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"A decade later and it still holds up, although nothing much is different."

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 is one of the best Game Boy Advance games to date. As the title says, it's a port of the SNES title Super Mario World, possibly the best Mario platformer ever made. It still has all 96 levels from the original SNES game, but now you can play as Luigi. The game also has the exact same Classic Mario Bros. Arcade from the original Super Mario Advance, which is a bit of drag. Overall, is the game worth the money, or is it best left on the shelf? Read on to find out.

Graphics: 9
Very little has changed in the game's graphics since 1991, but that isn't a bad thing at all. The only new thing in the graphics is the new intro, and it looks like something the SNES could handle. The game still looks colorful and just like the SNES game, but has been made to fit the Game Boy Advance's screen. The game doesn't contain any blind jumps, so the game has fit the screen well.

Sound: 9
It sounds good, but the Game Boy Advance's single speaker makes the game sound a bit worse than what the original had. The music has been dumbed down, but is instantly recognizable for veterans, and the sound effects are much the same. Nintendo took the voices from the original Super Mario Advance and put them in for Mario and Luigi. This time around, they don't become annoying because the voices aren't used as often as what you would hear in the original Super Mario Advance. This area is very good overall.

Control: 10
Simple. Nintendo has managed to take the controls of the SNES game and sandwich them for great control on the Game Boy Advance. The D-pad moves, A jumps, B lets you run, or if you're Fire Mario, it lets you shoot fireballs. L lets you scroll the screen in the direction you press the D-pad. R lets you perform the tornado jump. The control is tight and responsive.

Gameplay: 10
The game is over ten years old, but the gameplay still manages to hold up after all this time. It plays similar to Super Mario Bros. 3, but has more secrets and levels. It's the run and jump formula we all know and love. If you liked the original, or if you like platformers in particular, you'll enjoy this. The game also includes the exact same Classic Mario Bros. Arcade from the original Super Mario Advance. While it's fun for a while, you'd wish that the development team would have created a new game to pack in with Super Mario World. You can also hook up Super Mario Advance 2 with Super Mario Advance and play the Multi-Pak version of the game. Lots of fun.

Overall: 10
The game is one of the best out, even if it's a port of a ten year old game. The gameplay still holds up after all these years. However, if you have the SNES Super Mario World, you may want to skip out on this, unless you absolutely love the game and want to take it with you on road trips. If you never experienced the original like I have, you'll want to buy it on sight.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/17/02, Updated 02/17/02

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