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"The best Bomberman since the Saturn!!"

I handed over Mario advance, F-Zero:MV and a few of my precious pounds. I received the best GBA game I have played

'One peaceful day in the Bomber Galaxy, Bomber Base received a distress call from the planet Phantarion reporting the impact of 5 large meteors. Bomberman Max was dispatched at once to start investigating not only the meteors, but also the strange structures that had mysteriously appeared. Shortly after the beginning of his investigation, Max disappeared.
It's all up to the original Bomberman to continue Max's investigation, locate Max and bring him back'-The Instruction Booklet

You do this by setting of on a Zelda/Pokémon style adventure. Basically just wandering around acquiring _Karabons_ that each have a special ability. Karabons are Pokémon style creatures that you power up by picking up items found in blown up blocks. You battle these like Pokémon, there are three rounds in a match. There are three abilities, Attack, Defend, and Special. For each round you choose an order in which your Karabon performs those attacks.
You must complete errands, 'mini quests', and defeat 4 bosses, each in a different 'base'.
For those new to bomberman, you have the ability to set bombs. These blow up weak blocks or objects, and hurt enimies. The further into the game you get, the more you can do with the bombs to help you progress.
What would bomberman be without Multiplayer? There is a battle mode, where you and 3 friends can link up with one cart and compete against each other. This happens in an arena with lots of weak blocks to destroy, and various power ups to collect. The fun never stops!!

Sharp and bold. They do the job, and slowdown only occurs in battle where there is a LOT going on at once. I mean A LOT!! Like 21 bombs exploding and 4 people aimlessly running about. On the whole, the graphics are good.

Augh. This is the worst bit of the game. The music is ok, what you would expect. Some tunes do get annoying, particually when wearing headphones. One of the most frequently heard tunes has little annoying clicks which can be heard on the right. Augh. The sounds effects sound like they are on the NES. Normal 'booms', grinding noises, bings.. you get the picture. But the sounds thankfully don't effect the overall experience of the game.

You'll probably want to replay the quest to see what you missed, and the battle mode will last for ages.

Rent Or Buy: Buy
Worth the cash.

A fantastic game that is fun to play and will keep the average gamer occupied for ages.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/02/01, Updated 06/14/03

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