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Best Pokemon Yet!05/21/03A B C
Another point for Nintendo.07/28/03athlon11
Is Nintendo Milking the cash cow with this game? Well Yes but who cares!11/24/02atri rioter v2
The game's great, but it's starting to get redundant03/17/03BenjG
Gotta Catch Them All, Not So Easy This Time...11/30/02CI254
This game through a teenager's point of view.06/19/03DJ cream
Buy. This. Game.12/28/02dmon2
You may be thinking, Pokemon AGAIN? But mind you, this game is amazing.11/24/02DrTomoe123
Pokemon's Best Game Ever03/11/09goppers
The Best of the Pokemon Series02/28/03Hero Dark
Pokemon is back, but it lacks originality.03/21/03InsaneTeddy
Can't get any better then this!11/22/02ItsJiv
Pokemon is alive and well and still kicks butt.11/24/02killerhurtz2000
Gotta buy 'em all06/07/03MegaMario39
The game makes a nice technical leap in exchange for several innovative features.11/15/06ND9k
Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire- Simply a repeat?11/22/02Oppolo
*Shakes head*... no this wont do at all...02/13/03pokemaniacpokemon
Pokémon Alive and well! And this game really shows it.11/21/02Team Rocket Elite
Pokemon R/S Getto Daze!11/26/02TK n Happy Ness
It Feels Like Pokemon! but Remixed...11/25/02vampyro
Pokemon's Back but does it live up with it's legacy?11/26/02Wolf4knowledge
More of the same10/10/07wolverinefan
Let's see.. Ruby and Sapphire. The newest game in the Pokémon Game line.11/30/02Xander52
A new generation of Pokemon03/20/03Zeios
One of the best GBA ever to come . . .12/05/02Zoramon089

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