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    Boss FAQ by Phediuk

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                              S U P E R    M A R I O    W O R L D :
                           S U P E R    M A R I O    A D V A N C E    2
                                     B O S S    F A Q
    T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T S
    Version History
    Legal Stuff
    P R E F A C E
    Yo, downstreet on the flipflop, timepants! Welcome to my second FAQ ever for 
    GameFAQs! This guide is to be used for the kicking of SMA2 boss butt. I hardly 
    think that you'd need help against them, but hey, someone may have a problem 
    with one of them somewhere in the world! Thus, I have come to aid thy troubles.
    Our fat protagonist, Mario, has many moves at his disposal. Now, for those who 
    are having difficulties against a specific boss, you may need to review these 
    maneuvers. Hence, that is why, before anything else, I shall list all of the 
    Super Mario Bros.' various attacks.
    Walk: Just press the D-pad left or right. Fairly useless, but that's why we 
    Run: Hold down the B button and press left or right on the D-pad. If Mario has 
    enough room, he will stick his arms out and break into a sprint after a few 
    seconds of running. Helpful, and necessary.
    Jump: Our lardass friend will make a graceful hop into the air with a single 
    tap of the A button (the longer you hold A, the higher he jumps.). If you hold 
    left or right on the D-pad and/or are running, you can do a Running Jump. 
    Fascinating, isn't it? NOTE: Due to being far thinner than Mario, the eternal 
    understudy, Luigi, can do a Running Jump that goes nearly twice as high as 
    Mario's. He also floats for twice as long as Mario, so use him for the tricky 
    platforming levels!
    This is Mario's basic weapon against his enemies.
    Spin Jump: Mario will turn into a whirling fortress with a click of the R 
    button. This will not send him as high as a regular jump, but it will let him 
    deflect off of any spiked enemies (SWEET!) and make any non-spiked enemies 
    disintegrate. Again, the longer you hold the R button, the higher our porky pal 
    spin jumps. NOTE: If you have a Fire Flower or a Cape Feather activated on 
    Mario when doing a spin jump, he will shoot fireballs in both directions and 
    whirl his cape around him, respectively.
    Throw Fireball: When Mario is Firey, he can toss deadly fireballs with a tap of 
    the B button. Sadly, you can't aim them very well (as they just bounce along 
    the ground), and many enemies are immune to them (BIG pain in the ass.)
    Cape Twirl: When Mario is Caped, he can spin his fabricated wonder around him 
    with but a flick of the B button. Pressing B rapidly will allow Mario to become 
    a spinning kamikaze, and even better, you can move him along the ground while 
    he does this! NICE! The downside is that an enemy must be right beside Mario to 
    be hit, but at least most enemies are vulnerable to it (actually, just about 
    every enemy except the invincible ones can be killed with it.)
    Grab: Walk up to a grabbable item while holding B, and Mario will grasp them 
    between his midget hands. You can pick up Koopa shells, P-Switches, 
    Mechakoopas, Grab Blocks (well, duh), keys, and even Goombas!
    Fly: First off, Mario must be Caped. If he is, then here's what to do: find a 
    flat piece of land, clear of obstacles, and break into a run. When Mario starts 
    sprinting and sticks his arms out, press and hold the A button. When Mario 
    reaches the apex of his jump, let go of A and immediately hold B. DO NOT LET GO 
    OF B WHILE FLYING. Mario should grab his cape and hold it like a parachute. 
    From here, you can... 
    Nose Dive: While flying, press in the direction that Mario is facing, and he 
    will tilt forward, zooming toward the ground. If you happen to hit any enemies 
    on your way down, they will die instantly, and if you hit the ground near a 
    bunch of enemies, the earthquake will shake them up and even kill them if they 
    can't be shaken up. (i.e. Koopas and Goomba will fall on their backs and be 
    stunned, but Shelless Koopas go down in one hit anyway, so they are killed.)
    Float: Hold in the opposite direction that Mario is facing, and he will tilt 
    backwards and slowly float to the ground, albeit while gaining a lot of 
    distance in the level.
    Body Slam: While Floating, if Mario hits an enemy, it will be killed and Mario 
    will zoom back up into the air, all the while speeding up, thus gaining more 
    Stay Airborne: If you just want good old-fashioned flying, get into the 
    'parachute' position, then do this: as soon as Mario begins to float down, tap 
    in the opposite direction he is facing, and Mario will bob up in the air. You 
    should be able to keep a steady altitude if you keep doing so. If you time your 
    bobs correctly, you can gain even more height!
    Use Spare Item: By pressing Select, and item that you have in your Spare Item 
    Box will fall to the ground, enabling Mario to use it. (VERY helpful.)
    Well, that's it. Now that we've done a nice little review of our maneuvers, 
    let's get on to Minibosses!
