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"Never played the original, so this is my first time through Super Mario World"

Mario is back in this second installment on GameBoy Advance. Super Mario World was the first Mario game on Super Nintendo. Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of playing it. Not only does this game come with Super Mario World, but like Super Mario Advance, it comes with Classic Mario Bros.

Its Mario. It doesn't need a good story to be good, yet Shigeru threw in a decent one anyway.

Mario, Luigi, and Peach traveled to Yoshi's Island, where Bowser is causing havoc. Mario and Luigi fly for a bit, and then Peach is missing. You find Yoshi, who will be your partner throughout the entire game. He tells you about Bowser, and asks if you will help.

They did a real nice job of converting the game from SNES to GBA. R is used to Spin Jump, and Select is to use reserved items. B is speed up, and A is jump. L just brings up the map. The controls are perfect and flawless. They are responsive, as any Mario game. If you are planning on playing this game, play other Mario games first. A good suggestion is Super Mario Advance It will make your life so much easier. Riding Yoshi is great, and a major plus over any 2D Mario Game. You also get to use a Cape, which enables you to fly. For you hard core Luigi fans, you can switch between Mario and Luigi in between any level.

This is the kind of game you would kill for to play anywhere, and Nintendo has done just that. They managed to port one of the best Mario games and still keep it one of the best. The graphics are top of the line for GameBoy Advance, but if a good light source is not used, it can look a tad bit dark.

Remember all those koopalings that you fought in Super Mario Brothers 3 on the ships? They're back too! Along with them are the regular koopas, Boo's, Bob-ombs, and yep, you guessed it, Bowser. There are also 3 different colored Yoshis. Red, Blue, and Yellow. But when you first find these hidden fellows, they are not big enough to ride, so find some enemies, kill em, and feed them to Yoshi. Once they are grown up, you will encounter more of that color Yoshi.

Right now, the day it came out in stores, can be found around 25 dollars, about the same as a pair of pants. Would you rather have a pair of dull pants, or one of the best Mario games in existence.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/13/02, Updated 02/13/02

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