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    FAQ/Move List by psychochronic

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    Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic 
    (Brettdude in Gamefaqs)
    Anotehr form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: April 3, 2006
    Notes before reading this document:
    1) This document is NOT a tier list. This is a move list of 
    every character in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival for 
    Game Boy Advance so don't expect anything answered like 
    "Which character is top-tier?". If this is not the information 
    you are looking for, please close this text now.
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    created and is owned by me, Brett "Psychochronic" Navarro 
    (aka. "Brettdude" in Gamefaqs) of Shoryuken. Plagarizing is 
    a crime and is punishable by law.
    3) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
    set on "Times New Roman" on Regular setting, Size "10" 
    and the screen resolution set on 1024x768. Use the Find 
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    easy mobility. 
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Legend
    3) The Breakdown List (Akuma not written)
       *Each character having the following:
       ^Personal Information
       ^Stage Modification
       ^Command Normals
       ^Special Moves
       ^Super Combo
       ^Pros and Cons
       -E. Honda
       -T. Hawk
       -Dee Jay
       -Balrog (M. Bison)
       -Vega (Balrog)
       -M. Bison (Vega)
    4) Contact
    5) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - April 3, 2006:
    Compilated on April 3, 2006.
    U = Up
    UF = Up-Forward
    F = Forward
    DF = Down-Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down-Back
    B = Back
    UB = Back
    QCF = Quarter-Circle Forward
    QCB = Quarter-Circle Back
    HCF = Half-Circle Forward
    HCB = Half-Circle Backward
    360 = 360 Degree Motion
    720 = 720 Degree Motion
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    MP = Medium Punch 
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    MK = Medium Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    Game Boy Advance Controls:
    LP = B
    MP = Press B long
    HP = L
    LK = A
    MK = Press A long
    HK = R 
    The Breakdown List:
    1) Ryu:
    Continues his fighting style through seeking formidable 
    opponents to fight. That is his fight with himself, the 
    result being the challenges are never over.
    Birthday: 1964 July 21
    Height: 175cm
    Weight: 68kg
    BWH sizes: B110, W81, H85
    Blood type: O
    Birthplace: Japan
    Special Skill: Can sleep anywhere, Hitch hiking
    Likes: Youkan, Martial Arts
    Dislikes: Spiders
    Fighting Style: Ansatsuken
    Stage Modified? Yes:
    Ryu's stage is his background from 3S except it's a night
    theme instead of a daytime theme and there's no plants,
    bushes and birds.
    Command Normals:
    Thurst Strong: F + MP:
    An overhead that does 2 hits which is great to keep the
    opponent guessing and a good normal to start off for a
    Thrust Fierce: F + HP:
    An advancing move wher eRyu punches to the opponent.
    Very good speed, increases offensive and pressure game 
    and builds meter very good.
    Special Moves:
    Hadoken: QCF + P:
    The classic projectile which can be used to pressure the
    opponents and force them to jump or make a mistake.
    Shoryuken F, D, DF + P:
    Ryu's most recognized move as it's a punishable anti-air.
    Compared to Ken's, it's not capable of multiple hits just 
    like Tatsumaki Senpuu-Kyaku and it doesn't go at an arc
    that makes it easier to use as an anti-air but is great to do
    after a ground normal to bring the pain..
    Tatsumaki Senpuu-Kyaku: QCB + K (also in air):
    A multi-hit spin kick and great to use in combos. Compared
    to Ken's, it does a knockdown on the first hit.
    Shakunetsu Hadoken: HCF + P:
    A flaming version of the Hadoken, it can dizzy from great
    distances and knocks the opponent down at close range.
    Super Combo:
    Shinkuu Hadoken: QCFx2 + P:
    The only super projectile in the game, this super combines
    5 Hadokens into one for big damage. Great to eat out other
    projectiles and has invincibility on startup. Great for corner
    traps and pressure game and can also be used on wakeup.
    2) E. Honda:
    Diligent from the effort and disposition being the creed of 
    sumo's training. A possessor of a one-track mind that hates 
    to bend.
    Birthday: 1960 November 3
    Height: 185cm
    Weight: 137kg
    BWH sizes: B212, W180, H210
    Blood type: A
    Birthplace: Japan
    Likes: Bathing, Chanko Nabe (a kind of soup that sumo 
    wrestlers eat)
    Dislikes: Indecision
    Fighting Style: Sumo Wrestling
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same sumo stage seen in the past SFII games.
