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"It's a blast from the past!"

Super Mario World is a game that completely took the simple graphics from the NES and really worked them. Super Mario World is possibly the best Mario game ever made, it is one of those classic games that will always be one of the best no matter how advanced technology gets. The gameplay in SMW is great, tremendous and absolutely fun! Guiding Mario around the many, many levels adds a feel of excitement, fun, and difficulty all at the same time. The game truly shines in the fact it came after SMB3. After SMB3 Nintendo really needed something to stand up to it so they pulled out SMW and boy did it sell. The storyline behind SMW is that Mario and Princess Peach have decided to take a vacation to Dinosaur Land so they can relax and enjoy the sites, but little do they know that Bowser and his Koopalings are trying are plotting to capture Princess Peach so they can lure Mario into their trap. This is usually what you expect out of a Mario game, but with the ''taking a trip'' part really is pretty innovative. The graphics for SMW are something amazing; they are perhaps the best graphics of their time! Mario looks awesome in this game having the great red shirt, blue overall combination instead of the multiple colors he had in the NES days. Super Mario World is definitely one of those games that you just want to pick up a play for hours on end and lives up to the name platformer.

The graphics in Super Mario World are something else; they are both great and smooth. During the time of the GBA the basis for graphics was pretty basic, boxed shape objects, platforms, ending markers, etc. but SMW changed that completely the different type of textures and enemy design really brings out the power of the GBA and the game cartridge itself. Many of the background environments don't even look like they are at the date of the GBA, they look much more advanced!! The backgrounds are very well done and detailed; they have oval, circle, cylinder, and diamond shapes in them. They are very nice to look at, and sometimes in certain parts of the game on certain levels the backgrounds seem to have an interaction with the level either being shiny or sparkling depending on the type of level you're at. This is both easy on the eyes and very fun to see while you're playing the game. The character models for SMW are totally upgraded from the NES days as well. Mario is in fact finally given the red shirt, blue overall combination as well as a good looking facial animation. The major upgrade in graphics for SMW was the fact that when you got a Fire Flower instead of Mario changing into a red/orange color only his overalls changed(From red and blue to white and red) and that looks really good in comparison to the NES days of changing color completely. The graphics for SMW are the best for their time and truly make the GBA work. Not only does Mario have a good character model, but Luigi has also been upgraded from the NES days Luigi now has a green shirt, purple overall combination. Besides that difference he also looks slightly different from Mario but not a lot different. Overall the graphics in SMW are something amazing and are very, very well done.

Super Mario World is all about gameplay that's what the basis for games is all about. The gameplay in SMW is very well done, although we've seen the basic type of style in previous Mario games this one is actually quite different and sort of adds twists to things. First of all, Mario is able to ride his long time friend and pal Yoshi! In almost every level, with the exceptions of Castles and Fortresses, you can find Yoshi. Yoshi is able to eat just about anything, also he is very fast and can walk across areas that Mario would usually not be able to reach by himself, while Yoshi isn't mandatory for anything he is certainly a BIG help. For example if you jump across a pit, but you know your not going to make it you can jump off of Yoshi and go flying into the air and forward at the same time to give you more leverage and most likely the chance to get back on the platform. While this doesn't help Yoshi, it sure does help you out and will help you if you can't quite cross the pits in the game. But aside from Yoshi there is a magnificent thing called items that Mario can use. Many of the items are from previous Mario games, but one that stands out above all of the rest is the Cape. The Cape allows Mario to beat any enemy by spinning and allows him to fly into the air once he has had a running start. This will add a unique, innovative greatness to the game AND it lets you access many different parts of the level that you once couldn't access without the Cape.

Yet again, aside from Yoshi and items there is just the plain fun of the gaming and its many platforming levels! Every level in the game requires you to jump from platform to platform in order to reach the final part of the level as well as many secrets to the game! The gameplay is very fun and keeps you hooked playing it for hours on end because of the addictive fun and excitement you get from trying to get from one part of the level to the other as well as trying to find the secrets and even trying to get to Bowser! Speaking of which, the bosses in this game are something else while you would expect bosses to be very annoying and no fun the bosses in this game are even better than the last. Instead of Doom ships the Koopalings have decided to rest on the ground in their own Castles, which they each have their own set of traps and puzzles. Overall SMW is has some of the best gameplay I've ever seen in a game it's fun, addictive, innovative, and just plain great all at the same time. This is the most important category of the game and it excels at it!

