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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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    | TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                           |
    01. PARIS
          i. Cafe Street
         ii. 361 Rue Jarry
        iii. Gare St Lazare Costume Shop
         iv. Hôtel Ubu
          v. Crune Museum
    02. IRELAND
          i. MacDevitt's Pub
         ii. Lochmarne Castle
    03 PARIS
          i. Paris Police Station
         ii. Hagenmeyer Clinic
        iii. Crune Museum
    04 SYRIA
          i. Marib
         ii. Bull's Head Hill
    05 PARIS
          i. Crune Museum
    06 SPAIN
          i. de Vasconcellos Estate
    07 PARIS
          i. Montfauçon
         ii. Crune Museum
        iii. Institut Hermétique de Nerval
    08 BRITAIN
          i. Isle of Britain Train
         ii. St. Ninian's Church
    01) PARIS
    I-i. Café Street
    01) Enter the café.
    02) Talk to waitress, question her about the man, clown, and briefcase.
    03) Leave the café and head up the street to where the worker is.
    04) Watch the scene and you'll be back at the cafe.
    05) Answer the questions in whatever manner you choose, then leave the café.
    06) Talk to the woman on the street, question her about the clown and the man.
    07) Pocket the newspaper by the lamppost.
    08) Head into the worker's screen and give him the newspaper.
    09) Take the t-shaped tool from the worker's toolbox.
    10) Head into the alley, use the tool to open the manhole cover.
    11) In the sewers, pick up the costume nosepiece.
    12) In the next screen, pick up the greasy tissue and the scrap of clothing.
    13) Exit the sewers through the ladder.
    14) Show Albert your inspector's card.
    15) Question him about the clothing scrap, then question him about the jacket
        until he recites a phone number for you.
    16) Use the phone by the toolbox to call the phone number (tailor).
    17) Exhaust all conversation options on the caller.
    18) Call Nicole, and she'll give you her address.
    19) Enter the world map and head to the middle-ish dot.
    I-ii. 361 Rue Jarry
    01) Grill the flower-seller about Nicole to learn how to enter her apartment.
    02) Enter Nicole's apartment.
    03) Talk to Nicole about the clown's nose to get an address.
    04) Talk to Nicole about the clothing scrap to get a picture.
    05) Exit to world map, and enter the new map dot.
    I-iii. Gare St Lazare Costume Shop
    01) Speak to Claude about the greasy tissue.
    02) Speak to Claude about the photograph Nicole took to get a name (Khan).
    03) Try to leave and you'll get a hand buzzer (!).
    04) Find a telephone (Police Station/Cafe Street) and call the tailor.
    05) Question the tailor about Khan to get an address.
    I-iv. Hôtel Ubu
    01) Show the piano-player the photograph of Khan to learn his alias (Moerlin).
    02) Question the piano-player about Khan until the option is exhausted.
    03) Head upstairs and inspect the door to Room #22.
    04) Try to steal the keys by the lobby counter.
    05) Question the clerk about the safe, then the keys.
    06) Talk to the piano-player about the keys
    07) When the clerk goes into the back room, steal the keys.
    08) Head upstairs and enter Room #21.
    09) Open the window, scoot across the sill, and enter Room #22.
    10) Try to leave via Room #22's door and wait for the scene to end.
    11) Search the pants on the bed to get a matchbook and electrical worker card.
    12) Talk to the clerk about about the electrical worker card.
    13) Talk to the piano-player about the electrical worker card.
    14) Immediately head up to Room #21 and get out on the windowsill.
    15) Throw the papers into the alley.
    16) Exit the hotel, then reclaim the papers in the alley.
    17) Examine all parts of the manuscript with Nicole, who'll give you the name
        of one of her friends at a museum.
    18) Exit to world map, head to the new dot in the east.
    I-v. Crune Museum
    01) Inspect the encased object in the middle of the room.
    02) Exit to world map and head to Ireland.
    II-i. MacDevitt's Pub
    01) Enter the bar, talk to old man by the wall, inquire about what he's making.
    02) Steal his wire necklace when he puts it on the table.
    03) Steal the towel on the counter.
    04) To the man at the end of the bar, ask about castle/tripod/Peagram/gem.
    05) Talk to the man in glasses about Peagram's dig and excavation.
    06) To the other man at the bar, ask about Peagram, the excavation, and the
        man in glasses.
    07) Buy the other man at the bar a beer, then talk to him about the man in
        glasses again.
    08) Talk to the man in glasses again about the dig.
    09) Talk to the kid on the streetcorner about Peagram and the dig.
    10) Ask the man in glasses about the dig once more, then about Peagram, the
        package, and Marquet.
    11) A cutscene will play.