    Command Normals:
    Splash: D + MK (air only):
    Best crossup in the game and it has priority as it leads
    into some of his best damaging combos. Also great to
    use against opponents who have no wakeup moves or
    reversals with high-priority.
    Sweep: B/F + HK:
    A standing sweep that can take out opponents from a
    long distance on a standing level.
    Special Moves:
    Headbutt: Charge B then F + P:
    Honda rises off the ground and rushes towards with a
    Headbutt. Does good speed, nice damage and a good
    Hundred-Hand Slap: P rapidly:
    Honda slaps his hands at the opponent with fast speed.
    Can cause severe damage, great chip damage and can
    pressure an opponent good.
    Sumo Smash: Charge D then U + K:
    Honda does a vertical attack starting in his MK action
    and ending in his LK action. Great for overheads and
    going over projectiles. Can hit on the way up and on
    the way down.
    Ohicho Throw: HCB + P:
    A command grab similar to Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver
    as Honda throws the opponent down then sits on them
    inflicting major pain.
    Super Combo:
    Double Sumo Headbutt: Charge B, F, B then F + P:
    A combination of 2 Headbutts that can hit 4 times depending
    on the distance. Also great to fade out projectiles but if it
    doesn't knock the opponent down on the first Headbutt, the 
    opponent can simply do a reversal or anti-air right after.
    3) Blanka:
    With no memory of the time of his infancy, the jungle's 
    Mother Nature his mother, he fights as his means to live.
    Birthday: 1966 February 12
    Height: 192cm
    Weight: 98kg
    BWH sizes: B198, W120, H172
    Blood type: B
    Birthplace: Brazil
    Special Skill: Hunting, Electricity
    Likes: Tropical fruits, Pirarucu, his mom
    Dislikes: Army ants
    Fighting Style: Self-taught Savage fighting
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same jungle-village theme stage seen in the past
    SFII games.
    Command Normals:
    Headbutt: F + MP:
    Blanka does a Headbutt which is great for last second 
    combos when a charge move is of no avail. Goes very
    qucik and does decent damage.
    Slide: DF + HP:
    Blanka does a slide move that can go under various
    projectiles, is extremely safe and is great for footsie
    and ground game.
    Forward Hop: F + Kx2:
    An advancing hop that can go across the screen in a 
    matter of seconds. Great for meter buildup and offense 
    Backward Hop: B + Kx2:
    A backward hop for defensive purposes and can charge
    his meter fast.
    Special Moves:
    Electricity: P rapidly:
    Blanka's body gets surrounded in electricity as it shocks
    the opponent when hit. Great for anti-airs and good to be
    used in a combo at any time.
    Rolling Attack: Charge B then F + P:
    Basic rushing attack that has two uses; One is done in a
    combo and the other for positional purposes. The move
    can do full screen and next to an opponent within a
    matter of seconds.
    Vertical Rolling Attack: Charge D then U + K:
    Same thing as Rolling Attack but goes in a vertical motion.
    The move can go to the top of the screen of aerial attack
    Backstep Rolling Attack: Charge B then F + K:
    Does an HK which hops back than does a hop version
    of Rolling Attack. Good for going over projectiles and
    throws setups but unsafe if blocked.
    Super Combo:
    Ground Shave Rolling: Charge B, F, B then F + P:
    A combination of 5 Rolling Attacks into one, has some
    invincibility on startup and can go through projectiles
    if timed right. It can also be held and buffered.
    4) Guile:
    M. Bison killed his comrade-in-arms Charlie. That memento 
    he grasps, his battle for revenge has begun...
    Birthday: 1960 December 23
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 86kg
    BWH sizes: B125, W83, H89
    Blood type: O
    Birthplace: U.S.A.
    Special Skill: ?
    Likes: American Coffee
    Dislikes: Being forced to eat Natto (fermented Soy Beans) 
    while in Japan, Healthy Food
    Fighting Style: Special Force Techniques
    Stage Modified? Yes:
    Guile's stage is a setting on a helipad of some sort with 
    an ocean in the background and fighter jets flying close 
    to the stage.
