Art and AnimationRandy Briley
Art and AnimationPeter Fries
Art and AnimationEric C. Heitman
Art and AnimationNathan Hocken
Art and AnimationMichael Ingrassia
Art and AnimationForest Keyes
Art and AnimationForrest Keyes
Art and AnimationTamara Knoss
Art and AnimationSteven Nasker
Art and AnimationEric Nava
Art and AnimationMichael Platteter
Art and AnimationLaura Raines Smith
Art and AnimationRobb Vest
Art and AnimationJerry Vorhies
Art and AnimationJason Zayas
Associate ProducerCara Diehm
DeveloperSteven Ettinger
DeveloperJoshua Meeds
DeveloperDouglas Schilling
DeveloperSteve Vallee
DevelopersDoug Brettin
DevelopersJoe Bryant
DevelopersRobert Kirkpatrick
DevelopersChampagne X Mac
DevelopersDoug Shilling
DevelopersSteve Vallee
EA ArtistAlex Godsill
EA ArtistJohn Miles
EA ArtistGary Welch
EA DesignerAndrew Kerridge
EA DesignerGuy Miller
EA DesignerSimon Phipps
EA DesignerDan Riley
EA ProgrammerMark Stacey
EA ProgrammerAlan Wright
EA SoundAdele Kellett
EA SoundNick Laviers
EA SoundBill Lusty
Executive ProducerDaniel Elenbaas
Executive ProducerSteven Ettinger
Executive ProducerDavid Mann
Lead ArtistRandy Briley
Lead ArtistMichael Platteter
Lead DevelopersStephen C. Nguyen
Lead DevelopersJim Verhaeghe
Lead ProgrammerMichael Dorgan
Music and Sound EffectsDrew Cady
Music and Sound EffectsIan Rodia
Music and Sound EffectsJeremy Soule
Music and Sound EffectsMark Yeend
ProducerJ.C. Connors
ProgrammerDoug Bretting
ProgrammerJoe Bryant
ProgrammerRobert Kirkpatrick
ProgrammerChampagne X Mac
ProgrammerStephen Nguyen
ProgrammerDoug Schilling
ProgrammerJim Verhaeghe
Writer / Lead DesignerMichael Humes


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, Robbie Kennedy, th3l3fty, Lufia_Maxim, Cosmic!, Blueberry Buttface, LordAndrew, and oliist.

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