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    SNES-GBA Changes FAQ by The Original L5

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 03/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario Advance 2/Super Mario World
    (SNES) Comparison & Changes Guide
    version zero point five
    ©2002 The Original L5
    · Overview ·
    I'm sure when people see this guide available, alot of people may have just
    wondered what it was about or why I would want to do this.  Yes, it's true,
    Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 is an excellent port of the original
    Super Mario World.  But many things have been altered, changed or tweaked to
    make the game better for GBA.  Not nessecarily flaws mind you, but just
    differences.  I am here to point out those differences for a few reasons.  One,
    you might want to know what you're getting should you go out and purchase this
    title.  Two, you might be like me, noticing the differences, and would like to
    know if there are more out there than the ones that you have found.  Lastly,
    you might just be intruiged by the fact that the conversion has so many minute
    details that have been tweaked.  Let me state that I LOVE this coversion.  I
    LOVE having Super Mario World in the palm of my hand.  So I'm not bashing this
    game in any way.
    I still need to compare the game to SNES SMW v1.1!  Both the cart and rom of
    SMW I've been working with are 1.0 (you can tell by the logo on your SMW cart,
    1-line is 1.0; 2-line is 1.1)  If anyone would like to be really cool and check
    these things against a 1.1 cart please let me know.  Note that for emulators,
    I'm NOT counting any sound differences, since ZSNES nor SNES9x emulate the
    sound perfectly, however close they may be.
    · History ·
    03.19.2002 - v0.5 - I'm back, with a few new things, and a new E-mail address
    no less!
    02.25.2002 - v0.4 - A handful of new stuff.  Trying to get as much as possible
    before my E-mail goes down.
    02.19.2002 - v0.3 - Thank you EVERYONE for your e-mails and support!  More
    changes in this version!
    02.17.2002 - v0.2 - Beat all 96 worlds, as well as the game itself, off to get
    the rest of the Dragon Coins!
    02.13.2002 - v0.1 - Bought the game today, and noticed differences, so here we
    · Gameplay Changes ·
    Obviously, the addition to play as Mario and Luigi (both having different
    abilties) is the biggest change from the original game.  Mario plays exactly as
    he does in SNES SMW.  Luigi differentiates himself from Mario in many ways.  He
    has that floaty jump from SMB2/SMA, complete with a new sound effect similar to
    a continuing cape spin sound.  Luigi's fireballs bounce much higher than
    Mario's do.  Luigi also has a different mode of play while on Yoshi.  While
    riding Yoshi, Luigi can spit out any enemy that would normally be swallowed. 
    The effect is similar to SNES Yoshi's Island, the enemy rolls in a circular
    fashion, and dissipates on impact.  Luigi also for some reason smashes all the
    coins out of a 10-coin block in one jump.  Changing characters is as simple as
    a press of the R button on the map.
    Voices have been added for Mario, Luigi, and some of the bosses.  Mario and
    Luigi's voices are similar to those in the first Mario Advance, some have been
    ripped out (Lets-a-go!) and others are new.  Boss voices have yelps when you
    defeat them.
    EVERY review I've read on the game up to this point has skipped this change
    except IGN's 02.11.2002 blurb:  You get 1 extra hit all the time now after
    you've powered up.  Example: if you're in cape or flower mode, and take a hit,
    you will revert to Super (plain Big) Mario.  You also do NOT lose the item in
    your box if you have one.  You only drop your boxed item if you get hit while
    Super Mario, thus putting you back in Tiny Mario status.  In SNES SMW, if you
    were in cape or flower mode and took a hit, you went down to Tiny Mario,
    dropped your boxed item, and kept going. My only practical explanation for this
    is that Nintendo probably wanted to make the game easier for the now almost
    fully kid audience.
    Dragon Coins are now in almost EVERY level, even the ghost houses, fortresses,
    and Koopa Kid Castles.  This means to get them all, you need to get around 350
    (!!!!!) Dragon Coins!  Almost all of the 74 courses, 5 coins per course.
    There is a new (and actually semi-cool) intro depicting the Bros. and Princess
    flying on a hot air baloon to Dinosaur Land.  Upon landing, Mario and Luigi get
    capes, fly about for a while, and as they return, they notice the Princess has
    vanished.  After you beat the game, the intro changes to the Bros. and Princess
    getting ready to bust out a picnic.
    There is a very useful status screen that can be accessed by pressing select on
    the map screen.  It tells you how much time you have played, how many goals
    have been cleared with Mario, how many with Luigi, how much time in hours,
    minutes and seconds you have played, the exits cleared to each course (by
    character), and if you've gotten all the Dragon Coins for a specific course...
