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    Boss FAQ by cutiepie

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    Klonoa: °°Empire of Dreams°°
    Boss FAQ
    By: cutiepie
    Contact me: xdxdxdxdxdxdx13@hotmail.com
    Version 1.50
    [Game Name] Klonoa: **Empire of Dreams**
    [Platform] Game Boy Advance
    [Genre] Action (Action)
    [Publisher] Namco
    [Author of this FAQ] cutiepie 
    1. Version History
    2. Small Introduction
    3. Boss Strategies
    	3a. Ghazzaland (The Fighting City) Boss
    	3b. Priamill (The Opera Town) Boss 
    	3c. Jiobob (The Food Land) Boss
    	3d. Santal (The Forest Village) Boss
         3e. Leljimba (The Imperial City) Boss Part 1                    
    	3f. Leljimba (The Imperial City) Boss Part 2
    4. Credits and Contacts
    5. Sites allowed to use this FAQ
    October 22, 2002
    Re-did a bit of the layout, added a new chapter and 
    fixed the version numbers. I have changed the 
    headings a bit. Yay. Oh, and I fixed spelling 
    mistakes and grammar.
    Version 1.50
    October 13, 2002
    Changed the version dates. They are now: newest to 
    oldest update.
    Version 1.02 
    October 12, 2002
    Fixed the version number.
    Version 1.01
    September 18, 2002
    Creation of this FAQ. 
    Version 1.00
    Something some people may need: A Boss Strategy FAQ. 
    Fight the 6 carefully designed and sometimes hard 
    Bosses in this game. Get strategies from this FAQ to 
    help beat the tough bosses in the game. Have fun 
    reading and/or playing!
    3a. Ghazzaland (The Fighting City) Boss
    The Beginning Dialogue:
    Klonoa: Looks like some kind of arena.
    Huepow: So where is this monster?
    ?: Hmmph, so you're next, huh?
    Monster: Scrawny aren'tcha... this won't take long!
    Klonoa: Wow, he looks strong.
    Huepow: We haven't a chance unless we attack him from 
    the rear.
    B O S S 
    For a first Boss, this guy's very easy. When he jumps 
    into the air, try to get to the place where he was 
    standing and get the MOO. Once he lands and is facing 
    with his back towards you, throw the MOO at him. 
    Surely, he'll get hit. He'll fly upwards and land, 
    causing a shockwave. Jump and avoid the shock wave, 
    other wise you'll get hurt. But be careful! He'll try 
    and aim for you when he prepares to land! Repeat once 
    more. Now, before jumping he may decide to run at 
    you, but not always will that happen. Anyway, if he 
    does run, be sure to have a MOO and double jump to 
    avoid his attack and hit him like the first time 
    after he lands. If not, repeat what you did the first 
    time. B O S S  C L E A R!
    The End Dialogue:
    Chipple: Wha...What happened)
    Klonoa: Don't you remember?
    Chipple: Um... I had a strange dream...
    Chipple: I was really strong, and champion of the 
    Chipple: But then a red mist appeared...
    Klonoa: A red mist?
    Chipple: Oh well. I guess that's why we shouldn't 
    Klonoa: Hmm...
    3b. Priamill (The Opera Town) Boss 
    The Beginning Dialogue:
    Klonoa: There she is!
    Huepow: We've got to do something about this racket!
    Klonoa: Ok. Aim for her belly!
    B O S S
    This one's a bit harder than the first Boss. First of 
    all, I suggest you stay where you are until the Boss 
    spits the 2 MOO's back out and starts to fly around. 
    Be careful! There are wind drafts coming from 2 of 
    the 6 pipes, and if you come onto one, you'll be 
    brought upwards, and it'll be hard to get back down 
    again without being hit, and if you run out of MOO's 
    just wait and she'll suck and spit out 2 new ones. So 
    anyway, take one of the MOO's and wait until the 
    Boss's belly is showing towards you and you are able 
    to hit her with the MOO. Well, what are you waiting 
    for?! HIT HER! Once she's hit, she starts to rotate 
    around and hit the walls. Try to avoid being hit! 
    It's not that hard, but take care! At least the air 
    drafts aren't there at that time... Once she calms down 
    again, repeat the 1st step. But she's got some tricks 
    up her sleeve! If you take sometime to hit her, 
    she'll change the air drafts pipes! The air drafts 
    will blow form a different pipe now! This time, after 
    you hit her and she starts spinning around, be VERY 
    careful: THE AIR DRAFTS ARE STILL ON! So now it's 
    even harder to get out of the way without being hurt. 
    If you've survived through that, you're not too far 
    away from defeating the Boss! So anyway. Try to not 
    get up into the air with the air drafts, you may hit 
    her and hurt yourself. Once she's spat out the 2 
    MOO's, repeat the 1st step again. But be careful! This 
    time, you can't get under her! You must avoid her 
    COMPLETELY. And once you hit her a third time, you've 
    beaten your second Boss! B O S S  C L E A R!
