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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Slick Racer Advance

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    Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
    Game Boy Advance
    By Slick Racer Advance
    Version 0.2
    1.	Introduction
    2.	Version History
    3.	Walkthrough
    4.	FAQs
    5.	Copyright
    6.	Closing
    Hello, I'm Slick Racer. This is my FAQ for Harry Potter and 
    the Sorcerer's Stone for the Game Boy Advance. I shall be 
    your boring and repetitive guide to the game. Just kidding. 
    This game is good fun for HP fans, but a little 
    challenging. Sadly, I have not been able to find this game 
    on sale, so I am using an emulator. Using an emulator is 
    slightly easier than playing it on a real GBA, since save 
    states let you go back and undo mistakes. So, I have an 
    edge over all of you who bought this game (Yes, all 3 of 
    you =P). However, since this is the first guide for this 
    game EVER, bear with me. I'll update often, and if the 
    guide goes well I might expand to tables, charts, 
    reference, FAQs and the like. So, off we go.
    2. Version History
    Ver 0.2- Added Version History and FAQs.
    Ver 0.1- Initial Release. Introduction, Walkthrough up to 
    Quirrel's Challenge, and closing. 
    3.  Walkthrough
    Part 1: Beginning the game.
    For those who can't recognize a walkthrough if it danced 
    naked in front of him in a tea cozy.
    Let's turn on our handheld device, shall we? 
    First, if this is your first time playing the game, you'll 
    be asked to choose a language. I find the UK English option 
    the best, as it sounds more like J.K. Rowling's books. Eh, 
    your choice. If you make a mistake, or wish to change 
    languages, you can access the language menu from the 
    Options at any time. Here's a thought: Every bit of text in 
    the game was translated into these 12 languages. If there 
    were only, let's say, 4 languages...would the game be 
    better? Perhaps.
    After the logos end, press start on the title screen. There 
    are 3 items on the screen.
    New Game- Starts a brand new game.
    Continue- Allows you to continue a previous game.
    Options- Gives you several options to change.
    Okay, let's check out the options menu.
    In the options menu, you'll see 4 options.
    Music- Toggle music on and off.
    SFX- Toggle sound effects on and off.
    Flying Controls- For this menu, you can choose what flying 
    control setup you wish. Using beginner is a bit confusing, 
    so I recommend Advanced for more responsive and realistic 
    Language Select- This is the same as the menu you saw on 
    your first play. Reselect your language here.
    That's it for options. Select "New Game" from the main menu 
    to begin.
    Part 2: The Story
    "Would you care for a lemon drop?"
    -Chapter 1, The Boy Who Lived.
    There was nothing about the starry sky that might to 
    suggest that strange and mysterious things would soon be 
    happening. As unsuspecting muggles slept, a huge motorbike 
    with a giant astride it tumbled down from the darkness. The 
    giant, named Hagrid, left a blanket-wrapped bundle on the 
    doorstep of Number 4 Privet Drive. Nestled in the bundle 
    was a baby...Harry Potter...The Boy Who Lived.
    For the next eleven years Harry lived with his dreadful 
    stepparents, the Dursleys. Until...
    ...that fateful day when he received the letter inviting 
    him to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley, to purchase a most 
    unusual list of school supplies. Soon after, Harry caught 
    the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9 and three-fourths and 
    left the muggle world far behind. 
    Harry sat beneath the Sorting Hat hoping that he would not 
    be chosen for Slytherin House over Gryffindor. "Not 
    Slytherin, eh?" said the hat in his ear. "You could be 
    great, it's all here in your head, and Slytherin will help 
    you on your way to greatness. No? Well, if you're sure, 
    better be...GRYFFINDOR!"
    Part 3: The game begins
    "Harry- Yer a Wizard."
    -Chapter 4, The Keeper of the Keys.
    You begin the game in the grand entrance hall, speaking 
    with Ron. It seems you have Defense against the Dark Arts 
    on the third floor.
    Before you start, here are a few pieces of info you should 
    Press the Control Pad in any direction (Including 
    diagonally) to move in that direction.
