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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Schlave

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    GameBoy Advance
    Guide made by Schlave
    Copyright 2002
    This guide is 100% Schlave.
    Welcome to Walkthrough Final Version!
    (1) Updates
    (2) Who am I?
    (3) Controls
       (i) Primary Controls
       (ii) Secondary Attacks
    (4) Stages
    (5) Equipment
    (6) Enemies
    (7) Cut-Scene Scripts
    (8) Legal Stuff
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                       *** \       1. UPDATES       /***
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    1st July 2002 : Okay, I've finished the Enemies section. Final version 
    29th June 2002 : Finished the Museum and Amusement Park - walkthrough 
    24th June 2002 : Finished Pier 54, the Nightclub and Chemcorp.
    29th May 2002 : Finished Downtown and Empire Metals in the Walkthrough. 
    (hey, I did work on this a long time ago!)
    10 January 2002 : Finished Controls section.
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                       *** \      2. WHO AM I?      /***
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    Call me Schlave.
    Anyway, I decided to make a walkthrough for this game because I'd 
    finished it several times over and felt each stage was pretty tricky. 
    Spiderman: Mysterio's Menace was the first Spiderman game to come out 
    for the GBA, and it's getting pretty old and pales in comparison to 
    certain GBA games BUT...it's a good game, and I don't want to let it die 
    out so fast. This guide is for all those who run into hairy situations 
    in the game, and to get every single item. Enjoy.
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                       *** \      3. CONTROLS       /***
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    Spiderman (or Spidey, as I shall call him) is controlled by the various 
    buttons you see on your GBA. Because he's named Spiderman, you can make 
    use of his various web functions, and if the situation gets tight, his 
    fists and powerful attacks.
    Basic Controls
    Direction Pad Left : Moves Spidey to the left.
    Direction Pad Right : Spidey walks to the right.
    A Button : Jump (or Web Rope when in the air)
    B Button : Hand-to-hand attack
    L Button : Web Shot (a projectile attack)
    R Button : Sticky Web (ties up the enemy)
    Select : View the equipment you have
    Start : Pause the game
    Secondary Moves
    By pressing more than one button at times, you can make Spidey execute 
    more complicated and showy moves, which sometimes help in tight 
    situations. Some of these moves can be connected after the standard 3-
    punch attack, like after three punches, before doing a powered punch, 
    you do an uppercut. The enemy should be winded for a long enough time to 
    allow the attack to connect. Use these effectively and you'll be able to 
    punch your way out of trouble in most times.
    B (while running) : Quick Kick
    Good for starting an attack on enemies. While running at a good speed 
    press B and Spidey will leap forward and kick the enemy.
    UP + B (ground) : Uppercut
    A powerful punch to the jaw! Slow to execute, but is worth it.
    UP + B (air or while running) : Spin Kick
    Spidey turns his leg around and delivers and kick powered by centripetal 
    force into the enemy!
    DOWN + B (air) : Assault Dive
    Spidey suddenly dives diagonally through the air, his foot extended for 
    a kick which does medium damage. Good for strike-backs when trying to 
    escape a bunch of attackers.
    DOWN + B (clinging upside-down on a horizontal surface) : Dive Kick
    The powerful, but most risky to execute move! If Spidey is clinging 
    upside-down to a horizontal surface, press Down + B to make him dive 
    vertically down onto an opponent's head for big damage! You can't 
    control him while he dives though.
    L + R : Web Shield
    Spidey stretches his hands out and shields himself with a small web 
    shield in front of him. Be careful of enemies from behind.
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                       *** \        4. STAGES       /***
                      *   / \______________________/ \  *
                     *   /                            \  *
    Regrettably, Spiderman: Mysterio's Menace only has 7 stages, and at the 
    start of the game you can only go to a few of them. But as you complete 
    them, more will pop up and you can access them. If you haven't beaten a 
    stage, it will be marked as a flashing red dot. If it is completed, it 
    will be displayed as a yellow dot. There's no order which you can access 
    them, so access at leisure.
    Each of the stages contains one of Mysterio's cronies. While Peter, the 
    actual name of Spiderman, tells his girlfriend Mary Jane that he would 
    fetch her a fishbowl for some of her goldfish, a TV newsflash comes in 
    and reports chaos in the area. Peter promises to get the fishbowl later, 
    and changes into Spiderman. Then off he goes...
    (Even after you beat Mysterio, the levels will still be available, so 
    you can explore each one and get the secrets from there.)
    Stop the crime wave in downtown Manhattan  
    Go right, Web Swing onto the next building to the right and climb onto 
    the roof. Wait until the thug turns his back, then run up and deliver a 
    running kick and punch him out. Then go to the edge of the roof and Web 
    Swing twice to get to the next building's roof. There will be another 
    thug there; at the end of your second Web Swing, kick him as you fly 
    through the air and when he gets up, smack him down. There are 3 Web 
    Refills on each side of the building, so fill yourself up to your 
    maximum 3 capsules and swing to the next building, and the (very tall) 
    building after that. But before confronting the gun-toting thug, stand 
    on the left edge and Web Swing to find the FLUID FORMULA UPGRADE. Then 
    go back and knock out the 2 gun-toting thugs and get the light armor 
    powerup (green spider powerup). Then Web Swing thrice to get to the next 
    building, and go back down to the ground and through the entrance for 
    the second portion of the level.
