhere, or don't know where something is. Read the full walkthroughs on 
    other guides if you are stuck with something other than the challenge itself.
    Also, this walkthrough only covers the normal challenge, not MADkip mode. 
    -Your initial options-
    As wrote before, you'll probably be using one of the three starter Pokémon. 
    Those are:
    .Treecko- a Grass type Pokémon. 
    .Torchic- a Fire type that later becomes a Fire/Fighting Pokémon (after 
    .Mudkip- a Water type that later becomes a Water/Ground Pokémon (after 
    There you go, the 3 choices. But, which you should choose?
    That's up to you, but in my experience, it's easier using Mudkip, average 
    with Torchic and average/hard with Treecko. It's all because of the variety 
    of moves they can learn in the game (you'll see that Mudkip can learn the 
    most useful moves of the game, while Treecko can't learn much things).
    Of course, in the walkthrough I'll tell strategies to all of them.
    The two best supporters that can (combined) learn all the HMs that you're 
    gonna need are:
    Zigzagoon - learns Cut, Rock Smash, Surf;
    Goldeen   - learns Surf, Dive, Waterfal
    If you are wondering about Strength, Fly and Flash:
    Strength can be taught to your battler (it's somewhat a useful attack);    
    Fly and Flash are optional: you don't need them to finish the game (but they 
    help a lot).
    Also, those supporters are weak enough to be taken out in one hit by the 
    Pokémon of Tate and Liza (you'll know later).
    You can catch the Zigzagoon right in the beginning, and wait a bit to catch 
    the Goldeen. Remember that you aren't allowed to use Zigzagoon's "Pick up" to
    get items.
    -Battler Move charts-
    Here is information about the moves you should learn with each battler to
    finish the game. 
    When attacked by...    - Damage is...   
    Normal ----------------- Regular
    Grass  ----------------- Not effective 
    Fire   ----------------- Super effective 
    Water  ----------------- Not effective
    Electric --------------- Regular
    Flying ----------------- Super effective 
    Bug    ----------------- Super effective 
    Ground ----------------- Not effective
    Rock   ----------------- Regular
    Ice    ----------------- Super effective 
    Ghost  ----------------- Regular
    Poison ----------------- Super Effective 
    Psychic ---------------- Regular
    Fighting --------------- Not effective
    Steel  ----------------- Regular
    Dark   ----------------- Regular
    Dragon ----------------- Regular
    Moves that it should learn during the challenge:
    (Let Treecko evolve when it reaches the evolve cap, so it can learn them in
    the proper order below; any moves that are not listed should not be learned)
    Move                 Learn at:           
    Pound                -learned 
    Leer                 -learned     
    Absorb               - Lvl 6     
    Quick Attack         - Lvl 11    
    Bullet Seed          - use TM Bullet Seed: put in place of Absorb
    Pursuit              - Lvl 16: put in place of Pound    
    Screech              - Lvl 23: put in place of Leer
    Rock Smash           - use HM Rock Smash: put in place of Quick Attack
    Leaf Blade           - Lvl 29: put in place of Bullet Seed
    Dig                  - use TM Dig: put in place of Screech
    Strenght             - use HM Strenght: put in place of Rock Smash*
    Earthquake           - use TM Earthquake: put in place of Dig
    *To forget Rock Smash, go to the Move Deleter's house in Lylicove.
    Final move list:
    Leaf Blade*
    *"Why leave that crappy Leaf Blade? Solar Beam is much better!"
    Yeah, but remember that you must charge one turn before actually firing it,
    and depending on your foe or your luck, you won't even survive one turn, or 
    you may be lulled to sleep, paralyze... many things can happen in the next 
    turn that can break your attack.
    Also, Leaf Blade has a real high critical hit ratio, so you can rely on it to
    defeat even enemies that are strong against Grass attacks.
    When attacked by...    - Damage is...   
    Normal ----------------- Regular
    Grass  ----------------- Not effective 
    Fire   ----------------- Not effective 
    Water  ----------------- Super effective
    Electric --------------- Regular
    Flying ----------------- Regular/ super effective* 
    Bug    ----------------- Not effective 
    Ground ----------------- Super effective
    Rock   ----------------- Super effective/ regular*
    Ice    ----------------- Not effective 
    Ghost  ----------------- Regular
    Poison ----------------- Regular 
    Psychic ---------------- Regular/ super effective*
    Fighting --------------- Regular
    Steel  ----------------- Not effective
    Dark   ----------------- Regular/ not effective*
    Dragon ----------------- Regular
    * These types' damage change when Torchic evolves to Combusken and Blaziken, 
    since it then becomes a Fire/Fighting type.
    Moves that it should learn during the challenge:
    (Let Torchic evolve when it reaches the evolve cap, so it can learn them in
    the proper order below; any moves that are not listed should not be learned)
    Move                 Learn at:           
    Scratch              -learned 
    Growl                -learned     
    Focus Energy         - Lvl 7     
    Ember                - Lvl 10
    Peck                 - Lvl 16: put in place of Scratch
    Double Kick          - Lvl 16: put in place of Growl
    Bulk Up              - Lvl 28*: put in place of Focus Energy
    Dig                  - use TM Dig: put in place of Peck
    Blaze Kick           - Lvl 36: put in place of Ember
    Strenght             - use HM Strenght: put in place of Dig
    *You may as well use TM Bulk Up to learn this.
    Final move list:
    Blaze Kick*
    Double Kick**
    Bulk Up
    *"Why not Fire Blast?"
    Due to the fact that Fire Blast has very little PP and a real bad accuracy.
    Trust me, you don't want to face Steven's Metagross, use a Fire Blast just to
    see it miss, and get crushed by his Psychic. Blaze Kick will do just fine.
