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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ZGR115

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/24/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ/Walkthrough by Power Puff Kirby  
    E-mail - tthomihcdinocgt121242142215115@hotmail.com (I'm not kidding) 
    Version 2.0     
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS                           
    1.  Version History  
    2.  Introduction  
    3.  Controls   
    4.  Walkthrough 
          The Castle  
          The Village: Algambiade 
          The City: Merrion 
          The T'soa Airport  
          The Water Kingdom
          The Fire Realm
          The Air Kingdom 
          The Snowy Mountain
          The Elven Woods   
          The Gremlins Machine 
          The Library
          Sia's Palace
          The Fox Lady 
          The Turtle Village 
          The Seaport  
          The T'soa Camp
          The Fortifications 
    5.  Perfect Ratings Walkthrough
          The Castle
          The Village and the City
          The T'soa Airport
          The Water Kingdom   
          The Fire Realm 
          The Air Kingdom  
          The Snowy Mountain 
          The Elven Forest
          The Gremlins Machine (NOT DONE)
          The Library
          Sia's Palace
          The Turtle Village (NOT DONE)
          The Seaport (NOT DONE)
          The T'soa Camp
          The Fortifications
    6.  Secret Levels Walkthrough (NOT DONE)
    7.  FAQs
    8.  Gameshark Codes 
    9.  Tips, Tricks, Secrets, and Glitches
    10. Credits
    11. Copyright info
    I need walkthroughs on the Turtle Village, the Seaport, and the 
    Gremlins Machine for perfect ratings! I also want the "secret areas" 
    for the Elven Forest and the Air Kingdom and all the stages mentions 
    above. Send any of these to tthomihcdinocgt121242142215115@hotmail.com. 
    Thank you!
                            1. Version History  
    2.0 - 11/24/02 - If you think I died, well I didn't. I'm still here. 
                     Added Airport Perfect Rating. Added Secret Areas in
                     Tips section. Put up a Help notice...
    1.9 - 9/29/02 - Did one more level in the perfect ratings, added a FAQ
                    and fixed some more little mistakes.
    1.8 - 9/21/02 - I'll work on this guide on weekends now. In this
                    version, I have completed the main walkthrough and I
                    did some more levels in Perfect Ratings, fixed some
                    more mistakes, added FAQs, and edited introduction.
    1.7 - 9/14/02 - This is a bit late, and that's because of school.
                    Did four more levels in the Perfect Ratings section,
                    fixed some minor mistakes and edited a couple of stuff.
    1.6 - 9/9/02 - Yay! The perfect ratings section is started! But only
                   the Castle level is done... I'll be doing the ratings
                   for now.
    1.5 - 9/8/02 - I am now up to the final boss... But there is still a
                   lot to do: Perfect ratings, secret stages...
    1.4 - 9/5/02 - Geez, I dunno if I can actually call this an update.
                   Only did one more level of the walkthrough since today
                   was the first day of school for me. Be expecting updates
                   like this cuz school ain't gettin any easier...
    1.3 - 9/2/02 - Added a whole bit more of the walkthrough, finishing up
                   the third kingdom and starting the last. Also decided
                   to add a "perfect ratings" section, but that probably
                   won't be soon, because school is starting in a few days.
    1.2 - 8/29/02 - Some more of the walkthrough, added Tips and Tricks
    1.1 - 8/24/02 - Just did a bit more of the walkthrough.
    1.0 - 8/22/02 - Original version. Started the walkthrough, and
                    controls... finished Gameshark codes, Copyright stuff,
                    started introduction.
                             2. Introduction
    Welcome to my FAQ for Lady Sia, a great game for the Gameboy Advance. 
    This is my first FAQ, and I plan to write more in the future.
    Lady Sia - A princess who must... *sigh*... save the world from evil 
    beastmen using her sword and magic. There are 4 kingdoms and 36 levels 
    to get through. This is a side-scrolling anime style action game. It 
    has good replay value, since you would want to earn the secret levels. 
    And you won't have officially beaten this game unless you got a perfect 
    score in all the levels. It's out now, so go buy it.
                                3. Controls
    D-Pad - Move around, climb ladders and ledges, look in different
    A - Jump or confirm in menu.
    B - Attack with sword or hold B to fire.
    R - A different kind of sword attack or hold R to fire.
    L - Hold L and a direction to tip-toe. Use this to get past sleeping
        enemies without them waking up and attacking you.
    D-Pad - Fly in different directions.
    B - Hold to grab enemies in talons.
    A - Jump.
    B - Attack with claw.
    R - Duck.
    L - Hold L and a direction to charge.
    A, Down - A ground pound. Jump, then press down on the D-pad.
                               4. Walkthrough
    When first beginning, you see the intro and a small movie. Press start 
    to skip the whole thing and go on to the playing part.
    There are rankings you get at the end of each level. That's you're 
    score. Getting perfect rankings (100/100) will unlock new stages. There 
    are twenty-five gems and five prisoners in each level. To get a perfect 
    ranking, you must end the level with full health, full ring power, all 
    twenty-five gems, and you must have freed all five prisoners. Each 
    prisoner is worth five points of your ranking, each gem worth one. 
    Note: This walkthrough is not for people who want to beat this game 
    with all perfect rankings. I will only tell you how to get through the 
    stage. Look for the Perfect Ratings section, section 5.
    You start out in a jail. Go right and talk to the shady guy. He tells 
    you to follow him so keep going right. Talk to him again and he tells 
    you to walk by the jail guard quietly using L. Go right while holding L 
    to tip-toe by the fat lazy sleeping thing and halfway up the stairs. If 
    you don't tip-toe, he will wake and start rolling all over you and you 
    might die. Anyway, continue right. Meet up with that guy again and pull 
    the lever like he says. Then drop down and go left. Kill the rat and 
    continue left to get a gem. Head right and talk to the guy, then exit.
    After leaving the jail, go right and kill the big rat guy, then jump on 
    the roof of the little structure. Jump up and get another gem, then 
    drop off the structure. Keep going right and drop down below, 
    collecting two gems and some life. But make sure you do not drop too 
    far right or else you will fall off and die. Start going left after 
    landing. Drop down another platform and continue left. You see that guy 
    again so jump up and talk to him. Jump at the ledge and you will 
    automatically stick your sword in the ledge. Press up to climb the 
    Jump to another platform to the left and the guy tells you to climb the 
    ladder. Climb the next two and run-jump at the ledge to climb up it. 
    Meet the guy again and free the prisoner using B or R. Isn't it funny 
    how you use your sword to free prisoners but it doesn't kill them? 
    Continue jumping to the right, meet up with that guy again and then 
    jump down to the wooden platform below the small, wobbling platform. 
    Make a huge leap to the right of that platform and hold down right on 
    the D-pad. You will land on another platform. Climb the ladder there 
    and use your sword to free another prisoner. Climb back down and stand 
    at the edge of the platform.
    See that little hook that comes down? When you are just below it, jump 
    up and you will automatically hold it. Ride the hook all the way up and 
    when it is safe, press down to drop back on the wooden platform. Jump 
    up to the left and stick your sword in the ledge and climb up. Jump to 
    the wobbly platform and then up to the next wooden one. Jump up to the 
    upper ledge and make a huge leap to the left. Hopefully, you will land 
    on another wobbly platform. Make another leap to the left and try to 
    strike the rat in mid-air. If you miss, land on the bottom part and 
    wait for the rat to come at you, then kill it. After that, jump up and 
    get the gem. Leap back to the right, past the last wobbly platform. Go 
    back up the ledge and kill the big rat.
    Drop down to the right and up the ladder. Jump on the platform and ride 
    it up. Get the gem and jump to the left. Keep heading left, killing the 
    rats and getting the magic gem. Talk to the guy and he tells you how to 
    crawl. Crawl to the left and you see a big rat throwing... pumpkins? 
    Climb the ladder, avoiding the jack-o-lanterns and head left. Kill the 
    other big rat and talk to the shady guy. He tells you to grab on to the 
    hook. (Duh, we already know that) Do so and ride it, collecting a few 
    gems. Get off and get the other gem at the end of the platform, then go 
    down the ladder.
    Head right, killing the enemies. You will see a tornado turning into a 
    "ghost" of yourself. This will fully heal you and save so if you die, 
    this is where you start at. Ride the platform up and go up the ladder. 
