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"A Perfect Recreation of the SNES Classic!"

Nintendo sure loves rehashes. Super Mario Advance 2 is a slightly modified version of the SNES hit, Super Mario World. Everyone knows that the SNES was the golden age of gaming. So, if we're going to get a port/remake instead of an original game, atleast we all know it's going to be a good game. The previous Super Mario Advance game was a rehash of Super Mario Bros. 2. Many, like myself, were disappointed. Super Mario Bros. 2 was never really as good as the other Mario titles to begin with. So, this time around, Nintendo decided to move on over to the SNES section of Mario games. Although, it is the same game we all played to death, Nintendo gave the GBA version some tweaks and some cool extra features hoping to recreate a somewhat new experience.

Mario and friends decide to take a vacation and agreed upon a magical place called Dinosaur Land. Upon their arrival, they settle in and the Mario Brothers do a bit of exploring. Once they return to check on Peach, they find her missing. The Mario Brothers panic, but, it doesn't take them long enough to realize that Bowser must be up to his old tricks again. So, once again, it's up to Mario and Luigi to put end to Bowser and rescue the Princess.

It's the same outdated graphics as you remember. Although, Nintendo gave the game a splash of more colors, it's still basically the same. Also, the GBA itself has a slightly lower resolution than the SNES, so, that now creates less viewable area than the original had. But, that's not something to really worry about. Though, the graphics were the best during that time, they seem rather outdated by today standards. But, that's okay, the graphics do bring back that nostalgia. Overall, what you remembered in the original is what to expect in the GBA version.

If there's anything that suffers, it's the music. Some of the soundtracks in the game come out a little tinny, while some came out almost perfectly. It's a shame that the GBA couldn't produce those classic Mario tunes as well as the SNES version. I mean they still sound pretty close, but, what do you expect from such a tiny speaker. It's good to know that the music in the game still brings back the nostalgia. It's also worth noting that Mario and Luigi have been given some vocalizations when grabbing a power-up, death, etc. Some may find this annoying and repetitive, while others, like me, think they add character. Everything else regarding the music seems to be just fine.

The game is just as fun as the original. They even put an intro to the game where it explains to you the story behind the game. The game is very basic and that's why I like it so much. Its simplicity must be appreciated. The controls are perfect, too even for the GBA with its 4 buttons compared to the SNES and its 6 buttons. As you can see, nothing has been lost in the translation. The game has even got loads of special features such as a "Status Map" and the ability to play as an alternate character, Luigi, the complete Mario Bros. game, and much more. It really does make the game worth it. This game proves that great game design and fun factor is what really makes a game so fun. It's a fine-tuned version of an already superb game. You'll have a BLAST!
***Special Features***
~an intro has been added to the game to show you the story behind the game.
~the ability to play as your brother, Luigi, who has his own style of gameplay.
~a "Status Map" for you to use to see what levels have been completed and with who.
~"Dragon Coins" are now a requirement to fully complete the game.
~voices have been added for Mario, Luigi, and some of the bosses.
~and more.....

Thanks for the inclusion of the special features to the game, the game is not truly over once you defeat Bowser and rescue Peach. You'll have to go back and complete every level with all "Dragon Coins" collected in each and every level if you really want to fully complete the game. You can even go back and replay the levels with a different brother this time around just to see how different it is. If that's not enough, you can try out the Mario Bros. game and play with your friends for some competition. You just might even end up playing the game even more than the original. It's just one of those games that never die. Pure nostalgia!

In the end, the game turns out to be even better than the original SNES version and to be one of the best GBA games available. You'd be nuts not to buy this perfect recreation of one of the finest side-scrolling games ever made. With all of the extras in the game and extended replayability, you'll be hooked onto this one for awhile. Hopefully, one day Nintendo will release an original brand-new Mario title for the GameBoy Advance.

9 OUT OF 10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/29/03, Updated 12/30/04

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