    **"And why not learn Sky Uppercut?"
    Well, with Double Kick you have two chances of doing a critical hit. Also, 
    you can Double Kick LOTS of times, and this will be basicaly your main attack
    in the journey in the seas. Also, you can always rely on this attack, unless 
    your foe increases it's evasiveness or your accuracy is lowered, it will 
    always be a sure double hit.
    When attacked by...    - Damage is...   
    Normal ----------------- Regular
    Grass  ----------------- Super effective 
    Fire   ----------------- Not effective 
    Water  ----------------- Not effective/regular*
    Electric --------------- Super effective/No damage**
    Flying ----------------- Regular 
    Bug    ----------------- Not effective 
    Ground ----------------- Regular
    Rock   ----------------- Not effective
    Ice    ----------------- Not effective/regular*
    Ghost  ----------------- Regular
    Poison ----------------- Not effective 
    Psychic ---------------- Regular
    Fighting --------------- Regular
    Steel  ----------------- Not effective
    Dark   ----------------- Regular
    Dragon ----------------- Regular
    *Those values change when Mudkip turns into Marshtomp and Swampert. It then 
    becomes a Water/Ground type.
    **When hit by Electric type attacks, you won't receive any damage and/or 
    effects. But Paralyzis side effect may happen when struck by other types's 
    attacks that produces this effect (Stun Spore, Dragon Breath, etc.).
    Moves that it should learn during the challenge:
    (Let Mudkip evolve when it reaches the evolve cap, so it can learn them in
    the proper order below; any moves that are not listed should not be learned)
    Move                 Learn at:           
    Tackle               -learned 
    Growl                -learned     
    Mud-Slap             - Lvl 6
    Water Gun            - Lvl 10
    Mud Shot             - Lvl 16: put in place of Mud-Slap
    Dig                  - use TM Dig: put in place of Mud Shot        
    Strenght             - use HM Strenght: put in place of Tackle                
    Surf                 - use HM Surf: put in place of Water Gun
    Ice Beam             - use TM Ice Beam: put in place of Growl
    Earthquake           - Lvl 52: put in place of Dig
    Final move list:
    Ice Beam*
    *"Why not learn Blizzard?"
    Well, I think a attack with 10 PP, 100% accuracy and a above average 95 
    attack power is good enough for me, but if you like to use a clumsy move with 
    5 PP, 75% accuracy just because it has 120 of power, be my guest. But don't 
    complain if you lost 'cause you missed all 5 attacks in a single battle.
    I also think that using X-Accuracy every time you wish to pull this out is a
    waste of time, but that's just me.
    Here goes. First off, I'll let you know that this is a very short challenge. 
    I needed only 12 hours to finish it the first time I played. That's because 
    you need to level up only one Pokémon that already have a high level up rate.
    Also, I finished it already with all battlers, and I know it's possible with 
    Avoid battles with random Pokémon. Just run away, unless your level is too 
    low, but battle every trainer that you find in the way. And, take a careful 
    look through each route to get items, and berries. 
    The guide is divided in sections (or chapters, your choice), so look out for
    the numbers at the title of each section.
    -1.Beginning to First Badge-
    Skipping the beginning and straight to the first Pokémon battle.
    Now, it's time to choose your partner for life. 
    You should get a well-balanced stat Pokémon. Save before touching the bag and
    go to battle. Look the stats and see if it's good to you. If not, reset and 
    try again.
    (I prefer those with high attack power. You can measure this like this:
    attack the Poochiena. If it's energy goes to the yellow bar with a normal 
    hit, the attack of your battler is good)
    After choosing your partner, leave the house and keep going north. Talk to 
    the woman next to the house to get a Potion. Keep going north to fight your 
    rival. His/Her Pokémon will be of the type that has higher advantage over 
    you, but just hit it with Pound/Scratch/Tackle until it falls. Go back to 
    Prof. Birch's lab to get the Pokédex (useless to us) and 5 Pokéballs. Go to 
    the shop in Oldale Town and buy some Potions (5 is good). Also get a 
    Zigzagoon on Route 101. Go west from Oldale and reach Petalburg.
    Buy some Antidotes and Paralyz Heals, enter the gym and talk to your dad. 
    After some animations, leave the gym and go west. Go all the way through the 
    woods. You'll battle a Team Magma/Aqua grunt here, but it's too easy. Get 
    the TM Bullet Seed (for Treecko) with the guy outside the woods. Keep going 
    to Rustboro.
    Here, buy 5 Potions (and 1 or 2 X-Attacks if you're using Torchic), go to the
    school and get the Quick Claw with the teacher (equip it). Next, go to the 
    Cutter's house and get the HM Cut. Teach Cut to Zigzagoon, and recover your 
    health if you haven't done so. 
    Before going to the gym, make sure you are Lv16; if not, go to Route 116 
    (northeast of Rustboro) and fight some trainers until you get the desired 
    All set, go to the gym and fight everyone. You should have no problem dealing
    with them. Next comes the gym leader, Roxanne.
    .Geodude     Lv14
    .Nosepass    Lv15
    Too easy. Your Pokémon should be more than capable of defeating her. Just 
    make sure you are healthy, and you are set.
    Treecko/Grovyle> Just use Bullet Seed to defeat all of her Pokémon.
    Torchic/Combusken> First, use 1 or 2 X-Attacks, then Double Kick them both. 
    Use Potion, if needed.
    Mudkip/Marshtomp> Too easy, Water Gun in the Geodude, and Mud Shot in the 
    -2.Knuckle Badge to Route 110-
    Leave the gym, go through Route 116, and enter in the cave, to battle that 
    grunt again in another easy battle. Go back to Rustboro, exit the building, 
    buy more X items (5 of each is ok, you may not have the money, so sell the 
    TM Rock Tomb you got earlier), talk to your rival in the south exit, and 
    return to the forest. Use Cut to pass through the small trees and get items 
    (you can get an Miracle Seed with the woman, good for Treecko/Grovyle). Go 
    south to reach Mr. Brinney's house. Talk to him and go to Dewford. When you 
    arrive, talk to the guy with red clothes and cap to get a Old Rod (it will 
    be useful to get Goldeen later), recover your health and go to the gym. 