    Whew!  After getting all 96 goals, you have an arrow on the stat screen that
    warps you to the level you choose.  Makes things much easier.
    Since the game is portable, Nintendo has added the ability to save anywhere, on
    a map, or even inside a course.  Note that as you finish a switch palace, ghost
    house, castle, or every other Special World course the dialogue box still comes
    up asking you if you want to save. ^_^
    Saving itself is more useful this time around.  SMA2 now saves your amount of
    lives, the power and item box contents, and whether or not you have a Yoshi.
    No more having to get colored Yoshis from Star World!!!  After you unlock all
    four Yoshi colors (green, red, blue, yellow), you will start to randomly get
    them in "?" blocks that contain a Yoshi Egg.  To get these based on power:  You
    need to unlock ALL FIVE YOSHIS!  Not just the yoshi colors.  Then it works as
    follows:  Tiny Mario gets a random Yoshi.  Super Mario gets a Yellow Yoshi,
    Fire Mario gets a Red Yoshi, and Cape Mario gets a Blue Yoshi.  Note that if
    you haven't unlocked all five, you will still get them randomly, but uh.. it'll
    be random. ^_^  Note that this DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK!  Even after unlocking all
    five dinos, I still sometimes will get them out of balance.  Not like it's a
    bad thing, it rarely happens, but I have to point out it's not 100%.
    Speaking of colored Yoshis, the different colored ones now give you different
    power-ups besides mushrooms after 10 berries.  Blue gives you a Cape Feather,
    Red gives a Fire Flower, and Yellow gives a Starman.
    The maximum lives you can have is now 999.
    The maximum lives you can get with one sprite is now 5-up, as opposed to 3-up.
    When earning multiple 1-ups from stomping over 8 enemies without hitting the
    ground, or killing 8+ with a star, you will hear "Bravo, Mario/Luigi!" and a
    flower followed by how many lives you got will scroll across your screen.  My
    top score so far is 335 in a row, I'm looking to try and get 999 in a row, but
    I dont think that Forest of Illusion 1 has enough time, even if you start from
    the middle.  I finally figured out that the number of lives you need to get in
    a row to trigger this is either 10 or 11, I'm not sure.
    After getting all 96 goals, you get the fall theme that was previously
    available after just beating "Special" World.  Upon completing it, you get to
    see a cutscene of Luigi and Mario doing things that change the enemies,
    followed by a "Congratulations" screen.
    For every 1,000,000 points you earn throughout the game, you earn one star on
    "Super Mario World" in the Game Select screen.  You can earn up to 5 stars.
    Upon beating the game, you can go back and redo the castles you have beaten. 
    This helps to get the Dragon Coins that you missed.  They go back to unraized
    form, but have the funny little white flag still on top.  ^_^
    There are more "speaker blocks" throughout the game.  They are now headed with
    the phrase "Tourist Tips" at the top of each one.
    In Donut Plains 1, there is a block that puts up how many coins are in the
    bonus area with the cape feather (600 coins!) and counts how many you have left
    as you collect them.  Likewise, coins were added.  Collect them all for a 3-up
    (plus 600 coins technically makes it 9 extra lives).  I think there is another
    one in the game somewhere, but I can't remember where :P
    In Special World, there is a high school score for each level, the current
    score for that level, and which character put the last high score up all
    displayed at the bottom of the screen on each course.  This only occurs after
    you've beaten either all 96 goals or all the Special World courses.
    After getting all the Dragon coins in each course, there is a Dragon Coin icon
    in your status screen.  You also get to see a cinema of the coins changing from
    Dragon Coins to Princess Coins
    · Coversion Oddities/Changes/Additions ·
    The music suffered the most in this translation.  Orchestra hits (most
    noticably from Vanilla Dome and Valley of Bowser) are much higher pitched, and
    honestly sound kind of funny.  Yoshi's bongo drums sound like tin cans now. 
    Alot of different instruments were used.  Overall the music is pretty close,
    but if you were to listen to both right after each other, the difference is
    quite noticable.  Sound effects also are quite different in some places, the
    1-up sound effect is completely different, even from the one in SMA.
    Echoing in underground levels is longer and more spread out than it was in SNES
    SMW.  Sounds more like a digital delay pedal on a guitar. ^_^
    Veritcal scrolling in the game has been truncated in order to display correctly
    on the GBA.  This means that if you scroll up slowly, you'll notice a "wobble"
    effect on some horizontal lines.  This is most noticable on the map screen, and
    when using the cape parachute technique.
    In the bonus rounds with the 9 roulette blocks, if you earn 1-ups, the pipe now
    makes a mushroom sprout noise when the mushrooms appear.  This was not the case
    in SNES SMW.
