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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Schlave

    Version: Final | Updated: 07/08/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Game Boy Advance
    Guide made by Schlave
    Copyright 2002
    This guide is 100% Schlave.
    Welcome to Walkthrough Final Version!
    (1) Updates
    (2) Who am I?
    (3) Story
    (4) Controls
    (5) Walkthrough
    (6) Bertie Botts' Jellybeans
    (7) Items
    (8) Friends and Foes
    (9) Spells and Enchantments
    (10) Quidditch
    (11) Pumpkin Pasties
    (12) Chocolate Frog Cards
    (13) Castle Maps
    (14) Tips and Tricks
    (15) Frequently Asked Questions
    (16) Credits
    (17) Legal Stuff
    Got a question? I'm sure you do. If you do, e-mail at 
    ernestho@magix.com.sg. But if you question is already answered in the 
    walkthrough OR has to do with:
    - Forbidden Forest escape route
    - Trophy Room route
    I'm not answering any of those! If you find your question has been 
    ignored for 5 days or more, search more carefully.
    I respond to polite e-mails only, and unless a problem occurs, I will be 
    replying in about 1 - 2 days, longer if you're unlucky.
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             \ \   /__  /         1. UPDATES          \  __\   / /
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    Version Final (6th July 2002)
    - removed ASCII art at the top
    - Walkthrough: small update in Forbidden Forest guide
    - corrected mistake in Controls section
    - refreshed the whole darn Updates section (this section!)
    - added an extra line between each portion of the castle to make it 
    Version 0.8 (2nd January 2002)
    - Walkthrough: added step-by-step "to the trophy room to fight Malfoy" 
    guide, corrected mistake in Forbidden Corridor route
    - Choc Frog Cards: added Edgar Stroulger
    - Tips and Tricks section added
    Version 0.7 (21th December 2001)
    - Choc Frog Cards: more locations
    - Maps section added
    Version 0.6 (17th December 2001)
    - Choc Frog Cards: added more cards
    - Friends and Foes section added
    Version 0.5 (10th December 2001)
    - section banners completed
    - Choc Frog Cards: four more
    - Pumpkin Pasties section added
    - Credits section added
    Version 0.4 (30th November 2001)
    - Chocolate Frog Cards section added
    - Walkthrough finished
    - Items section added
    Version 0.3 (20th November 2001)
    - Walkthrough: stealing of Wiggentree Bark
    - edited a few mistakes, improved layout
    Version 0.2 (19th November 2001)
    - Walkthrough: going to dungeons to save Hermione.
    - Bertie Botts' Jellybean Flavours section added
    - Spells and Enchantments section added.
    Version 0.1 (18th November 2001)
    - Walkthrough: Hagrid's garden
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             \ \   /__  /        2. WHO AM I?         \  __\   / /
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    My nick is Schlave, so just have it as that. Before I start, I want to 
    make it known that I'm no avid Potter fan. I don't go all-out and 
    purchase all sorts of merchandise on Harry Potter, except the books 
    written by JK Rowling, on him. The reason for making this walkthrough 
    was to feed the increasing demand, and besides, the game is interesting.
    As for this walkthrough, it's just about complete. I aim to put in as 
    much information to make a walkthrough I'm proud of. I hope it's not too 
    confusing! And when you email me, make sure it's about mistakes or typos 
    in the walkthrough. No junk mail or greetings, or chain mail, blah blah. 
    And read the FAQ before e-mailing me.
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             \ \   /__  /           3. STORY          \  __\   / /
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    When the game starts, several illustrations flash, along with text that 
    told of how Harry Potter and the beginning all came about. Basically 
    put, Harry Potter is a young boy who is famous for having thwarted a 
    very evil wizard, named Voldemort, while he was a baby. He was then 
    brought to a perfectly non-wizard family (non-wizards: Muggles) who 
    "took care" of him. When Harry grew up, he received a letter which 
    invited him to join the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He 
    goes there, is sorted into one of the four groups of Hogwarts - 
    Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw - and ends up in 
    Gryffindor. And that is how Harry, the character you play as, and the 
    game itself, begins...
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             \ \   /__  /         4. CONTROLS         \  __\   / /
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    A Button : Communicate/Observe something
    B Button : Cast spells (if available)
    L Button : Play Hagrid's flute to charm Flobberworms
    R Button : Cycles through the spells
    Start : Pause the game, adjust flying controls, turn off music etc.
    Select : Bring up map and current objective, use L and R buttons to 
    cycle between map, miscellaneous items and cards from Chocolate Frogs.
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             \ \   /__  /       5. WALKTHROUGH        \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
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    You start off here, with your new-found friend Ron(ald) Weasley. He 
    tells you to go to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Class on Floor 3, 
    and mentions something about a girl named Hermione. Now proceed forwards 
    up the steps, but before you even reach the top, you are confronted by a 
    snobbish Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, who insults the members of Gryffindor 
    scathingly, before letting you past. Ignore him and just keep going 
    forward through doors and up steps to higher Floors.
    Floor 2
    When you reach here, you see Peeves the poltergeist, who isn't really a 
    danger (for now). He cackles mischievously and glides off. Now just 
    ignore him and walk forwards and up the stairs to Floor 3.
    Floor 3
    Ron is at the top of the stairs which you have just come up from, so 
    follow him to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom. In case you 
    lose sight of him, the classroom is on the right side of the Floor, with 
    an iron cauldron and 3 candles flanking it. Enter the classroom.
    Inside, you will find a teacher, Professor Quirrell, who will teach you 
    the Flipendo jinx, the very first spell you will learn. To learn it, 
    repeat Quirrell's movements by tapping the respective direction keys to 
    move your wand. You learn it by completing the first set of movements, 
    but you get more House Points if you pull off the second and third set. 
    When you finish, Quirrell will make you complete a challenge in another 
    room, using your newly learned Flipendo jinx. Enter the room he has 
    Flipendo Challenge
    Now, you can use your B button to cast the Flipendo spell. You see that 
    orange hand in the top right corner of the screen? That means that you 
    are casting Flipendo now. When you learn more spells, you can cycle 
    through each one by pressing the L button.
    To complete the Challenge, you must grab 6 Golden Stars and escape 
    alive. If you fall into a pit or lose all your stamina (5 Energy Bolts 
    at the top left corner of the screen) you must start again. Scrolls are 
    scattered around to give you tips on using the spell effectively.
    1. Go forward and left to a dead end, where you will see a switch (in 
    the shape of a shield) with a hand insignia on it. Cast the Flipendo 
    jinx on the shield and it will flip a bridge around, allowing you to 
    cross a chasm later. Now go back and right, and push the barrel away by 
    casting Flipendo on it several times. When the way is clear, go forward 
    and left to get your first Golden Star. Now keep going left.
    2. When you see two golden coloured gnomes wandering around, don't 
    panic, but aim a Flipendo jinx at them and knock them both out. Collect 
    the second Golden Star from the room and go through the newly opened 
    3. Go forward and left to find the third Golden Star on a carpet.
    4. After you get your third Golden Star, cast Flipendo on the several 
    blocks with hand insignia on them in the correct direction. If you cast 
    it right, they will shift and bridge up the chasms to allow to cross. 
    You may have to double back to cast Flipendo on certain blocks which you 
    can't reach at your current position. On the way, zap the gnome and get 
    the Bertie Botts' Every Flavored Jellybeans on the way to restore Energy 
    Bolts if needed. Grab the fourth Golden Star when the way is clear.
    5. After crossing the chasms, you will come upon a bookcase. Go in front 
    of it and press UP to search it. Ta-da! A jellybean. Do this for every 
    other bookcase you find - you might be surprised! Grab the easy fifth 
    Golden Star in the doorway.