    Defeat everyone to light up the place. Save and fight with Brawly.
    .Machop     Lv17 
    .Makuhita   Lv18
    Brawly can be somewhat hard at this part of the game. Machop is more 
    dangerous than Makuhita, 'cause he will attack you almost every turn. It's
    best to use X-Defend and try to defeat them the quickest possible. 
    Grovyle> Use X-Defend and Bullet Seed. Heal if needed.
    Combusken> Use Focus Energy, then Peck everyone. Heal if needed.
    Marshtomp> Use X-Attack and Mud Shot. Heal if needed.
    After the battle with Brawly, recover, go to Granite Cave.
    Get the HM Flash with the man (I don't recomend learning this, it will take 
    too long to delete, plus it's horrible). Go to the underground. It's dark, 
    alright, but it's a one-way place, so there's no way to get too much lost. 
    Give the letter to Steven in the end, and to return, just jump over the 
    ledges to the right. Go back to Mr. Brinney. Next stop: Slateport.
    In the beach, fight some trainers, get the Soft Sand with the girl in the 
    tube, then enter in the house. Defeat everyone there and talk to the guy, 
    he will give you 6 Soda Pops (buy some more, around a total of 30), and head 
    to the shipyard. Talk to the man in front of the table, go to the museum. 
    Talk to the grunt right in front of you to get the TM Thief. Climb the stairs
    and talk to Stern. Now you'll battle two grunts in a row. The first will use
    only a Numel (Ruby)/Carvana (Sapphire), and the other a Zubat and another 
    Numel/Carvana. Defeat them, exit the museum, recover, and head north.
    -3.Rival battle to Dynamo Badge-
    In Route 110, fight the trainers (except the 2X2 battle), then go through the
    grassy path.
    (If you wish, you can try the Trick House challenge, but it's not a 
    You'll meet your rival again.
    This battle will require some thinking, because he/she has a Pokémon that 
    have high advantage over you. Before engaging, make sure you are Lv25 at 
    least. Follow those instructions carefully:
    Grovyle> first use a Dire Hit, next use a X-Attack. Use Bullet Seed to take 
    down the Wailmer. Next is Combusken's turn.  First, use a Screech in two 
    turns (Combusken will probably attack you two times with Ember, depending on 
    how high your Hp and Sp.DF is, you may survive it). Use an Soda Pop, and 
    attack with Quick Attack next turn. This should do it. The Shroomish go 
    down with one or two Pursuits. You can also use one Screech and two Quick 
    Attacks to defeat Combusken (if you get a critical hit, you may defeat it 
    with only one). If it uses Focus Energy, you may have another turn with half 
    Hp, take this advantage to defeat it. If you get burned, you are done for. 
    Just pray that you don't get a burn.
    Combusken> best to equip a Cheri Berry first. Then, use Bulk Up when 
    fighting the Shroomish (3 or 4 times). Then, heal Hp, heal the paralyzis, and
    finally Ember the Shroomish. Do a Double Kick in Marshtomp, and another to 
    take down the Numel. Don't worry about Marshtomp's Mud Shot, if it somehow 
    attack you first, since you've been bulking up, it won't damage you much. But
    avoid having low Hp, remember that a critical hit can KO you if you do. Also 
    stay alert about Shroomish's Leech Seed, it will keep draining Hp through all
    battle. There's not much you can do about this, so keep yourself healthy and 
    you're set.
    Marshtomp> first, use 3 X-Attacks, 2 X-Speeds plus Dire Hit in the battle 
    with the Wailmer. Now, if your health is yellow, use Soda Pop to heal, and 
    defeat the Wailmer. Grovyle is very fast, but with 2 speed boosts you can 
    outrun it. Take it down with Tackle, and use a single Water Gun to defeat the
    Numel. If Grovyle somehow starts before you, be aware that its Absorb will do
    4X damage, due to your dual weakness to Grass. Best to keep attacking, 
    healing won't help you much, anyway.
    After this battle, keep going until Mauville. Enter in the house to the right
    of the mart, talk to the guy to get HM Rock Smash, buy some more Paralyz 
    Heals (10 is good, Grovyle get 20, just in case, don't buy for Marshtomp), 
    get the Mach Bike in the bike shop, recover and head to the gym (defeat 
    Wally on the entrance). Well, you know how it goes... Now, the gym leader.
    Magnemite   Lv22
    Voltorb     Lv20
    Magneton    Lv23
    Combusken and Marshtomp users can pass him with no sweat. Grovyle, however, 
    will have a real tough time fighting those guys. Actually, all of Grovyle's 
    attacks are not effective against the Magnemite and Magneton. The only way 
    I've found is to teach Grovyle Rock Smash. It's weak, but at least it  
    causes some damage to Steel. It will be hard, but not impossible.
    Grovyle> Learn Rock Smash, equip one Cheri Berry, and you are good to go. 
    Use Screech a couple of times, then Rock Smash it. Best to heal the paralyzis
    between attacks, the sooner the better. For the Voltorb, just Pursuit him 
    twice (heal if you are too low on Hp). For Magneton, do the same thing you 
    did for the Magnemite, and recover Hp when you have only 20 or lower. If you 
    get confused by the Supersonic attack (I really hate this attack), there's 
    not much you can do, but NEVER stay paralyzed and confused at the same time, 
    it's a deathwish.
    Combusken> Too easy. Ember or Double Kick them, the choice is yours. Don't 
    worry about paralyzis, just blindly attack them and it will be all over.
    Marshtomp> you'll be technically invincible during this battle (only Sonic 
    Boom may hit you), so just waste all of them with Mud Shot.