    Scrolling on the world map (changed from Start on the map to L on the map) now
    produces a chime when it's activated, a strange sound similar to Luigi's wacky
    feet jump when you scroll, and a sound when you hit L again to go back to your
    Green Star blocks emit a sound if you fail to get a 1-up from them.
    Reznor now spits fire with a SMB3ish "foosh" and not the sprout noise from SNES
    Point values/extre lives "zoom" in.
    You now have the same "Skid" sound effect from SMA.
    Top Secret Area is now a smiling bush on the map.  In SNES SMW it was just a
    yellow course dot.  Note that the Top Secret Area bush stays green in the fall
    theme after you get all 96 goals. ^_^
    In SMA2, there is a newly imposed time limit in Top Secret Area.
    Mario & Luigi have gained the ability to move a Yoshi that is just standing
    still.  As long as you are not running, the Yoshi will scoot along as you walk
    against him.
    The Item box has been changed.  It's 2 brackets now.  Note: in the beta shown
    at Space World 2001, the box was still a box.
    Magikoopas now have a teleport sound effect.
    During the bonus game after you get 100 stars, if you fail to get any 1-ups
    during the bonus, Mario/Luigi hang their heads in a "D'oh!" fashion.
    You now need all 96 goals to get the "fall" theme with enemy changes.
    The "pokey" cactus enemy has been changed for the fall theme.  It now looks
    like some jagged razor blades shimmying back and forth.
    The "Goomba" enemy now is all one color and wears sunglasses for the fall
    The "roullete" item blocks have a rotate sound effect.
    The flying Hammer Brother has a sound effect for throwing hammers.
    Bowser has been given a sound for the giant iron balls falling out of the the
    clown car.
    Your entire status screen shows during the fight with Bowser
    You now recieve points after beating Bowser.
    Spinning gate on fortress level gratings now have a different sound effect when
    you rotate them.
    1/2/3/5-up sprites are enlarged.
    I need to check this directly against the SNES version, but I think that both
    the Map Theme and Final Battle Theme music had parts of their melodies changed.
     They may simply sound different because of the different instruments of the
    GBA version, so I'll have to check.
    Ok:  After e-mails about how wrong I was about the Special World, I've FINALLY
    somewhat figured it out!  I thought that the logo was there after an e-mail
    telling me it was, however today when beating courses for Amanda (she tries,
    but hell, she's not an expert) I've realized it is NOT THERE INITIALLY!  I
    don't know what unlocks it yet, I'll have to see if it's all 96 goals or just
    the Special Courses.
    Chargin Chucks now have a sound when you hit them with fireballs, and yield
    coins when you kill them with fireballs.  They give 2000 points instead of
    Barely worth mentioning and techically not a change, but when small Luigi ducks
    on Yoshi, he uses the Mario sprite, even though you can still see his face. 
    The "The End" Picture is now completely different than the one in SNES SMW. 
    It's followed by a camera flash/sound and "Press Start"  letting you continue
    to play after the ending screen, unlike SNES SMW.
    You can now spin jump off of certain enemies you couldn't on SNES SMW.  Most
    noticeably Little Boos, Fireballs (called Podobos?) and Yoshi can bounce off
    almost all the fish enemies.
    There are now warning tones when your "P" Balloon is about to run out.
    Yoshi no longer turns blue after beating a course with the Wings.
    I've gotten several e-mails about this, but it doesn't work 100% of the time
    for me.  When beating a course, I've been told if you can spring a Yoshi
    THROUGH the gates when jumping off him, Mario will jump back onto him.  I can
    finally get this to work alot, but it's pretty hard to FLING the little bastard
    through the gates.
    Unless you KILL a Yoshi (making him fall into a chasm or lava) during a course
    or leave him by going to a parallel part of a level (through a pipe, etc) he
    will remain there, thus explaining where these "random new 1-ups" are.  Not
    1-ups, just the simple fact that your Yoshi is bouncing around in a course
    In Lemmy Koopa's Castle (World 3) the stationary mushroom is now a Cape
    Feather.  As if this game wasn't already easy....
    Power-Ups are no longer translucent in the Ghost House Courses like they were
    on the SNES.
    Depending on who you beat the game with, that will be who is in front during
    the end credits,  ie: if you beat the game with Luigi, he walks in front of the
    princess who rides Yoshi, who is trailed by the Yoshi eggs, with Mario taking
    up the caboose. ^_^
    The Yoshi eggs you see after beating each World and during the ending are now
    Red, Blue, Yellow and I think there are some green ones in as well.  In SNES
    SMW, they all had goldish spots.  However, they still sprouted into colored
    Yoshi babies in the ending.  How friggin' cute.
