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                               Konami Krazy Racers FAQ
                               For the Gameboy Advance
                           Version 1.0 (Created 6/19/2001)
                                   By Devin Morgan
        This file is Copyright (c)2001-2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.
    Table of Contents
    1. What's New
    2. Introduction
    3. Story
    4. Controls
    5. Game Modes
    6. Characters
    7. Tracks
    8. Licenses
    9. Items
    10. Secrets/Tips and Tricks
    11. Copyright Notice
    12. Contact Information
    -=  1. What's New -=
    Version 1.0 (6/19/01): The first version of this FAQ. It's complete to my 
    knowledge, but if I find any new secrets or things to add, it'll be here!
    -=  2. Introduction -=
    This Konami-made racer for the Gameboy Advance is basically a Mario Kart 
    clone, no matter how you look at it. The gameplay aspects of it are quite 
    similar, with a few little additions here and there to add to the challenge. 
    If you liked Mario Kart, you'll like this fun game, so it's another launch 
    title I recommend you pick up!
    -=  3. Story  -=
    A Krazy World hovering in space has been flooded with go-carts! Children and 
    adults alike are crazy about go-carting!
    One day, this e-mail was sent to a group of Konami characters by Konami NET 
    requesting their appearance in a go-cart race.
                    A Konami Character Grand Prix will
                    be held on the Krazy Circuit. You're
                    in, right?
                    -Konami Man
    All Konami characters claim to be the best. The KRAZY race is about to begin!
    -=  4. Controls -=
    Control Pad: Steer, navigate menu screens
    A: Accelerate, confirm selection on menu screens
    B: Brake, cancel selection on menu screens
    R: Jump
    L: Use current item
    Select: View area behind your player during the race
    Start: Pause game
    -=  5. Game Modes -=
    Main Menu
    Item Shop: Here, you can buy various items to use throughout the races.
    License Center: Here, you can take tests to gain licenses, which allow you to
                    access more tracks in the game. You must do well in the Krazy
                    GP mode in order to be given the credentials required to take
                    the test to gain a license.
    Race Menu: This one is obvious; it takes you to the menu where you can select
               the type of race you wish to participate it. Check out the "Race
               Menu" information in this same section of the guide for more
    Rumor Billboard: You can find out various types of information by checking
                     here every so often. Information you haven't yet read is
                     marked with a "NEW" next to it.
    Race Menu
    Krazy GP: This is where you take part in the 1-player grand prix races
              against 7 other computer opponents. Pick your character and the cup
              you wish to race in, and get ready to win! You must be in either
              1st, 2nd, or 3rd place to be able to advance to the next race in
              the cup (4 tracks per cup). If you end up in 1st place overall,
              you'll be able to take a license test, too.
    Time Attack: As the name implies, you'll be able to race on the track of your
                 choice. This is a good place to practice riding on a specific
                 track, or you can just try to break the game's records on each
    Free Run: This is an exhibition mode of all grand prix tracks. Here, you race
              with the other 7 cars, but it's all just for practice purposes for
              the real Krazy GP races.
    Mini-Battle: Here, you can play a couple of mini-games if you like. Here's a
                 quick rundown of both those mini-games.
        Bomb Chaser: This is basically a game of tag, in which 4 racers take part
                     in. Before the game begins, one racer is automatically made
                     "it", which leaves them with the bomb to carry around. The
                     objective is to not be the one holding the bomb when time is
                     up, otherwise you'll lose. Pass the bomb to someone else by
                     hitting them, but be warned as it's easier said than done!
        Chicken: You have to drive down a 400m path, but the idea is that you
                 must stop as close to the end without going over as you can.
                 You're automatically accelerating; you just have to use the
                 brakes when you feel it's time. Keep in mind that you won't just
                 stop when you press B, so try to slow down a little before the
                 end: that way you have a chance of even winning this game.
    VS: To access this mode, you must use the Game Link accessory and link up
        with other systems with this game. Here, you can take part in the Free
        Run, Match Race, or Mini-Battle modes with up to 4 human players. I
        haven't tried this yet, so if anyone has more information here, please
        let me know!