    -4.Mauville to the Top of MT. Chimney-
    Heal yourself and head north. Ignore the Winstrate Family's challenge, and 
    keep north, west, and enter in the volcano. Past the cavern, keep going 
    north, recover your Hp in the house, and keep going until the Glass Workshop.
    Get the Soot Sack, and get enough ash to make the Blue Flute. Now you don't
    need Awakenings anymore. You may get the other flutes as well, it's up to 
    you. Keep going to Fallarbor. 
    Heal, talk to Lannete, pick a Nugget in the crater, and go west. Get the TM 
    Dig from the boy in the house (it will be VERY useful for the next gym). 
    Also, try to fish a Goldeen in the river here (this is your second support). 
    Don't worry if you are too strong, it will be probably under Lv10, so throw a
    Great Ball on it and it should work (you may have one or two of it). Now, 
    keep going to reach the cavern (you can visit Lanette, if you wish). Talk to
    Prof. Cozmo, then go south. 
    You'll exit near Rustboro. Go to the city, recover, then head to the cave to 
    the east. Get the HM Strenght (don't learn it now), and go to the exit, to 
    reach Verdanturf. 
    (Grovyle users: exit through the entrance far to the left, use the Itemfinder
    to get a Blackglasses, it will be useful later)
    Recover, cross Route 110 to Mauville again, and go north (you can accept the 
    Winstrate family challenge now, if you wish), take the cable car to reach the
    summit of the montain. Defeat some grunts here.
    Get ready to face Maxie (Ruby)/ Archie (Sapphire).
    -Maxie (Ruby Version)------------------------------Archie (Sapphire Version)- 
    Mightyena   Lv24                                  Mightyena    Lv24       
    Camerupt    Lv25                                  Sharpedo     Lv25
    Golbat      Lv24                                  Golbat       Lv24
    Athough not gym leaders, those guys can make you embarass yourself if you 
    don't be careful.
    Fortunatelly, your battler should be around Lv36 by this point, and evolved 
    to the last and most powerful form. Two of his Pokémon are the same in both 
    versions, and, overall, easy to defeat. The core of the challenge is 
    Camerupt/Sharpedo. They can be very dangerous.
    Sceptile> If you are in Ruby Version, equip the Soft Sand before entering 
    battle. Mightyena go down with one or two Leaf Blades. Use 
    Dig to hit Camerupt. His Hp should reach the red/yellow near death mark. Use 
    X-Attack next turn. He will recover Hp, but won't take another Dig. Use 
    Pursuit to defeat Golbat, healing Hp when needed.
    In Sapphire Version, equip the Blackglasses. Just use 
    Leaf Blade to take down Mightyena and Sharpedo, and use Pursuit to defeat 
    Blaziken> Ruby version, use Bulk Up a couple of times, then Double Kick the 
    Myghtiena and Dig the Camerupt. Use Blaze Kick against the Golbat.
    Sapphire Version, use Bulk Up a couple of times and again Double Kick 
    Myghtiena and Sharpedo, then Blaze Kick Golbat.
    Swampert> Ruby version, use Strenght in Mightyena and Golbat, and Water Gun/
    Dig in the Camerupt. 
    Sapphire version, use Strenght in everyone (it's that easy, really).
    There's no need to get the Meteorite in the machine. Just go south to reach 
    -5.Heat Badge to Balance Badge-
    First, time to equip yourself. Go to shop and buy Burn Heals (about 10 will 
    do), and Super Potions, if you are short on Soda Pop. Heal, and head to the 
    gym. Flannery next...
    Slugma   Lv26
    Slugma   Lv26
    Torkoal  Lv28
    Somehow, Flannery can be one of the easiest gym leaders, with all Pokémon. 
    It's so easy, that except maybe for Sceptile, she won't even hurt you too 
    much. Oh yeah, don't forget to equip the Soft Sand you got earlier, it will 
    help your Dig. Don't bother using Dig with Swampert, though.
    Sceptile> just use Dig on everyone and you are done. But be careful with 
    Torkoal's Overheat: it can take you down with one single shot, specialy if a
    Slugma uses Sunny Day. However, it seems that Torkoal don't use Overheat 
    twice in a row, so you have high chances of defeating it before it does. (To 
    use some X-Attacks on the first Slugma battle is a good idea, but watch out 
    your Hp! Use Burn Heal if you get burned)
    Blaziken> Bulk Up a few times and use Dig to take down everyone. If you get 
    poisoned (sometimes the first Slugma uses Smog), don't worry about it, since 
    you start the battle with full Hp, it won't hurt you much.
    Swampert> Water Gun... Fire Pokémon... Should I say anymore?
    After the battle, you'll get a Go-Goggles from your rival. There's really no 
    need to go to the desert during this challenge, but if you want, hack some 
    more exp. from trainers there. 
    (Blaziken users: get the Charcoal with the old man in the Herb Shop.)
    Now, go back to Mauville, go west, cross Rustboro and go back all the way to 
    Petalburg. Heal if you need, and head to the gym. Same thing as always, then 
    time to beat DAD.
    Slaking  Lv28
    Vigoroth Lv30
    Slaking  Lv31
    One of the easiest leaders, considering his Pokémon are highly underleveled 
    for you. You should not have any problems if you're Lv40 or such. If they put
    you to sleep, use the Blue Flute to heal.  Remember that the Slakings pass 
    one turn doing nothing, this is useful if they hit you too much (very 
    unlikely). Use this advantage to heal yourself.
    Sceptile> Not much to say, just use Leaf Blade and you are ok. 
    Blaziken> Bulk Up once, then Double Kick. It's so easy that you'll laugh.
    Swampert> Just use Strenght on all of them and you are done.