    Command Normals:
    Reverse Spin Kick: B/F + HK (close):
    Guile does an upside-down kick up close which can
    hover over low attacks. A very slow move to serve
    as a primary attack against opponents who have quick 
    reaction time. Only good to use to catch opponents
    off guard.
    Knee Bazooka: B/F + MK:
    Good for mobility and can move forward while having
    his charge stored. It has a big recovery period so avoid
    it using as a conventional hit.
    Knee Bazooka: B/F + LK:
    Same as his CE/HF/NC/O description, just a new command
    for it now.
    Sobat: B/F + MK:
    Guile's MK in the past versions allow it to be controllable
    to move extremely fast both forward and back.
    Special Moves:
    Sonic Boom: Charge B then F + P:
    The quickest recovery of all projectiles and used to keep
    opponents away, sets up for throws, forces opponents 
    to jump and control the distance between Guile and the
    opponent. This move probably revolves around Guile's
    gameplan which forces opponents to commit errors and
    learn from their mistakes.
    Somersault Kick: Charge D then U + K:
    One of the best anti-airs in the game which results in
    the opponent to get automatically knocked down. Can 
    be done to finish a combo after a crouching poke and
    can bring out the damage.
    Super Combo:
    Double Somersault Kick: Charge DB, DF, DB then UF + K:
    Guile does 2 Flash Kicks one at a time which does at
    most 6 hits. Great for an anti-air but unsafe if blocked
    or missed, leacing Guile open to be attacked right after.
    5) Ken:
    Having lived a life of loving and indulgent living, a burning 
    spirit of a fighting style commanded him. Ryu's worthy 
    Birthday: 1965 February 14
    Height: 175cm
    Weight: 72kg
    BWH sizes: B110, W82, H86
    Blood type: B
    Birthplace: U.S.A.
    Hobby:  Driving
    Special Skill: Cooking (Pasta's)
    Likes: Skateboarding, Pasta's
    Dislikes: Umeboshi, Soap Opera's
    Fighting Style: Ansatsuken
    Stage Modified? Yes:
    Ken's stage is set on a neighborhood under a bridge with
    a giant billboard on the left showing a saxophone and what
    looks like a young drawing of Martin Luther King Jr. and 
    Rosa Parks.
    Command Normals:
    Special Moves:
    Hadoken: QCF + P:
    The classic projectile which can be used to pressure the
    opponents and force them to jump or make a mistake.
    Shoryuken: F, D, DF + P:
    Ken's most recognized move as it's a punishable anti-air.
    It's capable of multiple hits just like Tatsumaki Senpuu-
    Kyaku and it goes at an arc that makes it easier to use
    as an anti-air.
    Tatsumaki Senpuu-Kyaku: QCB + K (also in air):
    A multi-hit spin kick and great to use in combos. Compared
    to Ryu's, it doesn't knockdown on the first hit as it'll do
    3+ hits.
    Overhead Kick: QCF + K (hold for second overhead kick):
    Ken has 3 different types of kicks that can punish crouchers 
    and can play a good pressure game. Some of these kicks can 
    also knockdown too.
    Super Combo:
    Shoryureppa: QCFx2 + P:
    Ken does an MP Shoryuken followed by an HP Shoryuken
    that has good anti-air and good priority. Also good to do
    after a combo and has invincibility on startup.
    6) Chun-Li:
    A woman in the narcotics investigations division whose father 
    was murdered by someone. The gleam in her eyes pursuing the 
    Birthday: 1968 March 1
    Height: 169cm
    Weight: Unknown
    BWH sizes: B84, W59, H89
    Blood type: A
    Birthplace: China
    Special Skill: Shooting (ranked 6th in an international contest)
    Likes: Fruits, European treats
    Dislikes: Crime, people who aren't clear of themselves, M. Bison
    Fighting Style: Taichi
    Stage Modified? Yes:
    Chun-Li's stage is as similar as her SFA2 stage.
    Command Normals:
    Heel Stomp: D + MK (air only):
    A unique move that results in a double-jump in the game
    off the opponents head. Very abusable and has potential
    for some interesting setups.
    Backflip Kick: DF + MK:
    Where Chun-Li does a vertical backflip kick to her opponent. 
    Hits twice on block and is great for combos where a charge 
    move is not needed.