    The End Dialogue:
    Muzika: Oh dear...
    Klonoa: The townsfolk were suffering because of your 
    Muzika: What do you mean? I dreamt of dreaming the 
    most beautiful songs, and spreading piece and 
    happiness through out the land.
    Huepow: Beryll mentioned loving your songs.
    Muzika: What? Beryll? Oh yes, I remember...
    Muzika: I dreamt of singing a wonderful song to 
    Beryll. But I can't remember the song...
    Huepow: Hey, Klonoa. Could someone be taking 
    advantage of peoples' dreams?
    Muzika: Each time I tried to remember the song, a 
    mist appeared and everything went quiet.
    Klonoa: Mist? It wasn't red was it?
    Muzika: No, it was blue.
    Huepow: Hmmm... A blue mist...
    Muzika: Thanks to you, I'm ready to sing again. Now I 
    must practise a new song for Beryll.
    Klonoa: Good luck Muzika.
    Muzika: Thank you. Farewell
    Klonoa: First red mist and now blue mist...
    3c. Jiobob (The Food Land) Boss 
    The Beginning Dialogue:
    Klonoa: It should be around here somewhere...
    *Monster pops up out of the ground and back in again*
    Huepow: WHOAAH!
    Huepow: Wow, it really will eat anything!
    Klonoa: I wonder what will happen if it eats 
    something peculiar...
    B O S S 
    This one was very easy for me. First of all, as you 
    see the Monster chomp his way through the rocks and 
    grab a FLYING MOO and just before the monster 
    finishes chomping and gets to the surface double jump 
    underneath it. The FLYING MOO should hit the monsters 
    mouth, weakening him. Once hit, he'll fall into the 
    pit he just ate through, and be catapulted into the 
    air. Soon afterwards, rocks and boulders will start 
    to fall from the sky. Dodge them all, and dodge the 
    monster, which'll drop back into the ground. He'll 
    aim for where you are standing, so be careful! Then, 
    an arrow will show where he'll chomp next. Grab a 
    FLYING MOO and repeat step 1. Now the same thing will 
    happen, except more rocks and boulders will fall. 
    Once the monster lands, no arrow say where he'll 
    chomp next. But you'll see where soon enough! Once 
    he's hit a 3rd time, he's done! B O S S  C L E A R!
    The End Dialogue:
    Chirin: Buuurp! I'm stuffed!
    Klonoa: You're chef Chirin, right?
    Chirin: That's right. Master Chef Chirin at your 
    Klonoa: Master Chef?
    Chirin: Ha ha ha. Well, actually I'm just an ordinary 
    cook, but in my dream I was the best chef in the 
    Huepow: But you hate carrots, right?
    Chirin: Carrots! Speaking of carrots...
    Chirin: I dreamt of making a delicious meal that even 
    made carrots taste good. And then a yellow mist 
    Huepow: Mist again! Yellow this time...
    Klonoa: Red, blue and now yellow mist...
    3d. Santal (The Forest Village) Boss
    The Beginning Dialogue:
    Huepow: Well, this is as far as we can go.
    Klonoa: Shhh! I hear something!
    *Monster approaches*
    Huepow: It's a monster! No, it's Dr. Medim!
    Medim: ...
    Klonoa: It's no use, looks like we'll have to fight 
    B O S S
    This one drove me off my rocker. It was frustrating, 
    but I finally managed. And if I can do it, so can 
    you! ^_^ Ok, so. Try stay on the middle of the 
    unbalanced platform, so not to fall off. Once he 
    spits the 2 MOO's out, get them and wait until he 
    reappears again. Shoot the MOO in the direction of 
    the arrow train he's standing under. If you're not 
    too slow, you'll hit him. Once he flies up into the 
    air, be careful because he'll try and hit you. It's 
    pretty easy to know which direction he's coming from, 
    but you can figure that out your self! ;) Three times 
    you're gonna have to dodge him, and then comes the 
    harder part. The arrows in the corner are moving now. 
    Try to get the MOO fly at the time when the moving 
    arrow is coming towards the upper arrow under which 
    the monster is standing. But if you take too long, 
    the monster will do the dodging thingy again. Once 
    you hit it, it'll zoom off into the air again. Now 
    you'll have to dodge him 4 times. DON'T FORGET TO 
    GRAB THE HEART!!! And the really hard part comes now. 
    The upper arrow is moving while the others stand 
    still. It's very hard to get the MOO to fly perfectly 
    onto the monsters head. But practise makes perfect, 
    so be sure to have quite a few lives! Anyway, once 
    you hit him, he's finished! B O S S  C L E A R!
    The End Dialogue:
    Medim: How could this be? In trying to create a 
    medicine to cure all ills, I ended up creating an 
    incurable sickness.
