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"Still has that classic Mario challenge."

This game came out way back in 1990 for the Super Nintendo, a system that would turn out to have tons of very memorable games in almost every genre. In fact, there were so many brilliant games that if this game wasn't a launch game, Mario could've been overlooked! But it certainly wasn't, and it deserved the spotlight. Is Super Mario World for everyone? Nowadays, with people playing the more mature games just to be cool, I can't say that about any game. But it certainly is for everyone else. :) What is notable about the GameBoy Advance version is that it is easier. But getting all of the dragon coins is still a huge challenge, but not getting all 96 goals. The 96 goals are easier with Luigi's ridiculous jump. Another new feature that especially helps Super Mario World as a Game Boy game is that you can save anywhere, instead of having to beat a ghost house, fortress, or a castle. But how is the game actually worth a buy? Read on.

Controls: Well, Nintendo decided not to put in X and Y buttons on GBA for some reason, so to scroll the camera, you have to use L and left or right on the control pad. That's unfortunate because now you have to face that direction, instead of being able to scroll while having Mario or Luigi look the other way. It's faster than scrolling on SNES, too. At least using R to spin jump isn't awkward. Overall, the controls are simple, as they should be, and comfortable.

Graphics: Average. I know GBA can do better than that, but this is a SNES port, so it's no big deal. Personally, I think they should have added more extras that would show the true power of GameBoy Advance.

Music: Good quality from a portable, but hearing music on SNES is better. The music is simply classic, especially the intro. I played it on a keyboard and my mom said what I was playing was nice :) It's not annoying like music from Pokemon.

Story: Same old. Basically, you have to save Princess Peach/Toadstool/whateverhernameis again, and you start at Yoshi's Island.

Gameplay: This is where Nintendo always shines. There are so many clever secret exits here that it'll take you quite a while to find them all, especially if you've never played the SNES version. I say especially because even I forgot the secret exits that I found a couple of months ago on GameBoy Advance, not SNES. Yoshi plays a major part in this game, and so do the different colored blocks that you find by finding exits to Switch Palaces. You also have the cape, the fireballs, Luigi's jump, and the shells. There's just tons of stuff to do in this game, and yes, it will last you a long time. SMW is just pure platform genius.

It's hard to find anything wrong with this game at all. If you want to play on the road, I suggest buying it for GBA. If you're going to play SMW at home a lot, I suggest getting the Super Nintendo version if you have a SNES for more of a challenge. If you already have it for SNES, get it for GBA anyway. I did. The most important thing is to make sure that you don't miss out on Super Mario World. 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/23/02, Updated 08/23/02

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