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    FAQ/Walkthrough by wwwVampire

    Updated: 10/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.00
    Welcome to my first attempt at making a game FAQ.  
    The game is Jurassic Park: DNA Factor for the awesome Game Boy Advance!
    I am going to try and make this as spoiler free as possible for obvious reasons.
    Version History:
    10/3/01: Guide Started
    10/4/01: Guide Publishable
    Walkthrough of Clear Game 
    Some little info here and there
    People to send me question so I can have an FAQ section
    -=======================================LEGAL STUFF============================-
    Game is made by Konami.  All content is their creation.  GBA made by Nintendo, 
    copyright them.  FAQ written w/o consent from either company, nor shall either 
    company be held responsible for the contents of this FAQ.  Jurassic Park 3 
    copyright Universal Studios/Amblin Entertainment.
    No portion of this walkthrough can be reproduced in any form without the express
     written consent of the author.  That includes rewording.
    This document and all content are original works by myself, so therefore they 
    are copyright by me.
    Love the movies?  Get off your ass and read the books, they WILL knock your 
    socks off.
    After reading that, I will be straight forward, and assume that you have 1/4 a 
    brain, which the average american lacks, and can put 2 and 2 together and get 4,
    not 3.  IMPORTANT:  because this is a no spoiler walk through, plus I don't 
    really have that much time, I am not going to waste putting in extraneous info
     that is irrelevant to the game such as character or dino stats.
    -=======================================CONTACT INFO===========================-
    Name: curtis Wilson
    e-mail: wwwvampire@yahoo.com
    ICQ: 64032088 (never on)
    Yahoo messenger: wwwvampire (generally on after 11:00 pm est)
    AIM: LoASiegfried (get on once every few days)
    Questions about the game?  Go ahead and message me.  I want to add an FAQ 
    section to this, and only you can help
    -=======================================THE GAME===============================-
    This is one of the first complete dual-layered side scrolling system I have 
    played.  While in one layer, enemies in the other layer cannot hurt you.  
    Conversely, you cannot pick up items in the other layer.
    You run around, shoot dinosaurs, find dna, make dinosaurs(?): need I say more?
    On par with everything else on the system.
    I still have nightmares about those raptor sounds!
    Game takes a hit here.  The characters seem jerky, but other than that, it 
    is fine.  Also, why is the same button used for picking up items, crouching, 
    and sliding/rolling?
    D-pad left and right: Moves character
    D-pad up and down: switches layers
    Start: pauses (gee, surprise there!)
    A: Jumps, shoots dna in between stages
    B: Shoots weapons, drop kick if done in air
    R: Picks up items, crouches, slides or rolls, moves DNA strand
    L: moves DNA strand
    Mark: Seems to take less damage.
    Character Moves
    Slide/Roll: While running, tap R.  Useful to get under things.
    Drop Kick: Useless.  Tried for 10 lives trying to hit a galimimus.  No success.
    Knife: Only weapon with infinite ammo.  Short range.  Use on compys.
    Gun: 6 shots.  Good damage.
    Tazer: 6 shots. Moderate Damage.
    Bomb: 6 bombs.  One bomb will kill any dino, except Spinosaurus.
    This section explains the dinos, how to kill them, and how to avoid some of the 
    harder ones.
    Compys: Fairly easy to avoid.  One hit with knife will kill.  Also, they are 
    distracted by meat.  If you get to close, it will chase you.
     - To kill: I don't, unless it is with a knife, where one hit will kill them.
     - Damage: Light
    Galimimus: Runners.  Switch layers (preferable), or shoot them if you can't 
    switch.  Just run back and forth.  You are safe standing directly on the other
     side of the log that they are running towards, but watch out for them turning
     around.  Territorial, only runs in a set place, on one layer.
     - To kill: One shot will do the trick.
     - Damage: Moderate
    Brachiosaurus (boss): Explained in game section.
    Velociraptor: If the raptors in the movie were this smart, they would not 
    have ... ... alive! (spoiler for movie)  These things will chase you until you 
    are they are dead, they will switch layers, sometimes coming right into the 
    place you are standing on, they take 2 shots to kill from tazers, and they can
     - To kill: Two shocks from the tazer, or 3 shots from the gun.
     - Damage: Moderate, but will attack multiple times
    Triceratops: Just like a bull.  Will charge you.  Simply switch layers, or run. 
     - To kill: Three shocks from the tazer.
     - Damage: Medium
    Tyrannosaurus Rex (boss): Thankfully, just one.  Explained in the walkthrough.
    Pteranadon: More of a nuisance than anything.  I always just avoided them and 
    saved my ammo for the bigger guys.  They follow one of three patterns below.  
    One unusual note, they can hurt you on either layer, so keep that in mind!