    Free the prisoner and head left. That mysterious guy again - he tells 
    you to hold B to fire. Fire to the left to let down the moat. Continue 
    going and ride up the hook. Head left a little and... Ho ho! Huge 
    pumpkins! Run past them, you will get hit by the first one but not 
    anything else. Go up the ladder, kill the rat and head right, up the 
    moving platform. Jump off and keep heading right, past another platform. 
    Kill the rat guy and keep going to reach a heart. Jump to the right, 
    but then back left immediately after you get the heart. Go back left 
    and up the platform you just skipped. At the top, jump right, kill the 
    rat and free the girl. Head back and make a huge leap to the left to 
    stick your sword in the broken wooden bridge.    
    Go left, kill the big rat, collect two magic gems and talk to the shady 
    guy. He tells you that the barrel is explosive. Hold B from a distance 
    to explode the barrel, which blasts off a whole tower. Run across the 
    tower and up two ladders, then free the girl. Go up another ladder and  
    get the gem to the left. Go right, killing rats, getting a magic gem  
    and a heart. Go up the ladder when you reach the end and talk to that  
    guy again. He says that this is where you part and runs off. Jump right, 
    talk to the bird and ride him, and that's the end of that! 
    Fly to the village which is right next to the castle. Sneak past those 
    sleeping bear-like creatures using L. Go all the way right and free the 
    boy. Go back left and jump on those tiny platforms on the windmill. 
    Continue up and collect the gems. Leap to the right into the boat. Wait 
    for it to carry you over the mountains. Get out of the boat and jump 
    down. Tip-toe all the way right, getting three gems, avoiding rolling 
    barrels until you get to a prisoner. Free her and head back left to the 
    well. Go down that well by standing on it and pressing DOWN.
    There are two ways to go in the well - left or right. Right takes you 
    to the end of this stage, while left will get you a better score. I 
    will cover the left part first. If you don't care about your score, 
    skip this paragraph and the next. Take the left path and kill the  
    sleeping bear-creature. Once past the bear, watch out for the green 
    spike that will fall at you from the ceiling. Go near it, then retreat 
    back so the spike won't hit you. Continue left and jump to the rocks 
    above and in front of you. Keep jumping until you get to a low tunnel-
    like cave. Head left, getting a gem. Watch out for another green spike 
    and free the prisoner. Head back and down and drop down from the small 
    Kill the bear and watch out for another spike. Keep going left. Leap at 
    the edge and if you don't make it, you die. Again, watch out for a  
    spike when you land. Continue left and kill the bear. Make a running  
    jump to the small rocks in front of you. Again, if you don't make the  
    jump, you will drown in the water. Continue up the many small rocks,  
    getting gems, until you reach a lever. Pull it, and go left. There is a 
    secret room with two more gems. Now go back to the small islands you 
    climbed to reach the lever. The flat rock on the waterfall will now 
    move. Ride it up, and when the time comes, drop to the right to get 
    three more gems. You can ride it back to the area with windmill and the 
    tiny platforms on it. Make your way back to the well.
    When the bucket goes all the way down, jump off and stick to the right. 
    Go into the passage. Crawl under those crystal spikes above you and 
    watch out for the next green one that falls on you. Kill the bear 
    sleeping. Continue right and wait on the edge and press down to look 
    down. Wait until a whale comes. Jump on the whale (also getting a gem) 
    and ride it across the water. At the end, jump and get the heart but 
    quickly jump to the mainland because the rock with the heart will crack 
    and break. Go right and climb the rocks above you. At the top, continue 
    left through the cave, getting gems, to reach the prisoner. Free him 
    and backtrack, climbing down the rocks. Head right, crawling under the 
    spikes and killing the bear. Got right and get two more gems. At the 
    edge, see that water spray? Jump on it. You will automatically head up 
    and out of the cave. Leap left, getting two more gems. Drop down and 
    continue left, killing bears and getting gems, finally freeing the 
    prisoner. Go back right, killing one more bear and getting the last gem, 
    then go all the way right.
    Done? Actually... No. You arrive in a new area. Just go right to get 
    your sword back! You learn new attacks: BRR, BRB, RBR. Use them to kill 
    the big shield rats. They have shields so when you touch them, they 
    won't hurt you at all, but they take a lot of hits to kill. If you 
    don't get how to use the special sword attacks, just tap R and B 
    repeatedly to kill the shielded rats. Now you are finished.
    Fly to the city of Merrion. Whoa now... Watch out! A HUGE number of 
    enemies - porcupines, rats, shield rats, a big bee... Head allllllll 
    the way right until you get to some water. Jump across the barrels and 
    wood but be careful. If you don't time it correctly, you will get hit 
    by the fish and won't make it to the next platform (and sink). When you 
    get across, heal at the tornado. Continue right and... Uh oh - More 
    pumpkins! There's a shield rat on each side and you're trapped in 
    between. Kill the right shield rat while dodging the pumpkins so you 
    can move on. Climb the platforms on the side of the building when you 
    see it and get the key at the top. Drop back down and you see two big 
    rats - one throws pumpkins and the other puts some kind of curse on you. 
    If you get caught in the curse, tap A rapidly to get out of it. Kill 
    them and continue right. Use the key to unlock the chain so you can 
    pull down the lever. Now you can jump across the water. Kill more rats 
    and - Oh no... Trapped again! Use the same strategy mentioned above and 
    continue on. Kill the rats and free the prisoners. Head right and 
    you're done.
    Get your family ring from the glass case. Now try holding the B 
    button... Huge magic ball, eh?
    NOTE: For a perfect score, keep these in mind:
    1. There are five gems that are above those streetlamps. Jump on top of 
    the streetlamps to reach them.
    2. Scale all of the platforms on the side of the buildings - they have 
    a few gems.
    3. When getting the key, leap left to find a secret, invisible platform. 
    There you can get more gems.
    When you get there, jump right and keep going right. Drop down to the 
    lower platform. Pull the lever to stop the windmill so you won't be 
    blown away. Watch out for the lizard and keep jumping up. Pull the next 
    lever you see on the left to stop the windmill on the right. Before you 
    go on, climb the house next to the windmill you just stopped. Pull the 
    lever at the top. Jump down to the right and continue on past the 
    windmill you just stopped. Go across the wooden path and get on the 
    small moving platform. Leap to the right and free the prisoner. Now get 
    on the bird and fly allllllllll the way right to a tiny piece of land 
    that has a flashing arrow on top of it. Dodge all the other birds 
    flying at you and the bombs that the balloons drop while making the 
    When you land on that land, a whole new area appears. Ride the moving 
    platform down and flip the switch you see to OFF Ride the platform back 
    up and keep on going right, dodging the green lasers. At the edge where 
    you see a chain of three ladders, jump on the second platform from the 
    bottom. Leap to the right, and land on the switch there. Flip the 
    switch to OFF. Leap back left, sticking your sword in the platform. 
    Climb the three ladders mentioned above and flip another switch to the 
    left OFF. That turns off the big green laser to the right. Jump to the 
    balloon on the right and keep going right. Make your way across the big 
    curvy path, dodging fireballs. Drop down below when the curvy path ends 
    and flip the switch to turn off the windmill. After that, go past the 
    windmill on the wooden path and jump to the bird.
    Like before, keep going all the way right and land on the flashing 
    arrow platform, dodging bombs and birds. When you arrive, another area 
    appears like magic. Leap to the right onto the balloon and drop down 
    from there. Just drop down. Go down the ladder, avoid the lasers, and 
    go down another ladder to the right. Pull both levers so that they say 
    OFF. Now climb the ladder on the right. By switching them OFF, the 
    lasers are now flashing. Walk THROUGH the laser losing a little health 
    and climb the ladder. Go right and flip the other lever. That gets the 
    balloon going.
    Ride it to the other platform and ride another moving platform to the 
    ladder. Climb two of them and you will see a balloon that's not moving. 
    Go right, jump past the bombs, and flip the switch to OFF. Now you can 
    ride the balloon you just saw up. Get the gems and the heart. Then 
    climb up on the bird. Finished!
    Hey hey! It's boss time! Well, it's not exactly like a boss, it's too 
    easy... Just head right a little and you will see a rat come out of a 
    hole in the flying machine. Grab that rat immediately by charging at 
    him with the bird and holding B. The rat will end up in your talons, so 
    now release B to drop him. Do this on another two rats that come out, 
    but make sure you grab them when they're walking. When they're not 
    walking, they shoot you with guns. When the three rats are finished, 
    the Pelican comes.
