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    Dialogue Guide by ProTect

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    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper Dialogue Guide
    For the Gameboy Advance
    Version 1.1 (7 December 2002)
    By ProTect (e-mail: protectiam@yahoo.com)
    Copyright (c) 2002 ProTect
    The game Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper (hereafter referred to as A3U) and all
    A3U characters are copyrights of Capcom.
    I do not claim any of the A3U characters as my intellectual property in any
    way. My contribution is solely the organization of A3U's text and dialogue
    into one guide.
    This guide is mine, ProTect's. Do not post it to public forums without my
    permission. Do not in any way claim it as your own.
    DO NOT rewrite it and pass it off as your Dialogue Guide for another game!
    Plagiarism is a very serious crime. It is intellectual theft.
    Guide Disclaimers
    Purpose of This Guide
    What is in This Guide?
    What is Not in This Guide?
    Explanation of New Dialogue
    New Dialogue by Character
     A. Maki
        1. Personal Data
        2. Biography
        3. Generic Win Quotes
        4. Character-Specific Win Quotes
     B. Yun
        1. Personal Data
        2. Biography
        3. Generic Win Quotes
        4. Character-Specific Win Quotes
     C. Eagle
        1. Personal Data
        2. Biography
        3. Generic Win Quotes
        4. Character-Specific Win Quotes
      Generic Ending
      M.Bison's Ending
      Evil Ryu's Ending
    ----------PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE-----------
    This guide is a collection of all of A3U's English dialogue not found in
    previous versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3 into one document.
    ----------WHAT IS IN THIS GUIDE?----------
    The guide contains the personal data, win quotes, and biographies of the
    three characters (Maki, Yun, and Eagle) new to this version of Street
    Fighter Alpha 3. It also has the new endings written specifically for A3U.
    ----------WHAT IS NOT IN THIS GUIDE?----------
    The guide does not contain win quotes for the other characters from any
    previous versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3, either in the arcade or on the
    Playstation, Saturn, or Dreamcast. This is because dialogue guides already
    exist for these characters, and they have no new dialogue exclusive to this
    version. If you want the dialogue for the rest of the characters, I suggest
    you visit the following link and read the "Quotes/Dialog Guide" at the
    bottom of the page:
    ----------EXPLANATION OF NEW DIALOGUE----------
    The personal data is the information displayed next to the character
    portrait after choosing a character in Single Mode. The biography is the
    background information in the box below the character portrait after
    choosing a character in Single Mode.
    The win quotes come in two varieties. As in previous versions of Street
    Fighter Alpha 3, each character has 8 win quotes, of which one random quote
    is used after each opponent. These are the generic win quotes. The 3 new
    characters, and only the new characters, have character-specific win quotes,
    one for each character except Juli and Juni (who share one), Shin Akuma (who
    shares one with Akuma), and Shin M.Bison (who shares one with M.Bison).
    These are randomly used instead of a generic win quote.
    Previous versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3 had dialogue before matches
    against the mid-boss and final boss(es). This dialogue does not exist in
    ----------NEW DIALOGUE BY CHARACTER----------
    A. Maki
    1. Personal Data
    Height: 5.5 Ft
    Weight: 115 Lbs
    Blood Type: B
    Three Sizes:
    B 2.8 Ft
    W 2.0 Ft
    H 2.9 Ft
    From: Japan
    2. Biography
    Maki... She's a modern Ninja and an expert in Bushin style.
    Searching for her missing rival Guy, she travels the world.
    She must prove to herself that she is the legitimate successor.
    3. Generic Win Quotes
    Thank you! Come again!
    Sorry! You deserve another chance!
    You know what they say, "If at first you don't succeed..."
    OK, let's call it a day!
    This is what Bushin style is all about! Hey, are you listening!?
    What could you have done to me? I mean, you are just so weak!!
    Don't take it so seriously, I didn't!
    You were stronger than I expected...
    4. Character-Specific Win Quotes
    [vs. Ryu] Stop being so serious. Relax and enjoy the battle!
    [vs. Ken] I heard you were powerful, I guess I heard wrong.
    [vs. Akuma] Your "murderous intent" must be coming from your hair antenna!
    [vs. Charlie] Your greatest weakness comes from your greatest strength!
    [vs. Chun-Li] You're the police?! I could get away with anything here!
    [vs. Adon] There is a reason why you are known as second in your land...
    [vs. Sodom] Mad Gear... Are they still around?! I can't believe it!
    [vs. Guy] What!? I won? You can't be the real Guy!!
    [vs. Birdie] What a punk! You deserve to be beaten with hair like that!
    [vs. Rose] Oops! I should have asked my fortune before hurting you.
    [vs. M.Bison] A cape?! Only wanna-be heroes and losers wear capes anymore!
    [vs. Sagat] It's only natural you scare people. Just look at your face!
    [vs. Dan] Your daddy can't save you now so stop crying his name!
    [vs. Sakura] Weapons are a girl's best friend! Remember that!
    [vs. Rolento] Are you supposed to be a highly trained officer of some kind?