    1: Will move in a wave pattern
    2: Stands still, swoops when you get close.  Just get close, then turn, run, 
       and jump away.
    3: Stands still, swoops when you jump.  Only one of these, I think.  Jumping 
       away from it should do the trick.
     - To Kill: One gun shot
     - Damage: Moderate
    Pachycephalosaurus: Talk about a battering ram on legs!  Not too bright or 
    difficult.  Will charge whenever you are close to them on the same layer.  
    Just switch layers to avoid them if you can.
     - To kill: 3 tazers, 4 knife stabs, 3 or 4 gun shot, or one bomb
     - Damage: Moderate - Medium
    Dilophosaurus: Spitting dinosaurs!  Woohoo!  Not too hard to avoid their spit.
    Just jump then stab or shoot them
     - To kill: 4 knifes, 3 gun shots.
     - Damage: Moderate
    Stegosaurus: Just wanders around dumbly.  When you get close, they will whip 
    their tail at you and shoot a "typhoon" of sorts on the ground.  Just jump it.
     - To kill: One bomb, but save it if you can by avoiding them
     - Damage: Heavy
    Ankylosaurus (boss): Explained in walkthrough
    Spinosaurus (boss): Explained in walkthrough
    -=======================================GENERAL TIPS===========================-
    - Save ammo if you can, it is limited a lot of times.
    - Safety comes first over DNA.  Health is much more limited.  Avoid or kill 
      a dino that might get in your way of the DNA
    - Explore
    - Switch layers when around a lot of dinos.  You are invincible while you 
      switch layers.
    One last note:  I am NOT going to list the locations of all the DNA capsules in 
    plain sight.  I am going to list the ones that are hidden and/or hard to reach.
    Also, I consider this to be more of a "guide" than a "walktrhough" because I am 
    not going to hold your hand and tell you to go right, jump on the logs, get DNA,
    get off log, jump across cliff.....  Half of the fun of playing games is doing 
    this on your own, so I am not going to tell you that.  Instead, I will summarize
    the levels and point out the tricky or hard parts, the total amount of DNA, 
    dinos in the stage, tips/tricks and stage notes.  Good luck!
    One final Note: Some info is missing here and there.  I will be working to get 
    them together in the few days.
    -=============================Stage 1: Jungle of Giants========================-
    Dinos: Compys
    DNA	B: 9
    	R: 13
    	Y: 14
    	G: 13
    Weapons: Meat, Knife
    Health: 1
    Tricky DNA
    Green: On ledge near the 2 trees extending over pit.  Jump and land on it, 
           or hang on the cliff.
    Hidden DNA
    Stage Notes:  Good intro to the game.  Gets you used to the basic controls 
    and gameplay.  Really easy level.
    -=============================Stage 2: Grasslands==============================-
    Dinos: Gallimimus, Compys
    DNA	B: 21
    	R: 18
    	Y: 17
    	G: 15
    Weapons: Gun
    Health: 1
    Tricky DNA:
    Hidden DNA:
    Green: Although not tecnically hidden, I had to play through 5 times to find 
           this one.  It is camouflaged with the trees on the upper layer off a 
           tree stump before the rocks.
    Blue, Green: hidden behind first set of rocks that seperate the two layers
    Stage Notes: Stay on your toes.  Gallimimus could come from either direction 
    on either layer at any time.
    -=============================Stage 3: Return to the Jungle of Giants==========-
    Dinos: Gallimimus, Compys, Brachiosaurus
    DNA	B: 9
    	R: 13 
    	Y: 15 
    	G: 13
    Weapons: Gun
    Heath: 1
    Tricky DNA
    Green: This one seems to be floating in space.  Jump off carefully, and arrange 
    it so your hands catch the ledge.  You should get the DNA.
    Hidden DNA
    Ok, big is an understatement.  Avoid his legs.  Easier said than done.  Jump 
    before a leg lands, the shock hurts.  When a leg on the same layer as you 
    lifts up, run and slide/roll under it, then get ready to do the same to the 
    second one.  If you are Lori, watch out if you have half life or less, one hit
     from a leg will kill you.  Once you get to his backside, just time your jumps
     to avoid the shocks, and you have it made.  End of stage
    Stage Notes: Ok, why do I get hurt when I run into his leg?  Doesn't make 
    sense does it?
    -=============================Stage 4: Raptor Pens=============================-
    Dinos: Raptors
    DNA	B: 10
    	R: 10
    	Y: 10
    	G: 10
    Weapons: Tazer
    Health: 2
    Ok, I know I'm half assing it here, but since I cannot beat this stage with 
    the ammo provided, my only advice is to run through the stage, switch layers 
    constantly when a raptor is chasing you, and don't miss the tazer.  Hopefully, 
    I can find out more info on how to beat this stage with 100%.  Sorry.
