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Reviewed: 08/16/02 | Updated: 08/16/02

Create your own Jurassic Park!

Do you like Sim City? Do you like dinosaurs? If yes to both.. you will love this game!


The game controls are pretty easy to learn.

L button opens a mode-where you can change entrance price, make dinosaurs and more.

R button opens a mode-where you can build things for the island and manage the buildings(shops,hotels,etc)

Use control pad to shift through all the choices.

The game isn't that hard once you get the hang of it.


In JP 3:Park Builder, you own a park(similar to the ones in the Jurassic Park movies). Your goal is to make a successful park. You start off with 1 million dollars(which doesn't last long) and an island with just plants. You must build roads, cages, shops, paths and much more.

You also need to send out a crew to look for DNA to make the dinosaurs. There is 140 dinosaurs in all, so search in all the continents for DNA. Once the DNA is brought back(and if its complete) create eggs. The eggs will hatch into dinosaurs and then put them into cages.

The DNA isn't always complete, so you will need to go back to the same area a few times to get the rest of it.

There is 2 types of dinosaurs, herbivores and carnivores. Herbivores eat plants and carnivores eat meat. So don't put too many carnivores with herbivores. If you do, they will get eaten.. thats bad.

To be successful, you need shops, hotels and restaurants to make money also. Each can hold only a few people, so when your park get more popular, upgrade them. Also, after a few years, you will get more items you can put into your gift shops.

There is 3 types of restaurants you can build.

Spino Grill- popular with men

Rex Burger- popular with families

Pteranodon Cafe- popular with women.

To get more people, you need to advertise. You can advertise with 1 choice(out of several), 1 time a month.

Check up on dinosaurs every so often. If they are in bad condition, treat them.

There is 5 sets of people that will come to the park. Families with boys, families with girls, men, women and couples. Try to target your park just for 1 group.

Check on what they think every so often. If they don't like a certain thing, they won't come back. So fix what is wrong to make the park better.

You can use link cable with a friend(that has this game) to trade completed dinosaur DNA back and forth. So thats another way to get dinosaurs that you don't have yet.


To beat the game, you need a successful park for 20 years. After that, there is some replay. You can play again to get all types of dinosaurs. You could also replay again to try for a better park.

To buy or rent?

Rent this game first, you might not like it. Its a fun game, but try it first before buying it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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