    -6.From Petalburg to Feather Badge-
    With the Balance Badge in hands, go to Wally's house and get HM Surf 
    (excellent attack for Swampert to learn). Teach it to your support. Now you 
    have two ways of reaching your destination: using Surf in the beach near Mr. 
    Brinney's house and go south, all the way to Slateport (really long way, good
    to get exp.), or head to Route 102, using Surf to get to Route 110 (short 
    way, no trainers). I think you should aim to get exp., so, it's best to go 
    the long way. (If you have a Swampert, don't forget to get the TM Ice Beam in
    the Abandoned Ship, it will help a hell lot). Either way, when you reach 
    Route 110, go to Slateport beach house and restock some more Soda Pops. Then 
    go north, cross the cycling road to reach Mauville faster, and go east. (You 
    can complete Wattson's subquest, but it's a waste of time) Use Surf to reach
    Route 118, and go all the way to the Weather Institute. Defeat the grunts 
    here, to open your path. There's a minor boss battle here, but it's too easy 
    for you.
    After putting Castform on Pc or kicking it for good, continue your path 
    (Swampert users, get the Mystical Water from Castform). You'll find your 
    rival again. He/She will use the same team as before, but it will be much 
    easier than last time.
    Sceptile> Leaf Blade on Wailmer, Dig on Combusken, and Pursuit on Shroomish. 
    Simple as that.
    Blaziken> Blaze Kick on Shroomish, Dig on Numel, and Double Kick on 
    Marshtomp. That's it.
    Swampert> Surf in Numel, Ice Beam in Grovyle, and Strenght in Wailmer. 
    A cinch.
    Yo'll get HM Fly. It's a shame you can't use it. Oh well, just keep going 
    until you reach Fortree. Buy some Hyper Potion (20 or 30, your money's 
    choice), and head to the east. Talk to Steven in the bridge, defeat the 
    Kecleon, and go back to Fortree. Heal and head to the gym. Ugh, I REALLY 
    hate the puzzle of rotating doors (just thought of getting this out of my 
    Swellow   Lv31
    Pelliper  Lv30
    Skarmory  Lv32
    Altaria   Lv33
    Like Norman's party, they are really underleveled. But depending on your 
    battler, this battle can be a little annoying. Special attention to Altaria: 
    it's a Dragon/Flying type, be careful. When it starts using Dragon Dance, it 
    increase it's attack AND speed, so, don't count on attacking before it.
    Sceptile> Defeat Swellow first with Pursuit (or Leaf Blade, it is very 
    powerful, even being a attack weak against Flying). Now, use X-Attack and 
    X-Defend until you are tough enough (I think 4 of each is enough), and 
    trash Pelliper with Leaf Blade. Don't use Dig on Skarmory, crush it with 
    Rock Smash. It's defense is pretty high, so it will take a while. For 
    Altaria, use Pursuit, healing everytime your hp is yellow, to avoid a 
    surprise of his Aerial Ace attack. 
    Blaziken> Bulk Up in Swellow a few times (I think 4 or 5 is good), then heal 
    Hp, and use Blaze Kick to take it down. Sometimes Swellow will keep using 
    Double Team - in this case, use Double Kick to rise your chances. Then, 
    Double Kick everyone else that shows up. 
    Swampert> Take Swellow down with Strenght, Peliper too, use Ice Beam in 
    Skarmory and Altaria. You may want to boost your attack with X-Attacks in
    the battle with Swellow.
    -7. From Fortree to Mind Badge-
    Wow, 6 badges already.  
    Now, cross Routes 120/121, until the Safari Zone. From there, head south to 
    Mount Pyre (use Surf).
    (If the PP of your moves are too low, go all the way to Lilycove to heal, 
    then head back)
    There, climb up the tower to fight the trainers first, then, go to the first 
    floor and exit through the entrance to the left. Climb to the summit, fight 
    some grunts, and get the Blue/Red Orb. Exit Mount Pyre, and head south. Go 
    west and walk all the way to Slateport. There, talk with Stern, then, head 
    back all the way to Lilycove (awww...).
    Heal, then go to the shop (that big building a shop?!) to fight your rival 
    again. Not too hard, folks. Just one new adition depending on his/her first 
    Sceptile> Take Swellow down with Leaf Blade/Pursuit, Combusken with Dig, 
    Wailmer with Leaf Blade again, and Shroomish with Pursuit. That's it.
    Blaziken> Blaze Kick in Swellow, Dig in Numel, Double Kick Marshtomp and 
    again Blaze Kick Shroomish. 
    Marshtomp> Strenght in Swellow, Ice Beam in Grovyle, Surf in Numel and 
    Strenght again in Wailmer.
    So much for the old days' rivalry...
    After this easy task, time to equip yourself. Go to the "shop" and restock on
    all items.
    Now, learn Strenght if you are using Sceptile or Blaziken (Sceptile will need
    to go to the Move Deleter's house to forget Rock Smash first).
    Now go to Team Magma/Aqua Hideout, that cave east of Lilycove. Progress to 
    the end. After an easy boss battle, head back to Lilycove, heal, and go east 
    through the sea to reach Mossdeep. Before going to the gym, go to Steven's 
    house and get HM Dive. Go north of Mossdeep and fight some trainers to get 
    more exp.. Try to get at least Lv60. Go back to Mossdeep, heal and head to 
    the gym. This time don't leave your support on Pc, bring them with you. Time 
    for a gym leader battle.
    I know what you're thinking. Well, first we need to take some precautions 
    before the battle.
    -Place your support in the left and top slots.
    -Enter battle. Use some move just to pass a turn. In this turn, Lunatone and 
    Solrock MUST defeat both supporters. If they don't do this, reset and try 
    Now that the supporters are gone, it's time to battle for real.
