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"A near perfect port of a near perfect game"

Super Mario Advance 2 is an old school classic gamers' wet dream come true. A port of one of the greatest SNES games ever, now to the gba. First I will address the complaints that I have (because there are a few, but not very noticable at all). First of all, the voice acting is horrendous. Why did they have to add pathetic voices to the characters. The sound is probably the weakest point in the game, it comes nowhere close to the perfection of Mario Brothers 1-3. Luigi, ack. Why did they have to add luigi to this game? He is dumb, why play through a game we all played years ago with a completely different character who feels completely different. He just jumps higher, and goes slower. If you could play as toad or peach too, now that would be a nice addition... but that would make it a totally different game. After all, it tries to stay as close to the original as possible, and it succeeds almost with flying colors. My only other gripe, quite a small one actually, but worth mentioning at least, is the title screen. Haha, your probably thinking Im nuts, but I would of much rather just start the game and have it go directly to SUPER MARIO WORLD then have to skip through a lame new intro, click on 'Single Player' and then choose my game... followed by loading my game. They should of just taken out the 'Super Mario Advance 2' part and left it as 'Super Mario World'. The carryover of the battle game is nice tho for those who don't have the first mario advance title. This is quite a bit of nitpicking to say the least. This game is just filled with perfection, the gameplay aspects cannot be matched. No other game can have this many levels, this much variety, this many secrets, and this much fun doing it all than Super Mario World can. The game is a brilliant conversion of a brilliant game. Buy it, now.

Graphics 9.5
I notice almost nothing different from the classic. It looks almost better actually since it is on a smaller system, the pixels seem more compressed. Excellent graphics, I honestly don't know how to improve upon them.

Sound 8.0
The weakest area of the game. The voice acting really sucks, and the music was never that great, but it seems even a tad bit worse on the GBA. Still, its mario. Come on now!

Gameplay 10
Ahh yes, the fabulous gameplay. Nothing can compare, or come even very close. The game succeeds marvelously in this area, and ports everything very true to the original.

Replay Value 9.5
They carried over the mario brothers battle for 2-player, and kept all of the original levels. Even added the ultra-lame luigi! Man, where will you ever find the time to not only play through all the levels, finding all the secrets, while getting all the dragon coins, but to do it with Luigi too?

*Note- Since I always add this at the bottom of my GBA reviews, I would like for you to know that if you are reading this review to judge if you should buy the game or not, then you are a disgrace. Just buy it already! NOW!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/25/02, Updated 02/25/02

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