    Don't fight him just yet, get the heart at the bottom.  Be careful of 
    the big laser beam thingy. It only shoots when it is on the screen. So 
    to get past the laser, make sure it is not on the screen and that you 
    are not too close. Then hurry down as fast as you can till you pass it. 
    It needs some time to charge up, and that time will let you pass. 
    Retreat at once all the way up and all the way left. Then fly all the 
    way right and grab the pelican from behind. "Please! Please! Please! I 
    surrender! Leave me alone!" says the pelican after you try to grab him. 
    The cowardly thing won't even fight properly. You end up at the kingdom 
    choice screen. Now a new kingdom has been unlocked!
    Note: When I say "floating islands" I mean that they are floating in 
    the AIR, so get that straight.
    Leap right to the boat and then to land. Kill the shell. Keep going and 
    kill another. Jump to the little floating rock and then down to the 
    boat. Jump to another floating island and keep going. Free the prisoner 
    and jump on the pillars to get 3 gems. Head back down and kill the 
    shell on the lower level. Jump again to another floating rock and then 
    across the tiny, hardly visible islands. Some of the islands sink and 
    come back up so be very cautious. 
    When you get across, kill the shells and "shark warriors" and get to 
    the edge. Ignore the two floating platforms between the pillars for now. 
    Jump to the single floating platform on the edge, to the boat, and then 
    to land. Kill the enemies as quick as possible and get to the top of 
    the "pyramid" to get to the healing tornado. The following paragraph is 
    for the people who want to get a better rating so skip it if you don't 
    care about ratings.
    Jump down to the third ledge from the top and leap to the left to get 
    to a chain of small, floating islands. Kill this special shell that 
    shoots rocks and keep on jumping across the islands, getting gems and 
    freeing a boy, until you are back at the two platforms I told you to 
    ignore. Make your way back to the "pyramid" island and kill the enemies 
    Now from the right edge, leap across the small floating platforms and 
    ride the last one up. Flip the star shaped switch and geyser-like 
    fountains will pop up. Jump across these to reach a ship's frame. Hurry 
    across the ship for it will break under your feet. Finally, you get to 
    a nice, big island like normal. Kill the monsters and at the very right 
    you see a pillar which blocks your way. No problem, just slash at its 
    base and it will tilt and fall.
    Run up the now fallen pillar and jump from island to island. You will 
    arrive at an island that has blue pillars instead of red. This is the 
    final island. Just continue right, killing the creatures to the end. 
    Well, now you have to fight a boss - a huge shark. To beat him, cast 
    three magic balls at his belly. You will know if it hit when a small 
    shock comes up at his belly. Your magic balls have to be just big 
    enough to hit his belly.
    To do this, attack him when he is about to attack you with a small wave. 
    (when he lifts up his trident and his "bellybutton" is flashing) You 
    have to start charging up just as his belly starts flashing. Sometimes 
    he will attack you with a huge wave. You will know when he backs up off 
    the screen. When he does, jump up on the platform above you. But stay 
    to the left of that platform or his trident will hurt you. All the big 
    waves wash up a shell and a magic ring jewel to restore your magic 
    power. So when you run out of magic, stay on the left part of the 
    platform until a wave washes a jewel in. You'll get a combination when 
    you beat him: [LEFT], [UP], [RIGHT], [A] + [B].
    In this stage, you have to watch out for the following:
    Tentacles with spikes that come out the ground
    Thorny vines that hang from the ceiling 
    Falling rocks
    Flames that shoot out of the ground
    Breakable rocks (When you jump on them)
    First, jump to the floating island to the right and jump to the next 
    piece of land that has a tentacle. Get a good jump over the tentacle, 
    but don't take too long because rocks will fall on you. Jump to the 
    small piece of land on the right and time your next jump so you avoid 
    the flame coming out of the ground. Keep jump on the small platforms 
    and leap from the last one so you won't get hurt from the thorny vine. 
    Avoid more falling rocks and tentacles and drop down to the next 
    platforms. These platforms sink and come back up in the lava, so don't 
    loiter on one platform.
    When you get across those, jump on the platform with lava shooting out 
    below it, and then jump immediately to the right platform once you land 
    on the lava platform so you won't get pushed up into the vines. Free 
    the prisoner there and keep jumping upwards and to the right, quickly 
    so you won't fall down when the rock cracks below you. Continue to the 
    right and meet up with this wise-looking tall lizard with a club. I 
    suggest you kill these with magic because they wack you with their club 
    like you were a murderer... Oh, wait, you do murder them. Kill two of 
    these and go on.
    Cross the bridge made up of a huge vine that won't hurt you. Don't jump 
    when you're on the bridge or you will get hurt in the vines overhead. 
    At the end of the big vine bridge, you see a break in the vines 
    overhead. Jump up through this break in the vines and a breakable rock 
    will magically appear under your feet. Jump up again and another rock 
    will appear. Now you can recover your health with the golden heart and 
    free a prisoner. Cross the big vine bridge and kill the tall lizard and 
    You arrive at a place with three breakable rocks below you that all 
    have gems on them. I wouldn't take the chance if I were you, so just 
    jump to the upper-most rock and leap immediately to the other side. 
    Heal at the tornado and jump across more small islands, avoiding the 
    middle rock crumbling and freeing a prisoner. Once across, it seems 
    like you're stuck, with only vines and lava to your right. Jump up the 
    two platforms on this floating island and you will see a stalactite 
    about to fall.
    Jump and strike the stalactite with your sword. It will fall and hit a 
    ledge which will drop down into the lava and float across it. You have 
    to be fast enough to jump on the fallen ledge before it moves on. If 
    you are not fast enough, don't worry. The ledge will come back. When 
    your ride ends, jump to the right and avoid the shooting flames. Head 
    right some more and jump over the tentacle to the next platform. Jump 
    to the next breakable rock island above and to the right of you. Jump 
    again in that direction and kill the chameleon. Now just run right, off 
    the platform you are standing on to the next. If you jump, the thorny 
    vines will get you.
    Keep going right and jump up two platforms above you to free the 
    prisoner. Now jump back down and head right, avoiding the shooting 
    flames. Keep going right.... Boss time again! To kill him, jump from 
    the first platform to the breakable one, then jump quickly and slash 
    the bunch of rocks above him to make them fall and hurt him. Do this 3 
    times to beat him. He hurts you mainly be using an attack that sends 
    waves into the ground. Sometimes he shoots fireballs at you which are 
    pretty hard to dodge. The problem is that almost every time you drop 
    after hitting that bunch of rocks, you end up on of the waves in the 
    ground. When you beat him you get the magic spell.
    Here, watch out for:
    Street lamps that fire fireballs
    Thunderclouds that electrify you
    When you start, jump to the long, curvy path and run to the "temple" on 
    the right so you don't get hit by the thunder or the fireballs. 
    Continue right and ride on of those puffs of air up to the next curvy 
    path. Again, watch out for the fireballs and thunder. Climb down the 
    ladder, then another ladder to the right. Ride the disk to the right 
    and jump on the platform with the switch. Flip it so that the liquid 
    inside the big dome is bubbling. The as quick as you can, ride the disk 
    back, climb the ladder, and wait at the right edge of that platform. 
    The machine will now shoot bubbles because you pulled that lever. When 
    the bubbles come up, jump on one and ride it to the top with three 
    platforms. Now move on and jump to the right, dodging the thundercloud.
    Climb down the ladder and drop down the hole in the middle. The clock 
    here will stop, then two claws come out, swiping you. Quickly free the 
    prisoner on the right and fall down the hole on the right. You will be 
    on a low platform with lots of clouds around you. Jump to the first 
    cloud to the right and KEEP TAPPING A. If you stay on a cloud too long, 
    you won't be able to jump and will eventually fall. So make your way up 
    the clouds, tapping the A button rapidly so the clouds won't "suck you 
    in." At the top, you can save and heal at the tornado. Head right and 
    now you will see a mine cart. Ah, the infamous mine cart ride! The only 
    thing you can do on the cart is duck, but you really shouldn't because 
    there are plenty of jewels to get and if you duck, you might miss them.
    At the end of the mine ride, keep going across the curvy path, dodging 
    fireballs. At the end of the path, jump to the cloud, then jump 
    immediately to the next part. Here, dodge the two spear-like objects 
    that shoot down at you and free the prisoner. Now head back left, again 
    dodging those spears. Climb down the ladder and head right, avoiding 
    more spears. Jump on a puff of air and ride it all the way up. Dodge 
    the thunderclouds and climb down the ladder on the right. Now jump down 
    to where the flashing arrow is pointing and you have to make your way 
    up those bubbles again. Refer to the previous part of this walkthrough 
    if you forgot how to make it up the bubbles.