    Press A to talk or check people or items.
    Press B to use the selected form of magic.
    Press L and R to scroll through all the magic you've 
    learned so far.
    Press Start to view the Options Menu.
    Press Select to view the Status Menu.
    Status Menu
    The Status Menu is useful. No really, it is. Here's a brief 
    rundown of all the pages in the menu.
    Map Page
    The Map Page is the first page you see when you enter the 
    Status Menu for the first time. Hogwarts has 9 floors (8 if 
    you exclude the Dungeons, or 7 if you exclude the Dungeons 
    and the Entrance). The icon of Harry's face is where you 
    currently are. Whenever you enter the map page, the floor 
    selected will always be your current floor. The flashing 
    target icon is where you need to go next. The box under the 
    map of the floor tells you what your current task is. To 
    view maps of other floors, just press up or down.
    Inventory Page
    To switch pages, press L or R. Press R at the Map menu, or 
    L at the Folio Magi Menu to reach the Inventory Page.
    The Inventory Page has all the items you currently have on 
    the top half of the screen. Under those, you'll see a 
    serving dish with 3 plates on it. As you collect the power 
    pastries called Pumpkin Pasties, you'll fill up these 
    plates. After collecting 3 Pasties, you'll get an energy 
    bolt (explained later). This is similar to the heart system 
    in Zelda games. Next to it is a green bottle. When I 
    discover what it means and does, I'll report it.
    Folio Magi Page
    This menu has 16 slots for you to place the magic cards you 
    find in Chocolate Frogs. These cards might serve a purpose 
    later on.
    The Game Screen
    The main game screen has several things on it to help you 
    refer to what you have at a glance.
    Energy Bolts: At the top of the screen are several energy 
    bolts. As you take damage from hazards or enemies, you'll 
    lose bolts. When all the bolts are gone, you'll pass out. 
    You start with 5 Bolts, but can earn more by collecting 
    Magic Symbol: After earning a spell, you'll notice a small 
    symbol across the screen from the Energy Bar. This is the 
    current spell you have. Press B to use the spell. After 
    earning a second spell, you can press L or R to scroll 
    through the different spells.
    Part 4: Defense against the Dark Arts
    "Quirrel's lessons turned out to be a bit of a joke."
    -Chapter 8, The Potions Master.
    Okay, now that you've got a hang of the basics, let's begin 
    your adventure.
    Alumni: 2
    Access: Floor 1
    After speaking with Ron, walk around and speak with the two 
    kids walking around. Then, pick up one of the scrolls lying 
    in front of any of the hourglasses to learn about House 
    Points. Then, check any of the hourglasses with A to check 
    your House Point totals. You can earn Points for being 
    completing challenges. You can lose points for using spells 
    on people, being caught out of bed after midnight, or being 
    caught in restricted areas.
    You'll notice there are several doors locked. The ones to 
    the left and right, and the main door. Doors will always be 
    locked when you don't need them, so collect EVERYTHING when 
    you have the chance.
    Now, go up the stairs Ron just went up. It seems a gang of 
    kids have stopped Ron in his tracks. Approach the group to 
    discover the group is led by none other than Draco Malfoy, 
    Slytherin at large. After coming up with a clever response 
    to Malfoy's snide remark, the gang runs off. Ron exits 
    through the door at the top of the stairs. Speak to Malfoy 
    and his cronies Crabbe and Goyle if you wish, then exit 
    through the door. 
    Floor 1
    Alumni: 3
    Access: Floor 2, Entrance
    Save Point
    On this large floor, you can save your game at the large 
    open book floating near the entrance. Walk into the save 
    point to learn how to save. Now, choose from any of the 
    save slots to save in (Save in different slots each time so 
    in case you miss something, you can go back). Select Delete 
    to erase any files. You'll exit automatically after saving.
    Now, talk to all 3 students walking around the floor. You 
    can check the Girl's Bathroom door (The one with the heart 
    on it), and the board outside the Transfiguration 
    classroom. Both are locked. Now, go up the set of stairs at 
    the top of the area.