    Knee Flip Kick: DF + HK:
    An overhead to which Chun-Li flips to her and hits on the 
    other side. Great for crossups, going over projectiles and 
    on their wakeups. Great for guessing games.
    Special Moves:
    Hyakuretsu Kyaku: K rapidly:
    The classic kicks that's great for chip damage and surprise
    Spinning Bird Kick: Charge D then U + K:
    Great for going over projectiles if timed right but it's her only
    reversal in her ST version. Also great from escaping from
    tough spots.
    Kikoken: Charge B then F + P:
    Chun-Li's new fireball that's more faster and more powerful but
    fading near full-screen.
    Whirlwind Kick: Charge D then U + K:
    A series of spinning kicks and one of the best wakeups in the
    game. A very effective move and a passable anti-air.
    Super Combo:
    Senretsukyaku: Charge B, F, B then F + K:
    A series of dashing kicks and ending with a Hyakuretsu Kyaku.
    Can pass by projectiles if timed right and can do a Whirlwind
    Kick right after.
    7) Zangief:
    The burning thought in the homeland, fighting is his drive. 
    From the outer appearance the supposition wouldn't be that 
    he's a kindhearted man.
    Birthday: 1956 June 1
    Height: 214cm
    Weight: 121kg
    BWH sizes: B172, W133, H154
    Blood type: A
    Birthplace: Russia
    Special Skill: Drinking Vodka in one gulp, enduring the cold
    Likes: Wrestling, Kosacs dance
    Dislikes: Projectiles ("Hadoken, Sonic Boom, Yoga Fire, Tiger 
    Shot" listed specifically in SFII),  young beautiful women
    Fighting Style: Wrestling
    Stage Modified? Slightly:
    Just like the power plant stage seen in the past SFII games,
    the elevator where the people in the backgorund is still there,
    the other parts are a stairway on the right side and big drain
    pipes on both the left and right sides of the background.
    Command Normals:
    Headbutt: U + MP/HP (straight jump only):
    A strong move to which it can automatically stun on hit. 
    Body Press: D + HP (only in air):
    A crossup normal that forces the opponent to block standing
    which can lead to a throw setup.
    Double Knee Press: D + LK/MK (only in air):
    A command normal that's good for tick-pokes from the air
    which can lead to a throw setup.
    Hopping Headbutt: B/F + HP:
    Just like the Headbutt command listed above, this version
    hops a bit forward on ground. Great for throw setups.
    Special Moves:
    Spinning Lariat: P/Kx2:
    This move is good to get in close while protecting yourself or
    for a projectile to easily pass through and to move forwards or 
    backwards and the K version does a faster but shorter version 
    to which Zangief can't be swept out of it.
    Spinning Pile Driver: 360 + P:
    Zangief grabs the opponent and spins them around in the air
    in a Pile Driver position. Does a lot of damage and has a lot of
    range too.
    Flying Powerbomb: 360 + K (correct distance):
    Zangief catches the opponent then jumps while grabbing and
    does a Powerbomb. It can throw most people off but it's very
    easy to avoid leaving Zangief open while still in his grabbing
    Double German Suplex: 360 + K (close only):
    Zangief does one German Suplex then does another while jumping.
    Not having much range like Spinning Pile Driver, it has less startup
    time and it doesn't need to be whiffed making it good as a tick-throw. 
    Banishing Punch: F, DF, D + P:
    Zangief does a flaming-like fist that can fade out projectiles and
    gives him an attempt to real closer to the opponent. 
    Super Combo:
    Final Atomic Buster: 720 + P:
    Zangief does a Double German Suplex then finishes it off with a
    Spinning Pile Driver. Very good for tick-throws, can do excellent
    damage and has good range. 
    8) Dhalsim:
    For the sake of his young son, the yoga master entrusts his 
    body to street fight. Has a kind heart.
    Birthday: 1952 November 22
    Height: 176cm
    Weight: 48kg
    BWH sizes: B107, W46, H65
    Blood type: O
    Birthplace: India
    Special Skill: Studying Yoga, emptying one self, peaching, 
    Likes: Curry, Meditation
    Dislikes: Sweet Food, Meat
    Fighting Style: Yoga
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same shrine stage seen in the past SFII games.