    Klonoa: It's not your fault, Doc. Someone used your 
    dream for their evil purposes.
    Huepow: Did you see anything peculiar in your dream?
    Medim: Well, let me see...
    Medim: I remember seeing twin moons.
    Klonoa: Twin moons?
    Huepow: Red mist, blue mist, yellow mist...
    Klonoa: And twin moons... 
    Klonoa: I've got it! It's the Imperial flag.
    Huepow: then the culprit's at the castle?
    Klonoa: Let's get back to the castle!
    3e. Leljimba (The Imperial City) Boss Part 1
    The Beginning Dialogue:
    Klonoa: Emperor Jillius!
    Jillius: So, you made it this far...
    Huepow: You're the one turning innocent people into 
    monsters while they dreamt.
    Jillius: Hmmph! What use are dreams! I never had a 
    choice: I was born Emperor.
    Jillius: You would never understand!
    B O S S 
    This one is VERY easy. All you do is grab a MOO, and 
    let the spiked spiral just bounce of it. It'll hit 
    the eye-thingy with the crown, and you'll then fight 
    it. First of all, it'll set out 2 mini-eye-thingies. 
    One of the two will move downwards and try to hit 
    you. Once it's near the floor throw a MOO at it. Do 
    the same with the other one and the Big-Eye. Now 
    you're back with Jillius. This time, before firing 
    the Spike-Spiral, he'll let lighting flash from the 
    sky to the floor. Look to the top of the screen and 
    see where they'll be, and then go in a place you can 
    avoid them. Then, repeat step 1 with the MOO and the 
    Spike-Spiral. And after that, repeat Step 2 with the 
    Big-Eye, and then you'll be with Jillius again. Dodge 
    the lighting and repeat steps 1-2. The first part of 
    the end Boss is done. B O S S  C L E A R!
    The Middle Dialogue:
    Huepow: We did it!
    Jillius: Unghhh! You... have... done... well
    Klonoa: huh?
    Jillius: You discovered the clues I left and returned 
    here. It is, as it should be... 
    Klonoa: What do you mean?
    Huepow: You meant for us to come here? But, why??
    Ha! I figured that's the extent of your power, you 
    foolish dreamers.
    Klonoa: Who's there?
    Klonoa: It's Bagoo, the minister!
    Huepow: it was all you're doing!
    Klonoa: What kind of monster are you?
    Bagoo: I am the King of Despair! And my rule is 
    absolute in the Kingdom of stolen dreams.
    Klonoa: What?!
    Bagoo: I will turn all dreamers into monsters! And 
    you're next!
    Klonoa: You'll never get away with this!
    3f. Leljimba (The Imperial City) Boss Part 2
    Now this is what I call a Boss! First of all, it'll 
    probably drive you nuts and secondly you'll need a 
    lot of lives. Once the guy finishes changing his head 
    and the screen turns blanc and back to normal again, 
    look at his head. It should be either red, blue or 
    yellow. He'll fly from side to side and the platform 
    you are standing on will rotate either to the right 
    or the left. Grey 'tears' drop from the Bosses eyes 
    and for into different coloured MOO's. Blue, red or 
    yellow. Your main goal is to knock off his head by 
    matching 2 of the same colours. But you should also 
    look out for red, yellow or blue fireballs that 
    sometimes come round. If they touch a MOO it will be 
    the same colour as the fireball, and if it touches 
    you you'll loose a life-heart. Anyway, let's say the 
    head is blue and you fling a blue MOO at it hitting 
    it, it'll fly off and you have to hit the sun looking 
    thingy on the grey mass now there. If you hit it the 
    Boss weakens. Soon after that, at the bottom of the 
    screen you'll see grey tops. Stand in a place where 
    there are none of those under you to avoid losing a 
    life-heart. They seem to be some kind of ghosts and 
    rise up from the ground. You'll have to avoid them 3 
    times before the boss comes back. When he does, 
    repeat step 1 but stay on the look out for these grey 
    ghosts, and the Bosses face may change colour all of 
    a sudden. Don't forget to grab the life-heart! 
    Anyway, after you've weakened the Boss a second time, 
    avoid the grey ghosts 4 times and repeat step 2. Once 
    you've weakened him a third time, it's 
    B O S S  C L E A R!
    And that's the end of the Bosses! Read the end 
    Dialogue and you've finished the game! Only thing to 
    do now is to get past those EX 1-3's...
    All credit goes to CJayC and GameFAQs for posting 
    this FAQ. Thanks to YOU for reading this FAQ, and 
    hopefully rating it.	
    CONTACT ME AT: xdxdxdxdxdxdx13@hotmail.com
    For any questions, tips, updates, corrections, 
    comments or anything else concerning this FAQ.
    For now, these are as follows:
    But if more wish to come to this list, I'll see about 

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