    Floor 2
    Alumni: 0
    Access: Floor 3, Floor 1
    Upon entering this deserted hallway, you'll spot Peeves, 
    Hogwart's resident Poltergeist. He'll fly away, not 
    attacking you, but not leaving you behind without an ear-
    splitting cackle. How nice. Now, you can explore the floor. 
    The Library is closed, but you can read the sign and 
    practice searching bookcases (Press Up near a case). On the 
    other side is the Charms classroom, also locked, and a 
    strange mirror. You should notice a small passage behind 
    the mirror. You'll get to it later. For now, go up another 
    staircase near the mirror.
    Floor 3
    Alumni: 2
    Access: Floor 2
    Staff: 2
    Rooms: Trophy Room, DADA Classroom
    Save Point
    Ron will greet you upon entering the floor. He'll run off 
    afterwards. You'll also see a save point. Speak to both 
    pupils, then head toward the top-left of the floor. You'll 
    notice a door that's open, and a sign. This is the Trophy 
    Room. Get to know it well. Notice the mirror on the north 
    wall? You'll use it soon. Check the room out, then return 
    to the main floor. Now, head towards the bottom-left area 
    straight south.
    Janitor Filch is there, sweeping the area right before the 
    forbidden corridor. He'll send you off. No worries, he 
    won't penalize you. Up near the NEXT stairwell is Percy the 
    Prefect, Ron's big brother. He'll tell you to join Ron in 
    the DADA class. Go ahead and run right. You'll see a small 
    hall with a classroom like the others, complete with board. 
    Enter it.
    DADA Classroom
    Alumni: 4 (Can only talk to 2)
    Access: Floor 3
    Staff: 1
    Speak to Malfoy and the girl standing next to him, then 
    approach Professor Quirrel, the tall guy in the turban. 
    He'll stutter his way into beginning the lesson.
    To learn the Flipendo spell, a knock back attack, you must 
    repeat Quirrel's wand movements. This is the way you'll 
    learn spells every time.
    Use the Control Pad to follow Quirrel's first three 
    motions. This will get you Flipendo, but you can earn house 
    points by attempting his next 5-movement chain, which has 
    the first 3 and adds 2 more movements to the mix.
    If you mess up here, you can't return to earn the points. 
    Fortunately, you can have up to 2 mistakes and still earn 
    the points.
    After earning your second start, you can try one final long 
    7-movement chain for an additional 25 house points. 
    After the challenge (You should have earned 50 points), 
    Quirrel will walk to the other end of the room and open the 
    door. This leads to a 6-star challenge inside a labyrinth. 
    Speak to all 4 students again. NEVER use the Flipendo, or 
    any other magic, on students or staff. You may lose points. 
    Speak to Quirrel once more, then enter the door for your 
    The Flipendo Challenge
    Okay, read the message you get when you enter, then let's 
    get moving. Move up, then down the hall to the left. Pick 
    up the scroll, learn about switches, then cast Flipendo on 
    the switch the Flipendo (Hand) symbol on it. A nearby 
    bridge will spin, creating a path over a pit. Return to the 
    barrel you passed earlier, and cast Flipendo on it a few 
    times. Upon entering the new room, grab the Star sitting in 
    plain sight. Congrats, 5 more to go. 
    Carefully cross over the pit, then collect another scroll 
    at the threshold of a new room. There are two Gnomes in 
    this room. You must knock both of them out to continue. 
    Move a bit forward, and fire off spells repeatedly. Move 
    around, because if you stay in one place, the Gnomes won't 
    come. After defeating both monsters, collect the Star. 
    Now, use Flipendo on the big vase in the corner of the 
    room. It will shatter, revealing a Bertie Bott's Every 
    Flavor Bean. Collecting these Jellybeans will restore lost 
    health. If you lost any, pick it up. If not, it'd be best 
    to save it for later. Now, continue up through the door 
    that just opened. You'll spot two more vases, hit them. 
    They're empty. Collect the easy Star on the royal blue rug. 
