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New packaging, same product......but is that a problem?02/13/02AllfatherKapit
The Cookie Monster Demands you buy this game. You do NOT mess with the Cookie Monster.02/25/02Andy787
Never played the original, so this is my first time through Super Mario World02/13/02cribbs542
An excellent port of the SNES classic!03/09/02Dane
A near perfect port of a near perfect game02/25/02fantasyfan
What a fun game by Nintendo!03/26/02georgedagreat
A decade later and it still holds up, although nothing much is different.02/17/02Hank
Is This Game as Good as It's Graphics?02/13/02james3000gore
Easily one of the best Mario games ever made...A MUST HAVE!!!03/04/02johnocoffo
Still has that classic Mario challenge.08/23/02Juub005
When the N64 generation came by, everyone thought Side-Scrollers would die, how wrong they were!01/04/03Kirby Freak101
Perfect Old School, Perfect Mario02/21/02MarioKartDriver
A perfect port of the greatest game ever!02/17/02Mr.Bond
If you like Super Mario World, this game is for you!01/17/02owens80
I believe with this game is part of Nintendo's perfect plan.02/08/02Paulos
Nintendo rehashes a classic.03/15/02Player Guy Forever
Super Mario World is back, and now it's all in the palm of your hand!02/26/02PsychoMaster2001
One of the greatest games of all time has been revived!02/16/02Ryan Rider
Not just best 2D Mario, best Mario ever!04/26/02RyuGB
More like Super Mario World Deluxe!01/06/02Sketch Tucker
I never thought I'd see the day the Gameboy got this good...02/16/02Solarian2001
SMW is a really great game.....Old School gamers, REJOICE!!!02/14/02T Roy
A Perfect Game That Sadly Had To Be Rated 9/10. It Should've Been Higher.10/05/10waluigi42
A classic made portable10/10/07wolverinefan

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