    -=  6. Characters -=
    Dracula (giant blue guy with white hair/beard)
        Series From: Castlevania
        Acceleration: 2
        Grip: 2
        Top Speed: 5
    Goemon (spiky blue-haired guy)
        Series From: Goemon/Mystical Ninja
        Acceleration: 4
        Grip: 3
        Top Speed: 3
    Moai (giant stone head)
        Series From: Gradius
        Acceleration: 2
        Grip: 2
        Top Speed: 5
    Ninja (blue guy)
        Series From: Metal Gear
        Acceleration: 5
        Grip: 2
        Top Speed: 3
    Nyami (cat girl)
        Series From: Poppin' Music
        Acceleration: 5
        Grip: 2
        Top Speed: 3
    Pastel (pink-haired girl)
        Series From: Twinbee
        Acceleration: 4
        Grip: 3
        Top Speed: 3
    Pawapuro-kun (wears a baseball cap)
        Series From: Jikkyo Power Pro. Baseball
        Acceleration: 3
        Grip: 5
        Top Speed: 2
    Takosuke (red octopus)
        Series From: Parodius
        Acceleration: 3
        Grip: 5
        Top Speed: 2
    -=  7. Tracks -=
    Krazy Cup
    Ganbare Dochu 1
        Description: This is the really basic first course in the game you race
                     on. It's just a simple round course, with hardly anything to
                     worry about. Be careful when crossing the bridge, so you
                     don't fall into the water, which can really slow you down!
    Sky Bridge 1
        Description: This track has many rough turns, as well as several small
                     jumps and a large one further ahead. There are also boosters
                     on the ground that can help you get ahead of others in the
                     race. About halfway through the course, there are several
                     clouds that shoot lightning down on the track, which can
                     stop you for a few precious moments, so be careful!
    Moon Road
        Description: This outer space course is another simply designed round
                     track with a large jump in the first half. It's a pretty
                     wide track, especially on the turns, so it's very easy for
                     you to get through this course in good shape.
    Poppin' Beach 1
        Description: This short course is the last one in the Krazy Cup, and it's
                     really quite simple, too. It's a simple course, and you can
                     hop repeatedly over small areas of water to shave time off
                     each lap. There is also alot of grass on the course, so that
                     can slow you down a little bit as well.
    Hyper Cup
    Power Stadium
        Description: This course is basically a run around the baseball diamond
                     of the stadium, with item bells in each of the corners
                     (excluding home). At each corner, moles will pop out of the
                     ground, so be cautious there. Also, on the part between 2nd
                     and 3rd bases on the map, there are many baseballs bouncing
                     around. If hit, you will be flattened for a period of time,
                     so be careful there too!
    Ganbare Dochu 2
        Description: This one is a bit harder than the first one, especially with
                     the sharp turns on the bridge at the beginning of the track.
                     Despite that, it really isn't too hard to get through to get
                     through this course.
    Space Colony 1
        Description: Now, this course can present a real challenge to you, as
                     opposed to previous courses. In addition to the sharp turns
                     and large jumps, there are many holes in the track that you
                     can fall in if you're not careful. However, you can hop over
                     those holes if you're skilled enough to do so; otherwise
                     just try to steer clear of them all if you can.
    Cyber Field 1
        Description: This final track of the Hyper Cup is based on the Metal Gear
                     Solid game. The track is pretty wide, and there are several
                     boosters around. However, there are small enemies coming out
                     of the ground in some areas, so be careful when you spot
                     them. Also, there are giant crates near the end of the track
                     which you can easily go around as well.
    Premium Cup
    Magma Castle 1
        Description: This first Premium Cup course has hazards galore! There are
                     a couple straight sections of the track that get fireballs
                     rained on, which will stop you for a moment if you're hit.
                     Then there are the narrow bridges you must cross a couple
                     times on the track. There are also the spikes that move up
                     and down, stopping whatever they hit. Also, there's a
                     shortcut in this course, which I'll explain in the Secrets
                     section of this guide!
    Poppin' Beach 2
        Description: This course has many sharp turns which will send you into
                     the deep water if you're not careful! Having a racer with a
                     good grip rating will definitely help you here. Take it easy
                     through those turns, slowing down when necessary. Remember
                     that you can hop repeatedly over water while going fast
                     enough to avoid sinking.
    Space Colony 2
        Description: Just like the first Space Colony track, there are still
                     holes in the track that will make you steer around to avoid
                     falling into. However, this time around, there are giant
                     robots moving back and forth on the first areas of the
                     track, and at a later section of the track, stars fall; both
                     will stop you temporarily, so be careful!
    Ice Paradise 1
        Description: On this icy track, it can get very confusing to see which
                     way to go, so you may have to rely on your map for parts of
                     this course. There are penguins that will stop you if hit,
                     and the water hazard along the sides, which makes this a
                     pretty tough track to get through if you're not too good at
                     this game.
    Champion Cup
    Sky Bridge 2
        Description: The first course of the Champion Cup is pretty confusing in
                     some parts, as well as slightly tough. There's a long right
                     turn in the beginning, followed by a huge jump across a
                     portion of the track, onto the track at the other side (make
                     sure you go straight instead of dropping down to the track
                     going in the other direction). There's another line of small
                     jumps across a few clouds at the last half of the track, as
                     well as many boosters on the straightaways.