    Ride the bubble all the way up and free the girl at the top. Climb down 
    the ladder and drop down to the curvy path. Make your way right and get 
    on the bird. Now you have to race someone. To race them, tap A REALLY 
    QUICKLY. Then you will move on to the next part. She will throw 
    fireballs at you. Dodge them and continue tapping A. Next she will 
    summon some thunderclouds, so dodge them also. After that, keep tapping 
    A and the race will end. You will then get another code.
    Watch out for:
    The snowmen in the background that has ears - those are rabbits that 
    jump at you when you pass them
    Icicles that fall on you
    Snow that falls on you
    Spikes on the ground
    Go right, killing the rabbits that hide in the snowmen. Cross the 
    bridge and climb the net. Leap to the right to the small pillar of ice. 
    Drop down and jump over the spikes to free the boy and get some gems. 
    Jump back over them and continue right. Kill the penguin and watch out 
    for icicles as you climb the net. The bridge of snow breaks as you walk 
    over it so just run quickly across it. Jump on the floating ice island, 
    then the ice pillar. From there, jump to the small ice platforms on 
    your right and keep jumping across those. If you take the lower path 
    instead of the platforms, an avalanche will hit you. At the top, kill 
    the penguin so the platform lowers. Now you can reach the tornado.
    Continue right and kill another penguin. Jump on the moving wooden 
    platforms and keep heading up and across the ice islands. If you don't, 
    you'll be hit by another avalanche. Cross the wooden bridge and kill 
    the rabbit. Climb the ladder on the right to free the boy and jump off 
    the left for a gem. Now head past the ladder you just climbed. Look 
    down and you will see some ground with spikes. Jump off the ledge that 
    you are on now to the piece of land with the spikes, but land to the 
    left so that you don't get hurt by the spikes. Head left and drop from 
    the ledge once again, but stick to the right as you fall to get two 
    When you hit land, you'll see a big pile of snow to the left. Go in it 
    and slash it to free a hidden prisoner and get a heart. Run right and a 
    giant snowball will pop out of nowhere and start rolling down the hill, 
    so hurry up and run ahead of the big rolling snowball. Jump over the 
    spikes when you have to, and jump on the mushroom-shaped island of snow. 
    After the snowball rolls all the way down, jump down to get the gem. 
    Jump back on the mushroom island, then on the moving platform. Ride it 
    up to get to more mushroom-platforms. Get the heart on the left if you 
    want to, if not, just jump to the tiny ice islands to the right. Free 
    the prisoner and watch out for the penguin throwing snowballs. Kill it 
    and go past where it was to finish.
    Boss time again! You will transform into a beast and will have to fight 
    the giant walrus on a thin bridge of snow. It will attack you by 
    pushing you. Push back by tapping A rapidly. He will also throw 
    snowballs at you. Jump around to dodge these. You have to pound the 
    bridge to loosen it enough so that when the walrus tries to push you to 
    the other side, the bridge will crack under his weight and he will fall 
    down the hole. To pound the bridge, jump with A, then press down on the 
    D-pad. Pound it four to five times to loosen it. The walrus always 
    stays on one side and won't go across the bridge unless you are close 
    enough to push, so on the last pound, make sure you land on the same 
    side of the bridge as the walrus so he will back away to the other side. 
    When he is defeated, you have access to a new kingdom...
    Go right, kill the rabbit, and jump up onto the big tree root. Ride the 
    flying wooden platform to the next ledge. Kill the lizard on the right. 
    Leap to the left and get the gem. Leap to the left again and free the 
    elf or magician or whatever it is. Leap once more to the left to get 
    the ring gem. Then go right and ride the flying wooden platform again 
    to the ledge where you killed the lizard. Climb the ladder to the next 
    ledge. On the right, you see a bucket that drops some kind of gray goo. 
    This goo will knock you through the bottom of the platform you're 
    standing on. In this case, if it knocks you off, you will fall in the 
    water and drown. So keep to the right side of this platform to avoid 
    the goo. Leap to the right to get a heart and gem, but watch out for 
    the apples that someone throws out at you.
    Immediately jump to the right again and drop down the platform. You 
    will land on solid ground. Kill the rabbit and climb the ladder to the 
    higher platform and free the prisoner. Slash at the big head that 
    "barfs" out porcupines to kill it. Head right. Jump up the strange red 
    "leaves" to the upper ledge. Watch out for more apple throwing and ride 
    the moving platform to the right. Kill the lizard and continue leaping 
    to the right across three platforms till you get to a large wooden 
    platform. It seems like there's no way to go but to drop down, but that 
    is wrong. Just run to the right across an invisible platform to get to 
    free another prisoner. Drop down to the right from there to land on a 
    wooden platform in the water.
    Jump right, kill the enemies and save/heal at the tornado. Jump up to 
    the upper ledges and ride the moving platform up. Jump to the right, 
    avoiding apples. Jump to the right again, avoiding the gray goo. Ride 
    the moving platform down to free a prisoner on the small island in the 
    water. Ride it back up and leap to the right and avoid more apples. 
    Leap to the right again to drop back on solid ground. Kill the enemies 
    and climb the ladder. Slash the flashing button to activate the tiny 
    islands in the water. Head right. Now you can jump on those small 
    islands because they now rise up. Be careful though, for they drop very 
    quickly. Jump across those moving islands to the other side.
    Ride up the first moving platform you see to get two gems. Drop back 
    down. Go right, killing the enemies, and jump up onto the big tree root. 
    Ride the horizontally moving platform to then next small platform. Be 
    very careful of the giant snail with tentacles that try to swipe you 
    off the platform into the water. Free the elf and quickly jump across 
    the platforms to the right back to solid ground. Continue right, kill 
    all those enemies. Keep going right, across those plants that try to 
    eat you and drain your health. Just tap A rapidly to get past them. 
    Once past those three plants, you are done.
    Go right and cross the moving pillars carefully, for there are spikes 
    on the floor. Go further right and you will see some cages. An infinite 
    number of rabbits drop down and you have to trap them in the two cages 
    using the levers. When the rabbit is standing right under the cage, 
    pull the lever to trap it. This is really annoying and could take some 
    practice. Once the two rabbits are trapped, the door will open, 
    allowing you to continue right. The door will close behind you and you 
    will see some color-coordinated buttons. These are for a combination 
    later. Ignore these and just go on. Find the three levers among the 
    platforms and gears. Flip each of them once to open the next door. Now 
    you will see the correct combination for those buttons you past. Jump 
    around the buttons in the order of blue, yellow, red, and green to open 
    the next door.
    Here, you see another lever. Flip it. It won't open the door, but it 
    will start the wheel you passed in the previous room. Go there, and you 
    see that the wheel is now spinning. Jump on it to grab it. Release it 
    by pressing A again. Time the release correctly so you get to a tiny 
    ledge with a narrow black ladder. Climb it up to the next floor. Go 
    left and across the small platforms to free a boy, but be careful not 
    to fall off, or you will die. Jump back right and climb the next black 
    ladder. Save and heal at the tornado, then keep climbing. There's an 
    explosive barrel, but you can't explode it with magic so slash at it 
    twice to bomb the huge robot to the left blocking your way. Now you can 
    jump across to get to the old mine cart ride. This is not so easy now. 
    You have to jump across the gaps along WITH the cart. If you don't jump 
    with the cart, you will fall out of it and die. So, basically, when 
    approaching a gap, press A. You will have to do this twice, once over a 
    gap, and another time when the ride ends and the cart just falls off.
    When you get to a safe platform, jump to the left and jump immediately 
    to the left again and slash at the 10-ton weight. The weight will drop, 
    causing the platform on a rope to rise. Ride it up and jump to the 
    right. Now you come to a chain of small breakable ledges. You can 
    literally run right across them, but I wouldn't risk it. Just jump 
    across them. Kill the rabbits and free the boy. Go the right for a gem 
    and a magic jewel if you want, then come back and climb the black 
    ladder. Go on both sides and flip both switches to activate a moving 
    platform that will take you to the end.
    Go right and jump over the gap. A weasel-like creature will charge at 
    you, then pant, then charge at you again. Kill it while it's panting. 
