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    Legendary Catching Guide by NitemareDragon

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    4. CHEAT DEVICES (Continued)

    Pokémon Requiring Cheat Devices

    Some legendary Pokémon just cannot be obtained anymore, usually because they could only be accessed during Pokémon events. By using a cheat device that can change.

    Here is a list of legendary Pokémon that you must have a cheat device to access them (note that I am only listing those found in Ruby & Sapphire).

    Jirachi- Cannot obtain easily without a code.
    Deoxys- Requires the AURORATICKET to get to BIRTH ISLAND and catch Deoxys.
    Latias/Latios (Southern Island)- Need EON TICKET to access Southern Island and get the other Lati, but Pokémon can still be obtained by trading from the other version without cheating.

    I have confirmed that the codes that enable you to change what Pokémon attacks you in the wild (Species Modifiers) will not affect your game save even if you select a legendary Pokémon. The only problem is that the Pokémon you choose to fight in the wild will have the same level as others normally found in that area (though this could be a good thing if you prefer to raise Pokémon from low levels). Another issue may arise from this method, as people will be able to see that the Pokémon was caught at an unrealistic level at an area that it is not native to (a Deoxys caught at level 17 at Route 114, for example, rather than what it is supposed to be: level 30 at Birth Island). People will know that you used a cheat device, and Nintendo would be able to detect the code, revealing that it is a "hacked" Pokémon.

    Please keep in mind that I do not cheat to get ahead in a game, and I do not keep Pokémon that I used cheat devices to obtain. I do not condone or support the use of cheat devices in any way, and I provide this information to readers for educational purposes ONLY. The cheat device was used only to speed information gathering on the legitimate methods of obtaining the Pokémon.


    This is a decoder for the 26 letter English alphabet, plus a COMMA and PERIOD. This works with all of the Pokémon games for the GBA.

      | A| B| C| D| E| F| G| H| I| J| K| L| M| N| O| P| Q| R| S| T| U| V|
    - |. |. |..|..|. |..|..|. | .| .|. |. |..|..|. |..|..|. | .| .|. |. | -
    - |  |. |  | .| .|. |..|..|. |..|  |. |  | .| .|. |..|..|. |..|  |. | -
    - |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |. |..|..| -
      | W| X| Y| Z| ,| .|          VISUAL BRAILLE-> ENGLISH             |
    - | .|..|..|. |  |  | The last two are COMMA and PERIOD.  These dots| -
    - |..|  | .| .|. |..| can be found in Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf| -
    - | .|..|..|..|  | .| Green, and Emerald Versions.                  | -


    This section is where I list out all of the changes that I made before and after this guide hit the Internet.

    Before Release

    03/28/2007-04/01/2007: Added several things, including the Guide Symbol Key, Hard to find Pokémon list, Visual Braille Decoder, and stats for the various Pokémon.

    03/30/2007: Added the "Using Cheat Devices" section and completed it.

    05/19/2007: Finished up the sections and submitted guide

    After Release

    06/21/2007: Fixed multiple errors in the guide. Added new information from sources.

    12/09/2008-12/10/2008: Fixed formatting errors and a handful of spelling errors that somehow evaded me before. Cleaned up some of the contractions. Cleaned up some sections and re-wrote a few to spice things up. Reformatted the email updates to conserve space.

    02/01/2008: Corrected information about Jirachi.

    8/14/2008: Improved the wording of a few sections, updated the Table of Contents design. Implemented other (better) features of my newer Pokémon guides.

    11/17/2008: Reworked the requirements tables for visual appeal and space conservation. Makes them easier to read and takes up less space in the process.

    05/06/2009: Reformatted the entire guide based on the research team's new formatting techniques. The guide's sections are easy to define and navigate, and I have rewritten most of the sections and walkthroughs.

    06/09/2011: Minor updates to the Rayquaza section.

    10/14/2011: Fixed several spelling errors.

    10/22/2011: Applied major overhaul for new FAQ formatting capabilities.

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    To contact me for corrections or submissions for the guide, e-mail me at pokeguides (at) live (dot) com.

    YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES OR YOUR EMAIL MAY NOT RECIEVE A REPLY: -Use FAQ, Pokémon, or Guide somewhere in the subject so that your email is not automatically deleted. -PLEASE remember to supply a name you would like to be known as in your email if you submit info for the guide. If you do not, I will reply back asking for this info. If you fail to supply a name or username within ONE WEEK of your initial email, I reserve the right to use your information without credit. This has not happened yet, and I certainly hope it doesnt. -You may e-mail me for spelling errors, incorrect information, etc. If you do not fully understand how to get somewhere or how to catch a Pokémon, you can e-mail me, and perhaps I can clear things up. If you have information to ADD to the guide, you can also e-mail me and you will receive credit for your information if it is helpful (and correct).

    Before you hit that SEND button...

    PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU READ THE GUIDE THOROUGHLY BEFORE YOU EMAIL ME! I get many emails from people that overlooked information in the guide. Make sure that the guide does not already answer your question before you request help from me. Do not try to lead us into believing false information; we check all submitted information, and we have the ability to track messages if necessary.


    This document is ©2006-2011 NitemareDragon and the PokéGuides Team. You may not copy--in part or in full--this document without my permission. You may not disassemble, re-write, or otherwise modify this guide without my explicit permission. Any unauthorized reproduction of this guide will result in legal action. If you wish to use this guide in any website, magazine, etc. use the e-mail address in the Contacts information to ask. Most likely, I will allow you to do so...

    Only these websites (other than the PokéGuides website, which isnt quite ready yet) have permission to use and/or host this guide:

    • www.gamefaqs.com
    • www.gamespot.com (linking to the guide)
    • www.supercheats.com
    • www.neoseeker.com

    That is it. No other sites. If you ask to host my guide, I will update the list in the next version. If this guide is found on any other site, PLEASE notify me...most likely they did not have permission if they are not on this website list.

    You have permission to print this guide for your own use offline. You may save the original file to your computer or external drive for personal use, but you may not post alterations to any public media for any reason without prior permission from me.

    9. CREDITS

    This is where I show all of my sources and give them credit for the info that they contributed.

    -The PokéGuides Writing Team:

    • NitemareDragon wrote the bulk of the information and did all of the testing and walkthrough generation. He also created the ideas and layout, and published the guide.
    • Vortexized helped correct information throughout the guide.

    -Email Contributors:

    • Deer Hunter 94 reminded me that Shelgon evolves at level 50 and not 55. Also notified me that the Kyogre/Groudon section was incorrect; it originally said that they could be found at Sky Pillar.
    • Alien Bugsy submitted information for obtaining Jirachi.
    • Christina supplied spelling and grammar corrections.
    • Valth, Sambasma, and Deer Hunter 94 submitted strategy information for catching Latias and Latios.
    • Jordan corrected mistakes with Rayquaza's listed moves.
    • Zane provided information about the effectiveness of different PokéBalls, and which ones should be used in certain situations.

    Anonymous contributions:

    • Soul Dew correction.
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