    Stage Notes: I hate this stage!  They should give you more ammo!
    -=============================Stage 5: Hatchery================================-
    Dinos: Compys, Raptors, Triceratops
    DNA:	B: Forgot to write these down, sorry
    Weapons: Tazer (4)
    Health: 2
    Tricky DNA
    Green: Right above you from the start.  Impossible to jump to it.  Progress 
      through the stage until you see DNA leading up a wall.  There is a ladder 
      there and you can climb it.  Make a few blind jumps towards any DNA you see 
      in the air, and you will get the green and be back at the beginning.
    Blue: Up in the air again!  This time in a valley between two diagonal wooden 
      ramps.  You guessed it, climb again.  I hope you have your tazer, because 
      there are 2 raptors on the ledge!  Don't worry about using all the tazer,
      there is another one and a health on the edge of the ledge!  Anyway, you 
      will see DNA to the right of the ledge.  Make a blind jump and you will 
      get 4-5 DNA on the way down.
    Hidden DNA
    Blue and another color: Before you jump to the ledge w/ the raptor, jump and
      have your hands catch his ledge.  Drop down, and you will get the two.
    ? color: Behind the hatchery machines on the lower level (level, not layer) 
      right after the diagonal piece of wood w/ the compy.
    Blue: Behind hatchery machines with the raptor and the heart.  It is on the 
      front layer.
    Mini Boss/Checkpoint:
    Triceratops: I suggest running past them to save your tazer.
    Well, checkpoint for the guide.  Here is the DNA I have at this point when 
    I ran into the trikes.
    	B: 12
    	R: 11
    	Y: 11
    	G: 11
    Stage Thoughts: An easy stage compared to the last hellish one!  Anyway, if
    you are with me, and you have beaten the DNA mini game, you are thinking the
     same thing as me!  Holy S***!  Not only that, but the next stage as well!!!!
    -=============================Stage 6: Return to the Raptor Pens===============-
    Dinos: Galimimus, Triceratops, T-Rex
    DNA	B: 10
    	R: 10
    	Y: 10
    	G: 10
    Weapons: Gun
    Health: 2
    Hidden DNA:
    Tricky DNA:
    Note: After you drop down the big drop, there are DNA and a gun to the left.  
    You will need the gun.  Just avoid the trike.
    Boss: Tyrannasaurus Rex
    Attacks: Bite, tail whip
    This dude is easy once you know what to do!  First of all, it will take your 
    entire clip to beat him.  In other words, miss once and you have to do it 
    again!  The only vulnerable point on him is his open mouth.  You have to run
    up close to him, quickly run away, he should bite, turn around, then fire.  
    Switch layers often.  With this strategy, I beat him without getting hit, 
    so it is possible guys.
    Stage Notes: Helluva lot easier than last time!!  Not one raptor!  Woohoo!  
    All DNA is in plain view.
    -=============================Stage 7: Savage Lands============================-
    Dinos: Pteranadon, Raptors
    DNA:	B: 10
    	R: 16
    	Y: 12
    	G: 14
    Weapons: Tazer (3)
    Health: 3
    Tricy DNA:
    Yellow (2), Red: after the second pteranadon, just go back and forth between 
      the branches for health and the 3 DNA.
    Hidden DNA:
    (3): uptop of the mountain after the tricky DNA.  Just climb the next tree for 
      another pteranadon, and jump to the left.
    You can only climb trees on the side that has moss on it.
    If you go through the trees for a distance, make sure to backtrack on the land 
    for any missed DNA
    Stage Notes: Interesting.  Climbing trees give you a sense of avoiding the 
    raptors, which is a good thing.
    -=============================Stage 8: Perilous Highlands======================-
    Dinos: Pachycephalosaurus (Pachys)
    DNA:	B: (Sorry, forgot to write these down!  Probably the same as stage 11)
    Weapons: Bombs
    Health: 3
    Tricky DNA:
    Off the ledge by the wooden building, you have to be in the upper layer to get 
    the DNA on the way down.Off the ledge on the very edge of the map, be on the 
    front layer as you drop, but watch out for the pachy on the bottom!
    Hidden DNA:
    On first ledge with pachy, there is a wall.  Lead the pachy to it and he will 
    break it for many DNA.
    While jumping to very first ledge, there is a pachy there ready to head butt you
    Stage Notes: Interesting stage.  Not nearly as complex as it first seems.
    -=============================Stage 9: Ingen Lab===============================-
    Dinos: Dilophosaurus (Dilos), Raptors
    DNA:	B: 18
    	R: 22
    	Y: 17
    	G: 17
    Weapons: Knife, Gun (2)
    Health: 4
    Tricky DNA:
    Just the ones by the ladder are the only ones tricky.  Explained below
    Hidden DNA:
    When you see Danger signs, watch out for lasers that shoot out along the 
    ground.  They hurt!  Find the switch that will turn them off!