    6. In the next room, cast Flipendo on the small brown pots to get 
    jellybeans and knock out the two gnomes wandering around the room with 
    Flipendo as well. Get the last Golden Star on the carpet, and if you've 
    got 6 Stars, the exit door will open. Now find your way to the exit 
    "You mastered the Flipendo Challenge! Your reputation will get a push 
    Upon exiting the room, Quirrell will reward 20 House Points for 
    Gryffindor, and shoo you off to your next class, Potions (Don't cast you 
    newly learned spell on him, he would take off 5 House Points if you 
    Floor 3
    When you finish your Defence Against the Dark Arts Class and exit the 
    room, you will be confronted by Hermione Granger, a whiz at magic. 
    Follow her to the Potions class in the Dungeons. There is a save point 
    at the stairs to Floor 2, so use it. Now descend.
    Floor 2
    Peeves the poltergeist again. Just ignore him and go down 2 more flights 
    of stairs.
    Here, you'll meet Hermione at the bottom of the stairs. Follow her to 
    the left of this floor and enter the room into the...
    Upon entrance, find your way to left, where you'll see a door with a 
    shield on the wall beside it. Enter the door to Potions class. If you 
    want, you could save at the save point just north of the entrance into 
    the Dungeons, or grab the Pumpkin Pasty in the northern area of the 
    You walk automatically towards a gathering of students, where a bubbling 
    cauldron sits. Professor Snape is the teacher and seems to bear a grudge 
    towards you. He welcomes you with open stairs leading deep into the 
    dungeons and orders you to find 6 glass vials.
    Find the Glass Vials!
    You have been ordered by Snape to find 6 glass vials for Potions class. 
    You cannot leave until you have found all of them.
    1. When you enter this new area, break the three pots to the left of 
    you. One of them contains a glass vial.
    2. Enter the doorway and turn right. Flip the switch using Flipendo and 
    cross the bridge. Then press the pressure plate (a grey button in the 
    ground) to open one of the three closed portcullises. Enter the open 
    doorway, go through the narrow passage, cross the bridge and press the 
    pressure plate to let out three golden gnomes. Knock all of them out (if 
    at any time you need refuge, duck into the cells you have opened.), 
    cross the bridge to the right, and take the second glass vial.
    3. Now press the pressure plate and go back to where there were three 
    closed portcullises (not the cells where the gnomes were held, but the 
    beginning of finding the second glass vial). Enter the second opened 
    portcullis and you find yourself in a room with three barrels and three 
    pressure plates. You can't hold down all three buttons, so use Flipendo 
    to push the barrels over the buttons. Search the bookcase on the right 
    for a bag of Jellybeans (restores a few Energy Bolts) and break the two 
    clay pots for a glass vial.
    4. By holding down all three pressure plates, you throw open another 
    portcullis near the entrance of the room with three barrels and three 
    pressure plates. Enter that door to find an easy glass vial and press 
    the pressure plate inside.
    5. Go back to the room with three portcullises (again, not the ones with 
    the cells containing the gnomes) and you'll find the last one is open. 
    Go through, push the Flipendo blocks with Flipendo and cross them. Break 
    the 4 clay pots for a glass vial and press the Flipendo switch on the 
    6. Enter the newly opened door to the south and go along the narrow 
    path. Use Flipendo to push the the barrel and knock out the 3 golden 
    gnomes on the way. Collect the last glass vial in the room. 
    Snape will then order you to return to class, so pick your way back 
    carefully to the entrance where you started to find the glass vials.
    "You collected all six vials! Maybe Snape will go a little easier on you 
    Returning to your Potions class, Snape will give you an assignment: find 
    all the ingredients to make the Wiggenweld Potion - Dittany, Moly, 
    Flobberworm Mucus and Wiggentree Bark. You'll have to find each one in 
    turn. Now exit the Dungeons.
    Exit the Hogwarts castle via the great door to the south.
    Ron will lead you to the garden path where you must pick your way 
    through to get to Hagrid's hut. The path is on the left of the Castle 
    When you enter the gardens, you will see a scroll which warns of 
    poisonous mushroom patches, an example of which is beside the scroll. 
    They hurt you when you come in contact with them so watch it. Anyway, 
    here's a step by step guide for getting to Hagrid's hut.
    1. Go left and knock out the golden gnome. Then fire four Flipendo 
    blasts at the thorny bush blocking your way into another area. Avoid the 
    spines it ejects when you hit it with the Flipendo jinx. Avoid the 
    mushroom patches, mud which sinks in and lets you fall through, and 
    search the bush at the end of the room for a bag of Jellybeans. Knock 
    out the golden gnome wandering around.
    2. Exit that place, and go left and forward, past two big logs and 
    across a wooden "carpet". You should see a thorny bush and a light brown 
    log. Fire four Flipendo blasts to wipe out the thorny bush, go forwards 
    and right, knock out the golden gnome, and cast Flipendo across the 
    small pond to push another light brown log at the end.
    3. Double back and use Flipendo to push the first light brown log 
    horizontally several times, until you can pick your way forwards and 
    left to another area. Knock out the gnome and go south, avoiding the 
    mushrooms, to yet another area.
    4. Go left and follow the path until you see a closed door, thorny bush 
    and a gnome. Knock out the gnome, then neutralise the thorny bush. Go 
    through the opened path to Hagrid's hut.
    In Hagrid's hut, you tell him that you need to find Dittany, and he 
    leads you to another area. Save at the Save Point in his hut and follow 
    him outside into his garden.
    Find the Dittany!
    To help you find it a little easier, I'll tell you what Dittany looks 
    like, so you can tell whether that's a poisonous mushroom patch or your 
    goal. It's a small, brown, mushroom-like thing. Now, a step by step 
    guide to get the Dittany. Oh, why did Hagrid have to grow Dittany all 
    the way at the back?!
    1. Go to the left. You will see a small patch of land isolated by a pit. 
    The patch of land has a pressure plate and a white plant on it. Cast 
    Flipendo on it (the direction doesn't matter, so long as it's not 
    diagonal) twice to make it roll onto the pressure plate and stay there. 
    This will enable a small moving bridge.
    2. Double back a little and walk onto the moving bridge. Don't fall now! 
    When you get to the other side, you'll need to knock out the gnome in 
    the way (bush contains nothing) and go left and down to find another 
    white plant. Fire Flipendo at it from the right and push it onto a 
    pressure plate, enabling a moving bridge. But there are three pressure 
    plates! You'll need to locate two more plants.
    3. Go down and you'll see a white plant. Fire Flipendo at it from the 
    left and set it rolling. Take down the thorny bush, and roll the white 
    plant downwards, such that it stops beside a chasm. Then double back a 
    little, and fire a Flipendo blast across the chasm from the left, 
    pushing the plant against a log. Go behind the plant and push it 
    downwards again.
    4. Now you'll see two thorny bushes. Neutralise the one on the right, 
    then go into the area and fire Flipendo from the right across the chasm, 
    pushing the plant.
    5. Now use Flipendo to push the plant forward and left past a thorny 
    push, until you see a Flipendo block is barring the way. Shift the block 
    over the chasm by firing Flipendo at it from the left, and doubling back 
    in front of the plant and pushing it the rest of the way, until it ends 
    on a second pressure plate.
    6. Double back and go to the left past a thorny push, knock out the 
    gnome there and push the pressure plate. This will set off another 
    platform moving, but not the last one, which you need to hold down the 
    third pressure plate with a third plant. Walk onto the platform and get 
    carried to the other side.
    7. Knock out the gnome over there, go downwards and search the left bush 
    for a Chocolate Frog. Now go downwards again, and AUGH! Three gnomes 
    rush up to meet you, so take care of them and grab the jellybean. Go 
    downwards more, until you reach a dead end with a white plant on the 
    other side of a chasm. Fire Flipendo at it from the left and push it 
    8. Now double back and head right this time. Search the bush for a bad 
    of Jellybeans, and neutralise the throny bush nearby. Now go downward, 
    trash both gnomes wandering around, neutralise both thorny bushes, take 
    another bag of jellybeans, and shift the Flipendo block over a chasm. 