    The moment you enter the second portion, there will be a gun-toting 
    thug! Web Swing towards him and drive a foot into his face as you swoop 
    along. Then stick to the ceiling and keep going past the 2 gun-toting 
    thugs (you might need to use some Sticky Web to tie them up). As you go, 
    leap over the furnace to collect some Web Refills, stick to the ceiling 
    and give another thug a Dive Kick. Then go through the doorway to meet 
    *BOSS: Hammerhead*
    Hammerhead is the easiest boss to fight - he only has a 3-shot machine 
    gun, and has the least strength of them all! The quickest way to defeat 
    him is to stick to the ceiling, wait until he runs below you and then 
    give him a Dive Kick to do a chunk of damage! Sometimes, he will ram the 
    wall with his head and shake you off the ceiling; if required, you can 
    always bind him with Sticky Web and punch him up.
    Track down Hammerhead at the Nightclub
    You've got to save 5 hostages...and the enemies Hammerhead has placed in 
    your path isn't making your job much easier! Anyway, at the start, 
    immediately fire a Sticky Web to bind the gun-toting thug and beat him 
    up. Then go up (ignoring the door to the right), smash up another gun-
    toting thug and enter the door. The moment you enter, hit the ceiling, 
    and avoid any bullets that come by your way! There are numerous hoods 
    around here, but a simple Dive Kick from the ceiling will do away with 
    them. There's 2 health powerups and a light armor powerup at the ceiling 
    - get these, then knock out all the hoods in this room and rescue the 
    hostage (1/5). 
    Then get out of there, back into the previous area. Then enter the door 
    to the right. You find yourself in the huge disco area of the Nightclub! 
    Now go up and left, take out the masked hood, and enter the door. In 
    this room, take out the first hood you see, and if you need it, grab the 
    invincibility powerup at the ceiling. Then take out the other 2 hoods on 
    the right and rescue the hostage (2/5). 
    Then exit the room back to the disco, and Web Swing right past a large 
    disco ball, and onto a platform with another door leading to the male's 
    toilets. Immediately, shoot a Sticky Web to bind a muscular thug, and 
    beat up the other one while one is still tied up. Take out both of them 
    and rescue the hostage (3/5). 
    Then exit the toilets, and climb up the right wall of the disco, all the 
    way up to the ceiling, and creep along the ceiling until you see a 
    platform with a lone gun-toting thug and a door! Dive Kick him, and then 
    enter the door. Beat up the hoods in there, then go left and grab the 
    ARMOR SUIT. There are no hostages in here, so exit to the disco area. 
    Then drop down to the bottom of the disco and enter the door to the 
    right. In this next area, beat up the gun-toting thug, then go down the 
    hole in the wrecked floor and into the door to the left, beating up 
    another 2 gun-toting thugs. In the room, take out a hood and a gun-
    toting thug, and rescue the hostage to the left (4/5). 
    Exit the room, go back up the hole in the floor, go right, stick to the 
    black wall, and creep upwards to another level. There, beat up 2 gun-
    toting thugs and enter the door, where you will greeted by another gun-
    toting thug - smack him down, then rescue the last hostage (5/5). Then 
    exit the room, and go allll the way down until you see another gun-
    toting thug and a door. Defeat the thug and enter the door, where you 
    will meet up with, for the last time... 
    *BOSS: Hammerhead*
    Apparently, his last-minute preparations are not much - you're really 
    fighting same old Hammerhead in a room with a higher ceiling, so Dive 
    Kicks aren't so easy to do. He charges much more often - dodge it with a 
    simple leap in the air and when he runs past, give him an Assault Dive, 
    stick to the wall, creep to the ceiling and follow up with a Dive Kick. 
    There will rarely be more than one of his cronies in the room, and even 
    those aren't much to worry about. One thing you do have to worry about 
    is his shooting at the chandelier when his health runs below 1/3 - by 
    shooting it, he brings down a shower of glass from the windows and the 
    chandelier. The only way to dodge it is to stick to one of the walls; 
    and furthermore, you can no longer stick to the ceiling! But even so, 
    his strength hasn't changed much, so he shouldn't be too hard.
    Find out who's behind the mayhem at the Foundry
    Punch up the first Foundry thug you see, climb onto the barrels and leap 
    up to the platform on the left. The moment to leap onto the platform, 
    the thug on it will charge you, so bind him with Sticky Web and punch 
    him out. Take the light armor powerup, then stick to the ceiling and 
    follow it until you reach a part that leads up, to another (hidden) 
    platform. Ascend it, punch up the Foundry thug, and grab another light 
    armor powerup (if your armor is already damaged) and 3 Web Refills. Then 
    go back down and to the right, where they are many small, light brown 
    metal platforms and a huge pool of molten metal (which can kill you 
    instantly). If you need it, there's a health powerup to the very right 
    of the molten metal pool, in a small alcove. Either Web Swing there or 
    get to the other side, and creep down the wall to get it. When you're 
    done, go right (if you haven't done so already) and take either the 
    upper or lower path. Destroy the turret with a Web Shot, knock out the 2 
    ninjas and take the 2 Web Refills (or just knock out the single ninja if 
    you took the lower path). Then proceed right to a place with several 
    metal platforms...WAIT! Keep going upwards, using the platforms to help 
    you, until you see a small path upward to another hidden area. Destroy 
    the turret on the ceiling and take out the ninja and Foundry thug. Then 
    take the 3 Web Refills and full armor powerup!! After that, go back down 
    and to the right, knocking out the turret and ninja. Then leap up to a 
    low-hanging ceiling and follow it to the right and upwards through a 
    passage with cogs and buzzsaws on its walls. Avoid them as you go up, 
    and then leap onto the platform on the left to find the LEFT WRIST 
    CONTAINER. Then go back down, and to the right, knocking the ninjas as 
    you go. If you need health, Jump onto the platform next to a bunch of 
    barrels, then stand on the left edge and Web Swing to reach a hanging 
    girder. There's a few metal platforms leading upwards, and one of them 
    has a health powerup. Then go back down and go right, executing a well-
    timed Web Swing to grab all 5 Web Refills hovering above a molten metal 
    pool, and knock out all the ninjas on the way. Then proceed to the next 
    The next area is fraught with danger; the moment you enter, give the 
    Foundry thug an assault dive. Then avoid the three turrets' shots and 
    give the next thug another assault dive, then slowly take out the 
    turrets one by one with Web Shots. Web Swing over the fire and stick to 
    the wall, then creep up along it and don't stand up so you don't get hit 
    by the cogs. Then destroy the turret and knock out the ninja, and 
    proceed to the next area.