    12) On the corner, press the switch by the pub entrance.
    13) Talk to the bartender and show him your electrical worker card.
    14) Use the wire necklace on the fusebox.
    15) In the cellar, pull the lever. Turn the faucet on and dampen the towel.
    16) On the street, flip open the grate.
    17) Head outside and go around the corner to the castle.
    II-ii. Lochmarne Castle
    01) Talk to the farmer about the sports car, then the spectacled man.
    02) Climb the haystack
    03) Put the t-shaped tool into the wall crack and climb up further.
    04) Push the plowshare the goat's tied to away from the excavation pit.
    05) Take the Plaster of Paris on the table.
    06) Tip the statue over, then lift it back up.
    07) Pour the Plaster of Paris into the hole.
    08) Use the wet towel to wring water into the hole and make a mold.
    09) Take the mold out and put it into the wall socket by the heavy door.
    10) Go behind the door.
    11) You'll automatically arrive back at Nico's apartment; head to the police
    III-i. Paris Police Station
    01) Talk to Moue about Marquet to receive a hospital address.
    02) Head to the Hagenmeyer Clinic on the map.
    III-ii. Hagenmeyer Clinic
    01) Enter the clinic and talk to the receptionist.
    02) Show her your electrical worker card, and talk to her about Grendel.
    03) In the next hallway, try to open the utility closet by the janitor.
    04) Go around to the other side of the screen and unplug his floor buffer,
        then open the closet when he's gone to get a lab coat.
    05) Enter the next screen, get the blood pressure gauge, and talk to Grendel
        about Marquet.
    06) Head to the lobby and talk to Felix.
    07) Give the blood pressure gauge to Benoir.
    08) Head back to the patient ward and try to get to Marquet's room.
    09) Ask Benoir to take the unruly patient's blood pressure.
    10) Try to enter Marquet's room, and the gendarme will speak; enter the room.
    11) After some scenes, you'll be back at Nico's apartment; go to the museum.
    III-iii. Crune Museum
    01) Talk to Lobineau about Montfauçon.
    02) Open the window and, while the guard goes to close it, hide inside of the
    03) Later that night, hide behind the totem pole when the option comes up.
    04) You'll be back at Nicole's house afterwards; head to Montfauçon.
    III-iv. Montfauçon
    01) Talk to the juggler with the 'juggler' icon until George tries to juggle.
    02) Speak with the gendarme using the 'clown nose' icon.
    03) Talk to the juggler with the 'clown nose' icon.
    04) Enter the sewers with the t-shaped tool.
    05) Use the t-shaped tool (twice) on the door nearest the walkway.
    06) Try to push the door open.
    07) Drop the boat's chain, pick up the coil, and tie it to the door.
    08) Retract the chain to break the door.
    09) Inspect the 'magnifying glass' icon by the wall before the stairwell.
    10) After you control George again, go down the stairs.
    11) Place the tripod on the stone pedestal and then use the gem.
    12) You'll arrive back at Nico's place; head to the world map and go to Syria.
    IV-i. Marib
    NOTE: There is a glitch that can occur here and prevent you from playing the
          rest of the game. If you do not pet the cat on the bric-a-brac stand,
          you may not get the option later. Make sure you do it!!
    01) Pet the cat on the bric-a-brac table.
    02) Enter the house to the right of the screen.
    03) Show the carpet-seller your matchbook.
    04) Inside the Alamut Club, show the man at the bar your photograph, then 
        inquire about Bull's Head Hill.
    05) Inspect the bathroom door twice.
    06) Talk to the man at the bar about the bathroom sign.
    07) Talk to the kebab seller on the street.
    08) Speak to the kid at the bric-a-brac stand twice about the kebab seller.
    09) Offer the kid your red bouncy ball.
    10) Talk to the kebab seller using your new option.
    11) Talk to the kid at the bric-a-brac stand again.
    12) Give the Alamut Club bartender the toilet brush, then enter the bathroom.
    13) Unlock the roller towel dispenser and take all of it.
    14) Break the pull chain on the toilet and take that, too.
    15) Show the man in the Alamut Club your picture of Khan, then question him
        about Bull's Head Hill.
    16) Back at the bric-a-brac stand, pet the cat, and ring the bell while it's
        on the shelf.
    17) Grab the statue that falls off the table and combine it with the greasy
    18) Talk to the fat American tourist using the 'statue' option.
    19) Talk to the man in the Alamut Club using the money option, then the thumbs-
        -up option.
    20) Out on the street, talk to the man standing by the truck using the 'truck'
    21) Give him your towel.
    IV-ii. Bull's Head Hill
    01) Go to the tree and break off a branch.