    Command Normals:
    Spear: D + HP (only in air):
    Dhalsim swirls his body and rushes towards the opponent head 
    first. Great for aerial and offense game.
    Drill: D + K (only in air):
    Dhalsim swirls his body and rushes towards the opponent feet
    first. Great for aerial and offense game and enables him to land
    quicker compared to his Spear. Dhalsim has a total of three more 
    Drills in his arsenal which varies upon button pressed which 
    measures his range.
    Special Moves:
    Yoga Fire: QCF + P:
    Fairly standard projectile on where he spits a small ball of fire 
    from his mouth.
    Yoga Flame: HCF + P:
    A stalled bigger version of Yoga Fire and great for wakeups
    and corner traps. Good for maximum and block damage.
    Toga Teleport: F, D, DF / B, D, DB + P/Kx2:
    An ability to make Dhalsim teleport from various locations
    in the stage. Even though it's somewhat slow, it's great to
    get out of corners and traps and but slow recovery as he
    can become vulnerable to attacks.
    Yoga Blast: QCF + K:
    A vertical version of Yoga Flame. Very good for anti-airs
    and has quick recovery time as it goes away extremely
    fast. Good to build meter when the opponent is knocked
    Super Combo:
    Yoga Inferno: QCFx2 + P:
    A combination of 5 Yoga Flames and is good for anti-air,
    chip damage and on opponents wakeups. Also very hard
    to do in a combo but good to do it in situational purposes.  
    9) T. Hawk:
    Owing to Shadoloo the tribe's survival at the sacred grounds 
    was ended. From that time his fight began.
    Birthday: 1959 July 21
    Height: 230cm
    Weight: 162kg
    BWH sizes: B114, W98, H112
    Blood type: O
    Birthplace: Mexico
    Likes: Hair accessories, animals
    Dislikes: Lies
    Fighting Style: Thunder Foot martial arts
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same village stage seen in the past SFII games.
    Command Normals:
    Heavy Body Press: D + HP (only in air):
    Another good crossup in the game which is great for starting
    off combos which can force the opponent to block standing
    then land a Storm Hammer (which is very hard to do).
    Special Moves:
    Storm Hammer: 360 + P:
    The most powerful command grab in the game that's not a 
    super, it can be used to punish whiffed moves and tick-throw
    after some blocked normals. The range here is not as good as
    Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver, but there is no whiff animation
    which makes it safe if done far away. 
    Thunderstrike: F, D, DF + P:
    His best anti-air move as it has decent priority and can be used
    as a wakeup reversal. The MP and HP versions will go higher
    leaving Hawk open if blocked and that only the second hit will
    The Hawk: Px2 (only in air):
    Hawk does his Heavy Body Press in a diving formation. Very
    good for Storm Hammer attempts and can punish projectiles or
    slow attacks that have longer delay.
    Super Combo:
    Double Typhoon: 720 + P:
    Hawk is invincible in the startup of this move as he does 2 Storm
    Hammers for big damage. It will grab a lot of reversal and anti-air
    moves if time right too.
    10) Cammy:
    With no memory from three years on, the English information 
    bureau's specially crafted member. Does she approach the 
    Birthday: 1974 January 6
    Height: 164cm
    Weight: 46kg
    BWH sizes: B86, W57, H88
    Blood type: B
    Birthplace: ?
    Hobby: ?
    Special Skill: ?
    Likes: Cats
    Dislikes: Anything when she's pissed off
    Fighting Style: Shadowloo elite special force techniques
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same castle-bridge stage seen in the past SFII 
    games. Lake, mountains, mansion, birds and the northern 
    lights are all there too.
    Command Normals:
    Special Moves:
    Spin Knuckle: HCF + P:
    Cammy spins towards the opponent and nails her HP in
    the end. It has several frames of invincibility on startup
    enabling her to pass through certain attack and projectiles 
    with ease. 
    Cannon Drill: QCF + K:
    Cammy assumes in a drill form and advances towards the
    opponent, hitting them on crouch. Great for mixup, footsie,
    confusion and ground game, although unsafe if blocked.
    Cannon Spike: F, D, DF + K:
    Cammy's anti-air as she launches herself in the air, leg first.
    Totally unsafe if blocked as she bounces back down ready
    to get hit. Great for combos and clse attempts as the LK
    version arches horizontal instead of vertical.