    -Tate & Liza-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Solrock  Lv42
    Lunatone Lv42
    This battle will not be too hard, even if you are at an extreme disadvantage,
    except for Blaziken. With 2 Pokémon in a all out offensive, things can get 
    out of control, however. Best thing to do is take out each Pokémon at a turn.
    Sceptile> Use Leaf Blade to smash them. Don't use Pursuit, it's too weak. Be 
    careful with Solrock's Flamethrower: it can cause a mean damage to you. Take 
    care of Solrock first. You can pass through them without one scratch.
    Blaziken> in this battle, you'll need to be a little lucky. All will be 
    determined right in the beginning of the battle. Before jumping into battle, 
    equip a Chesto Berry. Once the battle begins, use Bulk Up. In this turn, 
    Solrock probably will just use Sunny Day, and Lunatone will use Calm Mind OR 
    Light Screen, OR attack you with Hypnosis OR Psychic. We hope it don't use 
    the later,  wich will certainly make you lose. If it use Calm Mind or Light 
    Screen, you win: Double Kick Lunatone first, then go for Solrock. If it use 
    Hypnosis, Chesto Berry will cure the slumber, and you are ok. But if it uses 
    Psychic right off, you are in big trouble, because Solrock surely will use it
    too on next turn (even recovery won't help, since they both will attack 
    next). Consider yourself extremely lucky if you survive.
    Sometimes Solrock will attack instead of Lunatone. Solrock is a little 
    weaker, and you won't be too damaged by its Psychic. The problem is, if 
    Lunatone uses Psychic too, you are done for, but this is very rare to happen.
    Swampert> Keep using Surf to attack them both. You can take them down at the 
    same time, if you are lucky, but this doesn't matter much, anyway. If 
    Lunatone puts you to sleep (very rare to happen), use Blue Flute. 
    -8.Mossdeep to Rain Badge-
    Now, teach Goldeen Dive. Go south of Mossdeep. Now it's best to fight with 
    all the trainers that you find around Route 127, 128, 129 and Sootopolis. 
    When you are done, heal and head to the deep waters in Route 128, and use 
    Dive to search for the seafloor cavern. Make your way to the end (there's a 
    useful TM Earthquake here, in the end, you can't miss it), and get ready to 
    fight Maxie/Archie again.
    -Maxie (Ruby Version)------------------------------Archie (Sapphire Version)- 
    Mightyena   Lv41                                  Mightyena    Lv41       
    Camerupt    Lv43                                  Sharpedo     Lv43
    Crobat      Lv41                                  Crobat       Lv41
    Much like the last time you faced them. The advantage is that you are WAY 
    more powerful.
    Sceptile>  Mightyena goes down with an Leaf Blade, Camerupt with a Earthquake 
    (it takes the place of Dig). Now, waste Crobat away with Pursuit or Strenght.
    In the Sapphire version, take Sharpedo down with Leaf Blade.
    Blaziken> Double Kick Myghtiena and Earthquake Camerupt, and Blaze Kick or 
    use Strenght on Crobat. You may want to Bulk Up in Myghtiena, so you can take
    Camerupt down with one hit. 
    Use Double Kick in Sharpedo for Sapphire version.
    Swampert> Earthquake in Mightyena, Ice Beam in Crobat, and Surf in Camerupt.
    Use Strenght in Sharpedo for Sapphire Version.
    Groudon/Kyogre will awake. Go to Sootopolis, heal, and go pay your respect to 
    the Legendary Pokémon... Oh, don't forget to get the HM Waterfal on your way 
    down the cavern. 
    Obs. It's good to have an Escape Rope here, it will save you the trouble of 
    -Groudon Lv45----------------------------------------------------------------
    You must defeat it quickly. If your attacks don't defeat it quickly, the 
    chances it will have to take you on in one hit are very high. Just hope it 
    don't use Fire Blast on Sceptile or Earthquake on Blaziken.
    Sceptile> Use Leaf Blade. This should kill Groudon with one hit. If it don't,
    pray that it won't use Fire Blast. It can kill you instantly with a critical 
    Blaziken> use Blaze Kick. It should defeat it in one hit. If it don't, hope 
    that Earthquake (very high probability of using it) don't kill you. 
    Swampert> Surf it to death. It doesn't have any attack that offers real 
    danger for you.
    -Kyogre Lv45-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Kyogre can be somewhat easier than Groudon, but don't let your guard down 
    around this Pokémon. Best to defeat it quickly to avoid any surprises.
    Sceptile> You should be more than capable to take it down with only one Leaf
    Blade. If it still survives, it maybe will use Ice Beam, but don't worry, 
    this attack won't kill you instantly. If you froze, you'll be in trouble, so 
    it's best to equip an Aspear Berry just for this battle. 
    Blaziken> Keep using Double Kick or Strenght until it falls. If it uses Water
    Pump, it's over. But it looks like it loves to Body Slam you instead...
    Well, this sure can help you a lot, but don't count too much in it. You'll 
    need to be a little lucky.
    Swampert> Use Earthquake to kill it in one shot, if it somehow survives, 
    Strenght will do the trick. Use Aspear or equip it before hand in case of a
    Frozen status.
    All done, time to head to the gym. (Heal first)
    Luvidisc  Lv40
    Sealeo    Lv40
    Seaking   Lv42
    Wishcash  Lv42
    Millotic  Lv43
    Yup, a bunch of water Pokémon. Your level is so high that even with Blaziken 
    things will go smooth. 
    Sceptile> well, just use Leaf Blade on each one of them and they will go down
    in one hit.
    Blaziken> Double Kick Luvdisc and Sealeo. For Wishcash, Bulk Up first, then 
    Double Kick it. Now Double Kick the rest and you are done here. Don't Bulk Up
    in Luvdisc, it will use Attract on you, and things can get weird.
    Swampert> You may take them all down with Earthquake alone. Use X-Attack if 
    you wish.
