"The SNES hit returns, becoming better then before."

The original Super Mario World game was released in 1991 for the SNES. It became a fan favorite and was remembered as a classic game. In 2002 Nintendo re-released this game on the GBA with a few tweaks and improvements to the game. The new GBA version of the game brings back all your favorite memories and adds new elements to the game that make it just as memorable as the first.

During a vacation to dinosaur land Mario and Luigi decide to go for a little journey on their capes through dinosaur land. Upon their return they discover that Princess Peach has mysteriously gone missing and Mario and Luigi set off to the rescue to defeat Bowser and his minions.

You start off on the world map and you have a selection of 3 levels. 2 of them are real levels and 1 of them is Yoshi's House which isn't a real level. Anyways before you start you can now choose between Mario or Luigi by pressing the R button. In the original version the single player only used Mario and the 2 Player had Mario for P1 and Luigi for P2. Now you do not choose between a 1 Player game or a 2 Player game. The 2 Bros. are now completely different. Mario remains the same as you may remember from the original SNES adventure, however Luigi has had some changes. Luigi will now do the following: jump higher and for longer, run slower, his Yoshi will not swallow enemies immediately so you can spit them back out to shoot them at other enemies, when he hits a block with many coins in it, instead of having to hit it numerous times to get them all they all spill out at one time and you have to go collect them. Luigi's fireballs also will bounce higher then Mario's and when he uses the cape he flies slower and soars higher in a button press. So now you can choose the Bro. you think would be best suited for the level at hand. These new features make the game alot more interesting. The game keeps all of its old levels and secrets and even has a menu and some other interesting secrets and features for you to find out on your own.

The game also comes with Super Mario Bros. Classic, which also came with the first Super Mario Advanced. This game has great nostalgia but it's effect will wear off after awhile. However the game is great with 1 or more other people where you can play co-operatively or competing against each other to grab the most coins as reward for defeating enemies. But the trick is once you defeat an enemy anyone can steal your prize coin that comes from one of the 2 tubes at the top of the level which you must try to get before they do. You can also throw your opponents into the garbage can to trap them in there. The only downside is that once they get out they will have a special item such as a super star or a shell and ect. or they may come out with nothing. But overall this is a great addition the the game.

The graphics have been updated to 32 Bit and look alot smoother then the SNES counterpart. However nothing really breath taking has been added so the game pretty much looks like how you remember it from the SNES. The game has vivid colorful graphics with nice backgrounds but Nintendo didn't really try to add anything to the graphics part of the game, but it isn't really a big deal.

The sound is now more powerful, especially when you use it with the gameboy player on the Gamecube. Compared to the SNES version the sound quality is better and they also added in more speech for Mario and Luigi so they will talk a bit when you get a power-up or beat a level. But don't worry because it's not enough to annoy you. All of the music is stays true to the original game and the sound will not disappoint you.

The game has a massive 96 levels for you to enjoy and there are so many secrets in the levels for you to figure out that it will take you awhile to figure them all out. And even after you beat all the levels there are still some surprises awaiting you. Definitely a game you will play for a long time and always return to play again. It even comes with the original Super Mario Bros. Classic that the other Mario's have, but it does wear off after awhile, but great fun with some friends.

Gameplay: 10
Graphics: 8
Sound: 8
Value: 10
Tilt: 10

Overall: 9.2
I can recommend this game to anyone who likes 2D Mario Platformers, great lasting fun that you won't regret buying. However if you already own the original on Super Nintendo then you will want to choose whether or not you want a portable updated version of the game. My only real complaint with the game is that Nintendo didn't add any new levels. All the original levels are here but they did add a helpful feature that you get after completing certain tasks. On the other hand the special reward you get for beating all the levels is still there and newcomers will find it rather amusing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/06/05

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