General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 03/30/04 DBM11085 1.2 203K
FAQ/Walkthrough 03/15/09 Flamefury 1.0 348K
FAQ/Walkthrough 12/27/03 PeaceNLove 1.2 519K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/31/10 Shotgunnova Bleu 256K
FAQ/Walkthrough (SNES) 04/06/09 Zenalasca 1.8 161K
Walkthrough (SNES) 10/05/07 Tricky 1.0 213K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/05/02 Junior Mintz 1.08 98K
FAQ/Walkthrough 07/21/02 VampireHunterD 0.3 69K

In-Depth FAQs

Enemy List 03/27/03 Super Nova 0.6 6K
Equipment FAQ (SNES) 07/31/07 jjholt 2.02 29K
Experience Guide (SNES) 07/17/09 Novalia Spirit 1.1 14K
Flea Market FAQ (SNES) 12/13/07 jjholt 1.01 13K
Item Guide (SNES) 06/18/11 Novalia Spirit 0.97 114K
Item List 11/18/03 JM A 1.1 21K
Magic Guide (SNES) 01/31/08 Novalia Spirit 1.0 26K
Spell List 04/23/02 Dark Angel 16K
Weapon List 10/17/01 Admodieus 1.0 10K

Maps and Charts

Agua Tower Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/14/14 StarFighters76 55K
Aura Cave Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/13/14 StarFighters76 36K
Bleak Cave Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/14/14 StarFighters76 28K
Camlon Castle Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/13/14 StarFighters76 28K
Dig Map (SNES) (PNG) 01/29/13 Novalia Spirit 180K
Ease Cave Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/14/14 StarFighters76 35K
Forest Fortress Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/14/14 StarFighters76 31K
Forest Of Despair Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/13/14 StarFighters76 20K
Gust Fortress Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/16/14 StarFighters76 39K
Karma Castle Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/13/14 StarFighters76 58K
Karma Forest Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/13/14 StarFighters76 20K
Lake Cave Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/14/14 StarFighters76 59K
Light/Dark Keep Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/15/14 StarFighters76 33K
Mote's Dream Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/16/14 StarFighters76 50K
Mote's Spinning Room Maze (SNES) (PNG) 03/23/13 a-korn86 50K
Nabal Castle Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/15/14 StarFighters76 21K
Nanai Castle Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/13/14 StarFighters76 42K
Nanai Dungeon 1F Map (SNES) (PNG) 09/19/09 pk116 93K
Nanai Dungeon B1 Map (SNES) (PNG) 09/20/09 pk116 96K
Nanai Dungeon B2 Map (SNES) (PNG) 09/20/09 pk116 91K
North Tower Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/16/14 StarFighters76 38K
Obelisk Tower Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/17/14 StarFighters76 68K
Pagoda Palace Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/17/14 StarFighters76 48K
Poison Field Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/16/14 StarFighters76 30K
Spyre Tower Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/16/14 StarFighters76 43K
Stone Giant Robot Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/14/14 StarFighters76 35K
Tock Tower Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/16/14 StarFighters76 46K
Underground Krypt Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/15/14 StarFighters76 57K
Undersea Volcano Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/15/14 StarFighters76 35K
West Dragon Fortress Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/15/14 StarFighters76 22K
Wisdon Basement Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/15/14 StarFighters76 29K
World Map (SNES) (PNG) 06/23/15 Guard Master 1.1 74K
Zog Palace Map (SNES) (GIF) 10/17/14 StarFighters76 44K

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