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"Not just best 2D Mario, best Mario ever!"

What better way to intro the review then relay the game story via the manual? none? Thought so.

''Vacation in Dinosaur Land''
Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach have traveled to Yoshi's Island in Dinosaur Land for a well deserved vacation. Shortly after arriving, however, Princess Toadstool disappears! Mario and Luigi search desperately for her, but to no avail. Finally, at the edge of the island, they
come across a mysterious egg. While they're taking a good, long look at the egg, it suddenly hatches and out pops a little dinosaur named Yoshi, who tells Mario and Luigi his sad tale. ''A group of turtles appeared here in Dinosaur Land and used magic to trap my friends inside eggs. Those turtles are really tough- they even trapped me when I came to help out my pals. Will you help me free my friends?'' Monstrous turtles? Surely, this is the work of Bowser, king of the koopas. He and his henchmen must be behind Peach's disappearance too! Now the Mario brothers must team up with Yoshi to free the princess and the other dinosaurs and start on a whole new adventure.

Gameplay:To start it off I want to clear a common misconception, namely many reviews state Mario World has 96 stages. The truth is the game has about 75 stages and the rest are alternate exits in some of the stages. Mario World is a side-scroller like so many games of it's time, although it offers so much more. For starters this installment of the Mario series introduced my favorite character in the Mario universe Yoshi.
This helpful dinosaur companion allows you to ride on him horseback style. He also has a really long tongue to grab items, which can be really useful to get some hard to reach items. Their is even some special colored Yoshis with different powers to be discovered. However, don't think Yoshi is the only one with special powers, since the Mario bros have different ways of powering up as well. My favorite has to be the cape which allows you to fly after a running start. Replay is high since you get a extra special bonus if you can beat all the stages, find all the alternate level exits, save the princess, and obtain the five dragon coins on each stage. To make the package even sweeter Nintendo included the Mario Bros Arcade game for both multi-player and single-player, and since it's the same game included on Super Mario Advance you can link up with players with that cartridge as well. In the end what really what makes Mario World so great is the gameplay is so finely honed in every facet gameplay, and ultimately you'll never tire of the experience.

Graphics:Graphically this port of the Super Nes classic is perfect. However, while the Super Nes did look good I doubt it really takes advantage of what GBA is capable of. Still the game is very good looking with bright colors, and well drawn sprites. Mario World was also one of the earliest games to employ the Mode-7 technique and rest assured it's still present.

Sound:Very upbeat, so much in fact I found myself humming it even after I turned the game off. Sound effects are appropriately cartoony, and fit the theme well. one change vs. the Super Nes version is the inclusion of much more character dialogue from Mario and Luigi.

Control:Flawless! Even though the control is slightly different then the Super Nes classic it's very easy to get a hang of. Just riding around on Yoshi has never been sweeter!

One of the biggest debates in gaming is whether Super Mario Bros 3 or Super Mario World represents the best in 2D gaming. Personally I subscribe to the latter, Mario World combines flawless level design, nearly limitless replay, and of course Yoshi, and is made even better on the GBA. Simply put Mario World is extremely addictive, and never gets old.

note: I would give this game a 9.5 but GameFaqs doesn't allow .5's, so I'll settle with a nine.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/26/02, Updated 04/26/02

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