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"More like Super Mario World Deluxe!"

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 is a new Mario game that includes Super Mario World (obviously) and the classic Mario Brothers, playable for one to four players.

If you own the first Super Mario Advance, you might remember the Mario Brothers game. There's no seeable difference between this version and the version from the one before. But to be fair, my thoughts on the game:

Mario Brothers is a simple game to play. To get rid of enemies you have to flip them on their backs and kick them off the platforms. It gets monotonous during a single-player game (unless you're going for the highest score and the latest Phase), but the multiplayer game will really get you moving. It gets exciting when you're trying to collect five coins before everyone else does.

The real attraction in this game, though, is Super Mario World. If you're familiar with the SNES original, you might enjoy this version. While there aren't many differences in the two, what IS different makes the game a bit more challenging, not to mention interesting!

What are the differences? It is a one-player game, so that's a slight drawback. You get to choose between Mario and Luigi. The two plumbers are different in quite a few ways. One of the more obvious differences is their jump height, speed, and stopping time. But as you play you will notice many more differences. You're able to save at any time in the game. Yoshi Coins and checkpoints are moved around and added in many of the stages, and it appears that collecting five Yoshi coins is an added challenge, not to mention completing all 96 clears. Finally, a few odds and ends are thrown in for added flavor, like voices for Mario Luigi, the Boos, and the Koopa kids, a checklist that shows what you've completed so far, and plenty of extra surprises.

What are some of the bad things about this game? Well, when compared to the SNES, the music lacks in comparable quality, though that might not be so noticeable. The controls can be a little confusing, and the screen size can be burdensome. And if you have the first Super Mario Advance, the reappearance of the Mario Brothers game is an upset.

Overall, this game is certainly one to own. There is a lot to do in Super Mario World, and you can take some time off playing Mario Brothers. And hey, a multiplayer game of Mario Brothers is always invigorating! If you haven't ever played Super Mario World and are fortunate enough to own a GBA, this game is a must buy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/06/02, Updated 01/06/02

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