    M I N I B O S S E S
    R E Z N O R
    Locations: Vanilla Fortress, Forest Fortress, Chocolate Fortress, Valley 
    Yep, that's four locations that these guys appear in. And man, are they easy. 
    The arena is a flat platform, with four rotating platforms in the middle, with 
    a rhinoceros-type creature called a Reznor on each one. All you must do is hit 
    these platforms from below, thus making the Reznors fall into the lava. Their 
    only means of attacking are shooting fireballs, but fortunately, these 
    fireballs travel very slowly and are easily dodged.
    Once you knock two Reznors off their platforms, the bottom platform, the flat 
    one, will begin to crumble from the inside out. Quickly leap onto a vacant 
    Reznor platform, as you don't want our intrepid little plumber to die a firey 
    death, do you? From here, wait until your platform is lined up with another one 
    of the Reznors', and hit them. After knocking off the last Reznor, there will 
    be two seconds of nothing (don't die here, it sucks!), and the level will end.
    B I G    B O O
    Location: Donut Secret House
    If you take the secret exit out of this level (and if you don't know where that 
    is, check out one of the SMA2 Walkthroughs on GameFAQs), you are thrust into a 
    battle with the Head Cheese himself, the Big Boo. The battle is VERY simple and 
    VERY easy, but I'll tell you what to do anyway. The arena floor consists 
    entirely of Grab Blocks, which is your weapon against Big Boo. Simply grab a 
    block, and chuck it up towards Big Boo. It should hit him. Big Boo will then 
    turn transparent (during which time he is invincible), move to another part of 
    the arena, and reappear. The only obstacles that you have to avoid are his two 
    Boo Buddy cronies, which shouldn't even be a factor during the fight. Two more 
    hits will bring Big Boo down. You're rewarded with an entrance to the Star 
    Road. Fairly suitable, if you ask me.
    B O S S E S
    I G G Y    K O O P A
    Location: Iggy's Castle; Yoshi's Island
    Now, this battle is just a joke. I can end this fight in about 5 seconds, it's 
    that easy. Your arena is a tilting platform floating on a pit of bubbling lava. 
    Iggy is also on the platform, and his only attack is tossing out rolling balls 
    which are insanely easy to dodge. To defeat Iggy, you must knock him into the 
    lava. When the platform tilits in your specified direction, jump on Iggy's head 
    and he will be thrown backwards toward the lava. Repeat until he falls in, and 
    you win. Easy, easy, easy.
    M O R T O N    K O O P A    J R .
    Location: Morton's Castle; Donut Plains
    This battle is, believe it or not, even easier than the last one. The arena you 
    fight Morton in is a square room, and Morton will try to walk up the walls and 
    onto the ceiling, where he will attempt to stop you. What you must do is jump 
    on Morton's head three times. If you time your jumps right, you can kill him 
    before he even gets to the wall! If he does happen to get in a stomp, jump as 
    he hits the ground, otherwise Mario will be stunned for a second or two. Cream 
    this guy, and move on.
    L E M M Y    K O O P A
    Location: Lemmy's Castle; Vanilla Dome
    This battle is even easier than Morton! I didn't even know that was possible! 
    Your arena has a floor made entirely out of pipes, which vary in height. Lemmy 
    and two decoys will pop out of these pipes every now and then, and you must 
    jump on the real Lemmy's head three times to win. The 'decoys' look nothing 
    like the real Lemmy, so you should be able to easily distinguish him from the 
    other two. Your only obstacle is a Podoboo deflecting off the walls of the 
    arena, but it is easily avoided. This is just too easy.
    L U D W I G    V O N    K O O P A
    Location: Ludwig's Castle; Twin Bridges
    World 4 doesn't even have a name, but I always called it the Twin Bridges, 
    so...that's what I'm gonna call it! ^_^
    Ludwig is the easiest boss in the game, easier than Lemmy. This boss arena is 
    the only one that spans more than one screen, so that's cool and and all. What 
    you must do to defeat Ludwig is, surprise surprise, jump on his head three 
    times. Ludwig will stand in the corner of the arena, and spit fireballs at 
    Mario. These are easily (I'm using that word too much...) avoided with a single 
    jump. Simply give him a good bop on the head between fireball shots, and he 
    will be hurt. After he does his little 'inflate, deflate' animation, Ludwig 
    will withdraw into his shell and spin around the arena. The only way this 
    attack can hurt you is if, say, your extreme incompetence does not let you hit 
    the A button and the shell hits you from the side. Otherwise, you can just jump 
    over it when it zooms by. After a few seconds of spinning, Ludwig will jump 
    back to the corner and you'll start the process all over again. Two more hits, 
    and he's down for the count. We continue...
