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"What a fun game by Nintendo!"

Super Mario World was one of the launch games for the SNES and now it is one of the greatest Mario games ever. Super Mario World is created by Nintendo and is a combination of the Mario games on the Nintendo (Super Mario Brothers 1, 2 and 3) with a battery save. Super Mario World:Super Mario Advance 2 also includes Mario Brothers which I will review in this review of Super Mario World.

In Super Mario World you have other objectives besides to just save the princess. You have to find secret stages and get all 5 dragon coins in each stage. In Super Mario World you are introduced to a dinosaur called Yoshi. There are 4 different colors for Yoshi. They are Green, Red, Blue and Yellow. Each one has a specific power everytime they have a Koopa Shell in there mouth. For example when a Blue Yoshi has a Koopa shell the Blue Yoshi can fly.

In Super Mario World you have 3 different objects that change you. Mushrooms make you bigger, Fire Flowers makes you shoot fireballs and Feathers makes you fly. Each one is great and helpful. There are 7 castles in the Super Mario World which contains a boss. Lets get onto the review.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics in Super Mario World are spectacular! Mario and Luigi look different which is great. Each stage has a very good looking background and the world map looks great! Overall the graphics are super!

Sound 10/10

The music in Super Mario World is excellent. Its so great you will want to hear it with headphones. The sound in Super Mario World is great too. Its not annoying and its very enjoyable.

Control 10/10

The controls in Super Mario World aren’t bad. The Direction Pad is obviously supposed to move Mario or Luigi (depending on who you are using). The B button shoots fireballs and when you hold the B button you can run. A is jump and swim. The R button is the spin jump and to jump off Yoshi. On the world map the R button is used to switch between Luigi and Mario. The L button is supposed to move the screen more up, more down or more right. On the world map L is used to see the whole world. The controls are smooth and aren’t frustrating at all.

Challenge 8/10

Super Mario World has been made a bit easier but is still a tough challenge. It has been made easier by the fact that Luigi can “float” when he jumps. This makes stages with moving screens or large jumps a lot easier but like I said the challenge is still there. If you never played Super Mario World then it will take you a while but if you played Super Mario World before many times and know a lot of the secrets then it will not take you to long (maybe about a week at most).

Replay Value 7/10

The replay value isn’t too high because of the fact that once you beat it there really isn’t much to do except get all 5 dragon coins in each stage, find all hidden stages and obtain all the colored switches. When your done with those 3 objectives above you really have nothing else to do. But its always nice to start a new file and beat the game again when your going on vacation.

-Marvelous Graphics, Sound and Control
-Nintendo included everything that the SNES version had plus some new things (like Mario Brothers)

-Nintendo made it a bit easier
-Luigi floats when he jumps and makes the game easier (although some people may like this)

Buy Rent or Don’t Bother?

Super Mario World was one of the greatest games the SNES had. It is highly suggested that you buy this.

Overall 9/10

Super Mario World is an excellent game. I think you should get it as soon as possible.

Mini review of Mario Brothers

Mario Brothers is a great game which makes Super Mario Advance 2 even better. In Mario Brothers you have to knock enemies like a crab on there back and then hit them. There are chapters in Mario Brothers. Each chapter has 4 stages and each chapter gets harder everytime. The graphics of Mario Brothers is really good. The sound is great and the music is fun to hear. The control isn’t so bad since you only need B and A. It has a great challenge and is addicting. Overall Mario Brothers gets a 10/10.

Challenge- 10/10
Replay Value- 10/10
Overall- 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/20/02, Updated 03/26/02

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