    Now double back a little and push the plant across the cleared path.
    9. Follow where the plant has rolled, go in front of it, and push it 
    forwards. Then you must carefully walk between the plant and chasm, and 
    fire a Flipendo spell to the right of the plant, pushing it left.
    10. Now work your way forward and left, past the shifted Flipendo block, 
    like you did for the second plant, until the last plant is pushed onto 
    the last pressure plate.
    11. Hooray! All the platforms across the wide chasm are moving. Step 
    carefully onto each platform across to the other side, where a bag of 
    Jellybeans and a sprig of Dittany awaits.
    12. Now return carefully, over the wide chasm and other obstacles, to 
    where the entrance of Hagrid's garden is. Finished! 
    "You found the Dittany! Its tiny fronds wave as if in greeting!"
    Now you end up back in the Grounds, wherer Ron awaits. He tells you go 
    ahead for Flying lessons with Madam Hooch. Go to the left of the 
    Grounds, where there are two grey walls. Enter the new area for your 
    Flying Lesson. You find out you're late, and Madam Hooch is taking 
    Neville Longbottom to have his arm patched up - the silly git fell off 
    his broom. Now Malfoy swoops in, and makes fun of Neville. Angry, you 
    chase Malfoy on your broomstick and try to get back Neville's 
    Remembrall, something Malfoy stole from Neville. This is when you will 
    learn Quidditch.
    Using the controls mentioned above (look in the Contents), chase Draco 
    Malfoy and get back Neville's Remembrall. He leaves behind rings of 
    sparkles that you have to fly through to get a speed boost. A yellow bar 
    at the bottom of the screen fills up as you fly through more and more 
    rings. If you get enough rings and are close enough to Draco, another 
    bar will appear in the middle of the screen. You don't control Harry, 
    just concentrate on using the A or B button to catch the Remembrall as 
    it drifts along the bar towards your hand. This is when you have to 
    catch the Remembrall, and you have a limited time to do it!
    "You recovered Neville's Remembrall! Draco and his rough-hewn cronies 
    will think twice about taking you on now."
    When you successfully catch it...Oops! Madam Hooch has spotted you 
    taking off, and she chides you. Just as you open your mouth to protest, 
    she praises you unexpectedly about your skill of a broomstick and makes 
    you a Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Then she tells you go 
    back to your Common Room (Floor 7). She leaves, and as you turn to go, 
    you spot Malfoy and his cronies! He tries to snub you, but you snub him 
    back and he leaves, inviting you to a Wizard's Duel in the Trophy Room 
    (Floor 3). Now go back into Hogwarts and proceed up the flights of 
    stairs. Unexpectedly...
    Floor 4
    Ron is waiting for you, and tells you of a secret bookcase which leads 
    directly up to Floor 7. He leads you to the bookcase, which you must 
    search. It slides away to reveal a stairway, which you proceed into and 
    climb a few steps to...
    Floor 7
    Hermione is now waiting for you as you emerge, and tells you the 
    password to the Common Room, "Pig Snout". She and you go into the Common 
    Room, and you ask her to teach you the Alohomora charm for opening 
    certain doors. Follow her wand movements. If you get all three wand 
    movement sets correct, she gives you a Pumpkin Pasty.
    "You learned Alohomora! This should really open doors for you!"
    After learning it, she makes you promise not to use it to sneak around 
    Hogwarts (the exact opposite of which you will be doing) and leaves. Ron 
    tells you to go for the Wizard's Duel now, and you say that you are 
    going alone. If you want to save, go into the room in the northern part 
    of the Common Room. Now, exit the Common Room.
    Oop! The whole place is dark. It's night, and most students have turned 
    in by now! Although the whole place is dark, you can still see the 
    silhouettes of prefects guarding the corridors. Don't let them get too 
    FLOOR 7
    1. From your Common Room, go down out of the door and to the left past 
    the bookshelves.
    2. Now take the first path upwards and go downwards the other side. Open 
    the locked door with Alohomora and go through the doorway.
    3. Walk upwards, weaving past the two prefects walking beside the 
    pillars and take a left at the top.
    4. Now go downwards at the other side and dodge the prefects walking 
    between the walls.
    5. Maneuver around another two prefects patrolling a corridor with 
    purple drapes and to the right, where you'll find a locked door at the 
    end of a corridor.
    6. Open the door with Alohomora, go through, to the right and downwards 
    down the stairs.
    FLOOR 6
    1. Go to the left and upwards past the flight of steps.
    2. Avoid the prefect in the wide corridor by ducking into the alcoves as 
    he walks past. Then follow the corridors and go upwards.
    3. There will be another prefect patrolling around here. Avoid her and 
    go to the right into a narrow passage.
    4. Avoid the prefect and go downwards into the first downward-leading 
    corridor you see. It's a long walk downward.
    5. When you get to the bottom of the corridor, follow it and elude the 
    prefect by ducking into an alcove. Then go downwards and to the 
    left, and there's the stairs!
    FLOOR 5
    1. Go to the left and avoid the prefect by ducking into an alcove. Then 
    go upwards.
    2. Keep going upwards through doorways until you reach an area with 
    pillars. There are prefects walking around, so weave past them and go to 
    the right, where you'll find a Flipendo in a small alcove.
    3. Flip the switch and go back to the right and downwards into a 
    corridor. Keep right and you'll reach a chasm with the bridge flipped 
    the correct way round. Cross the bridge to the other side.
    4. Now there are two ways to go right - take the top path and avoid the 
    prefect when she passes by by going into an alcove.
    5. Walk right and downwards past a bookcase and cast Alohomora on the 
    locked door at the end. Go through and downwards, and you'll have a 
    clear way to the staircase.
    FLOOR 4
    1. Turn right and cast Alohomora on the big mirror to open up a secret 
    2. Go through the doorway and along the passageway, avoiding the prefect 
    as she passes by ducking into an alcove. Go left and upwards.
    3. Now make a right turn and keep walking until you reach a gargoyle and 
    a pressure plate. Cast Flipendo on the gargoyle to activate it, then go 
    upwards and to the right and downwards to find a locked door. When the 
    gargoyle moves over the pressure plate, the door will open and you can 
    run through.
    4. Go right and take the upper path to the right, where you'll find 
    another gargoyle. Activate the gargoyle and run past it and downwards.
    5. Avoid the prefects as they stroll by in the passageway and go 
    downwards and left.
    6. When you emerge from the passageway, keep going downwards until you 
    find a locked door (or open if the second gargoyle you activated is over 
    the pressure plate).
    7. Now press on left until you find the stairs to Floor 3.
    From here, it's easy enough to find the Trophy Room. It's on the left of 
    Floor 3. I don't think a step-by-step is needed here, honestly.
    Floor 3
    You'll enter a room with a huge dog in an enclosure (Fluffy), so ignore 
    it and carry on to the next room to find...Draco Malfoy! Anyway, that 
    double-crossing creep has got you in a trap, and curses you with the 
    Body-Bind Spell (Locomotor mortis!) to leave you to be discovered by 
    Snape. Luckily, he hasn't learnt it very well, for as soon as he leaves 
    you can move. 
    Sayonara Snape!
    1. Immediately go upwards and cast Alohomora on a mirror in the room. 
    Then go through to another dark room. Don't expect Snape to come 
    cruising if you take too long, but don't take your time. 
    2. Go up and left until you find a clay pot blocking a switch. Smash the 
    pot and enable the switch with two straight Flipendo blasts.
    3. Double over to the large pit, where a moving bridge has been enabled. 
    Step onto it and let it carry you to the other side.
    4. If you must, open the chest on the left side to get a Chocolate Frog. 
    5. Proceed right and upwards to find your way to a dead end with a 
    pressure plate and a bridge. The bridge leads to nowhere until you step 
    on the plate and turn the bridge around! But you step on the plate, and 
    heeerrrress SNAPE! 