    02) Combine the tree branch with what's left of your towel.
    03) Use the towel-stick by the crack in the cliff, then head down.
    04) Inspect the small hole twice.
    05) Inspect the corpse.
    06) At the back of the shaft, read in the inscription.
    07) When prompted to answer questions, reply with the following options:
        'halo,' 'halo,' 'George,' 'hand-buzzer.'
    08) You'll automatically be back in Nico's apartment; head to the museum.
    V-i. Crune Museum
    01) Talk to Lobineau about the manuscript, then about Nicole twice.
    02) Go back to Nico's apartment and talk to her about Lobineau.
    03) Back at the museum, talk to Lobineau about the manuscript.
    04) On the world map, head to Spain.
    VI-i. de Vasconcellos Estate
    01) Use the blood pressure pump at the prompt by the hose's origin.
    02) Enter the house and try to enter the hallway.
    03) As soon as you can, hide behind the suit of armor. Go upstairs.
    04) Talk to the countess about the Knights Templar and the chess set.
    05) In the mausoleum, take the Bible off the lectern.
    06) Talk to the countess about the chessboard and the chess set.
    07) When the prompt to put the chess pieces in order comes, place them in the
        following order (from top to bottom): bishop, vacant space, knight, king,
        vacant space.
    VII-i. Montfauçon
    01) Show the priest the chalice and let him polish it.
    02) Observe the statue four times, use the lens on it, then observe it again.
    03) Get the chalice back from the priest.
    04) Observe the large tomb by the stained-glass window's left wall.
    VII-ii. Crune Museum
    01) Talk to Lobineau about the statue.
    02) Head to the Paris map and head to the most northwestern dot.
    VII-iii. Institut Hermétique de Nerval
    01) Head downstairs and try to open the bathroom door across from the guard.
    02) Talk to the guard to get the bathroom key.
    03) Inside the bathroom, take the soap bar and combine it with the keys.
    04) Combine the key imprint with the Plaster of Paris.
    05) At the wash basin, use the plaster imprint.
    06) Give the keys back to the door guard; head upstairs.
    07) Try to put the plaster key in the paint pot.
    08) Go back downstairs and call Nicole
    09) Go back to the painter and talk using the 'telephone' icon.
    10) Dip your key into the paint pot.
    11) Get the bathroom keys from the guard again.
    12) In the bathroom, combine the bathroom keys with the plaster key.
    13) Observe the thermostat on the wall (by guard) with the B-button.
    14) Talk to the guard with the thermostat icon.
    15) Toggle the thermostat to turn the heat down.
    16) Give back the keys.
    17) Call Nicole.
    18) Enter the door the guard was standing in front of
    19) Climb down into the excavation site.
    20) Use the chalice by the floor carving's magnification icon.
    21) Once you can go back to the world map, head to Spain.
    VIII-i. de Vasconcellos Estate
    01) Take the mirror from the house's utility room.
    02) Talk to the countess about the chalice and herself.
    03) Go to the mausoleum and take the Bible.
    04) Use the candle-snuffer stick by combining it with the greasy tissue.
    05) Use the 'gears' icon when it appears by the window above to close it.
    06) Combine the candle-snuffer stick and greasy tissue once more.
    07) Talk to the countess with the 'Bible' icon.
    08) Talk to the groundskeeper about the well, then use the buried well icon.
    09) Collect a hazel stick from the tree by the hose's origin.
    10) Talk to the groundskeeper with the 'hazel stick' icon.
    11) Inside the well, inspect the lion carving twice.
    12) When the 'move out of the way' icon appears, PRESS IT REALLY QUICKLY.
    13) By the base of the rope, use the mirror at the magnification icon.
    14) Use the stone carving at the door.
    15) Watch all the automatic scenes.
    IX-i. Isle of Britain Train
    01) Try to get up from the train seat twice.
    02) Once in the aisle, head left until you can enter the adjacent car.
    03) Head back to where Nicole was sitting.
    04) Talk to Basher in the adjacent cabin about Nicole.
    05) Inspect the window in that cabin until George gets on top of the train.
    06) Head to the right into the next screen.
    07) Head down the ladder and into the compartment.
    08) When George gets a prompt, PRESS IT REALLY QUICKLY.
    09) Press the inspect button at Nicole.
    IX-ii. St. Ninian's Church
    01) Enter the church.
    02) Inspect the dirt pile three times.
    03) Inspect the crank device twice.
    04) At the demon statue, use both cog-and-spindle sets.
    05) Put the crank into the demon statue.
    06) Head down the passage that opens.
    07) Watch the scenes.
    08) When you're by the torch, press the inspect button without delay.
    09) Enjoy the ending scenes!
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