Sound and Music, sometimes this means the difference between always muting your TV or putting it as loud as you can. In this case you don't have to mute your TV! SMW has one of the best soundtracks I've ever seen in a game. The great thing about SMW is that it doesn't just have one or two tracks that are good and then the rest are average, almost all of the games music and sounds are catchy, fun, and add a bit of suspense in some of the levels. The music for all of the levels is very, very catchy and will have you humming the tunes without much thought. Even after you've stopped playing the game for a while you will still find yourself humming all of the familiar soundtracks found throughout the game. Another addition to the music is of course sound, the sound of bouncing on a Koopa Troopa or taking a Koopa shell and knocking out a long line of Koopa Troopa. If you ever bounce on a enemy multiple times in a row and get the 1-Up sound when you continuously get them you'll be making the sound over and over again because of the pure fun this game is with its music and sound. So overall the music and sound in this game is very well done will not have you muting your TV because the soundtrack is just so awesome!

One of the major points to a game is how it controls, if the controls are bad the game is going to be hard to control which means it's going to lower gameplay and without gameplay there is no game! Not to worry with Super Mario World, the controls in this game are very well done and really incorporate all of the buttons from the GBA. Running, walking, jumping, spinning, everything is so easy to do in this game and it is also very smooth. There isn't really a start up time to these moves so you don't have to time when you use them on an enemy. When you press a button to execute a move it automatically responds and gives you the effect of the move. Control is very good in this game because the GBA has such a unique design. There is never a point when the controls will mess you up so you get hit by something or lose a life. The controls always work and controlling Mario is such a breeze. Making him do the various moves, walking and running are the easiest things to make Mario do. Overall the controls for SMW are very well done and deserve a very high grade for them. The GBA controls really supports the functions for the game and it will just flow after a few minutes of playing.

The difficulty of a game would really determine whether it is a short game or long game. The difficulty in Super Mario World is average depend on how you look at it, most of the levels in SMW are easy or medium difficulty but there are some that are rather difficult and may have you trying multiple times before you get it right. Most of the bosses in this game are medium-hard difficulty because you have to go through a long Castle before you even actually arrive at a boss; this adds a lot more difficulty than just fighting the boss right there. Getting through the game can be a pain, and so can clearing the game by getting all of the goals. Getting every goal in the game can be very, very difficult because you don't have a goal checker to see what you have and haven't done. There are many times when you just want to end it there because you're missing just a few goals, but it is always fun to replay levels to find these though it is rather difficult. Other than goals, the special worlds or levels you keep you busy for a little while as well. Many of the special levels you find in this game are more on the difficult side and require you to use all of your skills. So overall the difficulty from this game ranges from easy-hard depending on the level your on and your skill level.

Replay Value, this is what it's all about, depending whether you want to play the game more or just stop after playing it one time through. This game luckily is not just a one time through game, but rather you can go through this game multiple times and not get bored while you're alone. Plus, the addition of the 2-Player mode you and a friend can sit down a run through the game together! This adds a ton of replay value right there the ability to have a friend play with in this kind of game is awesome because one of you can take one path and get stuff cleared while the other person can take another path to something cleared. This adds a lot more teamwork and replay because you'll want to try different ways to get through the game, by taking many different paths. So overall the replay value for SMW is actually pretty good and since there is a 2-Player mode you can always call up a friend to come play some SMW!

So overall it's determined that SMW is great graphically, gameplay wise, sound/music wise, controls are excellent, and the replay value is great! With all of this in mind it's pretty clear that SMW is surely a great game to buy and pick up so you can always have it there to play alone or with a friend! You'll spend a lot of time with this game playing it and having a great time so I suggest you pick up this game and always have it with you.

Final Score: 9.0

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/29/02, Updated 05/30/06

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