    In the next area, take out the first ninja you see, take the Web Refill, 
    stick to the ceiling and follow a narrow passage upwards. Keep going 
    along the corridors after, taking out two ninjas and grabbing an extra 
    life as you go. Avoid the three tongues of fire but sticking to the 
    celing and creeping by the moment they subside. At the end you will find 
    another corridor blocked by cogs and lethal buzzsaws (remember this 
    area...we're going back to it); so go down the passage and fall between 
    the two metal platforms to find an invincibility powerup! Grab it, then 
    swing to the platform on the right, find a ceiling to stick to and 
    backtrack to the corridor with the cogs and buzzsaws...except this time, 
    you can pass unscathed! Go through to find the WEB COMPRESSOR and 
    another invincibility powerup. Then go back down and to the right, 
    swinging across a giant molten pool and knocking out ninjas and thugs 
    along the way, until you reach what seems to be a deadend. Now jump up 
    to the ceiling, and surprise!There's another passage leading up. Avoid 
    the cogs and buzzsaws carefully, then go up to the right to find an 
    invincibility powerup. Use it to get past the Foundry thug, then go up 
    the third passage to the left for full armor, then back down and up the 
    second passage to the left and follow the path to the next area: the 
    *BOSS: Big Wheel*
    Big Wheel drives a big wheel machine which is very tough, and he has an 
    assortment of attacks and defence maneuvres to boot. He has machine guns 
    which fire 6 shots, a flamethrower and sets you alight and a short-
    ranged freeze gun, which chills you and slows your movements. There are 
    also three turrets to lessen your chances of carrying out Dive Kicks. 
    Luckily, he is slow, and there is a full armor powerup below the 
    platform he is on. If you need it, there's no harm risking your life to 
    grab it; otherwise, stick to Spin Kicks and Web Shots to defeat him. If 
    you're so foolhardy, try for Dive Kicks; but make sure you take out all 
    three turrets as you go along.
    Stop the power core from shutting down
    When you start, tie up the Freeze Worker with Sticky Web and beat him 
    up. Then go down, knocking out another Freeze Worker, and go down again 
    and right, taking out a thug and a Bio Worker. Then go upwards, taking 
    out a Freeze Worker, and down and right again, knocking out a Freeze 
    Worker and 2 more thugs. Before dodging the laser traps, stick to the 
    ceiling above the traps and creep upwards, leaping from wall to wall to 
    avoid the sparking electric wires to find an alcove containing a full 
    armor powerup, extra life and an invincibility powerup! 
    Go back down, through the laser traps, and up again, taking out all the 
    workers and thugs with a few kicks. If you need Web, stick onto the 
    first overhanging ceiling above the two chambers of biological goo, and 
    creep upwards to the right, where there are 3 Web Refills at the 
    ceiling. When you are done, go back down and to the left, until you 
    reach a section with a thug and 2 sets of sparking wires. Now this is 
    tricky - you need to Web Swing at precisely the correct moment such that 
    you swoop below the wires attached to the ceiling, and you avoid hitting 
    the second set attached to the wall. Failing to do so will result in 
    some very nasty life-sucking jolts of electricity. 
    When you get past that, proceed left, and take out 2 Flame Workers. Then 
    stand on the rightmost goo chamber, and jump up and stick to the 
    ceiling. Creep up to the platform, and with some help from Sticky Web, 
    knock out the four enemies you encounter. If you need health, jump up to 
    the third stack of containers (four barrels) and from there jump up, 
    stick to the ceiling and creep left to an upward path leading to a 
    platform with Flame and Freeze Workers and a health powerup, full armor 
    powerup and Web Refill. Then go back down and proceed right until you 
    reach an area where biological waste cascades down in several 
    waterfalls. What to do? Go back to the left and climb up a wall to the 
    ceiling, then creep along the ceiling safely. Then proceed right and 
    down a long way, then left, until you see a large drop to the bottom. 
    Don't drop right down; instead, stick to the right wall and creep down 
    until you see a corridor leading to the right, with a Bio Worker and a 
    thug. Knock them out and take another long fall down and then go left. 
    Take out the Bio, Fire and Freeze Workers on your way (ignore trying to 
    get the Web Refills and extra life across the pool of slime; you can't 
    do it without the Electric Suit). Then proceed left, taking out several 
    Freeze and Bio Workers, and enter the door at the end.