    Hooligan Combo: HCF, UF + P:
    Cammy flips over going towards her opponent. If no buttons
    are pressed, she'll do a simple slide which will knockdown if
    it connects. The jump makes her overy open in the air if
    no buttons are pressed.
    -Hooligan Throw (during Hooligan Combo): K:
    When Cammy is in the upward-trajectory of her flip, she'll do
    a frankensteiner that'll throw the opponent to the opposite
    direction. When Cammy is in the downward-trajectory of her
    flip, she'll do a rolling throw by slamming her opponent with
    a stomp.
    -Hooligan Cancel (during Hooligan Combo): K:
    By pressing any K before she lands on her downward part
    of the Hooligan Combo, Cammy will cancel out of the roll
    and land on her feet with a good recovery, ready to strike
    in front of the opponent.
    Super Combo:
    Spin Drive Smasher: QCFx2 + K:
    Cammy does a multi-hit Cannon Drill and ending with a multi-
    hit Cannon Spike in the end. Unlike Cannon Spike, Cammy
    will not bounce if it's blocked yet it still leaves Cammy open
    to get hit. This move has invulnerability to go through some
    projectiles, normals, specials and even some supers. 
    11) Fei-Long:
    A star in the school of kung fu. For the sake of polishing 
    his kung fu performance ability, he aims at the strongest 
    of fighting schools.
    Birthday: 1969 April 23
    Height: 172cm
    Weight: 60kg
    BWH sizes: B108, W76, H80
    Blood type: O
    Birthplace: Hong Kong
    Special Skill: Using Knunchucks
    Likes: Kung-Fu, self-assertion
    Dislikes: Helpless, Indifference, Non-excitement
    Fighting Style: Hitenryu Kung-Fu
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same dojo stage seen in the past SFII games.
    The animals in the background are still there too.
    Command Normals:
    Forward Hop: B/F + MK:
    Fei does a quick overhead kick which can simply catch
    opponents off guard, even crouchers. By holding F, Fei
    dashes forward a bit slightly. 
    Roundhouse Hop: F + HK:
    Fei advances forward as he does a 2-hit kick. Covers a
    good set of distance, great to build meter but comes 
    out a bit slow and can be punished before it actually
    hits if done from far distances.
    Special Moves:
    Rekka Ken: QCF + P (repeat up to 3 times):
    Fei thrusts fowards as he extends his fist. It can hit 3 times
    and it's great for combos but some can hit in succession
    and some can miss so timing is crucial. The 3rd Rekka is 
    unsafe if blocked, leaving Fei in an open position to get
    Rising Dragon Kick: B, D, DB + K:
    Fei does the vertical splits as he jumps and spins around
    with his upper leg on fire. Fei's anti-air and the HK version
    hits twice. Good for combos as it's more reliable and less
    hassle than the Rekka Kens. If the HK version hits too 
    far away, the second hit will whiff and will not knock the 
    opponent down. 
    Dragon Arc Kick: HCF, UF + K:
    Fei does a punishing style kick that can go near full-screen.
    This move can be easily buffered if done up close, leaving 
    a very small chance for the opponent to hit Fei from it. It
    also has a long amount of recovery time aftter landing.
    Also good to hop over projectiles and land big combos
    and juggles.
    Super Combo:
    Rekka Shin Ken: QCFx2 + P:
    Fei does 5 Rekka Kens. This move puts Fei in a vulnerable
    position if it whiffs but he's completely safe if blocked and it's
    invulnerable for most of the move. Great for surprise game
    and wakeups and a Dragon Arc Kick can be done after the
    final hit of the Rekka is finished.
    12) Dee Jay:
    Striving to revive the natural rhythm of a pro musician, 
    he advances in the path of the kickboxer.
    Birthday: 1965 October 31
    Height: 184cm
    Weight: 92kg
    BWH sizes: B130, W89, H94
    Blood type: AB
    Birthplace: Jamaica
    Special Skill: Dancing, Singing
    Likes: Shouting, Singing, Dancing
    Dislikes: Maturity
    Fighting Style: Kickboxing
    Stage Modified? Slightly:
    Still the same beach stage except not many dancers in the
    middle of the background.