    6. He comes dashing up towards the place you are, so quickly hide behind 
    a vase or at least stay out of his view. He'll mutter a threat and walk 
    off. When he's gone across the bridge, immediately double back to it and 
    cross the bridge and follow Snape, being careful not to get too close, 
    until you reach a corridor with nooks. 
    7. When he stops patrolling the corridor, hide in a nook until he 
    passes, then slip into an area blocked by a chasm and a Flipendo block. 
    Move the block over the chasm and smash the clay pot in the way.
    8. Carry on, moving another block and crossing another chasm...WAIT! 
    Here comes Snape again! Wait until he stalks back into the corridor, 
    then proceed to a two-way path. Take the left one.
    9. You'll reach a place full of clay pots. Move the Flipendo block close 
    to the rightmost pot, smash the pot in your way, then move another 
    Flipendo block which has magically appeared just slightly ahead (don't 
    worry if it clears the way for Snape).
    10. Now double back and cross the now-clear corridor, hiding in nooks 
    when Snape passes. 
    11. You should now see three locked doors. Open the middle one to see 
    one of the blocks you can't reach, then double back and open the left 
    12. See that Flipendo block? Now you're on the correct side, move it. 
    Double back to the middle room and you will see another block which 
    intercepts you. So double back, unlock the right door and enter.
    13. Remembering it's position, walk to the appropriate position and fire 
    off a well-aimed Flipendo jinx. Now double back to the middle door - the 
    way is clear. Escape!
    "You escaped the trophy room! Wait 'til Ron and Hermione hear about 
    You end up on...
    Floor 4
    Remember the secret bookcase Ron told you about? Now's the time to USE 
    IT! So make your way, dodging more prefects. In case you forgot, it's on 
    the left side of the stairs leading to Floor 5. Go up, and yippee! Back 
    to the Common Room!
    In the Common Room, Ron marvels at your bravery, while Hermione gives 
    you a jolly good berating for misusing her well-taught Alohomora. She 
    leaves, and comes back in the morning to scold you again before 
    flouncing off yet again. Then Ron tells you that you have Herbology in 
    Greenhouse 1 in the Grounds. So use the secret bookcase way (remember 
    where you emerged from on Floor 7 after taking that way!) to Floor 4, 
    and make your way down to the grounds.
    Now find your way across the lawns until you see several numbered 
    greenhouses. Go inside the one labelled "1". Inside, you will meet 
    Professor Sprout, who will give you an assignment: to find yet another 
    one of the ingredients to make Snape's Wiggenweld Potion - a flower 
    named Moly. 
    6 Pieces of Moly!
    Remember Sprout's words: black stem, white flowers.
    1. Immediately go to the left, where you will see two spiked snails 
    blocking your way. Their slime trail and body itself will hurt you, but 
    three direct hits (Flipendo) on the snail itself will extinguish it from 
    this world. Pick your way carefully along the grey brick path (you can 
    cast spells over the bricks), avoiding the pitholes - cracks in the 
    ground which become pits. When you see a locked door, use Alohomora on 
    it. Go inside, press the pressure plate and take the Moly.
    2. Now go downwards, through bushes and across the bridge you have just 
    turned. Use Flipendo on the block you come across, then proceed 
    downwards once more (past mushrooms), and to the left once you see a gap 
    in the bushes (you should also see a large pit with three bridges, one 
    turned horizontally. Remember this position). Immediately Doxies will 
    attack you, but lure them into the maw of the snapping green monster 
    trapped by mushrooms and get the Moly on the left. Then go to the upper-
    left and press the pressure plate there.
    3. Now proceed right to another bush path, lower this time, and wipe out 
    the thorny bush in your way. Ignore the first path upwards and take the 
    second, right path. Follow that one, pushing Flipendo blocks over chasms 
    until you get another piece of Moly.
    4. Now double back to the start, where Professor Sprout is, and this 
    time go downwards. You see the white Puffapod on the other side of the 
    pit? Well, fire a Flipendo and push it along! Then go back upwards to 
    Professor Sprout and go right, past three shelves (remember where they 
    are, I'll come back to that later) until you see a nook in the grey 
    brick walls (just after the three shelves). Go into the nook and fire a 
    Flipendo blast ahead of you, then go back to where you pushed the first 
    Puffapod. See the second Puffapod behind it? Fire a Flipendo from the 
    left (over a grey brick wall) and go to where it rolled. You'll see a 
    third Puffapod. Push it from the front by casting Flipendo over the grey 
    brick wall in front of it. Now with a few more pushes and Flipendos, 
    roll the the third Puffapod onto the pressure plate. It should open a 
    portcullis, allowing you access to another pressure plate and a piece of 
    5. Double back to where you saw those three shelves. Search the middle 
    one for another piece of Moly.
    6. Remember where you saw those three bridges on the way to find Moly 
    No. 2? Go there, and TADA!! All three bridges are adjoining to form a 
    single long bridge! Cross and get the easy last Moly. Shift the Flipendo 
    block, and from there, go forwards to meet Professor Sprout and Ron. 
    You and Ron joke about Snape, and then he mentions about a Quidditch 
    match against Slytherin House. Now go back out of the Greenhouse, across 
    the grounds to the right, and find your way to a bannered entrance. Your 
    Quidditch captain, Oliver Wood, quickly gabbles instructions to you as 
    you enter. Remember how you played Quidditch? If not, refer to the 
    section of this Guide, "Quidditch".
    After you win (or lose), Ron will congratulate you and tell you to go to 
    the Great Hall for the Halloween banquet, and mentions that Hermione 
    hasn't been around since. Go back into Hogwarts Castle and go right and 
    into the open door.
    Go through the deserted passageway and into another door, where the 
    Great Hall is. You converse a little with Ron, and then Quirrell comes 
    in and shouts, "Troll in the dungeons! Thought you ought to know." Ron 
    suggests going to Hermione and warning her about the troll, so exit the 
    Great Hall, through the passageway and QUICKLY past Percy Weasley, who's 
    patrolling very quickly! Now go up the stairs into Floor 1.
    Floor 1
    Go to the left and up a little, where you'll find an open door to the 
    dungeons. Be careful of Professor McGonagall - she's hanging around. 
    Enter the door, and GRAAAGH! The troll's around. Hermione and Ron run 
    into a corner, so you must face the troll yourself.
    First arm yourself with your Flipendo jinx to face the troll. Go left, 
    where you'll see some small holes, and a huge pit at the very left. 
    Don't fall down the huge pit, but if you fall through any of the small 
    pits, you can still climb back up. To fight the troll, make sure he's as 
    close as possible to the large pit, then dodge his club and wait until 
    he brings his hands up to roar wildly. Then cast Flipendo at his belly, 
    and he will be repelled back a short distance. Repeat until he falls 
    down the pit. Then Snape, Quirrell and McGonagall rush in, and nearly 
    reprimand you, but after a hasty explanation from Ron, reward you with 
    50 House points instead.
    "You defeated the troll! It smells really bad! But Hermione is safe now, 
    and so is the rest of Hogwarts."
    You appear back here, and Hermione thanks you and tells you to go up to 
    Transfiguration Class on Floor 1. Follow her to Floor 1, and go to the 
    classroom which is on the right side of Floor 1. 
    Floor 1
    Inside, Professor MacGonagall teaches you Avifors, which tranforms 
    certain things into birds. Follow her wand movements and extra two sets 
    of wand movements for more House points. After doing that, you will 
    start the Avifors challenge. Go into the Room...
    Avifors Challenge
    You can turn certain objects (usually lying on pressure plates) into 
    birds with a quick cast of Avifors on it. It will release the pressure 
    plate, opening doors or flipping bridges.
    1. Go forward and cast Avifors on a stone-like thingy on the pressure 
    plate. It will turn into a bird and fly off, opening a door. Enter the 
    new room, lure the Doxies into the Tentacular, and grab the easy Golden 
    Star behind the Tentacular. Now go up and out of the room.