    In the second area of the Chemcorp, go right, smash the Control Box 
    (5/4) to disable the first laser. Then drop down the pipe onto a 
    platform, and drop down a little bit more distance to find the second 
    Control Box; destroy it with an assault dive (2/5). Then go right, 
    hopping from platform to platform, knocking away thugs and workers and 
    past the disabled second laser. Then enter the pipe and proceed until 
    you come to an intersection with three more pipes; take the bottom path 
    and when you emerge, Web Swing to the right wall and crawl upwards to 
    find the third Control Box; give it a nice punch to destroy it (3/5) and 
    backtrack to the pipe intersection (if you need Web, take the right path 
    and you will emerge into an area with a worker and a thug. Beat them up 
    and crawl along the pipe surface to find 3 Web Refills). Then take the 
    upward path and when it splits, go left and past the disabled laser and 
    the laser traps.
    Leap up and stick to the ceiling after you get past the third laser 
    trap, and crawl all the way up to a corridor blocked by a laser...well, 
    first leap up the ceiling from there and crawl up the wall, where you 
    will find your way blocked by electric wires. Leap from the wall and web 
    swing once - you will see a platform with electric wires ready to zap 
    you if you bump into them, so time a second web swing right, swing and 
    stick to the right side of the clear transport tube. From there, crawl 
    into and up the tube, grab the Web Refill, and use a Web Pellet to knock 
    out the fourth Control Box (4/5). Then go back through the tube, and web 
    swing to the right wall of this area. Climb up as far as you can until 
    you are blocked by electric wires, then web swing left and cling to the 
    right side of the transport tube. Climb up and you will see an 
    unreachable powerup. So stnad on the right edge of the ledge and web 
    swing until you hit the right wall (just short of the electric wires), 
    then from there, crawl onto the ceiling and to the right until you grab 
    Now return to the right wall and drop down a short distance, and into a 
    corridor once blocked off by a laser. Proceed right, taking out a 
    Foundry thug and a Bio Worker. Proceed through the tube and drop down to 
    a platform next to another platform with sparking electric wires. You 
    must time a jump very accurately to avoid screwing up; step off the 
    platform to the right, and the moment you do, web swing and you should 
    hit a platform with electric wires on its underside, and a Foundry thug 
    standing on it (if you haven't done it right, you will hit the wires, 
    fall back and plummet). Still being careful, crawl onto the platform 
    when the thug turns his back, jump to avoid getting kicked off, and 
    knock him out. Then leap to the next platform to the upper-left, 
    shooting a Sticky Web at the Foundry thug standing on the platform as 
    you jump, beat him up and crawl up the tube.
    At the top, take out the thug and destroy the final Control Box (5/5)! 
    Now, you have to hunt down and defeat Electro, so make your way back to 
    the transport tube nearest the fourth Control Box was. go through the 
    cleared path and into the door beyond.
    *BOSS : Electro*
    Electro only has two attacks, but is very quick and very infuriating to 
    defeat. He mainly sends a bolt of electricity snaking across the floor 
    and up the wall and ceiling, and if he is hit he will teleport to the 
    other side of the room. His second and much rarer attack is to jump to 
    the middle of the room and create an electric triangle from the three 
    generators in the room. You can dodge this by leaping to the upper 
    corners of the room; no ducking. To defeat Electro, all you have to do 
    is to keep jumping and Assault Diving him. Avoiding his electric bolts 
    is easy; just don't linger too near him or he will punch you.
    PIER 54
    Investigate the disturbances at the docks
    When you start, take out the muscled thug and leap on top of the green 
    truck, then jump up and stick to the Pier 54 sign. Crawl all the way to 
    the top (the Electric Suit will protect you from the electric wires), 
    and proceed right, taking out all the Foundry thugs until you reach an 
    orange metal scaffolding. Leap onto the girder and grab the SPIDER BELT, 
    then go right until you reach the end of the building. Leap off the 
    right edge and keep web swinging until you hit the very right of the 
    level. Just drop down, take out the muscled thug, grab the extra life 
    and descend two floors of the luxury boat to get to the entrance to the 
    second area (quick, huh?).
    The second area is the casino. Simply go right through, cutting down 
    numerous gun-toting thugs (if you need it, there's three Web Refills on 
    one part of the ceiling). If you want an express route, jump on a table, 
    stick to the ceiling and crawl all the way right. If you want, you could 
    take out the thugs with one or two Dive Kicks, otherwise, whatever way 
    you choose, exit to the right.
    The third area is located in the berths, so be very careful; one drop 
    into the sea and you're gone. Make your way across the wooden platforms 
    (there's an extra life below one of the platforms), and always use 
    Sticky Web so that you don't get knocked into the sea by mistake. After 
    a few platforms, climb up the wooden crates suspended above the sea, and 
    very carefully take out the thugs waiting for you on each batch of 
    crates. The best way is to simply tie them up when they're near the edge 
    of the crates, then knock them off with a few well-placed hits or an 
    assault dive. 
    When you reach the building at the other side, climb up the metal girder 
    and to the very top of the building. From there, leap off the left edge 
    and web swing several times. Keep left always, and if you didn't screw 
    up a single web swing, you will land on the top of the houseboat for the 
    HEAVY IMPACT WEB. Then go back to the top of the building and make your 
    way across the roof into the warehouse opposite. Go through the winding 
    path in the warehouse, taking out Foundry and muscled thugs and snagging 
    health powerups easily visible from the screen. When you exit the 
    warehouse, crawl up the outer right wall (careful of the muscled thug on 
    a lamppost) and web swing three or four times across a roff full of 
    enemies to stick onto a wall with three health powerups. Top up your 
    health, then go down into the warehouse. But before entering Rhino's 
    lair, go up the left side of the warehouse, up onto the crates, and to 
    the top left inner corner. There, web swing once to the right side of 
    the warehouse and drop down to grab a health powerup, Web Refill and 
    full armor. Then enter the boss room to the right.