    Command Normals:
    Knee Shot: D + LK (only in air):
    An alternative jumping LK which has strange properties and
    has crossup potential.
    Special Moves:
    Max Out: Charge B then F + P: 
    A fast projectile released but has a longer release time though.
    The projectile size is long, which makes jumping over very hard.
    Good for pressure game at full-screen.
    Hyper Fist: Charge D then U + P then P rapidly:
    Dee Jay does a rapid fist attack that does a lot of hits when
    done up close. 
    Double Dread Kick: Charge B then F + K:
    Dee Jay does swing kicks depending on which K you press.
    Great for combos and can advance towards the opponent
    which increases his rushdown.
    Maximum Jacknife: Charge D then U + K:
    A good anti-air attack similar to Chun-Li's Whirlwind Kick.
    Great to use for wakeups and reversal and has high priority.
    Super Combo: 
    Dread Carnival: Charge B, F, B then F + K:
    It has invincibility on startup as it can pass through projectiles
    and does 4 hits as he does 2 Double Dread Kicks. Once done,
    a Maximum Jacknife can be done after to juggle for 2 more hits.
    Great for footsies, especially if the opponent flinches by doing
    a normal or special attack.
    13) Balrog (M. Bison):
    The enlivened man's back is turned back to the height of 
    the glamorous stage, in some respects the title is loneliness.
    Birthday: 1968 September 4
    Height: 198cm
    Weight: 102kg
    BWH sizes: B120, W86, H100
    Blood type: A
    Birthplace: America
    Special Skill: Gambling
    Likes: Women, Beer
    Dislikes: Fish, Hard work, Math
    Fighting Style: Boxing
    Stage Modified? Slightly:
    Still has the "LAS VEGAS" carpet on the floor like in the past
    SFII games but has neon signs on the opposite ends of the
    background, not much people cheering and a neon woman
    shaped as a bunny seen from his SFA3 stage.
    Command Normals:
    Special Moves:
    Turn-Around Punch: Hold P/Kx2 then release:
    Balrog simply turns back and punches right after. Very good 
    for pressure game as it also adds to Balrog's attack strings. 
    Dash Straight: Charge B then F + P:
    Balrog rushes forward with an HP in the end. Good for rush
    and chip damage and it's also good for combo and throw
    Dash Uppercut: Charge B then F + K:
    Balrog rushes forward with a crouching HP in the end.
    Often good as an anti-air, even if the opponent is playing
    a rushing or turtling game. Good for mindgames too as if the
    opponent is blocking low, it can setup another move like
    Dash Straight or a throw or combo attempt.
    Buffalo Headbutt: Charge D then U + P:
    Balrog simply jumps up and does a Headbutt that has good
    range, knocks down, doesn't trade damage and can pass
    through projectiles, moves and even supers with ease.
    Dash Low: Charge B then DF + P:
    Balrog rushes forward with a crouching HK in the end.
    Good for ground and footsie games and it's much more
    powerful than Dash Uppercut. 
    Super Combo:
    Crazy Buffalo: Charge B, F, B then F + P/K:
    One of the best supers in the game, Balrog does 5 Dash
    Straights (pressing P) or Dash Uppercuts (pressing K).
    It hits very fast, goes through projectiles due to it's
    invincibility startup and can be used in corner game
    and if timed right, an anti-air.
    14) Vega (Balrog):
    Spanish ninja. Under the mask, that imaginative beauty 
    cannot hold a viciously cruel face within.
    Birthday: 1967 January 27
    Height: 186cm
    Weight: 72kg
    BWH sizes: B121, W73, H83
    Blood type: O
    Birthplace: Spain
    Special Skill: Climbing walls, being vain
    Likes: Beautiful things, himself
    Dislikes: Ugly things, getting the blood of his opponent 
    on himself
    Fighting Style: Arranged Ninjitsu
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same pit stage seen in the past SFII games. The
    wall even clashes down the stage before the match starts
    as usual.
    Command Normals:
    Backflip: Px2:
    Vega does a long backflip which makes him completely
    invincible during that time. Great for any opponent jump-
    ins and incoming projectiles.
    Short Backflip: Kx2:
    Same as the above description, except it goes quicker and 
    when Vega lands, he's immediately ready to attack.
