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Reviewed: 02/08/02 | Updated: 02/08/02

I believe with this game is part of Nintendo's perfect plan.

What a game this is, this is just another example of Nintendo's greatness. I believe this game is part of Nintendo's perfect plan to promote their older style Super Mario Bros 1, 2, and 3 *including Super Mario World*, onto the newer versions such as Gameboy Color and Advance.

For Example, Super Mario Bros Deluxe for Gameboy Color, the old school Mario Bros, and Super Mario Advance 1, Super Mario Bros 2 with the classic arcade Mario game as well. Now Super Mario Advance 2, Super Mario World! What greatness! Expect greatness from this game, and do not forget there is still ONE MORE SUPER MARIO ADVANCE TO COME OUT!

To me, the Mario series is without a doubt THE greatest series of games I have ever played, experienced, loved, cherished, and enjoyed! No other type of game series even comes blasted close I must say according to my history!

In Super Mario Advance 2 you can play the old SNES popular Mario 2d platformer Super Mario World, which features Mario and Luigi in Dinosaur Land, they must save the Princesss, Yoshis everywhere, and the island from the Evil Koopa King Bowser, and his children. Can they do it??? They have once, and now they are going to do it again!

Graphics: 90%
Words: Because it is originally an SNES game, due to the Advance with its brightness and cool slightly updated graphics, I believe it helps strengthen the original Super Mario World look.

Sound: 100%
Words: SOME OF THE GREATEST MARIO TUNES ARE IN THIS GAME. The fact is, some people may say that the new and improved words that Mario and Luigi say are just bland, they are dead wrong. It adds more dialogue and interaction into the game which obviously, it quite grand.

Replay: 100%
Words: Know why the Replay is so high? TOO MUCH FUN TO STOP PLAYING! You just will not want to stop when you even finish or beat the game, you will just want to start over again and keep playing for some more Mario fun!

Gameplay: 90%
Words: The gameplay, to me, was great. Just plain great. Cannot improve on such a thing, ever.

Story: 50%
Words: We know the story... and it is quite good, even though we have heard it a trillion times.

Characters: 100%
Words: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Koopa Kids!! What more can you ask for?

Final Words: ANOTHER GRAND JOB BY NINTENDO. Just another grand job by Nintendo. They just keep getting better and better. Long live Nintendo and Long live Mario and his friends!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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