    *BOSS : Rhino*
    Ugh! He's tougher to defeat than most other bosses, but a simple 
    strategy will keep his danger at stake. His only attack is to keep 
    running from wall to wall and headbutting the wall he runs to, quaking 
    the room and shaking you off your feet or the ceiling and doing an ounce 
    of damage. You can avoid this by being in mid-air when he headbutts. 
    After that, though, he starts pawing the ground for a few seconds, 
    enough time for you run over and tie him up, or punch him up. Or you 
    could leap to the ceiling and if you're quick enough, hit him with a 
    Dive Kick which takes a chunk out of him. Just don't try attacking him 
    while he's charging, because you'll just get smashed out of the way very 
    Discover the secret behind the shipments
    You are supposed to recover all 5 of the artifacts...anyway, cut down 
    the yellow ninja at the start for the first artifact (1/5) and take the 
    right lift at the far right. In the room you enter, hop up to the 
    ceiling, snag the invincibility powerup, go left and cut down the 
    otherwise impossible horde of enemies waiting for you. Then go up the 
    passage on the left of the room, carefully avoiding the leaping flames, 
    into a small area containing 5 Web Refills and the RIGHT WRIST 
    CONTAINER! Then exit the room, and take the left lift.
    In the next room, take the lift on the right side, take out the first 
    ninja you see, and crawl up the ceiling to the top, align yourself with 
    the large ball-like display...and drop down, onto an unburned mat. Press 
    down + jump and you will fall into a shaft with spikes. Avoid getting 
    scorched by the fire, enter the door and grab the THERMAL SUIT from a 
    study. Then go back out and up the shaft, and across to the right side 
    of the previous room. There, proceed left through the room and into the 
    lift at the left, and go to the far right of the following room and 
    enter the lift there, all the while taking out enemies as you go. You 
    will find a room containing two yellow ninjas and another ninja! You 
    will find Sticky Web useful in tying up two foes while you beat up 
    another, but take them all out and grab the two artifacts the two yellow 
    ninjas drop (3/5).
    Then go back out through that room and another two rooms, back into the 
    large room full of flames and spotlights. Enter an area outside the 
    museum through a door on the far right, and take out the ninjas there to 
    grab the fourth artifact (4/5). Re-enter the museum and enter the lift 
    at the far left of the room. In the following display room, enter the 
    lift on the far left and through that following room into the lift on 
    the left. Cut down the enemies in that room and take the last artifact 
    that the yellow ninja drops (5/5).
    After the cut-scene, retrace your steps to the room before the one where 
    you found the second and third artifacts, and enter the only doors 
    marked "Exit".
    *BOSS : Scorpion*
    Scorpion is immensely strong and VERY mobile. At first, he can use his 
    tail to sting you (and do very little damage), but his main attack is to 
    jump from wall to wall and eventually smash into you! After taking away 
    half his life, he will leap to the platform and wave his tail about, 
    causing electrical equipment to rain from the ceiling to be strewn all 
    over the floor (dodge by clinging to the ceiling), so if you don't have 
    the Electric Suit, you'll have much less space to maneuver around. But 
    if you time it right, you can do a Dive Kick and hit him very hard while 
    he's in mid-air. That takes away a good portion of his life! Tying him 
    up with Sticky Web and beating him up is less efficient but more 
    effective, and puts you at less risk.
    Defeat Mysterio and return the city to normal
    Since this is the final stage, it is natural that it should be the 
    trickiest and the toughest. Go right and up the roller-coaster tracks, 
    refilling your health with the numerous health powerups on your way. 
    Then jump onto and go along the roofs of park stalls, and leap onto the 
    wall of a large stone building at the end. Snag the Web Refills and the 
    full armor on the roof, go back down and into the haunted house.
    Take out the skeletons that throw themselves at you (they're actually 
    quite difficult) and follow the linear right and through a winding path. 
    Go up the wooden platforms, taking out skeletons as you go, and when you 
    arrive at at area with three shafts, take the middle one. Go down the 
    shaft that follows closely, then keep going left until you reach a 
    stretch of track enclosed by wooden pillars in the foreground. Hop onto 
    the ceiling and crawl left and up into a hidden brick passageway. There, 
    proceed left until the path splits. If you need armor and Web Refills, 
    take the upper path; otherwise go down the purple-walled passageway and 
    go down the spike-walled shaft at the far left (if you are in need of an 
    extra life, take the shaft on the left of the far left one). Then go 
    right and across the fiery pit, and enter the door at the far right.
    The next area requires careful maneuvering to get past. You can only 
    crawl through the narrow gaps in the spike-lined walls, but switch wall 
    surfaces when necessary or you might accidentally crawl onto spikes. The 
    enemies are all the more difficult to take out between the spike walls, 
    but they should be manageable enough. After you get past those, you'll 
    encounter spike-line pits with buzzsaws at the bottom, and clowns 
    standing between the pits. Make one slip and it's all over for you! So 
    tie up the clowns by shooting Sticky Web, and get across by standing a 
    short distance from the left edge of the first pit and web swinging 
    across the pit. After you cross both pits, go right and hop up the 
    wooden platforms, taking out the Skeletons with a few well-placed Web 
    Pellets, until you come to an IMMENSE spike pit. Except that one touch 
    from the spikes means instant death! But you are going to grab the final 
    powerup in this stage: the Symbiote Suit! So listen up.