    Ice Paradise 2
        Description: Now THIS is a tough level! In addition to the wide and
                     confusing turns, there are also several jumps that you must
                     steer quickly after landing to avoid dropping into the water
                     up ahead. There are no real boundaries, so you'll most
                     likely fall in the water if you're not careful. The snowmen
                     and penguins on the track present a hazard when you're
                     trying to get through the track. Also, in a couple sections
                     of the track, giant snowballs will roll down the path,
                     flattening anyone they hit, so be careful!
    Magma Castle 2
        Description: This course has no falling fireballs or narrow bridges to
                     cross, but there are MANY tough turns to make at full speed
                     here! Near the beginning, there is a circular path that you
                     can go around in either direction to get to the other side,
                     then continue straight. Also, about halfway through the
                     track, there are arrow boosters that will help you get
                     around the really sharp corners there, so be ready for them!
    Cyber Field 2
        Description: This last level of the Champion Cup is not really too tough,
                     as opposed to the previous courses in this cup. There are
                     giant crates to avoid in the beginning and end areas, as
                     well as a couple small jumps in the beginning. There are a
                     few sharp turns you must make, as well as 2 large jumps
                     across portions of the track, followed by a sharp right
                     turn. If you can handle turning quickly, then you should be
                     in good shape here. Also, there is a diamond near the end of
                     the track (in the area with the giant crates) that reveals a
                     hidden character when collected, so read the Secrets section
                     for more details on that.
    -=  8. Licenses -=
    There are a few different levels of licenses you can earn, which allow you 
    access to more tracks and cups in grand prix mode. You start the game with a 
    C Class license, which only allows you to play the Krazy Cup. Here, I'll give 
    information on the different licenses, the requirements, and the tests you 
    take to earn each one.
    B Class License
    Requirements: Beat the Krazy Cup in 1st place
    Test 1
    This is a Time Attack race on the Poppin' Beach 1 track. You must complete 
    the track in under 1'00" to pass this test.
    Test 2
    Take part in a Match Race against a computer-controlled player on a random 
    track from the Krazy Cup. You must place 1st in order to pass this test.
    A Class License
    Requirements: Beat the Hyper Cup and Premium Cup in 1st place
    Test 1
    This one is a Time Attack race through the Magma Castle 1 track. You must 
    complete the track in under 1'53" to pass this test. It's recommended you 
    avoid getting hit by the hazards, and that you take the shortcut (see the 
    Secrets section for more details) to take time off each lap as well.
    Test 2
    This is a Match Race against a computer-controller player on a random track 
    from the cups you've completed. You must place 1st in order to pass this 
    Test 3
    You take part in a Mock Race with all 7 other computer-controlled players on 
    a randomly selected track you've already played on. You must place 1st in 
    order to pass this test.
    S Class License
    Requirements: Beat the Champion Cup in 1st place
    Test 1
    Here, you must take part in a Time Attack race on the Cyber Field 2 track. 
    However, you must finish within 2'20" to pass the test, which is TOUGH! It's 
    definitely recommended you play a track with the Bear Tank first, then come 
    to take this test. You must do great on all the sharp turns and make use of 
    the boosters throughout the track in order to make it through this course 
    fast enough, if you're lucky.
    Test 2
    Take part in a Match Race against a computer-controlled opponent on a random 
    track. You must place in first in order to pass this test.
    Test 3
    Here, you take part in a Mock Race against 7 other racers on a randomly 
    selected track. You must come in first to pass this test.
    Test 4
    For this test, you must race in Time Attack mode on the backwards Ganbare 
    Dochu 2 track. The track is backwards and you must ride it that way, which 
    makes it somewhat tougher. Also, the other 7 racers will be racing on the 
    track the regular way, so be careful not to get hit head-on. Complete the 
    race under 1'00" to pass this test.
    -=  9. Items  -=
    You can obtain items on the track by driving through the red and blue bells 
    on each track. The red bells will give you one of the items listed below, and 
    the blue ones will give you an engine turbo booster, all of which you use by 
    pressing L. As you may notice, there's a meter on the top of the screen and 
    whenever you get an item, it partially fills. That meter determines how many 
    times you can use the current item you have. At the Item Shop, you'll be able 
    to buy up to two of any item there. The purpose of buying those items will 
    allow you to use that particular item that many more times when you get it 
    via a red bell during a race. However, you must set whatever items you buy 
    before they take effect during the races.
        Cost: 50
        Description: This protects you from other opponents' attacks.