    2. Go right, past some blue carpets and restoring health with jellybeans 
    you find along the way. If you go a little downwards of the blue 
    carpets, you'll find a Flipendo block across the chasm. Push it and go 
    along the narrow corridor to the right leading downwards, and knock out 
    the blue gnome wandering around with two Flipendo jinxes. Grab the 
    second Star in the corner.
    3. Now go to the left, pushing a barrel out of the way to see another 
    stone like object on another pressure plate. Use Avifors yet again, and 
    another door will open. Go to where you found the blue gnome and go 
    downwards to find the open door. Now go through the door and to the left 
    to get an easy Golden Star.
    4. Go right and up through another doorway, and take the left path 
    upwards. Knock out the two blue gnomes and take the fourth Star.
    5. Now go to the right and downwards to a dead end. You should see yet 
    another stone-like object on a pressure plate. Avifors yet again, and go 
    backwards out of the dead end, and find the open door which leads to a 
    stone gargoyle and a pressure plate. Cast Flipendo on the gargoyle, and 
    when it moves onto the pressure plate, go through the open door quickly. 
    Now get the fifth Golden Star.
    6. Go to the left and up through another open doorway, and if you need 
    health, open the chest for a bag of Jellybeans. From where  you are in 
    the area, you should be able to see two Flipendo blocks across the 
    chasm. Push them with Flipendo, cast Avifors on another stone-like 
    object to open another door, then go downwards through the newly opened 
    door. From there, cross the path cleared from the pushing of three 
    Flipendo blocks previously, and get the last Golden Star. Now double 
    back to the open door which you first went through to start your Avifors 
    Challenge. Done!
    "You overcame the Avifors Challenge! Your heart soars like a hawk, or 
    perhaps more like a finch."
    When you exit the classroom, Hedwig, your snowy owl, swoops in and 
    brings you a scroll. Read it, and you'll find Hagrid wants you over at 
    his house to collect Flobberworm Mucus - double time. So go down and out 
    of Hogwarts, across the grounds, through the garden to Hagrid's house. I 
    don't have to tell you how to do it again, do I?
    When you reach Hagrid's house, go out angain through the door on the 
    left, into his garden. He's standing nearby the entrance, so go to him, 
    and he'll brief you about the collection of the Mucus - you get the 
    worms, Hermione and Hagrid extract the Mucus.
    Charm the Flobberworms to Hagrid!
    Hagrid gives you a flute, which you play by pressing the L button. You 
    have to locate the Flobberworms (orange, tube like things) and make them 
    follow you when you play the flute. When you get close enough they will 
    follow you, so guide them back to Hagrid. But beware! The worms can fall 
    into chasms, get poisoned by mushrooms, or eaten by Tentaculars, so 
    watch out so you'll have to go back all the way to get the Flobberworm 
    where you first found it again.
    1. When you first start off, go straight and take the moving bridge 
    across the chasm to the right. When you're at the other side, go left 
    into the upper path, past the Tentacular. Now weave between the mushroom 
    patches, being careful of the Doxies, and you should find a Flobberworm 
    amongst the patches of mushrooms. Guide him carefully out and to the 
    moving platform, then back to the other side to Hagrid. 
    2. Now go back on to the moving platform on the left, back to the other 
    side. Proceed left and downwards and you should find another 
    Flobberworm. Guide him back to the moving platform, back to the other 
    side, to Hagrid.
    3. Again, take the moving bridge on the right to the other side, and 
    keep going north past the mushroom patches until you see a pressure 
    plate and a bridge facing the wrong way. Step on the pressure plate, 
    cross the bridge and follow the path through the bushes, dodging the 
    Doxies and pushiung the Flipendo block, until you find the third worm. 
    Charm him back through the path and back to Hagrid carefully.
    4. For your fourth worm, take the moving bridge on the right again, and 
    go forwards and right. There should be a gap in the bushes beside a 
    Tentacular, so go through and knock out the blue gnomes wandering 
    around. Go south and right a little, and you should see your fourth worm 
    on a small brown wooden bridge. Align yourself carefully with the 
    bridge, then charm the worm off the bridge. Go south a little more and 
    press a pressure plate to turn around a bridge. Cross the bridge with 
    your worm - it's a shortcut back to Hagrid.
    5. Now take the small wooden bridge shortcut mentioned above, and go 
    through the gap in the bushes to the right nearby. Weave through and 
    avoid the mushroom patches and Doxies, and you will find the fifth worm. 
    Charm the worm back to Hagrid using the shortcut.
    6. Take the shortcut again, and go as north as you can until you find 
    two moving platforms. Knock out any blue gnomes nearby, and cross the 
    chasm by expertly interchanging platforms when they touch each other. Go 
    forward and push the Flipendo block into the hole, cross it and go to 
    the left through another gap in the bushes nearby. There's your last 
    worm, so you know what to do. You'll have to be careful when crossing 
    the chasm; sometimes the rhythm of the platforms are irregular and 
    you'll find yourself losing the worm whenever you try to cross the 
    platforms. Return the last worm to Hagrid.
    Ohh yeah! Now it's time to sit back and let Hermione do the dirty work. 
    She gives you a jar of Flobberworm Mucus, which you take. Now leave and 
    go for Defence Against the Dark Arts class on Floor 3.
    "You collected the Flobberworm Mucus! It's a treasure you don't want to 
    hold on for too long!"
    Go through the garden and return swiftly through the grounds to Hogwarts 
    Floor 3
    At the top of the stairs, Ron tells you that someone called Nicolas 
    Flamel and your principal, Dumbledore, were involved in something in a 
    forbidden corridor. Anyway, follow him to Defence Against the Dark Arts 
    class. Professor Quirrell teaches you Lumos, the light spell. After 
    learning it, you will go into another room for the Lumos Challenge.
    Lumos Challenge
    You've learnt Lumos, now use it. Whenever you see yourself in this kind 
    of dark place, cast Lumos to illuminate your surroundings.
    1. Go right and through the only open door. Go downwards and right, and 
    you should find a gargoyle on a pressure plate. Cast Flipendo on the 
    gargoyle to make it move, then go through the open door to the north. 
    Knock out the two gnomes and take the first Star. The bookshelf on the 
    left contains a Jellybean.
    2. Exit the room and go to the right, avoiding the gargoyle. Go through 
    the doorway and to the right is an easy Golden Star.
    3. Keep going right and downwards, knocking out the gnomes on your way, 
    pushing the barrel away, entering a room on the left, and take the third 
    Golden Star. 
    4. Push the pressure plate, exit the room, and go upwards to find 
    another open doorway! Knock out the gnomes wandering around, grab the 
    Golden Star and go down the ladder just behind the Star.
    5. Woohoo, another dark room. Your major concern is the numerous enemies 
    wandering around, so take care of those before lighting up the place. 
    The small pot to the left contains a Jellybean. Go to the right, and you 
    will see some gnomes wandering around three big claypots. Take out the 
    gnomes and smash the pots, one of which yields a Star.
    6. Now go alllll the way left until you see a blue gnome wandering 
    around, as well as three pots. Take out the gnome and break the pot. One 
    of them yields the last Star. Now exit by the door slightly the the 
    north of where you found your last Star (I hope you've finished off all 
    the gnomes in the area, otherwise the door won't open. Now go up the 
    ladder in the room. When you emerge in another dark room, you'll see an 
    open door to the left. Go through, and...
    "You passed the Lumos Challenge! It was never something you took 
    Outside, Quirrell awards you 20 House Points and you exit the room.
    Upon exiting it, Ron tells you a shocker - one of the ingredients for 
    Snape's Wiggenweld Potion, Wiggentree Bark, can only the found in 
    Snape's storeroom! Well, if you press Select and look at the map, you'll 
    see your objective, to "borrow" Wiggentree Bark from the dungeons. So, 
    go there!
    Go to the left and you'll see Ron standing by a closed door. He'll open 
    it for you, so enter.