    -9. From Sootopolis to Victory Road-
    (There's really no need to go to Pacifidlog, unless you are really 
    underleveled, wich I doubt, if you've been fighting with all trainers along 
    the way, your level should be somewhere between 63-66. If you are still lower 
    than this, then train a little more, but remember that you'll have to go ALL 
    the way back to the Victory Road)
    Now, from Sootopolis, cross Route 128, climb the waterfal (teach Waterfal to
    Goldeen), and go to Evergrande City, and to the dreaded Victory Road.
    The biggest problem is, since you can't use Flash, you'll have to blindly 
    find your way to the exit. Fight with everyone you find in your way, to get 
    the most exp., except wild  Pokémon. It's a good idea to bring a good amount 
    of Super Repels. You'll really need to be a little familiar with the cavern 
    to pass by. In the end, you'll be challenged by Wally.
    Altaria   Lv44
    Roselia   Lv44
    Delcatty  Lv43
    Magneton  Lv41
    Gardevoir Lv45
    At this point, no trainer outside of the Elite Four can beat you. But, after 
    going through this hell, your PP must be almost depleted. So, choose your 
    moves carefully to each opponent.
    Sceptile> Take Altaria on with Strenght, Earthquake in Roselia, Delcatty and 
    Magneton, and Pursuit in Gardevoir. And they all go down.
    Blaziken> Strenght in Altaria and Gardevoir, Double Kick Delcaty and 
    Magneton, and Blaze Kick in Roselia.  
    Swampert> Ice Beam in Altaria and Roselia, Earthquake in Delcaty, Magneton 
    and Gardevoir. 
    *Update Note: I've had a report about Wally's Magneton. It seems that it can 
    have the Levitate ability, wich negates Ground-type attacks. I am sure I 
    never see it (I've played through the game a lot of times to create this 
    guide), but in case that the Earthquake in question doesn't work, then you 
    could use Leaf Blade (it's not effective, but is strong enough) for Sceptile
    and Ice Beam with Swampert.
    -Thanks to dragonlord6266 for the tip.
    Exit the cavern. It's time for the last challenge: the Elite Four!!
    -10.The Elite Four and the Champion-
    First, expend all yor money with Hyper Potions and Full Restores (99 Hyper, 
    about 20 or 30 Full), then place your support in the Pc (you won't need them
    anymore). Take out all your Ethers and Elixirs that you got along the way.
    Now, onto the Elite Four!
    -Round 1: Sidney-------------------------------------------------------------
    Mightyena  Lv46
    Cacturne   Lv46
    Sharpedo   Lv48
    Shiftry    Lv48
    Absol      Lv49
    Not particularly hard, you won't have any problems with him. But be careful 
    with the Swagger attack: it's very dangerous, because it increases your own 
    attack, but leave you confused, and attacking yourself with high att. power 
    really hurts. 
    Sceptile> You can take almost everyone down with Leaf Blade. For Cacturne 
    and Shiftry, use Strenght instead.
    Blaziken> Double Kick everyone. Dark type is weak against Fighting attacks.
    Swampert> Surf in Mightyena, Ice Beam in Cacturn, Earthquake in Sharpedo, 
    another Surf in Absol and Ice Beam again in Shiftry. 
    Heal. Now next!
    -Round 2: Phoebe-------------------------------------------------------------
    Dusclops   Lv48
    Banette    Lv49
    Banette    Lv49
    Sableye    Lv50
    Dusclops   Lv51
    This battle is far more harder than the last one. You must defeat the first 
    Dusclops and the two Bannetes ASAP, before they use Curse, or you'll surely 
    lose. The Dusclops have an annoying variety of attacks, making them very 
    dangerous. Also, everyone seems to have a very high amount of Hp, wich will 
    reduce your chances of 1 hit-KOs (just a little bit). 
    Sceptile> Use Pursuit to kill the first Dusclops quickly. The second Dusclops
    can use Ice Beam on you, so stay on your toes. If you froze, use a Full 
    Restore quickly. You can take the advantage of Ice Beam not killing you to 
    use X-Special and jack up your Pursuit, to take on the Banettes (I think 4 
    X-Specials is enough). For Sableye, use Leaf Blade. 
    Blaziken> Keep using Blaze Kick to take down the Dusclops. She'll probably 
    use Sableye next, due to the Psychic attack (if it's a Bannete, take it
    down!). Now, keep using X-Special, healing if your Hp is low. Now just use 
    Blaze Kick to finish everyone else. And never ever use Double Kick or 
    Strenght -- you'll waste your time.
    Swampert> Surf should take care of everyone but the Dusclops. Use Earthquake 
    for them. If Surf does not work well, use X-Special twice and it surely will.
    Heal. Next fight!!
    -Round 3: Glacia-------------------------------------------------------------
    Glalie    Lv50
    Sealeo    Lv50
    Sealeo    Lv52
    Glalie    Lv52
    Walrein   Lv53
    Not too hard, not too easy. But, since only Sceptile is weak against Ice, you
    won't have much problems with her. But be careful! If you get frozen, use 
    Full Restore to heal yourself. The first Glalie will most likely use a Hail, 
    to increase Ice-type moves' power, but it'll also use Ice Beam on a all out 
    attack. Whatever you do, don't let it use Light Screen: it'll make the battle
    a little harder.
    Sceptile> Take them down with Leaf Blade. Be careful with Walrein's Blizzard:
    it will wipe you out. You can use a couple of X-Specials in the battle with 
    the first Sealeo to help. But heal if it uses Ice Beam!
    Blaziken> Use Blaze Kick in the Glalies, and Double Kick in the Sealeos and 
    Walrein. It's a good idea to Bulk Up once in the first Glalie, so you'll have 
    a extra edge against the Sealeos.
    Swampert> Use X-Attack in the first Glalie (3 or 4 is good). You must be 
    frozen and with low Hp, so use Full Restore to heal yourself. Now, use 
    Strenght to defeat everyone that crosses your path.