    Continue right, jumping over more gaps and killing more weasels. You 
    will meet up with a spider. Slash it, and then jump on it to get a 
    boost to the staircase above you. Kill the weasel throwing books and 
    continue right. You see a book that shines. Go up to it and press UP 
    and magically, a platform appears. Ride it to the spider webs. The webs 
    act like trampolines, so jump from one to the next all the way to the 
    left. Kill another charging weasel and go all the way left to get a key 
    and a gem. Climb the ladder you passed and free the boy. Keep climbing 
    the steps and unlock the piece of wood to reveal a book. Press UP at it 
    to turn the pages and a bridge of magic dust or something forms so you 
    can keep going right.
    Drop down from the ledge to the platform with all the tiny spiders. Go 
    right, get the gems and kill the rats. Go up the stairs to the tornado. 
    From there, leap to the right to get to the huge staircase on the wall. 
    Avoid the weasel dumping books on you and climb the ladders. Go across 
    the small platforms, but be careful of the last one; it tilts sometimes 
    to knock you over. Continue left and ride the moving platforms up, 
    being careful of the "spider warriors." Keep going left, past the 
    charging weasel and go up the ladders. Jump left to reach more spider-
    web trampolines. Bounce up the first one to the next one and from there, 
    drop to the left to get a key. Now go up the ladders and trampolines 
    again and this time, bounce from the upper web to the staircase on the 
    right. Unlock the block and flip the book's pages to complete this 
    Go right and knock the wolf-like warrior down the steps. Do the same 
    for the next one. Head down the stairs, then drop down and down more 
    stairs, to the left and across the water, avoiding the fish jumping up. 
    Keep going left, killing the enemies to reach a lever. Pull it. Go back 
    across the water and go up the stairs to the right. Kill some more 
    enemies, heading right. Go through the big mouth of the statue to get 
    to the REAL palace. There's just a lot of monsters here, no explanation 
    needed. Just head right, killing tons of monsters. A very simple level.
    NOTE: If you keep getting ratings of 98 on this level here's what 
    you're probably missing: Just before the tornado, at the border of the 
    grass and the floor of the palace, there are some invisible platforms 
    above you. Jump up and up and when you can't jump up any further, run 
    right to get the gems.
    A big boss here, so you transform into Beast-Sia, like the battle with 
    the walrus. The Fox Lady always stays above you, so you can't hit her. 
    She will move up when you jump. She attacks you with energy balls from 
    her hands (just jump around to dodge these), then summons foxes to 
    attack you from the side (jump over these), then attacks you with a 
    spinning-tornado attack. Then the cycle repeats... You have to attack 
    her with the B button when she is in her tornado attack. Do this five 
    times to beat her.
    You will need to free three turtles by pulling specific levers before 
    you can finish this level. First, go right and jump up those pillars. 
    See that big turtle with the mace? You can only kill those with a fully 
    charged magic ball. Anyway, climb the pillars and jump right to turtle 
    shell roof. Jump right again to more pillars and keep jumping right, 
    across the rooftops, freeing a boy and killing a turtle using magic. 
    After killing the turtle, jump right to the balcony on the building. 
    Press UP to go into the building. Inside, you can get a gem and free a 
    girl. Now go back out by standing at the door to the balcony and 
    pressing UP again. Outside, jump right and climb down the ladder to 
    save/heal. Go back up the ladder, all the way up and kill the turtle. 
    Go past him and flip the switch. Now go all the way right, leaping off 
    the building, onto another turtle shell roof.
    Run right and drop down from there, and then kill the turtle on the 
    right. Past him is lever number two. Head back left, crawling under the 
    turtle that's on the balcony. Go back to the tornado. Climb down the 
    ladder from there and go up the steps. Leap right to a ledge with a 
    lever. This doesn't free a turtle, but pull it anyway. Now that big 
    crate will move back and forth. When it comes back to you, jump on it. 
    Ride it all the way right, then move onto the next one. Ride that one 
    all the way over, then jump on the ledges sticking out from the windows 
    in the building. Jump across the next two crates to another turtle 
    shell roof. Jump up the pillars on the right to a turtle standing on 
    the upper turtle shell roof. Kill it, then pull the lever past it. 
    That's all the levers, now drop down from the pillars and just walk 
    right to finish.
    See that rope ladder to the left when you start? Jump there and climb 
    it. At to top, quickly make your way across those small platforms on 
    the side of the buildings so you don't get hit by the big cannonballs. 
    Cross the "plank" and continue across more small platforms. There are 
    two wooden boards: one on top and one lower. Leap off either one to the 
    right to land in another area with cannons and a rope ladder. Make your 
    way across more small platforms and a plank with a rock hanging from it. 
    Jump across the upper small platforms and you come to a wooden board. 
    Just jump right from that board and keep running across an invisible 
    bridge. Free a boy and keep running. When you run off the invisible 
    bridge, you should land in an area with small platforms above you. If 
    you landed on a small platform, jump off it.
    There should be a cannon right next to you. Head right, up the stairs, 
    and drop down to the right. Kill the shark warrior and keep going right. 
    Jump across the small platform, avoiding two archers above you. Head 
    down the stairs, and when you see a small platform above you with two 
    staircases, jump on it. Quickly, though, for cannonballs will be shot 
    at you from the right. Head for the left staircase. Avoiding plenty of 
    archers and cannons, head all the way up, up many sets of staircases. 
    After all those stairs, go right, across some more of those small 
    platforms. At the end of the wooden board on the right, descend the 
    rope ladder, or better, just jump off the side, staying close to the 
    ladder. Kill the porcupines and drop down to the right. Go inside that 
    wooden submarine by using the hole. Press down to enter. Beat this 
    shark by running up to it quickly and slashing it three times.
    Very straightforward level, no walkthrough needed. Like the third stage 
    (the city) and Sia's Palace, this is just mainly enemies. Keep these in 
    mind when getting a perfect rating:
    1. Always jump on the explosives to get a boost upwards. Sometimes, a 
    gem can be found way up there.
    2. Always destroy the barrels, even the barrels with stone-throwing 
    vultures. They may reveal a secret gem.
    3. When you come to the vulture throwing stones at you from a catapult, 
    go right, then come back left. See that monkey throwing explosives? 
    Make him throw some at the catapult's base. Underneath it is a gem. 
    There are two of these in this level.
    With these tips, there is no way you can't get a perfect on this level.
    You are automatically catapulted up and into the fort. There is nothing 
    you can do here. Go right, kill the archer, and drop down. Go left and 
    free the boy. Jump on the catapult to the right while holding RIGHT to 
    get your first gem. Continue right. Don't try to jump over that boiling 
    cauldron. It'll be an automatic kill. Instead, just fire a small magic 
    ball at it or just slash at it. The cauldron will tip over and kill the 
    monkey. Jump over the cauldron and pass it. Free the girl and go back 
    to the cauldron. Ride it up, then get the two gems above you. Now jump 
    right, to the ledge. Drop down from there and kill the archer. Continue 
    right. Don't just drop down from that ledge. Drop to the RIGHT and kill 
    the archer. See that little board that holds gems and a heart? That 
    will break once you set foot on it and you will drop down into the trap 
    of spikes. So jump over it and climb down the ladder instead. Kill the 
    monkey and head left and flip the lever. That will get rid of those 
    Go left, past the trap, and kill the rabbits. Go all the way right and 
    free the girl. Now ride the wooden board you just passed up and climb 
    to the next ledge. Now jump up again and climb to the top of the wall. 
    Pull the lever and jump right to grab the hook. Ride it all the way 
    right, then you can release. Don't go down the ladder just yet. Make a 
    running jump to the right to get to a secret room with three gems and a 
    boy to free. Go back and now climb down the ladder. Go left and pull 
    the lever. Go all the way right and ride the moving platform up. Go 
    left, avoiding the obstacles. Push the big wolf guy off the edge to 
    kill him and save at the tornado. Keep going left, avoiding more 
    obstacles. When you come to a catapult, jump on it and make sure you 
    land on one of the upper platforms. Ride to one on the left to get some 
    more gems. Go back down and kill the archer on the floating platform. 
    Go right, but watch out for those wooden bridge traps again. Ride the 
    platform up at the end and jump up. Go to the left to get more gems. 
    Now go back right and drop down. Ride the platform right, then kill 
    that wolf guy. Make your way right, across moving platforms to get to a 
    hole to finish.
