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Reviewed: 12/28/01 | Updated: 01/17/02

If you like Super Mario World, this game is for you!

Intro: This is a classic game redone almost perfectly.

Gameplay: The classic Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo is back again for your GameBoy Advance and it is a good translation. All the elements from the original are here since not one stage has been altered. As with most Mario games, the challenge is at times hard but never to overly difficult. The control system is done as well as can be done on a two-button system. The only problem that I have seen is Mario doesn't seem to move the same way as in Super Mario World. He seems to have gone back to the way he felt in the original Super Mario Brothers for the NES. It doesn't change the gameplay at all but it is a noticeable difference for those who have played SMW.

Story: Normal Mario storyline. Princess has been kidnapped and it's Mario's job to rescue her. The cool thing about this game is new intro that was put in. With most Mario games, you just accept the fact Princess was captured and you must rescue her. In the intro, it’s kind of explained what happened. A subtle change but nice. Also, is the inclusion of Luigi. For any stage you can use Luigi instead of Mario but its not Mario with green overalls since they gave Luigi his jumping and moving abilities from Super Mario 2 for the NES.

Graphics: Exact replica of the original Super Mario World. The characters are very big and colorful which is helpful with the dark screen of the GBA.

Sound: One of the major downfalls of the game is the sound. The original had very memorable sounds and music. This tries to replicate it but falls short and only comes up with bleeps and bloops that vaguely resemble the original.

Replayability: The one thing about this game is how many times you can go back and try to find more. With multiple exits for many of the stages you will keep coming back trying to find the hidden exits and new stages over and over again and if that gets to boring, you can always play through the whole game as Luigi, which is sure to add a new challenge.

Buy/Rent: Sure you can rent the game and maybe beat it over the weekend but you will only see about half the game. To fully experience the game you should definitely buy it!

Conclusion: Overall, this is a definite buy for anyone with a GBA. Playing this game brought back memories of days when I would spend hours after school trying to get all the exits. Other than the sound this is an excellent remake of the original game so what are you waiting for, go get this game!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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