    Heal. Heal PP, if needed. Now, next match!
    Round 4: Drake---------------------------------------------------------------
    Shelgon   Lv52
    Flygon    Lv53
    Flygon    Lv53
    Altaria   Lv54
    Salamance Lv55
    This guy is really annoying. Sceptile users will have a real bad time 
    fighting with him. The dragons have a real high speed, and some very 
    bothersome attacks. You'll use lots of X-Attacks and Full Restores to pass by
    them. In the other hand, Swampert users will have a great time fighting him,
    due to the super useful Ice Beam.  Don't give up!
    Sceptile> First, eliminate Shelgon: if he uses a single Rock Tomb attack, all
    other dragons will attack first. Use Strenght. Next, the Flygon, take your 
    time to use X-Attack (max use). Use X-Speed in case the Shelgon hit you with 
    Rock Tomb. Flygon will waste you with Flamethrower, Fly and Dragon Breath, so
    use Hyper Potion to heal if you are extremely injured. In case of a burn or 
    paralyzis, use Full Restore. Then when you are real tough, use Strenght. It 
    should kill anything that crosses your path with one hit, now.
    Blaziken> Take Shelgon down with Strenght. Then, use a X-Speed (Shelgon will 
    surely hit you with Rock Tomb), then keep using Bulk Up until it's maxed out.
    If you get paralyzed by the Dragon Breath, use a Full Restore to heal. Now 
    take everyone down with Strenght. 
    Swampert> There's one Ice Beam to each one of them, so stay cool (yeah, very 
    cool, indeed).
    Heal. Use a Max Elixir to fully restore PP. Take a deep breath...
    Now is the time.
    Skarmory  Lv57
    Cradily   Lv56
    Armaldo   Lv56
    Claydol   Lv55
    Aggron    Lv56
    Metagross Lv58
    Well, I'll be. The first time I tried the challenge, I didn't thought I could
    make this far. Now that you reached the almighty Steven, you would wonder, 
    "man, with 6 Pokémon was hard, how can I pass with only one?"
    Well, follow the tactics below and see for yourself!
    Sceptile> If Sceptile go head-on into battle, it will surely be crushed. So, 
    we increase its stats a little. In the battle with Skarmory, use all your X 
    items to increase all your stats, plus Dire Hit. It's kind of annoying doing 
    this, because the Skarmory will keep poisoning you and doing heavy damage 
    with the Aerial Ace attack. Heal, and keep increasing the stats. If you get 
    poisoned AND with low Hp, use Full Restore. Otherwise use plain Antidote. 
    Now, use Strenght against Skarmory. Use Earthquake in everyone else except 
    the Claydol (use Leaf Blade or Pursuit for this one), and you will win!
    Blaziken> Bulk Up in the Skarmory. Do it until it's maxed out. If you have 
    low Hp, use Hyper Potion, and heal poisoning with Antidote. Then Blaze Kick 
    Skarmory, Aggron and Metagross, Strenght in Claydol, Double Kick in Armaldo 
    and Cradily. It's over!
    Swampert> Use X-Special roughly 3 times in Skarmory, then use Ice Beam to 
    take it down. Now, Surf in Aggron, Ice Beam Cradily, Surf again in Claydol, 
    Earthquake in Metagross, and another Surf for Armaldo. Nice job, buddy!  
    Well done, you completed your One-Pokémon Challenge!!
    It was not so bad, right?
    -Small FAQ that I created-
    Well, it's not trully frequently asked, but they're some questions that need 
    some explaining:
    Q.Can I use items like Carbos, Iron, and Rare Candies in my battler?
    A.Yes you can. It's actually a good idea.
    Q.I messed up with my move list and I don't know what to do.
    A.You can try the Move Tutor to get the moves you skipped back. But remember 
    you'll need Heart Scales to do that. You can usually find them hidden in 
    rocks near the ocean areas. Use the Itemfinder to help.
    Q.I have lots of TMs that aren't compatible with my battler. What should I do
    with them?
    A.Selling them is the best choice.
    Q.Should I sell Pokeballs that I have stocked?
    A.If you already have two supports, you can. If not, better have some with 
    Q.I lost a battle, and didn't saved! My support has been dragged to fight! 
    I need to reset??
    A.You may let the support faint during battle. Remember to save before each 
    trainer battle next time! It's faster.
    Q.My Zigzagoon got an item with "Pick Up". What should I do?
    A.You may leave the item with it. Unless it's not holding something, it 
    cannot get anything else.
    Q.Can I try the Move Contest subquest?
    A.I don't recommend during the One-Pokémon challenge. You'll have to mess too
    much with the battler's moves. You can try it out after clearing the Elite 
    Q.I want to beat Rayquaza. Can I?
    A.Be my guest. I'm still working in tactics for Rayquaza, so, maybe in the 
    next version of this guide I may have something (but I don't promise!).
    If you have a good tactic for it, let me know! I'll gladly put your name on 
    the thanks and give big credit for it. Just don't forget to put your name or 
    Q.I got a shiny battler. Can I use it?
    A.Yes. I don't think there's any difference between a normal Poke and a 
    shiny one.
    A.All right, I knew it was bad... is this a question, anyway?!
    -To Game Freak, who created a pretty good game
    -To my mother, for the lunch :)
    -My sister, and her impressed face "YOU wrote all this alone?!"
    -To My Chemical Romance, who kept me sane while doing this
    -To my friends who thought this was impossible
    -To my hands. Boy, I didn't thought that writing a guide would be so hard on 
    my hands (but also so accomplishing, too!)
    -To Gamefaqs.com, who did take my guide in. Much thanks!
    -To dragonlord6266, for the tip about Wally's Magneton 
    -To you, who either read this or tried the challenge 
    See you in the next one!!

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