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"Is This Game as Good as It's Graphics?"

People asked me why I bought this game? You already have this game for your SNES, they say. True, but I can't take my SNES on the bus with me. I bought this game because it was great on my SNES. Why wouldn't I want something that will get rid of the boredom on those long bus rides home?

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 delivers exactly what I'm looking for. It's classic Mario. Mario and Co. decide to go on vacation. they venture to Dinosaur Land, where, of course, the Princess gets captured by Bowser and it's Mario's job to save her. while doing that, you'll also discover that dinosaur Land has a secret as well.

Graphics 10

What can I say? This visuals look exactly like my SNES. I had people gather around my Game Boy, mesmerized by the purty pictures.

Game Control 8

I have one major problem and if you have regular-sized hands, you will too. Sometimes, when jumping (using A) over a pit, you may hit the R button inadvertently, due to the small size of the GBA. This cause a major problem if your riding Yoshi because the R button is used to dismount from Yoshi. Look, I don't have freak hands. It's annoying. this thing need more buttons. Other than that, control is great, although I found flying a little more difficult than the original. It's easy to get Mario to do whatever you want. Which leads me to...

Game Design 7

You can pretty much get Mario to do anything you please, with the exception of making a great cup of coffee. For some reason though, they (Nintendo?) thought that the game needed to be easier. You can save anywhere in the game which defeats the purpose of being caught with one life left. You also save the amount of lives you had. This is pretty bad considering the fact that I had 35 lives when finished World 1. It's also incredibly easy to get extra lives in this game (please read the last sentence). another thing, in the old game, the only place you could get the coloured Yoshis was in the Star World. In this one, once you find them in the world, they pop-up all over the place. Getting a blue Yoshi (he's the one that flies) is incredibly easy. But the biggest complaint by far is the fact that when Mario is hit when his either has a fire flower or a feather, he stays the same size (large). In the old game, he went small if he was hit. With that not being in the new version, it's too easy. Why? Won't the game easy enough to beat without these ''gifts''? At least the amazing level design saves the game. The levels are filled with great challenges and plenty of enemies. Plus there's tons of them. Still, what is an incredible level if it's too easy?

Sound 5

I remember when they were showing the spec on the GBA. Music playing from it was supposed to sound good. The tunes coming from this cart sound horrible. They sound like they're being played through a two bit speaker. Oops. I'm not that far off.

Replay 8

I beat this game in less than an hour. From the time I opened the box, to the time I saw Mario, Luigi, Princess, and the Yoshis celebrating took me exactly 50 minutes. I only did a quarter of the levels but I found a route to the final boss and beat the game. There really no incentive for me to play on except for the levels that I would encounter throughout the game. It's fun but I know there's no purpose. Even the status screen tells me that the Princess is save. What's nice though is that collecting the dragon coins actually count for something. It's enough to keep me playing.

Satisfaction 9

I enjoyed this game despite it being short, easy, and having really bad sounds. The levels are great and fun. There's really isn't a boring part in this game.

Should you buy this game? Yes. Is it the best game out there for the GBA? No, not by a long shot. I still prefer Super Mario Advance more than this one. Relive the magic of the SNES and get this game. It's great fun even if it's too easy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/13/02, Updated 02/13/02

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