    Watch out for the green acid on the floor.
    The long vertical shaft with the ladder has steam pipes that spurt out steam.  
    Carefully climb up.  Jump off then get back on the ladder quickly to avoid 
    getting hurt.
    When you find the big DNA, the stage isn't over, there are more DNA and a 
    dilo up and to the right.
    Stage Notes: Cool, and industrial level!  One of the scariest moments 
    from the movie.
    -=============================Stage 10: Ancient Forest=========================-
    Dinos: Pachys, Stegosaurus (Stego)
    DNA:	B: 12
    	R: 14
    	Y: 14
    	G: 9
    Weapons: Bomb
    Health: 1
    Tricky DNA:
    Hidden DNA:
    Blue, Yellow: Behind a tree on the first pit, there is a blue and a yellow DNA 
      on the upper layer.  There is a hidden DNA right before the first stego on the 
      upper layer on the upper level.  
    Red (2): After the ledge that takes up both layers, there are some red DNA on 
      the upper layer.
    None, really
    Stage Notes: Hmmm, a lot of levels with their own layers.  Interesting
    -=============================Stage 11: Return to Perilous Highlands===========-
    DInos: Pteranadon, Ankylosaurus (Anky)
    DNA	B: 12
    	R: 12
    	Y: 13
    	G: 11
    Weapons: Bombs, Gun (3)
    Health: 3
    Tricky DNA:
    Hidden DNA:
    Damn, choice right off the bat!  Bombs or gun!  I personally chose the gun.
    Ankylosaurus.  He just makes boulders fall from the sky.  Watch for shadows 
    and avoid them and grab the big DNA.
    Stage Notes:
    Just the same as the previous time, except with pteranadons.  Still easy for 
    the second to last stage of the game.
    -=============================Stage 12: Return to Savage Lands=================-
    Dinos: Spinosaurus
    DNA: None!
    Weapons: Bombs, lots and lots of bombs.
    Ok, here he is, the grand finale boss!  Easy there, he's not THAT hard, you 
    just have to learn his pattern.
    If he disappears, he is going to reappear on the side you are closest to and 
    lunge halfway across the screen and bite! 
    Solution:  Stay in the middle of the screen.  Always!!!  When he starts to 
    reappear, run in the opposite direction while switching layers!  He will follow 
    you through the layers, and it will slow him down as he comes out giving you 
    enough time to  reach safety, but don't goto far!  He'll more than likely do 
    it again.
    If he disappears and the screen stops scrolling, he will use his spine!
    Solution: Goto the top layer.  He will try to use his spine coming from the 
    bottom of the screen!  All you have to do is run the opposite direction he is 
    heading.  Also, if you time your jumps right, he will miss you!
    That's it for his strategys and your counters.  Now here is your offense.
    When he is chasing, get 1/4 way from the left of the screen, turn, chuck a bomb, 
    then run away.  The bomb will get him.
    While you are dodging one of his 2 attacks, don't worry about bombing him.  
    He is powerful and 3 hits will kill Mark!
    After Spinosaurus:
    A little story persues, and you are on the run.
    All you have to do is dodge missiles and dinos.  Heh, easier said than done.  
    Here is a tip I didn't figure out until I was about 3/4 way through.  White 
    missiles will land on the lower layer, and gray ones will land on the top!  
    Also, don't run on the far right of the screen.  Dinos will come out!  Don't 
    worry, they won't attack, they are just heading to their graves via a missile!
    Make it and you beat the game.
    -=======================================Clear Game!============================-
    Wow, it is not too often a side scroller has this.  Beat it, and you play 
    through a second time!  Big replay bonus.  This time is much harder with more 
    DNA, dinos, weapons etc.  After playing this game and making this walkthrough 
    for 30+ hours in the past 2 days, I am going to put off on doing the clear game 
    for a while.  Sorry.  However, if you message or mail me that you want it, I 
    will be more motivated to make it!
    Ending was decent.  One of those endings where you don't feel like you 
    accomplished a whole lot, but not where all your hard work was for nothing.  
    At first, I thought this game sucked and I wasted $40 on it.  After a few levels 
    of doing this walkthrough (this is the only motivation that kept me from selling
    it back), I changed my mind.  It has a lot of collecting and is actually quite 
    fun!  Overall: 8.5/10.  Would have given it a 9, but the control knocked it down
     a little bit.  Also the repetition gets old.  Find DNA, kill or avoid dino, 
    make DNA strand.  Also, the clear game is hard as hell!  The dinos are 
    everywhere, massive amounts of DNA, and the dinos are stronger!  That makes it 
    that much more worthwhile!

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