    Special Moves:
    Rolling Crystal Flash: Charge B then F + P:
    Vega does a rolling hopping attack towards the opponent
    and ends with his HP. Great to use in a combo and does
    chip damage.
    Flying Barcelona Attack: Charge D then U + K then P near 
    Vega rushes towards a wall, does a wall-jump then spreads
    his arms that are ready to hit. Great to catch an opponent 
    off guard and can crossup.
    Izuna Drop: Charge D then U + K then F + P near opponent:
    Vega rushes towards a wall, does a wall-jump then catches
    the opponent doing a suplex.
    Sky High Claw: Charge D then U + P:
    A risky move to which Vega rushes towards the opponent
    doing a strike after a wall-jump. If it hits, the opponent has
    no time to hit back and if it's blocked, Vega is open, ready
    to get hit.
    Flip Kick: Charge B then F + K:
    Vega's new anti-air as his Backflip animation goes forward
    and it hits twice in the air. It can be followed up again after
    the first hit.
    Super Combo:
    Rolling Izuna Drop: Charge DB, DF, DB then UF + K then 
    F + P near opponent:
    A great move, even if the opponent is in the air as Vega does
    a few Izuna Drops, one after the other. The meter will not be
    used until the throw connects which is good and can fake
    out by using the Flying Barcelona Attack. 
    15) Sagat:
    Once a man whose name was famous as a hero. The scar 
    that Ryu affixed on his chest drives his fighting spirit.
    Birthday: 1955 July 2
    Height: 226cm
    Weight: 109kg
    BWH sizes: B140, W87, H95
    Blood type: B
    Birthplace: Thailand
    Special Skill: Diving underwater (able to stay for over 20
    Likes: Strong opponents
    Dislikes: People who do small things, Shoryuken (SFII)
    Fighting Style: Muay Thai
    Stage Modified? No:
    Still the same statue stage seen in the past SFII games.
    Command Normals:
    Special Moves:
    Tiger Shot: QCF + P:
    Sagat does a projectile that goes very fast across the screen.
    Ground Tiger Shot: QCF + K:
    Same thing a Tiger Shot except Sagat is too tall and he kneels
    down as he throws his projectiles.
    Tiger Uppercut: F, D, DF + P:
    Sagat's anti-air that's similar to Ryu's Shoryuken. It can be used
    in wakeups and reversals but leaves Sagat unsafe if blocked as
    he's open to get hit.
    Tiger Knee: DB, D, DF, F, UF + K:
    Starts on the ground and ends high but does great for combos
    and advance game.
    Super Combo:
    Tiger Genocide: QCFx2 + P:
    Sagat does a Tiger Knee then does a Tiger Uppercut on the
    same spot. Great to pass through projectiles and to punish
    the opponent right after. Decent invincibility on startup,
    doesn't have much horizontal range and extremely unsafe
    if blocked.
    16) M. Bison (Vega):
    Those abilities conceived within the emperor of evil are 
    from the dark strength Psycho Power. The man is the 
    boss of the evil organization Shadowloo.
    Birthday: Unknown April 17
    Height: 182cm
    Weight: 96kg
    BWH sizes: B133, W90, H92
    Blood type: A
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Special Skill: Mind control
    Likes: World domination
    Dislikes: Useless soldiers
    Fighting Style: Psycho Power
    Stage Modified? Yes:
    Bison's stage is now held in a cavern of some sort with
    statues seen at the opposite ends of the background.
    Seen in the middle of the background are three super
    Command Normals:
    Special Moves:
    Psycho Crusher: Charge B then F + P:
    Bison rushes towards the opponent surrounded in
    purple flames. Very good on priority and can lead to
    a combo or throw right after.
    Double Knee Press Charge B then F + K:
    A flying kick that hits high then low as it advances
    towards the opponent. 
    Head Press: Charge D then U + K then P right after:
    A great counter-attack against projectiles, Bison immediately
    targets the opponents head, even from a far distance of the
    Devil Reverse: Charge D then U + P then P again:
    Very good to hit opponents who have useful anti-airs and
    can crossup which can play a tricky game. 
    Super Combo:
    Knee Press Nightmare: Charge B, F, B then F + K:
    Bison does 2 Knee Presses, one after the other with some
    invincibility time on startup.  Great to use in order to get
    out of the corner.
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