    Ahh, the final boss. Of course, this won't be easy. First of all, watch 
    out for the spikes on either side of the room. If you run into these, 
    you'll automatically die. After a while, Onimen will throw some kind of 
    magic ball at you that shrinks you. Don't try to avoid this because you 
    can't do so. After shrinking, rats will pop out of the doors on the 
    side pillars. Kill these quickly, before they get a chance to hit you. 
    When you kill all six, move to the middle, right under Onimen so you 
    won't get hit by the big stone that will fall down. Now go to whichever 
    side the stone fell on, near the spikes. Charge into the large stone 
    using L to knock it into the space right under Onimen, which will press 
    the button that will prevent the force field that he always makes when 
    you try to attack him. Now you can jump up and hit Onimen with B. Now 
    he will float around up in the air, tossing shadow balls at you that 
    spread across the floor a bit when it hits it. Try your best to avoid 
    these. After this, he will return to his platform and the process will 
    repeat. Hit him five times to beat him. Congratulations! You beat... 
    the first part. Now to get all the perfects and beat the secret stages 
    as well...!
                             5. Perfect Ratings
    As I said before, the rankings are based on four things: Gems, 
    Prisoners, Health, and Ring Power. This walkthrough only tells how to 
    get all the gems and prisoners. Getting full health and ring power is 
    up to you. NOTE: Any missing level in this walkthrough means that I 
    have not yet gotten a perfect ranking on it.
    Inside the jail, go right, pull the lever, drop down, and go left for 
    the first gem. Now get out of the jail. Jump on top of the roof of the 
    first "shack" to get the second gem. Drop back down, then drop to the 
    right to get 2 more gems. Go left and up the two ladders. Climb the 
    next ledge for the fifth gem and free the first prisoner. Drop from 
    there and go right for the sixth gem. Drop down again to the right, 
    then on the wobbly platform is a gem. Drop down to the left from there 
    and ride the hook down. 
    ****SECRET AREA**** Drop down from the hook in the middle of the trip 
    to get on another wobbly platform and another gem. Leap from there to 
    the right for the ninth gem. Climb the very long ladder and free 
    prisoner number two. ****SECRET AREA****
     Go back to that first wobbly platform. From there, go to the right and 
    get the tenth gem. Go up to the next platform and leap left to another 
    wobbly platform. Leap left again to get to a place with two gems for a 
    total of twelve. Leap back right to the wobbly platform and right again 
    and continue right. Ride the platform up and get another gem there. Go 
    all the way left and kill the guy throwing pumpkins. Jump right from 
    there to get the next gem. Now go past the pumpkin area. Pass that hook. 
    See that gem on the bottom, below and to the left of the hook? Drop 
    down there. You'll get another two gems. Make your way allllllllll the 
    way back to that last hook you skipped. Ride it up to get two more gems. 
    You should have 18 gems now. Go right, down the ladder, and you see 
    that structure with moss on its roof? Jump above it to get gem #19. Go 
    right and ride the platform up. Climb the ladder and free prisoner #3. 
    Go all the way left and ride the next hook. Go past the pumpkins, climb 
    the ladder, and go right. Jump up when on the thin bridge to get a gem. 
    Now ride the platform up. Go right and ride another platform. Go to the 
    right. Free the next prisoner, and jump to the right when the platform 
    comes down. Ride it up to get gem #21. Go back to where the last 
    prisoner was. From there, just drop down to the right. You'll fall 
    allllll the way down, getting a heart and a gem. Make your way back to 
    that last prisoner. Go left, and leap to that broken wooden bridge. 
    Keep going left and when you get to the explosives, jump on them. 
    You'll be boosted way up and on the right you can get the next gem. Go 
    left, climb the ladders while freeing the last prisoner, and at the top, 
    get the next gem. Go right and when you see the last gem below you, 
    drop down to the wobbly platform to get it. Go back up and go right. 
    Get on the bird to finish!
    The main walkthrough will also explain how to get perfects on these 
    levels. Look there.
    (thanks Cheryl and krankorx)
    Start off by going along the rooftops and jumping onto a balloon. Make 
    your way right, across some small platforms and another balloon, 
    getting your first 2 gems. Ride the balloon that moves diagonally down 
    and flip the switch there. Go back to the starting place and from there, 
    move downward and get the third gem there. Go right, hit the switch and 
    go past the windmill. On the bottom platform with the lizard, go all 
    the way right. Hop onto the moving platform there. Ride it midway and 
    get the fourth gem. Ride it back down. From the lizard platform, make 
    your way up and flip the switch to the left. Go right until you get to 
    the gray curvy path. At the beginning of the path there should be a 
    balloon that comes down. Ride it up and get the 5th gem up there. Drop 
    back down. Go onto the wooden path below the curvy one and go to the 
    right. Ride the small moving platform down and get the 6th gem there. 
    Leap right and free the boy. Get onto the bird and travel to the small 
    piece of land, getting 2 gems on the way for 8 total. Go right, onto 
    the moving platform. Turn the switch you see to OFF and go right, 
    getting a gem. Go right until you get to the place with 3 ladders. Leap 
    right and flip the second switch there. No go back and climb up the 
    three ladders. Now go left until you get the tenth gem. Go back right 
    and flip the final switch to OFF. Now head right and free the boy. 
    Continue right, across the curvy path until you get to a gap. Drop down, 
    but stick to the right. Get your next gem there. Go right and flip the 
    windmill switch and go up to free the prisoner. Now go ALL the way back 
    left and keep going left and get the 12th gem. Head back to the gap in 
    the curvy path. Now DROP DOWN. JUST DROP DOWN. YES, DO IT! TRUST ME! 
    And whammo, you land on a small piece of land with a red tree and the 
    next prisoner! Free her and ride the balloon back up.  Now safely back 
    on good solid land, get the next gem, gem 13, right there. Ride the 
    next balloon up. Go left. Hop onto the rooftops and grab your 14th gem. 
    Go right and hop on the bird. Remember to look for two gems before 
    landing on the small island with the arrow. Leap right when you land on 
    the island. Climb down ladders until you get to the two switches next 
    to each other. Go right for the next gem, then go back and flip both 
    switches. Go left and free the last prisoner. Go up the first ladder to 
    the right of the two switches and go through the laser, getting hurt. 
    Climb the ladder you come to. Move right and flip the switch that 
    starts the balloon. Ride it to the 18th gem. Ride the next moving 
    platform to get the 19th. Now go up the ladder. Go right and then go 
    left for 2 more gems, making 21. climb the next ladder. Go left for 22. 
    Go right and hit the switch. Go back to the middle and ride the balloon 
    up. Get the last gems and hop onto the bird.
    Start off by jumping right, onto the boat, then right again and you 
    will get two gems. Keep heading right, and when you get to a prisoner, 
    free him. Jump right, onto the pillar and keep jump across the pillars 
    to the left. Then drop down to the tiny floating island next to the 
    boat for two more gems. Now you should have 7. Continue right, across 
    the small islands in the water for two more gems. On the next main 
    island, you see the two small platforms in between the two pillars. 
    Ignore them for now. Keep heading right, into a boat, getting another 
    gem. From the boat, stick your sword into the next main island to get 
    the eleventh gem. Go right and up the "pyramid" of ledges to get two 
    more gems and save at the tornado. Two ledges below the tornado, make a 
    leap to the left. Keep going left, across these small floating islands 
    to get three more gems and free one more prisoner. Make your way back 
    to the tornado and the pyramid. Head right, jumping across the 
    platforms, also getting a gem, and up a moving platform, getting 
    another gem. Now you should have 18 gems and 2 prisoners. Jump right to 
    the star-shaped lever. Pull it. Don't go across the water-sprays just 
    yet. Look below you and you'll see another prisoner. Drop down and free 
    her. Now go to the first water-spray. Look up and you'll see a diamond. 
    Get it while jumping to the second water-spray. From the second spray, 
    leap right, to the small floating island. Jump right again, to get the 
    twentieth gem. Run across the ship skeleton to the next main island. 
    Here, free your fourth prisoner. Slash at the big pillar to the right a 
    couple of times to make it fall so you can get across. Cross the pillar, 
    getting a gem, and jump from the tip of the pillar, getting another. 
    From there, jump to the right to get the twenty-third gem. Heads right 
    till you get to the last prisoner. Free her, and go back left to the 
    stairs. From the top of the stairs, leap left to climb onto the big 
    blue pillar. Jump to the other pillars to the left to get the final two 
    gems. Go all the way right and finish.
    Jump to the right, getting your first gem. Go right until you come to 
    the platform with the flame shooting from the ground. Jump up to get 
    the second gem. Keep going right, and over the thorn for two more gems. 