    1. Stand at the very right edge of the ledge before the spike pit.
    2. Jump up and web swing two complete times.
    3. Keep pressing forward to go forward as you fall and you will fall 
    lower into a secret, spike-filled passageway.
    4. Web swing along it and drop down the hole at the right end. Before 
    you hit the ground, web swing left to avoid the spikes.
    5. Now go left, avoiding the buzzsaws and follow the relatively linear 
    path to the SYMBIOTE SUIT!
    Exit by the door at the end and head back all the way to the spike pit. 
    This time, swing over the spike pit and go through the passageway filled 
    with machinery, killing off clowns and skeletons, and work your way up 
    the spiked shaft by climbing up the wall and swinging to platforms in 
    the middle when the shaft gets spiky, and swinging to the other side 
    (repeat this pattern). When you reach a part of the shaft with buzzsaws 
    on the platforms, climb onto the sides of the buzzsaw platforms and make 
    your way to the safe platform. There, leap up to the higher ledge and 
    stick to the ceiling  there with spikes. Crawl up to the top, where you 
    will see a large, painted arrow pointing left, so swing left twice to 
    another platform with skeletons milling around. Knock them out and stick 
    to the safe part of the ceiling on the left end of the platform. Go up 
    again, knock out skeletons, stick to ceiling at the right end, and once 
    you're at the top, take out the skeletons and web swing a few times to 
    another ledge. Stand at the left edge (DON'T FALL, or you'll have to 
    backtrack again), jump and swing right past the huge ventilator fans to 
    stick to a part of a ledge just above the spikes. Clamber up, crawl 
    under the gaps in the walls, grab two Web Refills in a spike-filled 
    room, and after crawling through a second gap, jump onto the wall and 
    make your way to an even higher ledge with still more skeletons to 
    defeat. Take them all out and enter the door at the right end, to face 
    the ultimate adversary, the one behind all the chaos.
    *BOSS : Mysterio*
    Mysterio, being the final boss, is one tough nut, but he should be 
    manageable with the Symbiote Suit. He has four attacks:
    - forming three fireballs which circle around him. He throws these after 
    a short while, leaving him vulnerable for a few seconds. Touch the 
    fireballs, you get hurt and Mysterio comes after you with the same 
    attack again. 
    - forming three copies of himself which have fireballs circling around 
    them. If you are lucky enough to find a chink in the shield and get a 
    Web Pellet or Sticky Web through, the real one will get smashed to the 
    floor/tied up and the copies disappear. Hit a copy, it'll simply 
    disappear. If you don't do anything, one of the copies (or Mysterio) 
    throws his circle of fireballs.
    - swells to immense proportions and smashes the ground, causing a quake 
    which shakes you off your feet or off the wall.
    - with a puff of smoke, he morphs into one of the bosses or you, and 
    does a different attack associated with each boss. If he turns into you, 
    he will throw Sticky Web, and if you're hit, you'll be tied up and 
    helpless to any attacks thrown your way. Mash the buttons to get out.
    Dive Kicks and Assault Dives aren't efficient at all; you have to use 
    plain old elbow-grease fistfighting. When Mysterio stands still for a 
    few moments, use the opportunity to get in a combo or tie him up and 
    punch him up. He is very tough and each of his individual attacks can do 
    quite a nice bit of damage, Armour Suit or no, but it's easy to dodge 
    them all. Soon, Mysterio will fall...and the game's over!
    (watch the cut-scene)
    ***The End! You Win!***
                     *   \  ________________________  /  *
                      *   \/                        \/  *
                       *** \      5. EQUIPMENT      /***
                      *   / \______________________/ \  *
                     *   /                            \  *
    The various pieces of extra equipment scattered around and concealed 
    cleverly help Spiderman in different ways. After all, can you imagine 
    him hunting a supervillain with just 3 web cartridges and his puny 
    5.1 Left Wrist Container
      Found in   : Empire Metals Foundry
      Appearance : A twirling red ring.
      Need       : N/A
    The Left Wrist Container adds one more web cartridge slot to your 
    5.2 Right Wrist Container
      Found in   : Museum
      Appearance : A twirling red ring.
      Need       : N/A
    The Right Wrist Container adds one more web cartridge slot to your 
    5.3 Spider Belt
      Found in   : Pier 54
      Appearance : A twirling red belt with a yellow buckle.
      Need       : Electric Suit
    The Spider Belt adds two more web cartridge slots to your inventory.
    5.4 Armor Suit
      Found in   : Nightclub
      Appearance : A spinning object with the picture of a bullet on it.
      Need       : N/A
    Halves the amount of damage you take.
    5.5 Electric Suit
      Found in   : Chemcorp
      Appearance : A spinning object with a lightning bolt on it.
      Need       : N/A
    Makes you resistant to electric wires and likewise (except electric 
    attacks), but prolonged exposure injures you slightly.
    5.6 Thermal Suit
      Found in   : Museum
      Appearance : A spinning object with a flame on it.
      Need       : N/A
    Makes you resistant to fires (except fire attacks), but prolonged 
    exposure hurts you slightly.
    5.7 Symbiote Suit !!!secret!!!
      Found in   : Amusement Park
      Appearance : A spinning blue object with the picture of a spider on 
      Need       : N/A
    Further reduces damage you take, and slowly refills your health and web 
    (web is faster).
