GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File08/07/04Darkloud64K
All in level 26-29. All dragon magics. Excelent Items.
Save Game File01/08/11sylandro8764K
All Lv99, best equipment, all spells. Save at final point of the game.
Save Game File03/01/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Feqm 15115 EXP, Nina 13192 EXP, Bo 6472 EXP Earned, 18521 Gold, currently at Tantar, by now 2 keys have been acquired.
Save Game File02/28/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Feqm 3422 EXP earned, Nina 1499 EXP earned, 4753 Gold, now at Winlan and Wizard has been destroyed.
Save Game File02/28/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Feqm is asleep. Your character is Nina which you just got control of. Your party is Nina and 2 soldiers, you are currently at Winlan, 1369 Gold, and Nina has 142 experience points earned.
Save Game File02/28/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Feqm: Currently at Drogen, 1606 Gold (Money), and also 2233 experience points earned.
Save Game File07/03/16Lancet Jades64K
Level 1 character at the start of the game with eight sets of the GBA item trade-exclusive Soul equipment (weapon, armor, shield, helm), usable by all characters!
Save Game File02/27/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Save 1, Feqm: Currently at Nanai, 639 Gold (money), and also 1476 Experience points earned.

GameBoy Advance GameShark SP Save File (North America)

Save Game File01/29/13PurestProdigy33K
Saved at end of game with best equipment, all dragon spells and fusion spells and set up for best ending

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