    Boos now laugh.  Big and small.  Also, Big Boob will "peek" on occasion as you
    are facing toward him.  His laugh is lower than the other Boos.
    Yoshi's House now has 10 berries instead of less (I'll find the exact number
    later).  This is most likely so you can get an item (depending on your color
    Yoshi).  I couldn't imagine why anyone would want a starman in Yoshi's House
    though. :)
    I don't know if I should place this is Gameplay Changes or what.  You can now
    run up vines and ropes by holding B, much like you can run off of any flat
    surface.  This will not let you gain speed to fly however.
    You can now leave Yoshi on top of message blocks.  In SNES SMW, he would fall
    through, now he just stands there flapping his mouth, but he doesnt bounce
    while doing this like in any other situation.
    Looks like Luigi is back to his green/blue clothing as opposed to his
    green/purple (yuck) scheme from the SNES days.
    After beating each world, the text at the bottom of the cinema is different
    (mostly to reflect Mario AND Luigi's names).  The graphic scrolls down in order
    to fit in the GBA's lower resolution.  Note that after beating the game and
    regaining access to the castles, you can skip these scenes.  ^_^
    In Castle #6 (on Chocolate Island), after the first room with the giant spiked
    pillars in the area where you jump around on the moving platforms, there is a
    particular moving block that move's a little different then it used to.  It is
    the first of two lightly colored block that moves horizontally in this area. 
    It used to move farther and coincide with the next platform, but now it stops
    right next to it.  This change makes this part of the castle a little easier,
    as you don't have to worry about getting pushed off the block. (Thanks to
    pacmak1 for this)
    In Castle #4 there is an alcove in the second area with a midgate.  This part
    has been expanded for more power-ups, koopas and a dragon coin.  It no longer
    goes straight up, there are several paths you can take.
    The status screen just says M x 5 or L x 5 for lives instead of say.. Mario x 5
    in the SNES version.  (Note: I found this out before I even bought the game,
    but I gotta laugh knowing that it took me until v0.5 to actually put it in)
    The bottoms of pits in stages (including water levels) have a "shaded effect"
    at the bottom of the screen, probably to let you know that if you fall down it,
    you will die.. heh.
    The Yoshi gulp sound effects don't have the coin sound effect mixed in like it
    was in the SNES version.
    I'm not totally sure, but I think the GBA version of the brick smash sound
    effect is no longer in stereo, as it was in the SNES version.
    You get ALOT more time to beat the Final Bowser Castles, 800 seconds to be
    In various castles and ghost houses, there are platforms and level changes made
    to accompany the dragon coins, making them easier (or in some cases just make
    it POSSIBLE) to obtain.  Specifics are in this guide, however I don't yet have
    all of them.
    Fire Mario and Luigi have a skin tone change. Their skin appears more tan after
    they collect a Fire Flower, unlike in SMW where there is no change.  A good
    place to see this is Top Secret Area, if you switch between Cape and Fire
    power, you can see the change easier.
    When you collect all 5 Dragon Coins, in SMW the Dragon Coin count went away in
    the status bar.  On GBA, the counter stays at 5, showing you that you got all
    the Dragon Coins in that course.  This is most likely because the game now
    keeps track of which courses you have collected all the Dragon Coins in.
    Star World 3 now actually has 5 Dragon Coins, it didn't have any before.   To
    get the last 3 behind the gate (so I DON'T GET ANY MORE E-MAILS ABOUT THIS...)
    take the cloud, go behing the gate but from the TOP OF THE COURSE.  Don't just
    fly over the gate, that finishes the level.  Go up to where the key is and to
    the right, and go ALL THE WAY over.  Then drop down and snag the last 3 Dragon
    Coins.  Whew..
    When eating green apples (berries) there is a +20s point value that pops up.
    · Some "bugs" or cheats in the SNES version of SMW don't exist in the GBA
    version ·
    The 1-up rooms with the 3 Green "O" Blocks no longer trigger with a cape spin. 
    In the SNES SMW, it was possible to always get a 1-up by hitting the edge of
    the block with the edge of your cape.  Note: This actually does work, but not
    like in SMW.  You need to be RIGHT up on the damn thing, plus it's no longer
    One of the quick point earning tricks is now gone.  In SNES SMW, this trick
    allowed you to have Flower power on and a Cape in the box or vise versa, jump
    to where the box is onscreen and rapidly press select, earning 1000 points
    whenever you got the cape.  Now the cape does not give you points when it is
    dropped out of the item box.