    5.8 Fluid Upgrade
      Found in   : Downtown
      Appearance : A spinning blue object with a flask and a "F" on it.
      Need       : N/A
    Upgrades your Sticky Web, increasing time your enemies take to wriggle 
    out of the web.
    5.9 Compressor
      Found in   : Empire Metals Foundry
      Appearance : A spinning blue object with a flask and a "C" on it.
      Need       : Invincibility power-up 
    Compresses your web and allows more web to be stored in one cartridge.
    5.10 Heavy Impact Web
      Found in   : Pier 54
      Appearance : A spinning blue object with a flask and a "H" on it.
      Need       : N/A
    If your Web Pellet hits an enemy, it won't simply knock him back, but 
    will knock him down.
                     *   \  ________________________  /  *
                      *   \/                        \/  *
                       *** \        6. ENEMIES      /***
                      *   / \______________________/ \  *
                     *   /                            \  *
    There are numerous enemies you can find blocking your way to success. 
    Here's a quick guide to them all (spikes, death traps, cogs and fires 
    not included).
    The enemies have different colors, therefore classifying them as having 
    different characteristics. The bracketed unit count stands for their 
    life in units. You can see it when you hit them or tie them up.
    6.1 Muscled Thugs
      Appearance : Tall, muscular guys wearing a colored singlet
      - white singlet (10 units) = punches, tackles
      - orange singlet (10 units) = punches, swats
      - green singlet (10 units) = punches, charges
    6.2 Gun-Toting Thugs
      Appearance : Wears a hat, zoot suit and carries a machine gun.
      - purple suit (7 units) = swings gun, shoots 3 bullets
      - pink suit (7 units) = swings gun, throws molotov cocktail
      - grey suit (7 units) = swings gun, kicks
    6.3 Foundry Thugs
      Appearance : Muscular, suited guys wearing hard hats.
      Types :
      - green suit (7 units) = swings crowbar, throws molotov cocktail
      - blue-green suit (7 units) = swings crowbar, charges
      - brown suit (7 units) = swings crowbar, tackles
    6.4 Ninjas
      Appearance : Wear a head-to-toe ninja garment and carry a sword.
      Types :
      - red suit (10 units) = throws shuriken
      - black suit (15 units) = punches, slashes sword
      - white suit (10 units) = punches, slashes sword
      - yellow suit (25 units) = slashes sword, throws fireball
    6.5 Guard Guns
      Appearance : Wall-mounted guns that fire blue bullets at you.
      Types :
      - single type only, destroyed with one hit
    6.6 Clowns
      Appearance : Thugs dressed up as clowns with big shoes and nose.
      Types :
      - blue suit (10 units) = punches, uses mallet
      - pink suit (10 units) = punches, uses mallet
      - green suit (10 units) = punches, cartwheels at you
      - yellow suit (20 units) = uses mallet, punches, cartwheels
    6.7 Skeletons
      Appearance : bones arranged in the homo sapiens framework...
      Types :
      - white (15 units) = swings bone, punches, jumps up and grabs
      - red (10 units) = punches, throws skulls, kicks and avoids shots
      - silver (20 units) = punches, swings bone
      - luminous green (15 units) = punches, swings bone, throws skulls, 
        leaps and grabs
                     *   \  ________________________  /  *
                      *   \/                        \/  *
                       *** \  7. CUT-SCENE SCRIPTS  /***
                      *   / \______________________/ \  *
                     *   /                            \  *
    You know those comic-book-esque pictures that cut in at certain parts of 
    the game? I decided to put in the text that accompanies the pictures, 
    i.e. what the respective characters are saying. Just for the heck of it 
    anyway ;-)
    At the beginning
    MARY JANE : Hey Peter, I just won some new goldfish at the amusement 
    park, but I forgot to pick up a fishbowl for them.
    PETER : I'll pick one up for you. Hang on a sec...
    (TV newsflash)
    TV REPORTER : ...Reports are coming in of rampant criminal activity 
    around the downtown New York area. Police won't comment of whether these 
    incidents are connected. Trouble has been reported at Pier 54, the 
    Empire Metals Foundry, as well as the massive mob activity downtown. 
    People are being warned to stay indoors.
    (newsflash ends)
    PETER : Mary Jane, something has come up...I gotta go.
    MARY JANE : Alright Peter, just don't forget my fishbowl!
    PETER A.K.A SPIDERMAN : It's gonna be a long night...
    After defeating Hammerhead 1st time
    SPIDEY : This is it, Hammerhead! You've got nowhere to go!
    HAMMERHEAD : Think again, Webface! Get him boys!
    (Spidey gets surrounded by thugs and Hammerhead escapes)
    SPIDEY : Hammerhead's thugs bought him time to escape into that 
    nightclub. I'll track him down soon enough.
    Entering Nightclub
    HOSTAGE : Spiderman! These mobsters are holding other hostages in the 
    Nightclub. I managed to escape, but you've got to save the others!
    After defeating Hammerhead 2nd time
    SPIDEY : So, Flat-Skull...want to tell me what your interest in the 
    Nightclub is?
    HAMMERHEAD : It's a contract job...it was good money, so I didn't ask 
    any questions.
    (Spidey ties him up)
    SPIDEY : Well, I hope you don't mind me looking around. Don't go 
    anywhere now. (Looks into a box) Seems like some sort of laser 
    transmitter inside this crate. Looks a little too hi-tech for 
    Hammerhead's caliber. Who would be using him to move around equipment 
    like this...? I better follow my other leads...
