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Reviewed: 02/21/02 | Updated: 02/21/02

Perfect Old School, Perfect Mario

Super Mario World was the best side-scroller on the Super NES and it's the same on the GBA! Seriously, Super Mario World is one of the greatest side-scrollers you'll find, on SNES and GBA. Sure it might be a rehash but it's a rehash of a good game, unlike Super Mario Advance. Everything from SMA is souped up in SMA2. With 96+ levels, tons of secrets, and multiplayer, it's definitely the best side-scroller you'll find on the GBA. Shall I explain below?

The graphics are no NES quality. The graphics are exactly the same as the old SNES game with different qualities and tweaks. The character designs are also the same as the Super NES game and is a lot clearer and better formed than Super Mario Advance. The level design is also a lot better than Advance 1. Mario Bros. 2 did get a bad reputation on character design and level layout. Super Mario World's graphics corrects everything from Super Mario Advance with everything tweaked up.

The gameplay is the most important part of the game and where Super Mario World shines. Everything from Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2 (Mario 3 is the best Mario game, Mario World can't possibly be better!) and raised the challenge and variety. You have 96 classic Mario action with secrets in every corner. You'll see sky, plains, underground and water levels with enemies and bosses along the way. You can also choose between Mario and Luigi, in which Luigi is exactly the same as in Mario Advance, a better (and exact jump as in Advance 1) jump than Mario which gives you two ways to play after you complete the game with one character. The bosses also give Mario and Luigi different strategies. You might be trying to throw Iggy off a moving platform or trying to defeat Wendy above many warp pipes. Each boss has a different strategy you must use to overcome them. There is a wide variety for enemies too. You got basic Koopas and Goomba-like enemies while you might also find the powerful Magikoopas or Sumo Brothers. Each enemy is unique and require different tactics to defeat. The world design is also large and varied. You'll find castles, fortresses, ghost houses even a Sunken Ship. Everything is large and varied. And then, you must go through the large and menacing Bowser's Castle. Bowser himself also presents a challenge. The game supports lots of secrets to exits and Star Roads, each boasting loads of levels more challenging the main levels. The game definitely has one of the best gameplay variety and challenge than any other game out there.

The sound is all from the SNES version. The only problem is that the sound had to be modified because of the GBA's tiny speaker. The sound is very nice and soothing, boasting a lot of cool tracks.

The replay value is through the roof, unlike Super Mario Advance. With 96 levels, lots of secret levels, secret exits, collecting Dragon Coins and Yoshi Coins and multiplayer, you'll be playing this game a long time after. You'll find a lot of replay value here and the game never gets old so it's fun to play over and over again.

Overall, definitely the best GBA side-scroller to date, up there with Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It boasts awesome gameplay, great graphics, digitized sound and tons and tons of replay value, it's a great game to pick up, even if you have played it. It has enough tweaks for you to buy it again.

Graphics- 9/10
Gameplay- 10/10
Sound- 9/10
Replay Value- 8/10
Overall- 10/10

Buy/Rent? Buy, buy, buy! It was the best Super NES side-scroller and is the same for GBA. You'll love it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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