    [vs. Dhalsim] A strong mind and body is what makes a person complete!
    [vs. Zangief] Whew... What strength you possess!! What... EVER!!
    [vs. Gen] I try to respect the elderly, but I can't respect poor skills!
    [vs. Cammy] You live and you serve. They have a name for that... SLAVE!
    [vs. Evil Ryu:] Evil surrounds you...
    [vs. E.Honda] I start perspiring just by looking at you! Go away!
    [vs. Blanka] What are you anyway?! A beast? A human? No, a LOSER!
    [vs. R.Mika] Wow! You deserve to win just for wearing that insane costume!
    [vs. Cody] You know Guy, right? Tell me where he is!!
    [vs. Vega] What? A Spanish Ninja? Now I've seen it all!
    [vs. Karin] Clever and clean, but no real substance. Typical...
    [vs. Juli] Copycat! Copycat! Don't you know that it's all in your head?
    [vs. Juni] Copycat! Copycat! Don't you know that it's all in your head?
    [vs. Guile] Both your moves and hairdo are extreme. Viva America!
    [vs. Fei-Long] Don't you remember? In real fighting, you make contact!
    [vs. Dee Jay] Maybe you should practice a new style of music like the blues!
    [vs. T.Hawk] Your motives are pure, but mine are stronger!
    [vs. Balrog] Sensei said to knock you out! Sensei said to knock you out!
    [vs. Eagle] You don't know how to handle sticks do you?!
    [vs. Maki] A copy can never compare to the beauty of the original!
    [vs. Yun] You know what they say right, "The third time's a charm!"
    A. Yun
    1. Personal Data
    Height: 5.6 Ft
    Weight: 137 Lbs
    Blood Type: B
    Three Sizes:
    B 3.3 Ft
    W 2.4 Ft
    H 2.8 Ft
    From: Hong Kong
    2. Biography
    Yun and Yang are respected Kung Fu brothers in Hong Kong.
    One day they hear a rumor about Hong Kong movie star, Fei Long.
    "Fei Long is involved with drug dealings." ...It can't be true!
    And so, the boys decide to find and confront Fei Long...
    3. Generic Win Quotes
    This time I broke your spirit. Next time I'll break your back!
    It's so strange, having so many more moves at my command!
    The Kung Fu kid kicks butt again!
    These battles just keep getting easier and easier!
    The rules may change, but I will always triumph in the end!
    The real twin dragons have no equal!
    Now you know who is the best!
    That was too easy. No wait... That was TOO EASY!
    4. Character-Specific Win Quotes
    [vs. Ryu] Funny, you look younger, but yet you have more moves...
    [vs. Ken] Long hair really doesn't suit you!
    [vs. Akuma] Evil must be eternal...
    [vs. Charlie] Hmm... You remind me of another fighter from around here...
    [vs. Chun-Li] Wow! I never would have imagined that you could look like
    [vs. Adon] You should have learned to master the awesome super arts!
    [vs. Sodom] You really live up to your name!
    [vs. Guy] Aren't you supposed to be a Ninja or something?!
    [vs. Birdie] What is wrong with the people around here? They're all freaks!
    [vs. Rose] Your cheap games and predictions didn't help you one bit!
    [vs. M.Bison] I can see why you don't exist in my time...
    [vs. Sagat] I think you're pretty cool for your age, old man!
    [vs. Dan] You would never be able to compete in my time!
    [vs. Sakura] Don't copy others, be original like me and my brother!
    [vs. Rolento] You're not a soldier, you're just a street thug!
    [vs. Dhalsim] Your wacky stretch moves are unoriginal to me!
    [vs. Zangief] Somehow, I thought you'd be bigger...
    [vs. Gen] You can't be that legendary assassin!? You're an old man!!
    [vs. Cammy] Nice package, but no soul...
    [vs. Evil Ryu] What happened to you?! Your evil intent will consume you!
    [vs. E.Honda] Another famous street fighter falls before me!
    [vs. Blanka] And I thought that the people from my era were weird!
    [vs. R.Mika] Could you be anymore ludicrous? Who dresses like that anyway?
    [vs. Cody] Aren't you a bit old to try and start a new life?
    [vs. Vega] Flying and screaming like a maniac isn't real fighting...
    [vs. Karin] Your only chance was if you had that cheap touch of death...
    [vs. Juli] You remind me of me and my brother for some reason...
    [vs. Juni] You remind me of me and my brother for some reason...
    [vs. Guile] The "Greatest American Hero"? Ha! I don't think so!!
    [vs. Fei-Long] I knew it! Your stunts are done with lame wired special
    [vs. Dee Jay] The rhythm definitely got you this time!
    [vs. T.Hawk] Pride will get you nowhere without the skill to back it up!
    [vs. Balrog] You can't win if you only use your fists!
    [vs. Eagle] Hey! What are you looking at?! You'd better just stay down!!
    [vs. Maki] Your weapons are useless against a true master of Kung Fu!
    [vs. Yun] The real twin dragons never lose! You're a fake!
    [vs. Juli & Juni] You remind me of me and my brother for some reason...