    After defeating Big Wheel
    SPIDEY : Don't I know you? Wait, don't tell me...not the Sinister 
    Six...not with Hydra. That wasn't it either. Who are you again?
    BIG WHEEL : You fool! You think you've outsmarted us, but I did what I 
    was being paid to do.
    SPIDEY : What was that? Roll back and forth until you run out of steam?
    BIG WHEEL : We've distracted you long enough Spiderman. You'll never 
    make it to Chemcorp in time before they fully drain the power core.
    SPIDEY : Draining the power core will cause a meltdown! I'd better get 
    over there fast!
    BIG WHEEL : You're wasting your time Spiderman...HAHAHA!!!
    After defeating Electro
    SPIDEY : So, Electro...why steal electricity from this plant? Couldn't 
    foot the electric bill at home?
    ELECTRO : Fool! I still have enough energy to power up the towers!
    SPIDEY : What towers, Electro? Did you brains get fried?
    ELECTRO : You're the one who's going to be fried, insect.
    (he grabs two sparking wires and ignites an explosion. Spidey barely 
    SPIDEY : Whoa, that was close...no trace of Electro anywhere. I'd better 
    take a look around and make sense of this.
    (looks at a smoking, crumbling tower)
    SPIDEY : So that was the tower Electro was referring to. How does that 
    tie in with the other equipment I found earlier?
    After defeating Rhino
    (Rhino falls into the sea)
    RHINO : Help, Spiderman!
    SPIDEY : That overgrown bully fell into the water. I bet he can't swim. 
    I can't let him drown now, can I?
    (Spidey rips him out of the water by the collar)
    RHINO : Uhmm...where am I? What is this place? Why am I all wet?
    SPIDEY : Hey Rhino, you don't seem like your usually grumpy self. Why 
    were you causing such a ruckus at this pier?
    RHINO : I...I don't know...I was supposed to cause trouble here and keep 
    any cops occupied while a shipment of crates was being moved to the 
    SPIDEY : What was the shipment? Who was moving it to the museum?
    RHINO : I...I don't remember...
    SPIDEY : Well, it looks like I'm going to have to find out for myself...
    Entering the Museum
    SPIDEY : Pesky ninjas, always trying to steal precious artifacts from 
    the museum. Won't you ever learn?
    NINJA : Catch me if you can Spider-Wuss!
    SPIDEY : I'll catch you and the rest of your ninja buddies.
    Recovering the last artifact
    NINJA : Ha ha ha! You've wasted your time hunting us down Spiderman. 
    Scorpion surely has everything set up by now.
    SPIDEY : Scorpion? What's his interest in the museum?
    NINJA : Sorry bugbrain. Why don't you ask him yourself?
    SPIDEY : I think I'll do just that.
    After defeating Scorpion
    SCORPION : You weren't supposed to come here, bugbreath!
    SPIDEY : Let me guess, you were expecting a shipment from the docks?
    SCORPION : I don't know where the shipment was coming from. The deal was 
    that I would set up this hardware and in return I'd be given the 
    technology to get me out of this suit.
    SPIDEY : Well, sorry to disappoint you Gargan, but it looks like you've 
    been taken for a ride. Stay put while I check out what you've got here.
    (Spidey opens a crate)
    SPIDEY : I should've known...Electro's transmission tower, Hammerhead's 
    laser transmitter...and this holographic projector. Looks like they've 
    all been hired to set up various transmitters around the city.
    (Suddenly, holograms appear around the city)
    SPIDEY : Holographic illusions. But I thought I stopped all the 
    transmitters? There must have been one that I missed. There's only one 
    man who could pull off such a scheme...Mysterio! I better find a way to 
    pinpoint his location and put an end to this.
    (In his room, Peter rigs up a tracking device)
    PETER : With this tracking device, I can find the tower that's 
    projecting these illusions. Hmmm...seems like a strong signal coming 
    from the abandoned amusement park outside of town. I'd better go over 
    there and put an end to Mysterio's handiwork.
    After defeating Mysterio
    SPIDEY : Well, Chrome-dome. Looks like there's only one of you now. 
    What's the matter, ran out of pixie-dust?
    MYSTERIO : You think you've defeated me, Spiderman?! Think again!
    (Mysterio disappears)
    SPIDEY : Great. Now I'm left holding your dirty laundry. I should have 
    figured you had an escape route planned. Spider-sense is going haywire! 
    Got to get...
    (There is a mighty blast, and Spidey emerges bruised and bloody)
    SPIDEY : So once again, Mysterio managed to escape somehow. Just my 
    luck. Some day this turned out to be...
    (Soon, Peter is back at home with his girlfriend)
    MARY-JANE : Hey Peter! Thanks for remembering to pick up the fishbowl.
    PETER : Well Mary-Jane, you'll never believe what I went through to get 
                     *   \  ________________________  /  *
                      *   \/                        \/  *
                       *** \     8. LEGAL STUFF     /***
                      *   / \______________________/ \  *
                     *   /                            \  *
    This FAQ is protected by Singapore Copyright Law and is for private and 
    personal use only. No part or whole of this document may be reproduced 
    in any form, written or otherwise. This document is free and may not be 
    used for commercial use, like reproducing in CDs and selling them. This 
    document may not be altered, doctored or referenced in any way without 
    permission from the author (ernestho@magix.com.sg).
    This FAQ was created by me, Ernest Ho (ernestho@magix.com.sg) and All 
    copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not 
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