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"A perfect port of the greatest game ever!"

Hi folks, Mr.Bond here! I am going to review in what my opinion is the greatest game ever made: Super Mario World. I remember when I was a kid, I conquered this game on the Super NES. This is the longest Mario game ever, and the port is nearly perfect. I will also review Mario Bros. too.

Gameplay: Super Mario World: 10/10
Mario Bros : 9/10
The gameplay for both games is awesome. Super Mario World's gameplay was ported perfectly. I had low expectations because of the lack of buttons The SNES had, but it works nontheless. If there is any problem, it is the GBA. The D-Pad could be bigger, and the A and B buttons could be positioned better. Everything else is perfect though. Mario Bros' controls are good too, but when you dash, it's hard to knock off the enemies. Also, Nintendo could have added to the game. It's exactly the same as in Super Mario Advance.

Story: Super Mario World: 6/10
Mario Bros : 7/10

Super Mario World's story sucks. the only originality is the Yoshis being trapped by Bowser bit. Otherwise, the story is stale. Mario Bros, however, is the only original plot in the series(it was the first.)But, ridding turtles from the sewer?

Graphics: Super Mario World: 10/10
Mario Bros : 10/10
The graphics for both are superb. I love the colors! There is nothing wrong with both of the games. The Mode 7 FX are cool.

Sound: Super Mario World: 8/10
Mario Bros : 8/10
Super Mario World's sound is awesome. Why an 8? Because not all of it is awesome. Some of the sounds were not ported perfectly. Some are choppy. And some music is remixed. What?!?!? I used to love Vanilla Dome music. Now it sucks. Mario Bros sound is all right, but the music is repetitive.

Replay: Super Mario World: 10/10
Mario Bros : 9/10

Trust me, you WILL want to play Super Mario World again. The levels are so fun, and even if you have played it ten years ago, you still will want to revisit it. Mario Bros is almost the same. It is very addictive, but there is no end to the game! I play it a lot. But if you were sick of it on the original Super Mario Advance, you won't wanna play it.

Multiplayer: Super Mario World: N/A
Mario Bros : 10/10

Four players on one game pak? Cool!

Now it's time for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

The Good: A perfect port, and Mario Bros is cool.

The Bad: sound is a bit choppy, and Mario Bros. dosen't offer anything new.

The Ugly: playing as Luigi.

Uh oh, I'm acting like Nintendo with Super Mario 64! I forgot about Luigi! Probably because I never play as him. He has a good jump, but is really slow. And Yoshi just spits out shells instead of swallowing them with Mario. Oh, well.

Overall: Super Mario World: 10/10
Mario Bros : 7/10

Super Mario World is still awesome, but Mario Bros. is still the same.

Thank you ladies and germs, good day!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/17/02, Updated 02/17/02

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