    While on Yoshi, you can no longer spit keys out while the keyhole is opening to
    get that elongated spit out sound effect.
    The 1-up bug from Forest of Illusion 1 is now changed slightly.  In the SNES
    SMW, you could keep jumping on the koopa troopers and wigglers for 1-ups, but
    after a few 3-ups, the score/1-up sprite would turn into garbled pixels, giving
    you coins and massive points.  In SMA2, it actually works better for lives but
    almost null for score.  Since you can now get 5-ups at a clip instead of just
    3-up, you can get lots of lives much quicker than on SNES.  However,
    1-ups/2-ups/3-ups/5-ups don't give you points.  And I wanted to see that max
    score on this version... d'oh! ^_^
    A new weird bug/mode of getting points and lives.  Now, if you cape whack a
    shell with spin jumps ONLY in succession more than 8 times without letting it
    hit the ground, it will result in points then 1-ups.  I found this very
    strange, it works best in the "Gnarly" Special World course, since the wall
    goes all the way up and down, and they oh so conviniently give you a blue
    shelled koopa.  ^_^
    Not really a bug or a change but something I notcied:  (Rant mode on) The sound
    effects from SNES SMW that were in the original Super Mario Advance (you know,
    that crap known as Super Mario "2") are actually DIFFERENT than the ones in
    SMA2.  Weird, because upon replaying the original Super Mario Advance, the
    music and sound effects sound closer to thier SNES counterpart than SMA2 does
    tot he original SMW.  Possibly an issue with GBA's RAM, since it doesn't have a
    dedicated sound processor like SNES did.  Even so, I wished they hadn't messed
    with the sounds from the original SMA... (Rant mode off)
    · Credits/Contact Info ·
    ALL of the people who were cool enough to send me E-mail praising this guide. 
    It's because of you guys that I want to keep this thing going!
    Heh.. well.  Me. :)  I played through the game vigorously to find these
    My girlfriend Amanda.  Me being the nice guy I try to be, bought her a copy for
    Valentine's Day at the same time I got mine (thank you $22.99 at Best Buy!). 
    She also helped me point out various inconsistencies.
    My extensive experience with the original Super Mario World.  Even with finding
    the 999 Lives maximum, the game still only took 04h 05m to finish all 96 goals.
    My old E-Mail NO LONGER WORKS!  So don't use the old one that was in 0.4 or
    lower!  The following anti-spam e-mail is valid:
    (the original L five at comcast dot net)  Likewise you can instant message me
    on AIM (the original L5)
    my homepage is located at http://mike.now.nu (it has nothing to do with this
    FAQ so I doubt you would want to go hehe).
    I'm pretty sure I'm almost done, so I'm no longer accpeting contributions.  You
    can however, feel free to e-mail me about errors.
    Stuff I WILL respond to via e-mail:
    Praise :)  Additional changes I have missed, stuff I may have incorrect and any
    other constructive criticism.
    Stuff I WILL NOT respon to via e-mail:
    GAMEPLAY QUESTIONS!  I've gotten such an assload of e-mail and IMs regarding
    how to beat such and such level or find this or that secret exit!  The game is
    NOT hard.  It is NOT hard to find even all 96 goals.  And if you are having
    difficulty, there are many GREAT guides on SMW on GameFAQs and many many other
    places!  I don't want to be a dick about this, but I didn't imagine all the
    e-mail I would recieve, much less all the e-mail I've gotten regarding gameplay
    questions.  If you can click on my guide, you can also hit back and check the
    several other guides.  They are now COMPLETE, so there no excuse not to look at
    them.  These guys have worked plenty hard as well, so instead of looking at a
    guide that has NO gamplay strategy, look at one that does.  Until I do a guide
    (IF I do one that is), use theirs or another guide on SNES SMW.  Also being an
    idiot and flame mail will just get you blocked from my e-mail.  So it's a waste
    of your time.. hehe. :)
    I'll be reviewing the game on GameFAQs shortly, and if it gets posted, I'll
    note that here.
    · Copyright Info
    The whole thing is ©2002 The Original L5 (that's me!)
    This means:  NO PUBLISHING!  Yes that's right.  I don't want this guide
    published.  Online or not.  It's has nothing to do with playing the game in
    itself.  It's more like one of those special interest joints.  So don't try to
    ask me for written consent so you can publish it.  I've heard EGM frequents
    GameFAQs, so I'm just covering my ass. ^_^
    Speaking of which, I will NOT post this guide anywhere but GameFAQs and
    possibly my homepage, so if you find it anywhere else, tell that person they're
    If you "borrow" info from this FAQ, please note it.
    Don't edit it and put it out on your own.  Only complete retards do this.

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