    You're halfway through. Continue left and get the next 
    scroll to find out how to deal with Flipendo Blocks. Now 
    hit the nearby block with your spell. Be careful! There's a 
    Gnome on the platform! Stand on the block and fire off 
    spells at it. Now, collect the Bean, and hit the next block 
    with Flipendo. Continue down, hitting the next two blocks. 
    This will create an angled bridge to Star #4. Grab it and 
    the bean.
    Now, head back to the purple-floored area just above of 
    you. Head right this time and move the next block into the 
    pit along the wall. Cross it, then head down and push the 
    next block. Now hit the NEXT block from afar. You can't get 
    to it from here, so return to where you picked up your last 
    star. Now cross the new block, and head down once more. 
    After hitting the southern wall, pick up the scroll nearby. 
    Search the bookcase for an additional bean, then go through 
    the doorway just below, picking up Star #5 in the process. 
    One more to go.
    GNOMES! This room has 2 dangerous Gnomes inside. Defeat 
    them both, but keep your distance. You got all 6 Stars!
    Now, though, you have to find your way back to the 
    entrance. Before you do, hit both buckets in the room with 
    Flipendo to get 2 beans. Now exit through the other door, 
    back to the room where you fought your first Gnomes. Head 
    back across the bridge, and down the hall to exit the area, 
    and win the challenge.
    DADA Classroom
    Alumni: 4
    Access: Floor 3
    Staff: 1
    You'll see a nice-looking screen, and Quirrel will give 
    your house 20 points for your expert navigation. You have 
    potions next with Snape...
    Speak to the two students that remain (Malfoy sneers at you 
    once more), then head off for the Dungeons.
    Part 5: Potions
    "Don't push it," he muttered, "I've heard Snape can turn 
    very nasty."
    Floor 3
    Alumni: 2
    Access: Floor 2
    Staff: 2
    Rooms: Trophy Room
    Outside, the extremely sexy..Ahem..uh, I mean the extremely 
    smart Hermione Granger. She spares no time in flattering 
    you, then runs off to Snape's class.
    The same two students are walking around, and both have 
    something to say about Snape. Filch and Percy are still up 
    to their path-blocking ways.
    If you have an emulator, or just want to screw around, it's 
    fun to hear what everyone says when you hit them with your 
    trusty Flipendo.
    Now, save your game at the book near the stairs, then head 
    back down. 
    Floor 2
    Alumini: 0
    Access: Floor 1, Floor 3
    Peeves again. He'll warn you not to wander around at night 
    (Hehehe), then fly away. Well, there's nothing to do here, 
    so continue down to the first floor.
    Floor 1
    Alumni: 3
    Access: Entrance, Floor 2
    Speak to the 3 kids again, then head back down to the 
    Entrance. You can save if you'd like.
    Alumni: 2
    Access: Great Hall Passage, Dungeons, Floor 1
    Hermione will tell you to hurry up when you enter, but 
    we're in no hurry. Speak to both students, then you're free 
    to check your House Point totals at the hourglasses.
    The points are always random, but there's a good chance 
    you'll be ahead.
    My Score:
    Last - RavenClaw
    Tied for Second- Hufflepuff/Slytherin
    First- Gryffindor
    Okay, you can head through the doorway on the right side of 
    the area, which was previously closed, to enter the...
    Great Hall Passageway
    Alumni: 0
    Access: Great Hall, Entrance
    This small hall leads to the huge Great Hall. Head through 
    the other door.
    Great Hall
    Alumni: 0
    Access: Great Hall Passageway
    This vast, empty room has no use to you now, but you can 
    look around. There are 2 chests next to the windows on the 
    northern wall. They're locked tight, but you'll open them 
    later. When you're done looking around, return through the 
    Great Hall Passageway
    Alumni: 0
    Access: Entrance, Great Hall
    Return through the other door, to the Entrance.
    Alumni: 2
    Access: Dungeons, Floor 1, Great Hall Passageway
    Staff: 2
    Hello! As soon as you arrive, you'll see an imposing sight: 
    Dumbledore and McGonnagal. Speak to them, they won't take 
    away points. You can check the Points again. Yes, they've 
    changed. In the 5 minutes you were away, they changed. They 
    change every time you exit the room. Pretty inaccurate... 
    but I guess other houses are earning points as we speak. Go 
    through the other open door to reach the dungeons.