    Go right and across the platforms that sink into the lava for another 
    two gems. Continue right, and jump on the platform with shooting lava 
    underneath it. Free the boy. Jump to the breakable rock on the right, 
    and then stick your sword into the next ledge. Drop down from that 
    ledge, holding right on your D-pad for three gems as you fall. Now you 
    should have 9. Jump right, onto the moving platform. Get the tenth gem 
    above you, then jump right and kill the lizard with the club. Free the 
    second prisoner and get two more gems. Go back to the platform with 
    lava underneath. Go right, this time, taking the upper path. Kill the 
    lizards and get two gems. Go right, onto the big thorn bridge. At the 
    end of the bridge, you see an opening in the vines above you. Jump 
    through that opening to reveal invisible rocks that'll break. Free the 
    prisoner on the right and get the fifteenth gem right above him. Drop 
    down to the right to get the next gem. Go right. You see three 
    breakable rocks each with a gem on them. This is what they look like:
      _1_      First, jump to rock 1. When it breaks, land on rock 2.
         _3_   Immediately jump to rock 3 and then to the mainland on the 
      _2_      right. This way, you'll get all three gems. Now you should 
    have 19 gems. Save at the tornado. Go right and free the girl. Jump 
    right again. Jump on top of the platforms to get two gems. Then drop 
    down and get the gem off the edge. Go back up the platforms and cut off 
    the dangling stalactite. Ride the moving platform right, getting 
    another gem. Jump to the right and get the twenty-fourth gem. Go right, 
    past the tentacle, and up the floating rocks. At the top, you'll get 
    your last gem. Drop down below and go up the next few platforms to free 
    the last prisoner. Drop down, go right, and finish.
    Jump right, getting two gems. Go right and ride the puffs of air up to 
    get two more gems. Go right some more and drop down the edge for 
    another two gems. Free the girl next to you. Go right and down the 
    ladder. Ride the disk right, pull the lever, come back, climb the 
    ladder, and leap to a bubble to the right. While leaping, you should 
    get the next gem. Ride the bubbles all the way up and then leap right. 
    Climb down the ladder and drop down. Go right and free the boy. Drop 
    down the hole and go up those clouds, getting three more gems. Ride the 
    mine cart, and be sure not to duck or else you'll miss some of the gems. 
    You should now have 18. Go right and get the gem above the cloud. Jump 
    right and make your way right. Free the girl there. Go back left and 
    climb down the ladder. Go right and ride the puffs of air all the way 
    up. On that top platform, get the two gems. Climb down the ladder on 
    the right and drop down to where the arrow points. Do the thing with 
    the bubbles again, this time getting two gems riding the bubbles. You 
    may need to do this twice or more to get all of the gems. Ride the 
    bubbles all the way up and free the girl. Run right, going off the edge. 
    Go right and get the gems and free the last prisoner. Jump on the bird 
    to finish.
    Go right and get two gems. Cross the bridge then go right. Go up the 
    net-ladder and jump off the left to get the third gem. Run right and 
    leap to get two gems and free the boy. Go right and kill the penguin. 
    Leap right to get two more gems. Go up the net-ladder and above the 
    ice-bridge is the eighth gem. Climb back down the net and leap where 
    the arrow points to reach a cave. Kill the rabbit, free the prisoner 
    and get the three gems. Go left and ride the platform that has 
    magically appeared. Climb back up the net and jump on the ice platform. 
    Jump right to the arrow. Drop down but then immediately jump back up so 
    the avalanche won't hit you. Now you can go down and get the two gems. 
    Jump up and kill the penguin. Jump across the wooden board and get the 
    next gem, the fourteenth. Go right, past the tornado and get the 
    fifteenth gem. Go right and kill the penguin. Go right, drop down and 
    get back up to avoid the avalanche. Now go down where the avalanche was 
    and get the gems. Go back down the hill and ride the wooden platform up. 
    Jump up to get two more gems for a total of 19. Ride the next platform 
    up and go across the small ice islands. Cross the bridge and kill the 
    rabbit. Climb the net on the right and free the boy, then jump left to 
    get the twentieth gem. Drop down to the right but watch out for the 
    spikes on the ground. Drop down to the left this time, but be careful. 
    To get a perfect, you'll need to drop down so you can get the two gems 
    while falling. If you miss them, you'll have to restart this level. The 
    best way to do this is to stand at the very edge and look down. That's 
    where you should aim your fall. Fall and get the two gems. You might 
    notice something moving in that pile of snow after you fall. It's the 
    fourth prisoner. Free him and go right. Run in front of the big 
    snowball, dodging the spikes. Jump onto the mushroom-shaped ice 
    platform. When it's safe, drop down and get the gem and get back up. 
    Now you should have 23 gems and 4 prisoners. Ride the wooden platform 
    up to the next mushroom-platform with the 24th gem. Leap to the left 
    and then to the right to reach the last prisoner. Free him and get the 
    last gem right above him. Go right and kill the penguin to finish.
    Here, there are two main passages, the ground and the canopy. You'll 
    need to explore both to get all the gems. First, go right, along the 
    root to get the first gem. Ride the moving platform up, jump up to the 
    left, and free the elf on the left. Go right, and kill the lizard. 
    Climb the ladder and drop down to the right, then continue right, past 
    the goo-pot and up to where the apples are thrown. Now you should have 
    five gems. Leap right from the apple throwing platform and up again to 
    get the sixth gem which is on a platform where goo drips down. Get the 
    gem and let the goo drop you down to the ground. Get the seventh gem to 
    the left. Go right, climb the ladder and free your second prisoner. Go 
    right and climb the leaves of the tree quickly. Jump to the platform to 
    the left and get the next gem there. Drop back down right and keep 
    going right across the platform. Kill the lizard and leap to the next 
    two platforms, each with a gem. Drop down from there and go down the 
    ladder. At the left edge there, get the eleventh gem. Go down the 
    platform and get the gem at the tip of the root. Go right, get the gem 
    on the raised ground and go back left, up the platform. Climb up the 
    ladder and from there, leap right. Go right some more and go OFF THE 
    EDGE of the platform to reveal an invisible bridge. Go right, getting 
    the gem on the way, and free the prisoner at the end. Drop down to the 
    right, but don't move much. Get the fifteenth gem on the wooden 
    platform in the water and go right. Go up the small piece of raised 
    land above the tornado and up the moving platform. Head right, avoiding 
    apples. Drop from there and get the next gem. Past the goo, there is a 
    moving platform below you. Ride it down and free the fourth prisoner. 
    Ride the platform up and leap right. Avoid more apples, and leap right 
    some more to get to solid ground. Go up the ladder, kill the lizard and 
    get the gem. Slash at the shiny jewel and drop down. Go right and jump 
    onto the first pillar. As it slowly raises, jump up and get onto the 
    small platform with the eighteenth gem. Leap right to get onto a 
    platform. Continue right, and between the platforms is another gem. 
    Drop down to get it. Ride the moving platform up and get the gem at the 
    top of the "hill". Go right, across the root, and ride the platform. Go 
    carefully across the platform, freeing a prisoner, and watching out for 
    the tentacles of the giant snail below you. Jump right, onto the 
    hovering platform. Jump right again and leap right, reaching a small 
    platform with a gem and a ring jewel. That makes 21. Drop down to the 
    right and keep going right until you reach some more of those red 
    "leaves" growing from the trees. Jump up those. Go left and climb the 
    ladder for the twenty-second gem. Now drop back down. Go right, across 
    those big plants that try to eat you. There will be two gems. Go right 
    some more and you'll see another tree. Climb those leaves to get to a 
    platform with the last gem. Drop down and go right.
    Go all the way right until you come to the spider. Pass it and get the 
    gem at the end. Now get a boost from the spider and go up the stairs. 
    Go right and flip the book's pages. Ride the new platform to the webs. 