    A. Eagle
    1. Personal Data
    Height: 6.0 Ft
    Weight: 165 Lbs
    Blood Type: AB
    Three Sizes:
    B 3.4 Ft
    W 2.6 Ft
    H 2.8 Ft
    From: Britain
    2. Biography
    As the No.1 bouncer in the UK, Eagle is a master stick fighter.
    He loves the excitement that comes from a tough battle.
    And so, Eagle decides to travel the world...
    3. Generic Win Quotes
    What a thrilling battle!
    You must learn to respect your opponent before fighting!
    You are such a disappointment!
    You must learn to rise up and face any challenge!
    Ah, so that's why they call us bouncers!
    Will I ever face an opponent who can exceed my expectations?
    My skills are unmatched and my strength is unequaled!
    You must admit that I am your better! Say it!
    4. Character-Specific Win Quotes
    [vs. Ryu] Life is better now that I know a man with your skills exists.
    [vs. Ken] You are the Hollywood nightmare that infects us all!
    [vs. Akuma] This man is so strange... Is he even human anymore?
    [vs. Charlie] I thought that you would be strong enough. I was wrong...
    [vs. Chun-Li] Your leg exposure is almost rude! Cover yourself!
    [vs. Adon] So little has changed since I saw you last...
    [vs. Sodom] How pathetic! Would the real slim samurai please stand up?
    [vs. Guy] What a guy you are... Indeed!
    [vs. Birdie] Another gutter slob looking for a handout no doubt...
    [vs. Rose] Fortune-telling is for those who have no future of their own.
    [vs. M.Bison] A true leader doesn't need to rule by force...
    [vs. Sagat] You are still a great fighter! And now you have more moves!
    [vs. Dan] I knew it... You tried to make me laugh to death, didn't you?!
    [vs. Sakura] I don't like playing with little school girls!
    [vs. Rolento] Your fighting style is weak, but your outfit is nice...
    [vs. Dhalsim] Yoga is so interesting to me. All that stretching...
    [vs. Zangief] I am always up for a good wrestling match!
    [vs. Gen] Age is more than a number when it comes to fighting!
    [vs. Cammy] Just another puppet longing to be controlled by the strong!
    [vs. Evil Ryu] The evil will overcome you, unless you show strong will!
    [vs. E.Honda] I don't understand how something so big can fall so easily...
    [vs. Blanka] You're such an animal! You can't hide from your poor breeding!
    [vs. R.Mika] Your style is only matched by your outrageous outfit!
    [vs. Cody] You pitiful thugs don't even deserve to breathe next to me!
    [vs. Vega] All style and no heart leaves a warrior empty and broken.
    [vs. Karin] One day you may be good enough. But that day is not today!
    [vs. Juli] These copycats don't have the head for anything original!
    [vs. Juni] These copycats don't have the head for anything original!
    [vs. Guile] How sad, you certainly didn't live up to your name!
    [vs. Fei-Long] Instead of being the star, you are just seeing stars!
    [vs. Dee Jay] Music may make the people come together, but you came apart!
    [vs. T.Hawk] Such size and strength, a pity that it is wasted on you!
    [vs. Balrog] You went down too early!
    [vs. Eagle] It's like looking in a mirror!
    [vs. Maki] You must learn to use your weapons with grace and skill!
    [vs. Yun] You're a little young for me!
    There are, as far as I now know, only 3 story endings in A3U. One is a
    generic ending, shared by all characters except M.Bison and Evil Ryu, in
    which Charlie blows up Bison's base (yes, Charlie gets this ending too). The
    second one is the "bad" ending, M.Bison's ending, in which he uses his
    Psycho Drive to rule the world forever. The third one is Evil Ryu's ending,
    in which he finds he is the strongest and seeks a worthy opponent. All 3
    endings were summarized from the previous arcade and home versions by Dave
    Murphy at Crawfish, the company that developed this version of Street
    Fighter Alpha 3. The text of the A3U endings follows.
    Generic Ending
    [Bison:] How could you defeat me?! this is impossible!
    [Bison:] Noooooooooooooooooooo!
    [Charlie:] I've located M.Bison's secret base!
    [Charlie:] Direct hit! Target eliminated. M.Bison's operation is history!
    M.Bison's Ending
    [M.Bison:] Hahahaha you fool! you thought you could stand against my power
    [M.Bison:] now you will die!
    [M.Bison:] Hahahahahahah with the power of my psycho drive I am unstoppable!
    [M.Bison:] the world is at my mercy Mwahahahahahahah!
    Evil Ryu's Ending
    [Evil Ryu:] Only a true martial artist could have this invincible evil
    power! Gwaaaah
    [Evil Ryu:] My fist is soaked with blood... The blood of death!
    [Evil Ryu:] WOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!
    [Evil Ryu:] I... am... the master... The supreme master of the fist!
    [Evil Ryu:] Where can I find the one who can defeat me?!
    I, ProTect, wrote this.
    Capcom originally created A3U.
    Crawfish developed the GBA translation.
    The A3U characters belong to Capcom.

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