    It should be easy to find the Wiggentree Bark, so I won't bother with a 
    step-by-step walkthrough. But all I can tell you is to dodge the 
    Prefects, slip past them when they're not looking, and enter a room with 
    four shelves. One of them contains Wiggentree Bark. Don't be scared if 
    Snape approaches, just don't exit the storeroom by the doorway! You see 
    the bookshelf on the wall in front in the storeroom? If you don't know 
    what I'm talking about, look for a dark shape where a bookshelf is in 
    the dark. That's a secret doorway! Search the bookcase to open the 
    doorway, and run outta here!
    "You found Wiggentree Bark! You can practically taste that Wiggenweld 
    Potion now! Or maybe you just inhaled a spider."
    Oop, out of the storeroom, into the fire! You now have to escape an 
    enemy-infested place back to your Common Room. As many were baffled with 
    how to get by, I shall provide a step-by-step walkthrough. 
    1. Go to the left and wipe out any gnomes you see. Go downwards and go 
    right. Knock out the gnome and press the pressure plate at the end of 
    the corridor. Return, and go downwards a little more and you will see a 
    chasm with the bridge the wrong way round. Wait until one of the spiky 
    snails crawls onto the bridge, then fire three quick Flipendo blasts 
    into its body. When it's destroyed, the bridge will flip over.
    2. Go over the bridge, take out the spiky snail, press the pressure 
    plate to the right. When the bridge flips over again, cross it and press 
    the other pressure plate. The first pressure plate will then pop up, so 
    go over the bridge and press it again. The bridge will flip again.
    3. Now backtrack alll the way across the flipped bridge, and you should 
    see another pressure plate has mysteriously appeared! Press and go 
    downwards across the bridge, and keep going down until you see an open 
    doorway. Go through.
    4. Now take the right way, and go across the bridges, patching up gaps 
    with Flipendo Blocks, and at the end, shoot the gargoyle with Flipendo 
    to make it move. Double back and take the left way this time across the 
    moving platforms to the door, and while the gargoyle is on the pressure 
    plate, the door is open. QUICK!
    5. Through the door and into the next room you go, knocking out all 
    three blue gnomes. When they are out for the count, the door is open, so 
    go through.
    6. Now you find yourself in a room with lots of cracks, and a few 
    gnomes. Run across the room quickly, those cracks become pitholes. When 
    you enter the next room, avoid the two spiky snails and dash for the 
    next room on the right.
    7. Go upwards through another door (or downwards if you want a Chocolate 
    Frog from the locked chest), go left and downwards, past the Tentacular, 
    and press the pressure plate (the platform is not moving yet, but 
    remember where it is), then go a little more left and through the open 
    doorway. Push the pressure plate in there, double back to where the 
    Tentacular is, now this time go to the right and through another open 
    doorway and push the pressure plate there.
    8. Now double back yet again, and you'll see the platform previously is 
    now moving. Get on the platform and ride to the other side, then exit 
    the place. Finito!
    "You escaped the potions storeroom! Better get back to 
    Gryffindor...Snape could be close behind!"
    Outside the Dungeons, Ron is waiting for you. Now go allll the way back 
    to the Common Room. There are few Prefects, but some walk really 
    quickly, so be careful. Percy is guarding the bookcase, so you can't use 
    it! Darn him! So you have to take the long way round. The puzzles starts 
    on Floor 5, so when you go through the door...
    1. Go upwards and take a right (Remember the location of those two 
    bookcases nearby). You see that barrel and pressure plate over there? Go 
    to the right of the barrel (on the pit's other side) and push it on the 
    2. Go downwards and onto the only moving platform (the other one is 
    stationary). Where it stops is a piece of land. Go onto the land and 
    you'll see a Flipendo switch and a bannister. Fire a Flipendo blast over 
    the bannister and flip the switch.
    3. You've now gotten another moving platform working. Go on it and let 
    it carry you to the other side.
    4. Now keep going right until you find another barrel and pressure 
    plate. Push the barrel onto the pressure plate, which enables the first 
    stationary moving platform you saw in Step 2.
    5. From there, go left and up another looooooooooonnnngg corridor. When 
    you reach the end you'll see a huge chasm and many moving platforms. Go 
    all the way across the moving platforms (carefully!) until you reach a 
    small piece of land with cracks and a Flipendo switch. Flip the switch 
    and make sure you don't step on the cracks, not even after you flip the 
    switch - they become pitholes.
    6. Get onto another moving platform and let it carry you to a piece of 
    land which has two cracks and a chest on it. Use Alohomora on the chest 
    to get a Chocolate Frog, and use the moving platforms to get you to a 
    narrow area left of the treasure chest. You see a weird object there? 
    Use Avifors on it, and it flies away!
    7. Now go alllllll the way back to the beginning where you saw the two 
    bookcases...WAIT! There's a secret door that was originally not there! 
    Go through, and make your way across the chasm and out the door at the 
    end of the corridor on the right!
    Whoa! You find yourself in a weird room with a Mirror! This is the 
    Mirror of Erised (desire), so go to it, and you see an illustration of 
    Harry looking into the Mirror and seeing his deepest desire...to meet 
    his long-deceased parents. Then...oop, Dumbledore finds you and you have 
    a short discussion with him before he leaves the room. Now leave the 
    room yourself and pick your way back to Floor 7, your Common Room. It's 
    easy enough, seeing that prefects no longer are stationed at strategic 
    points, so you can literally take the most direct way to each staircase. 
    Floor 7
    Back at the Common Room, Ron talks to you for a little and you tell him 
    about the Mirror of Erised.
    The next Morning, you appear here, and Ron tells you that you have 
    Potions class! So go to the Dungeons and to Potions Class on the left.
    Yipee. Here's Snape, and he appears irritated that you made it with all 
    ingredients after all! He tells you to mix the Potion, and the ladle 
    starts to spin, so go up to the cauldron and you will get a vial of 
    Wiggenweld Potion (at last!). Now Ron tells you that you have Charms 
    class on Floor 2.
    "You mixed the Wiggenweld Potion! Even Snape can't deny you've done well 
    with your assignment."
    Exit the Dungeons and go to Charms class on Floor 2. 
    Floor 2
    Charms class is on the right - you can't miss it. Enter and you meet 
    Professor Flitwick, a tiny, wizened wizard. Follow his wand movements 
    and you will learn Wingardium Leviosa. Next, Flitwick gives you a 
    challenge. Enter the room on the right.
    Wingardium Leviosa Challenge
    Once again, six golden stars. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on certain objects 
    in the room and move them around with the Control Pad onto the pressure 
    1. Go upwards past the numerous pressure plates to find a scroll, Golden 
    Star and Flipendo switch in a corner. Flip the switch and get the Golden 
    2. Now backtrack and you will find several gold statues have come out of 
    nowhere. Cast Wingardium Leviosa on them and move them onto the pressure 
    plates. When that is done, go down and left, through the passage, to 
    find another Golden Star and an open door.
    3. Through the door you will find a bridge facing the wrong way, as well 
    as a statue and a pressure plate on the other side. Move the statue on 
    to the plate, go across the bridge and get the third Golden Star.
    4. You will now see three pressure plates and a Flipendo switch. Flip 
    the switch and three objects will appear out of nowhere. Place them on 
    the plates, proceed forward, and place another two objects on another 
    two pressure plates. Decimate the two pots below for a bag of 
    Jellybeans. Cross another bridge and get the Golden Star.
    5. Simply go forward and get the Golden Star. Easy peasy!
    6. Go down the ladder on the right and grab the last Golden Star. If you 
    need it, a treasure chest containing a bag Jellybeans is in the room. Go 
    back up the ladder and exit the now open door.
    "You conquered the Wingardium Leviosa Challenge! This really lifts your 
    Outside the classroom, Ron tells you to go the match against Hufflepuff. 
    You know where to go: the bannered place in the Grounds.