    Bounce from the first web to the next, getting two gems. Bounce right 
    until you get to the wooden floor. Climb the ladder and go right, 
    freeing the boy. See that carpet? Step on it for a while to get the 
    fourth gem under it. Make your way back to where you were. Now go past 
    the ripped rug and leap right to get the next gem. Hopefully, you'll 
    land on a web. Go left to the wooden floor and go all the way left for 
    the key and another gem. Go right and climb that ladder. Jump past the 
    rug and unlock the wooden box. Flip the pages and ride across. Drop to 
    the right and keep going right, getting two gems along the way. Climb 
    the stairs to the tornado. Leap to the staircase to the right, get the 
    two gems there, and go back to the tornado. This time, just drop down 
    to the right where, that big pile of books is. Free the prisoner and 
    keep heading right. Ride the spider up and go THROUGH THE WALL to a 
    tiny ledge. Don't worry; there is an invisible bridge here. Go right 
    and get the next gem for a total of eleven. Go up the stairs, and get 
    the two gems on the platforms, as well as freeing the boy. Go up the 
    platforms to that weasel dumping books down the staircase. Climb the 
    two ladders and at the top of the second one, leap to the right to get 
    the gem off to the side. Climb the ladders again, this time, going left. 
    Jump across the platforms and get the two gems on the third one. Make 
    your way across the platforms, then go all the way left for two more 
    gems. Ride the platforms up and go left. Drop down, get the gem and 
    free the boy. Now go alllllll the way left for yet another two gems. Go 
    back to where you passed the ladder, and this time, climb it. From the 
    top of the ladder, go left a bit and jump up to get the twenty-second 
    gem, but beware of the sharp nails that hurt you. Now climb the next 
    ladder and go left, onto the web. From the first, you'll automatically 
    bounce to the second one, above you. From the top one, drop down to the 
    left only a little to hopefully get both the key and the gem. If not, 
    make as many trips as you have to. Once you have both, make your way 
    back to the top web and this time, bounce all the way to the left to 
    reach a platform with the last prisoner. Free him and go back to the 
    top web, this time going right, onto the staircase. Go right, getting 
    the last gems and finishing this stage by unlocking the wooden box and 
    flipping the book's magical pages.
    See main walkthrough.
    See main walkthrough.
    Automatically, you'll be launched up and into the fort. When you have 
    control again, go right and drop down, but make sure not to drop onto 
    the catapult. Go left and free the boy. Now jump onto the catapult and 
    hold RIGHT. You'll get the first gem. Go right, and tip over the 
    cauldron with a sword slash. Jump OVER the cauldron and go right. Free 
    the girl and get the two gems. Now ride the cauldron up. Jump to the 
    left, getting another gem. From that flying platform, leap up and a 
    little to the right to get the fifth gem, then land back on that flying 
    platform. Leap to the right and you'll hopefully land on the wooden 
    platform. Go right and drop down. Get the gem and kill the archer. 
    Continue right onto the next wooden platform. From the right edge of 
    this platform, leap right. Kill the archer and go left a little. 
    Remember the trap? Go left a little more until the first wooden board 
    drops. Get the seventh gem there. Leap over to the left side and do the 
    same thing, getting the next gem. Climb down the ladder, avoiding the 
    armed monkey if you can. Pull the lever over on the left and now you 
    can safely cross the spikes. Now go ALL the way right, ignoring the 
    wooden board you'll ride later. Get the gems and free the girl. Now 
    ride the board you passed. Go up and jump right, onto the wooden 
    platform. Jump up onto the upper platform. Go right and pull the lever, 
    now ride the hook all the way to the right so you can safely get past 
    the big horned knight. From here, go right and drop down to the right 
    for two more gems, then climb back up the rope ladder. Make a huge 
    running-jump to the right to reach the secret area. Free the boy and 
    get the three gems. Now go down. Go all the way left and flip the lever. 
    Now head all the way right and ride the floating platform up for three 
    more gems. Go left and jump on the next floating platform. Jump to the 
    left again and keep going left, past the obstacle and the big wolf. 
    Once past the tornado, drop down a little to the left and get the 
    nineteenth gem. Make your way back to the tornado. Leap left, across 
    the gap, and then do it again. Get the gem on the other side. Keep 
    going past more obstacles to get to a catapult. Jump on it, and hold 
    right a little so you land on the floating platform and get the next 
    gem. Jump on the platform to the left and ride it up for two more gems 
    for a total of twenty-three. Leap right, off the platform. Jump onto 
    the floating platform with the archer. Kill him and go on to the right. 
    Watch out for hidden traps and falling stones as you go on. Ride the 
    next platform up and go all the way left, past those strange creatures 
    that roll stuff at you. Once past them, get the last gems and free the 
    last prisoner. Now go all the way right, and ride the platform right. 
    Knock the big wolf off the edge and continue right, across the gap. 
    Kill the enemies here and go on to the right. When you ride the final 
    platform all the way up, you'll finish, hopefully with a perfect. 
    ...Help needed! I have not yet gotten perfects for all the stages, so 
    I'll need your help. If you know how to get a perfect in the stages 
    Gremlins Machine, Turtle Village, or Seaport, mail me a short, 
    understandable walkthrough that tells how to get a perfect in that 
    stage. You will be given full credit, of course. 
    Again, my email is: tthomihcdinocgt121242142215115@hotmail.com
                              6. Secret Levels
                        UNDER CONSTUCTION...............
                       7. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. How do you cast the spells?
    A. Notice the commas and the plus signs. "Left, Up, Right, A + B" means 
    to press Left, THEN Up, THEN Right, THEN A and B TOGETHER.
    Q. How do you beat the Walrus?
    A. As Beast-Sia, use the "ground pound" move. Jump, then press DOWN on 
    the D-pad. Look in the walkthrough for more info. 
    Q. I can't get past the boss on the Air Kingdom level!
    A. You are not tapping fast enough! Tap the A button faster!
                            8. Gameshark Codes
    For all you cheaters out there: Ta da! Gameshark codes from the 
    official site:
    Infinite Health:     21DE6BFC9BE93E4E
    Infinite Lives:      5B8766A82FFDD41C
    Infinite Ring Power: 5BA78165600A8D4E
    Freed All Prisoners: 1D583EBAC35D3943
    Have All Gems:       C3B7F2F387F9A37F
                    9. Tips, Tricks, Secret, and Glitches
    If you accidentally fall off a ledge, press the directional button 
    toward the ledge immediately so you can stick your sword in the ground 
    and climb back up.
    If you just let Sia stand there, she will do some... stuff. Here's a 
    Redo her hair
    Yawn and stretch
    Take out a blanket and wraps herself in it because of cold
    Do her nails with the sword (lol)
    Talk on a cell phone
    Spells: (thanks krankorx)
    Water: LEFT, UP, RIGHT, A + B   
       Protects you from damage for 10 seconds
    Air: LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, A + B   
       Destroys one enemy
    Fire: UP, LEFT, DOWN, A + B
       Damages all enemies
    Secret Areas... Every level has a secret area. The secret area always 
    has gems or a prisoner.
    The Castle - The part with the huge ladder and the prisoner.
    The Village - In the well, all the way left and there's a switch that 
    moves a platform, past that is a secret room.
    The City - Go past the place where you get the key and there's a secret 
    floor with more gems.
    The Airport - Where the gap was in the curvy path, drop all the way 
    down for a girl to free.
    The Water Kingdom - Toward the end, there are gems on those huge blue 
    The Fire Realm - The "big vine bridge", at the end of that, there are 
    invisible rocks that appear when you touch them and you can get to a 
    prisoner that way.
    The Air Kingdom - Ummm I forgot this one... Someone send it in please?
    The Snowy Mountain - The secret cave with the rabbits and gems and a 
    boy to free and a whole lotta stuff.
    The Elven Forest - Forgot this one too...
    The Gremlins Machine - I didn't get a perfect here yet...
    The Library - The part with the large staircase and the weasel guy 
    dumping barrels of books down it. Go under the stairs and right to a 
    spider. Boost up and go through the wall...
    Sia's Palace - The part with invisible little platforms that leads to 2 
    The Turtle Village - Dunno this one...
    The Seaport - Also dunno... 
    The T'soa Camp - Under the two catapults are secret gems.
    The Fort - Place with the ladder down and the gems next to it, remember? 
    Well from the top of the ladder, leap right...
                               10. Credits
    Me, for writing this guide ;)
    krankorx, for help with some perfect ratings and other little tips.
    Gameshark.com, for the codes.
    CJayC, for creating GameFAQs.
    TDK Mediactive and RFX Interactive, for making this game.
    Cheryl (Skabialkac@aol.com) for help in the T'soa Airport.
                            11. Copyright info
    This guide is Copyright 2002 by Power Puff Kirby (PPK). You may not 
    ever reproduce this guide and sell it. It is for personal use only. If 
    you want to use this on your site, e-mail me. 
    Currently, the only sites that can use this guide are:
    GameFAQs (gamefaqs.com)
    IGN (ign.com)

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