    Blue Missile
        Cost: 25
        Description: Shoot 3 missiles straight ahead to hit anything in their
    Electric Battery
        Cost: 80
        Description: All opponents are struck by lightning, stopping them for a
                     few moments.
    Eye Wrap
        Cost: 10
        Description: When used, you temporarily vanish from the sight of other
    Ice Crash
        Cost: 10
        Description: Drop ice spikes behind you to hit any trailing opponents.
        Cost: 40
        Description: Turns all opponents into pigs for a limited time. It makes
                     them drive slower than usual, which gives you the advantage.
    Red Missile
        Cost: 30
        Description: This single homing missile targets and follows an opponent
                     until it makes impact with them.
    Scooper Drill
        Cost: 10
        Description: This digs a hole in the ground, which will stop any
                     opponents that fall into it.
    Time Bomber
        Cost: 15
        Description: Drop this bomb on the ground behind you, and it'll explode 3
                     seconds afterward, stopping anyone caught in its blast.
    -=  10. Secrets/Tips and Tricks -=
    Magma Castle 1 Shortcut
    There is a rather obvious shortcut you can take in the Magma Castle 1 track 
    (Premium Cup, first track). At the last half of the track, you'll see the 
    regular track turn to the right, yet another path continues going straight. 
    So, head straight and hit the jump, then continue straight along the small 
    jumps. However, the fireballs fall on and around this hidden path, so you may 
    want to be careful or this won't be a real "shortcut" after all!
    Quick Boost Before Races
    Before each race starts, you must wait for the 4 stone heads to turn red. 
    Before the last one turns red, hold down the A button and you'll gain a boost 
    when the race starts, which will help you out a bit there.
    Unlock Bear Tank
    To gain access to the green Bear Tank from Rakuga Kids, you must find a 
    diamond located in the Cyber Field 2 course (last track, Champion Cup) in 
    grand prix mode. It's near the end of the track in plain view; just take it 
    and you'll be able to pick this guy as your racer from that point on.
    Unlock Ebisumaru
    To be able to play as Ebisumaru from the Goemon series, you must first have 
    obtained the Bear Tank (see above). Then, play the Ganbare Dochu 1 and 2 
    tracks with the Bear Tank as your player, and break the records to gain 
    access to this guy.
    Unlock King
    To be able to play as King from Pop'n Music, you must find the diamond in the 
    Sky Bridge 2 course (Champion Cup, first track). I recommend you have 
    unlocked the Bear Tank, and that you use it to try to get this diamond. 
    Anyway, before the first jump, get a turbo boost from a blue bell. Before the 
    jump, stay to the left, then make a hard right and use the boost just before 
    you hit the jump. If you're lucky, you'll make it onto a hidden island with 
    the diamond on it; take it and King is yours.
    Unlock Vic Viper
    To be able to play as Vic Viper, the plane from the Gradius games, you must 
    find the diamond in the Moon Road track (Krazy Cup) while in grand prix mode. 
    It's HIGHLY recommended you unlock the Bear Tank first, then use it to try 
    and get this one. Anyway, before the first jump be sure to go through a blue 
    bell to have a boost in reserve. Then just before you hit the jump, use the 
    boost and make a hard turn towards the right. With luck, you'll land on a 
    secret island with the diamond. Drive through and you'll gain access to Vic 
    -=  11. Copyright Notice  -=
    This file is Copyright (c)2001-2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please 
    view the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my 
    This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
    the aforementioned list, you are not currently not allowed to post any of my 
    files on your site. If you wish to acquire permission, feel free to email me 
    (see the section below); permission may or may not granted at my discretion. 
    Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it without my permission. 
    I only want my most recent work to be available and I do not feel that can be 
    achieved if others take from me without my knowledge or permission.
    If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
    information, contact me and we'll talk. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
    blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.
    -=  12. Contact Information -=
    As of this version, the file contains all the information I know to date. If 
    it is a work in progress, give me time before bombarding me with emails about 
    things being missing. All I ask is that you READ THE FAQ before emailing me, 
    since that's what it's here for! Don't waste my time (and yours) by asking me 
    for information obviously covered in the guide. If it's in reference to a 
    side quest or item, chances are they can be found in another section besides 
    the walkthrough, so check the appendices as well.
    If you have any questions, comments, or things to add that are not already in 
    this FAQ, feel free to email me. I usually do post submissions, credit given 
    of course, so long as I feel they are relevant to the game in question. My 
    email address is: dbmfaqs(at)gmail.com. Thanks for reading, and be sure to 
    check out the rest of my work at this URL:
    =- End of File -=

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