    The bannered arena is on the right, so go there and start the match with 
    the yellow-robed Hufflepuff Quidditch Team. You know what to do - grab 
    the Snitch. When you win/lose, Hermione meets you outside and tells you 
    to accompany her to find a book on Nicolas Flamel. Go to Floor 2. Watch 
    out for the one or two prefects patrolling.
    Floor 2
    The Library is on the left, and Hermione's waiting outside. Get into the 
    open door!
    Find the Book!
    In the library are dozens upon dozens of bookshelves. They all yield 
    nothing, and remember to cast Lumos to brighten the way. 
    1. Go upwards and you'll find a pressure plate in the corner. Remember 
    its location, then keep going left until you find three statues blocking 
    a door. Move two out of the way and use one to hold down the pressure 
    plate you saw just now. Go into the unblocked door.
    2. Go to the right, where you'll see a locked door. Remember its 
    location, then go upwards across the bridge. Take a left when you see a 
    two-way junction.
    3. You'll see some books on a pressure plate. Use Avifors on the books 
    and free the plate. Then go to the left and up along the corridor, and 
    push the Flipendo block over the hole. Go over the block and proceed 
    left, along the corridor and push another Flipendo block into a hole.
    4. Keep going upwards along the passageway until you come to a dead end 
    with a bookshelf. WAIT, that's no bookshelf, search it and it will slide 
    away to reveal a door. Proceed until you find a barrel blocking your 
    5. Now proceed right alll the way and search the rightmost bookshelf.  
    It will slide away - another secret door! Proceed upwards and right 
    until you find another barrel blocking your way. Push it along the 
    corridor and proceed downwards and to the left.
    6. Now you see that a bridge you had previously crossed is now 
    horizontal! Cross the bridge and keep going right until you see a 
    bookshelf with a ladder next to it. Search it, and the Nicolas Flamel 
    Book will pop out! Take it, and go all the way back right (not the lower 
    path will portraits, but the upper path along the horizontal bridge) to 
    the horizontal bridge.
    7. Ah! There's a pile of books on a pressure plate which has 
    mysteriously appeared! Well, cast Avifors on it and the bridge will 
    flip! Now take the gigantic loop ALLLLLLLLL the way back across the 
    bridge, to the locked door you found in Step 2. It's open! Go through!
    "You found the Nicolas Flamel book! Maybe the tangled mystery of the 
    Sorcerer's Stone will finally be revealed!"
    After exiting, go all the way to the right, pushing the Flipendo block 
    across the chasm, and moving a stone out of the way with Wingardium 
    Leviosa. Out the door and...ARRGH! PROFESSOR SNAPE! Well, there's no 
    other way out, and you get caught and get a detention. So make your way 
    up to Floor 4 and use the bookshelf staircase way, otherwise Snape will 
    take 24 House points away to let you use the main staircases.
    Floor 7
    It's back to the Common Room, and Hermione congratulates you on finding 
    the book. She then gives you a little information on Nicolas Flamel, and 
    you wonder about the gigantic dog, Fluffy, in the dungeons.
    The next morning, in the Great Hall, Ron tells you about the next 
    Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. Then Draco comes over and insults 
    Ron. Walk upwards and go left, opening a chest for a Chocolate Frog, and 
    exiting the Great Hall to go to the bannered arena on the right on the 
    Quidditch match aginst blue-robed Ravenclaw. What more can I say. After 
    that, Hagrid meets you outside and serves you up your detention from 
    Snape. So go across the Grounds to the garden on the left (there's an 
    enclosure sealed off with mini-statues which withholds a Chocolate Frog. 
    Use Avifors.). The gardens have changed a little, but it's still simple 
    enough to get past. Find your way to the thorn bush blocking the 
    entrance to Hagrid's hut, except that you're supposed to go to the 
    portcullis on the left this time. Hagrid's waiting outside, and let's 
    you into the...Forbidden Forest.
    Find the Forbidden Forest Unicorn!
    Well, as Hagrid said, follow the silver trails of blood. You won't spot 
    any for quite a while, but just follow these steps first.
    1. Go upwards and left across the bridge. Be careful - holes are formed, 
    sealing off your exit.
    2. Go upwards again and pick off a thorny bush to go through. You'll be 
    in a large area with gnomes teeming around. Go to the left where four 
    thorny bushes are together in a group. Blast your way through and go 
    upwards and left through some mushroom patches, past some huge thorns 
    and annoying Doxies.
    3. You will reach another large area with a few golden gnomes and Doxies 
    around. Lure the Doxies into the Tentacular's maul and knock out the 
    gnomes. Proceed to the left past a pond and spiky snail to find a 
    stationary platform and a stone on a pressure plate. Cast Avifors on the 
    stone to free the pressure plate, and get onto the moving platform to 
    the other side for a bag of Jellybeans.
    4. Go back to the other side and go downwards until you see a Tentacular 
    next to a pit filled with what looks like rock walls. Continue directly 
    downwards until you see a thorn bush and some mushroom patches. Take out 
    the thorn bush and proceed downwards and left.
    5. Take the lower path past the Tentacular and keep going downwards 
    until you see small clumps of large thorns. Now press on left and you'll 
    eventually come upon some grains of silver - trails of unicorn blood! 
    Ah, you're on the right track! Follow the trails to another entrance to 
    another part of the Forest.
    6. Press on left following the blood trails and past the troll. Keep 
    following the blood trails until you come upon the unicorn lying dead on 
    the grass...
    As you reach the unicorn you see someone who looks like Quirrell without 
    the turban marching toward the unicorn. He reaches the unicorn and 
    drinks its blood. The cutscene that follows after shows a centaur 
    rescuing Harry from the cloaked person. After that, you end up in a 
    place full of mushroom patches. Avoid the troll and save at the save 
    point, then go downwards until you see a dirty patch at the wall of 
    trees. That means there is an invisible entrance into the grove of trees 
    there! Enter and although you can't see yourself, it's easy to find your 
    way through. Keep going downwards and into groves of trees...it's self-
    explanatory, no need for a walkthrough here. After a few trips through 
    groves of trees, you exit the Forbidden Forest from the right!
    "You found the unicorn and escaped the Forbidden Forest! You're sorry 
    it's dead but you feel you're close to solving the secret of the 
    Sorcerer's Stone!"
    Exit Hagrid's Hut and you'll find yourself in the Entrance with Ron and 
    Hermione. Now you have to go to the Forbidden Corridor on Floor 3. On 
    the way, there are a few Prefects, but not enough to stop you taking the 
    direct routes to the stairs.
    Floor 3
    The Forbidden Corridor is on the bottom left of Floor 3. It's easy to 
    find, so go through the open door.
    1. Go along the corridor, avoiding the spikes and taking down the gnomes 
    on the way (alternatively, you could lure them onto the spikes). When 
    you see a giant mirror on the wall, cast Alohomora on it to open a 
    secret door. Go through.
    2. Move swiftly along the passageway and along the narrow path (cast 
    Flipendo on the switch on the wall along the way, it will flip a 
    bridge). At the end, collect the Chocolate Frog and the jellybean and go 
    through the door and across the bridge. You will see a golden statue, so 
    cast Wingardium Leviosa on it and guide it to a switch on the upper 
    right, past a few spikes. Land it on the switch and go through another 
    open door.
    3. Now step carefully on the moving platforms to the other side and 
    avoid falling through the numerous cracks in the floor. Dodge the 
    tortoise which shoots fire at you (or make it fall through one of the 
    cracks) and open the door behind the mirror with a well-aimed Alohomora 
    charm. You'll find a Flipendo switch beyond the door, so flip it and go 
    out again.
    4. By flipping the switch, you have opened a door to the left. So 
    carefully pick your way out the door to the left and through the new 
    opened door. Exit is to the left.
    Charming Fluffy
    Whoa! You find Ron and Hermione waiting for you. Apparently they can't 
    get past Fluffy (the huge dog in the dungeons you might have seen 
    previously), but you suggest using music to calm it. If you need 
    healing, smash the two pots nearby for jellybeans, then go to the right. 