    Alumni: 0
    Access: Entrance
    Rooms: Potions
    Pumpkin Pasty
    Hermione will tell you to pick up the pace, then run off 
    again. Explore the Dungeons, all the doors are locked 
    anyway, but you can read the plaques.. Before enering 
    Snape's class on the other side of the area, head up north, 
    then left. You'll see a hopping Pumpkin in a small alcove. 
    Pick it up. This is a Pumpkin Pasty, a delicious pastry 
    that increases your health for every 3 you pick up. You can 
    save your game, so save it at the book.
    Now, head all the way to the left. Read the plaque next to 
    the open door, then enter...Snape's Class!
    Potions Classroom
    Alumni: 4
    Access: Dungeons, Storage.
    Staff: 1
    Upon entering, you'll automatically run to the center of 
    the room. Snape will be seething. As punishment for 
    arriving late, you'll be ordered to fetch 6 glass vials 
    from Snape's basement. Unfortunately, Snape likes to 
    scatter his stuff throughout the dungeon randomly, and has 
    set up several traps for those who...try to steal his glass 
    vials. Weird guy.
    Speak to all 4 kids (Malfoy again...annoying idiot). Now, 
    let's do something before we go into the basement.
    Search the bookcase directly above where you talked to 
    Snape. One of them will move, revealing a secret doorway. 
    Alumni: 0
    Access: Potions Classroom
    You'll notice a spilled cauldron in the middle of the area, 
    but the path is blocked by little white objects. Your 
    Flipendo can't move them, so just exit.
    Potions Classroom
    Alumni: 4
    Access: Dungeons
    Okay, now, head down the stairs to begin your QUEST FOR THE 
    VIALS! (I can't make it sound more dramatic than that. 
    Imagine, a stupid dangerous adventure for 6 cheap glass 
    tubes. Come on! Honestly!)
    ***To be Continued***
    4. FAQs
    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions you guys have sent 
    me. Well, this is only the first update, so I'll be adding 
    all the questions I've received so far.
    1. "Dear MR." =P
    -How do I get past the prefects to battle Draco Malfoy?
    It's pretty hard. Just try to get inside cracks in the 
    walls or behind walls, then pass when they're not watching. 
    Watch them from a safe place and study their walking 
    pattern. Then just run to another safe place. I'll by 
    updating with this probably next time.
    -Hey, on my emulator game, when I climb up the stairs to 
    meet Ron, the screen scrolls to the top left and stays 
    there. Do you experience this too? Is it a glitch? What 
    should I do?
    Well, the real thing is always better, but I understand. 
    I'm using emulator too.
    Emulators choke on the graphics. However, I haven't 
    experienced this problem. I have heard about problems with 
    Mega Man Battle Network too, and how VGBA bypasses it.
    First, try downloading Visual Game Boy Advance from 
    www.visualboy.com. If you already have it, or it doesn't 
    work, well, it might be the rom. I can't help you there, 
    the only site I know with the rom is broken. Besides, it's 
    illegal to tell you about roms in the FAQ. Good luck.
    Okay, so just two. That isn't bad. If you want to have your 
    question here, EMAIL ME! Instant Messages are easy to 
    forget, I already forgot the two I got yesterday. My mail 
    is JimHawkingOS@aol.com
    5. Copyright
    This FAQ is copyright Slick Racer Advance, November 15, 
    Do not put this FAQ on your site without my permission. E-
    mail me at JimhawkingOS@aol.com 
    6.  Closing
    Well, that's a wrap. I'll be adding a version history next 
    update. As well as more walkthrough. If you mail me 
    questions, I'll put up an FAQ and Stupid Questions section 
    Email me at JimhawkingOS@aol.com
    AIM is Darklinkx1
    My GameFAQs board name is of course Slick Racer Advance. 
    See ya later...
    I'll send you an owl.

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