    R O Y    K O O P A
    Location: Roy's Castle; Forest of Illusion
    Now we get into the 'advanced' bosses; bosses that are just more difficult 
    incarnations of previous ones. This particular battle is exactly like the one 
    with Morton, except for one added catch: every so often, the walls will move 
    inward a bit. Henceforth, you must end the battle quickly, otherwise you'll end 
    up being a Mario pancake. That shouldn't be the main problem, however. The 
    problem with closing walls is that Roy will have an easy time reaching them, 
    equaling more stomps, and more trouble for you. Try to end the battle 
    W E N D Y    O .    K O O P A
    Location: Wendy's Castle; Chocolate Island
    This battle is quite similar to your brouhaha with Lemmy. There are a few 
    changes to make the battle a bit tougher (well, it oughtta be, considering how 
    easy the fight with Lemmy was.) The pipes are all of uniform height now, and 
    there are two Podoboos bouncing around the arena, as opposed to one. Also, 
    Wendy does not keep her head out of the pipes as long as Lemmy did. It's still 
    pretty easy, though. Since you're probably a lot more skilled than you were 
    when battling Lemmy, the new obstacles should seem fairly moot.
    L A R R Y    K O O P A
    Location: Larry's Castle; Valley of Bowser
    This is pretty much the same fight that you duked out with Iggy way back on 
    Yoshi's Island, with two more nuances: 1) three Podoboos jump up out of the 
    lava every now and then and 2) Larry does not slip back as far as Iggy did with 
    each hit. You should still have an easy time here, though. Can't you just smell 
    Bowser's Castle in the distance?
    B O W S E R
    Location: Front Door/Back Door; Valley of Bowser
    This is it, the final battle, the last confrontation with the Big Enchilada 
    himself, Bowser. He attacks in the safety of his Koopa Clown Car, in three 
    When the battle begins, Bowser will swoop up and down majestically in his car, 
    and after four swoops, he will pause, reach into his car and throw out two 
    Mechakoopas, attempting to kill Mario once and for all. Playing the side of 
    righteousness, you must bop these Mechakoopas on the head, pick them up, and 
    toss them onto Bowser's noggin. Not too difficult, I hope. Two hits will make 
    Bowser rethink his plans, and let his understudies do the work...
    Once Bowser flies off the screen in his car, Embers will fall from the sky onto 
    the arena floor, and take up every other space. Once the first Ember falls, get 
    right beside it, as this assures that none of the others will hit Mario. They 
    will eventually disappear, and Bowser will return for the second phase. Grab 
    the Super Mushroom that the princess tosses out (only if you need it, of 
    course) and Bowser will attack again. This time around, Bowser will fly higher 
    up, and he will follow Mario around. When Bowser pauses, move out of the way, 
    as he will flip the car over, and a gargantuan bowling ball will come rolling 
    in your direction. Spin jump over it. Bowser will then fly around for a bit 
    more, and release another bowling ball. Spin jump over that one as well. The 
    next time that Bowser pauses, he will toss out two Mechakoopas, and you have to 
    repeat what you did in phase one (hit Bowser on the head twice.) Since he flies 
    higher this time around, you may need to jump and toss the Mechakoopas, 
    otherwise they will just deflect off of the car. Oh, and in case you haven't 
    noticed by now, the propeller on the car IS deadly to touch, so stay away from 
    it. Two more hits, and Bowser will fly off of the screen again.
    Dodge the Embers that fall once more, and when Bowser returns, grab the Super 
    Mushroom that the princess tosses out (if necessary.) Things get tough with 
    phase three. The clown face will don an evil smile while Bowser bounces wildly 
    around the arena, attempting to crush Mario. When you need to pass under 
    Bowser, wait until he bounces then quickly dash underneath. After ten bounces 
    or so, Bowser will stop and toss out two Mechakoopas. Yes, you'll need to hit 
    him with these while he's bouncing. It's not as hard as it looks, and it's 
    much, much easier if you jump and THEN toss the Mechakoopas up. Two more hits, 
    and Bowser will be defeated! Woo hoo! Mario then rescues the princess! Awright!
    Now you can watch the credits (and listen to the sweet song that plays during 
    them) and when you return to the map screen, press Select to go to Status. You 
    can see how long it took you to rescue the princess! Not much of a reward, but 
    hey, at least it's something!
    V E R S I O N    H I S T O R Y
    Version 1.0
    Percent complete: 100%
    The guide is complete! (For now, I may update in the future...)
    L E G A L    S T U F F
    This guide is copyrighted 2002 Cameron Fediuk. If you wish to post this guide 
    on your website and/or for personal use, feel free to do so, as long as you 
    GIVE ME CREDIT FOR IT. Additionally, this guide may not be altered, reworded or 
    changed in anyway. Otherwise, do as you will.
    ~end of document~

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