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"An excellent port of the SNES classic!"

Okay, I'll admit that I originally wasn't too thrilled of playing an eleven year old game on a current system. The US Mario ''sequel'' had already been rehashed for the Gameboy Advance, and now another game that has been existing for over a decade has made its ''redebut.'' However, this rehash is very good... and it pains me to say that, let me tell you.

Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2, is quite possibly the best platformer on the system, with the exception of Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. The classic, secret-filled game of 1991 has reappeared, and in successfully upgraded form. If you've played the original Mario World to death, as I have, then do yourself a favor and play the game at its finest. If you're a, dare I say it, newbie to the world of Mario's, then be sure to play for the first time. You won't be disappointed.

I realize that many people do not want to spend thirty dollars of their hard-earned dough on a game that they've probably played repeatedly in the past. That's why I've decided to throw out the ''traditional'' gameFAQs review pattern, type up a list of ''pros'' and ''cons,'' summarizing the, well, pros and cons of playing the game as a Super Mario World veteran. Here goes.

(These might seem like minor additions to the game, but they really add up in the end.)

*--Being able to play as Luigi. Sure, he's wobbly, and he has that disturbing jump from the US version of Super Mario 2, but it's an addition nonetheless. If you become a diehard player of the game, then you'll want to unlock everything, and playing as Luigi is one of the unlockable features.

*--A map screen displaying the areas you've explored, as well as how many exits are available in each. Once you have cleared each one, it's displayed, with either an ''M'' or ''L,'' depending on the character selected. This is a handy feature for, once again, players that are heavy on exploration.

*--An upgraded soundtrack. Super Mario Advance also had one, although it wasn't nearly as good as this version. It has the same, catchy feel that the original Super NES version had, but it has extra, steady beats to the catchiness. Good stuff.

*--Cutscenes. Sure, they're corny, but they're fun.

*--Being able to save after every level.

*--This time around, at least the game wasn't marketed completely as a new game. Unlike Mario Advance, this actually has ''Super Mario'' in the title, implying that this is a slightly upgraded port. I guess the audience they're aiming towards is old enough to remember this one, or something.

*--It's portable!

(Yeah, there are some downsides to this game, as expected.)

*--This game is almost eleven years old, and no actual stages have been added. As jam packed as Mario World is, and as flexible as the game's engine is, you'd think a few extra stages would be added to the mix. This would be the perfect candidate for an ''extra'' Special World, of sorts.

*--That blasted Mario Bros. game, from Super Mario Advance, is here. I just... don't understand it. Did Nintendo think they would completely forget about Mario Advance's version, and treat this as a new game? Yeah, it's good, but we've ''been there, done that.'' Give us another Mario arcade game rehash. I'd even take a ''Wrecking Crew'' upgrade, at this point.

*--Those annoying voices!

I suppose my point is that, even though you've probably played this game insanely back in the day, this game is still worth picking up. Hey, would you rather spend $30 on this, or another licensed Nickelodien game?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/09/02, Updated 03/09/02

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