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    Game Script by dinobotmaximized

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/22/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace
    Game Script Version 1.0
    Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione (dinobotmaximized)
    Email: dinobotmaximized (at) yahoo (dot) com
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. Script
    IV. Credits and Thanks
    V. Legal
    I. Introduction **************************************************************
    In this FAQ I have typed the dialogue and story related text that appears in 
    Spider-Man: Mysterio's Menace for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The text is 
    exactly as it appears in the game except it's not all capitals.
    II. Version History **********************************************************
    1.0 - June 22, 2005
    III. Script ******************************************************************
    *               Opening                   *
    Mary Jane: Hey Peter, I just won some
    new goldfish at the amusement park, but
    I forgot to pick up a fishbowl for them.
    Peter: I'll pick one up for you.
           ... Hang on a sec ...
    TV Reporter: ... Reports are coming in of
    rampant criminal activity around the
    downtown New York area.
    TV Reporter: Police won't commence on
    whether these incidents are connected.
    TV Reporter: Trouble has been reported
    at Pier 54, the Empire Metal Foundry, as
    well as massive mob activity downtown.
    TV Reporter: People are being warned to
    stay indoors.
    Peter: Mary Jane, something has come up
    ... I gotta go.
    Mary Jane: Alright Peter, just don't
    forget my fishbowl!
    Spider-Man: It's gonna be a long night ...
    *               Downtown                  *
    Stop the crime wave in
    downtown Manhattan
    Spidey: This is it, Hammerhead! You've got
    nowhere to go!
    Hammerhead: Think again, webface!
    Get him boys!
    Spidey: Hammerhead's thugs bought him
    time to escape into that nightclub. I'll
    track him down soon enough.
    *              Nightclub                  *
    Track down Hammerhead at
    the nightclub
    Hostage: Spider-Man! These mobsters are
    holding other hostages in the nightclub.
    I managed to escape, but you've got to
    save the others!
    Spidey: So, flat skull ... want to tell me
    what your interest in this nightclub is?
    Hammerhead: It's a contract job ... it
    was good money, so I didn't ask any
    Spidey: Well, I hope you don't mind me
    looking around. Don't go anywhere now.
    Spidey: Seems like some sort of laser
    transmiter inside this crate. Looks a
    little too hi-tech for hammerhead's
    caliber. Who would be using him to move
    around equipment like this ...? I better
    follow my other leads ...
    *               Pier 54                   *
    Investigate the disturbances
    at the docks
    Rhino: Help, Spider-Man!
    Spidey: That overgrown bully fell into
    the water. I bet he can't swim. I can't
    let him frown now, can I?
    Rhino: Umm ... Where am I? What is this
    place? Whay am I all wet?
    Spidey: Hey Rhino, you don't seem like
    your usually grumpy self. Why were you
    causing such a ruckus at this pier?
    Rhino: I ... I don't know ... I was suppossed
    to cause trouble here and keep any cops
    occupied while a shipment of crates was
    being moved to the museum.
    Spidey: What was in the shipment? Who
    was moving it to the museum?
    Rhino: I ... I don't remember ...
    Spidey: Well, it looks like I'm going to
    have to find out for myself ...
    *                Museum                   *
    Uncover the secret behind
    the shipments
    Spidey: Pesky ninjas, always trying to
    steal precious artifacts from the
    museum. Won't you ever learn?
    Ninja: Catch me if you can spider-wuss!
    Spidey: I'll catch you and the rest of
    your ninja buddies.
    Ninja: Ha ha ha. You've wasted your time
    hunting us down Spider-Man. Scorpion
    surely has everything set up by now.
    Spidey: Scorpion? What's his interest in
    the museum?
    Ninja: Sorry bu brain. Why don't you
    ask him yourself?
    Spidey: I think I'll do just that.
    Scorpion: You weren't suppossed to come
    here, bugbreath!
    Spidey: Let me guess, you were expecting
    a shipment from the docks?
    Scorpion: I don't know where the shipment
    was coming from. The deal was that I
    would set up this hardware and in return
    I'd be given the technology to get out
    of this suit.
    Spidey: Well sorry to disappoint you
    Gargan, but it looks like you've been
    taken for a ride. Stay put while I check
    out what you've got here.
    Spidey: Hmmm. Seems like a pophisticated
    holographic projector inside this crate.
    How does that tie in with the other
    equipment I found earlier ...?
    *             Empire Metals               *
    Find out who's behind the
    mayhem at the foundry
    Spidey: Don't I know you? Wait, don't tell
    me ... Not with the Sinister Six ...  Not with
    Hydra. That wasn't it either.
    Who are you again?
    Big Wheel: You fool! You think you've
    outsmarted us, but I did what I was being
    paid to do.
    Spidey: What was that? Roll back and
    forth until you run out of steam?
    Big Wheel: I've distracted you long
    enough Spider-Man. You'll never make it
    over to Chemcorp in time before they
    fully drain the power core.
    Spidey: Draining the power core will
    cause a meltdown!
    I'd better get over there fast!
    Big Wheel: You're wasting your time
    Spider-Man ... Ha ha ha ha
    *                Chemcorp                 *
    Stop the power core from
    shutting down
    Spidey: So, Electro ... Why steal
    electricity from this plant? Couldn't
    foot the electric bill at home?
    Electro: Fool! I still have enough
    energy to power up the towers!
    Spidey: What towers, Electro? Did your
    brains get fried?
    Electro: You're the one who's going to be
    fried, insect.
    Spidey: Whoa, that was close ... No trace
    of Electro anywhere. I'd better take a
    look around and make sense of this.
    Spidey: I should've known ... Hammerhead's
    parts for a laser transmiter, Scorpion's
    holographic projector ... And this
    transmiter tower. Looks like they've
    all been hired to setup various
    transmitters around the city.
    SPidey: Holographic illusions. But I
    thought I stopped all the transmitters
    ...? There must have been one that I
    missed. There's only one man who could
    pull off such a scheme ...
    ... Mysterio! I better find a way to
    pinpoint his location and put an end to
    Spidey: With this tracking device, I can
    find the tower that's projecting these
    Spidey: Hmmm ... Seems like a strong
    signal coming from the abandoned
    amusement park. Outside of town. I'd
    better go over there and put an end to
    Mysterio's handiwork.
    *             Amusement Park              *
    Defeat Mysterio and return
    the city to normal
    Spider-Man: Well chrome dome. Looks like
    there's only one of you now. What's the
    matter, ran out of magic pixie dust?
    Mysterio: You think you've defeated me
    Spider-Man? Think again!
    Spider: Great. Now I'm left holding your
    dirty laundry. I should have figured you
    had an escape route planned.
    Spidey: Spider-sense is going haywire!
    Spidey: got to get ...
    Spidey: So once again, Mysterio managed
    to escape somehow. Just my luck. Some
    day this turned out to be ...
    Mary Jane: Hey Peter! Thanks for
    remembering to pick up the fishbowl.
    Spidey: Well Mary Jane, you'll never
    believe what I went through to get it ...
    IV. Credits and Thanks *******************************************************
    Thank you to GameFAQs for hosting this FAQ.     
    Thank you to IGN for hosting this FAQ.          
    Thank you to Neoseeker for hosting this FAQ.    
    V. Legal *********************************************************************
    This FAQ is Copyright 2005 Chris Castiglione. This may be not be reproduced 
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed 
    on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
    permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
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