    To confront Fluffy, you need to play the flute (with the L Button. 
    Remember the Flobberworms?) until the golden bar on the bottom right 
    side of the screen fills up totally. That is when Fluffy falls asleep. 
    But it's no easy task, you have to play and dodge Fluffy's maul at the 
    same time. The flute is only effective when Fluffy is on the screen, and 
    if at any time he manages to bite you, the bar empties again. When he's 
    asleep, slip past him to the trapdoor all the way on the left.
    "You slipped past Fluffy! Sleep, Fluffy, sleep! Good dog! Now on to find 
    the Sorcerer's Stone!"
    The Devil's Snare
    Now you find you're in a place filled with vines. Save at the save point 
    nearby, and don't panic when you see Hermione and Ron yelling for help. 
    Take your time through the maze. Hermione says something about the 
    Devil's Snare - the plant enemies in the maze you will encounter - 
    liking the damp and the dark. That means you need to hurt it with the 
    lighted fire beside it. To destroy the Devil's Snare, you will need to 
    scatter the firepile by shooting Flipendo at it. The lighted sticks will 
    fly everywhere and ignite the Devil's Snare, killing it. Watch out for 
    the seeds it spits.
    1. Go to the right and downwards, taking the first path to the left and 
    pushing the barrel onto the pressure plate. Now go to the right, and 
    upwards, where you'll see a Devil's Snare and a pressure plate on the 
    other side of a chasm. Get across to the other side, destroy the Devil's 
    Snare, and press the plate. Then get back to the other side.
    2. Keep pressing on right until you find access to some moving bridges 
    across a huge chasm. With extreme care, cross to the other side, dodging 
    the Devil's Snare and grabbing a bag of Jellybeans. Now go downwards and 
    to the right, press the pressure plate and go back to the other side.
    3. Now continue downwards through the corridor and push the Flipendo 
    block into the hole. Cross the Flipendo block (don't be scared if it 
    vanishes) and go to the left, through a looooooonnnnggg corridor.
    4. At the end of the corridor, press on leftwards and cast Alohomora on 
    the mirror. Go through the door and upwards, taking out the blue gnomes 
    on the way. At the end, kill off the Devil's Snare and cast Avifors on 
    the stone to the left to free a pressure plate. A Jellybean is 
    underneath another stone to the right.
    5. Exit the door to the south and go left and upwards. By freeing the 
    pressure plate in Step 4, you have enabled a moving platform. Go across, 
    pushing the Flipendo blocks into the pits, and go all the way to way 
    upwards until you find a pressure plate. Press it, and go downwards and 
    to the right. Open the mirror by casting Alohomora on it, and go 
    6. Kill off the Devil's Snare and go across the bridge. You'll find Ron, 
    Hermione and a Devil's Snare. Kill it off and Ron and Hermione will talk 
    for a little before exiting through a door in the wall. Finished!
    Catch the Key!
    You find yourself in another room, and apparently, you need to catch the 
    correct flying key to get to another room. So, it's Quidditch all over 
    again. This time there's no opposition, so you're free to catch it for 
    all you want. The procedure is the same, except that you don't have to 
    get within any golden circle (Stage 1).
    "You grabbed the flying key! Now you can unlock the door and go on to 
    the next room!"
    Wizard Chess
    Now go upwards, open the door and go through. Whoa, a checkerboard with 
    pressure plates and chess pieces! You've got to make sure all the 
    pressure plates (except one) are being held down by the chess pieces at 
    one moment. When a chess piece moves onto a pressure plate, stop it with 
    Flipendo. When you've done so, Ron moves onto the last plate, and you 
    and Hermione go through the door ahead.
    Potions Challenge
    Go upwards to find Hermione and a cauldron. She tells you to find four 
    Black Fire ingredients. There are four mazes to go through, each of 
    which can be found at the corners of the room. They are easy enough to 
    get through, but you must go through them in an order: Top Right, Bottom 
    Right, Top Left, Bottom Left, getting all four ingredients. When you're 
    done, go back to the cauldron in the middle. A pressure plate appears, 
    and Hermione steps on it for you, while you use the Potion to get 
    through the black fire ahead. Brace yourself...
    Voldemort A
    You step through the fire to find...Quirrell! Well, if it isn't another 
    double-crossing sonovabitch! He's a subject of the deadliest enemy of 
    the world, Lord Voldemort, and has orders to kill you! After a brief, 
    heated conversation, whatever remains of Voldemort screams, "SEIZE HIM!" 
    (KILL HIM would have been more adequate) and Quirrell starts to run 
    Quirrell will be running around the whole room, casting curses at you 
    when you get close, and they track your position!! Don't bother to 
    attack Quirrell, but run behind the pillars in the room for shelter and 
    let the curses hit the pillars until they break. They withstand two hits 
    from curses, then shatter. Break all the pillars and the floor crumbles 
    beneath you to Voldemort B!
    Voldemort B
    This time, there are skulls on the floor, the Mirror of Erised in the 
    middle of the room, and Quirrell is STILL running around the room 
    casting curses, or enchanting skulls and sending them at you. See those 
    snakes in the bottom right corner of the screen? Those are Quirrell's 
    hit points, and you're supposed to use the Mirror to bounce off curses 
    he casts at you to him! Dodge his flying skulls and use Flipendo on the 
    mirror to flip it around so that you can bounce curses coming from the 
    opposite direction. When he's destroyed, there's a great explosion...
    Now, you are treated to several illustrations and an explanation about 
    Quirrell's and Voldemort's, as well as Flamel's, involvement in the 
    Sorcerer's Stone. Then...you are treated to a LAME ending, regardless of 
    whether you win the most House Points or not.
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  / 6. BERTIE BOTT'S JELLYBEANS \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    You should be finding lots of colored, excitable jellybeans during your 
    journey. They are Bertie Botts' Every Flavored Jellybeans, so they come 
    in many flavors and Harry's face looks pleasant or screwed up depending 
    on the flavor. However yummy or yucky they are, unless Harry collects a 
    bag of the jellybeans (a jumping red bag), they will restore a single 
    Energy Bolt to the maximum of five. A bag of jellybeans bags you full 
    health. Here are a list of flavors currently known in the game (not all 
    may be here).
    Chocolate Fudge
    Potato (?!)
    Root Beer
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /           7. ITEMS          \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    There are always special items you find and they are stored in your 
    Inventory (press Select and scroll using L and R) when found. They serve 
    special purposes in making your way through the adventure.
    The Inventory has 9 placeholders for nine items. I shall list the items 
    in each row (starting from the top as the first row) from left to right.
    First Row
    Nicolas Flamel Book : Looks like an old book with a shining red dot in 
    the middle. An item which assists in the finding of the Sorcerer's 
    Dittany : A sprig of fungi, one of Snape's Wiggenweld Potion 
    Moly : A white flower with black stem. Another of Snape's Wiggenweld 
    Potion ingredients.
    Second Row
    Hagrid's Flute : Used to charm the Flobberworms to you. Play it using  L 
    Bottle of Flobberworm Mucus : A small glass bottle containing the 
    greenish Flobberworm Mucus.
    Wiggentree Bark : A small piece of brown bark taken from Snape's stores. 
    Another of Snape's Wiggenweld Potion ingredients.
    Black Fire Potion : Made up of four ingredients. Used to get through the 
    black fire in the dungeons to confront Quirrell.
    Third Row
    Silver Tray : Used to store Pumpkin Pasties you find along your journey. 
    Finding three means that you get an extra Energy Bolt added to your 
    maximum Energy Bolt supply.
    Wiggenweld Potion vial : Used to hold Wiggenweld Potion after you bring 
    the ingredients to Snape during Potions class. If a vial is available, 
    it helps to restore your Energy Bolts if you run out of them. However, 
    one use drains the vial, but you can go back to the dungeons for a 
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /     8. FRIENDS AND FOES     \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    Throughout the adventure you will meet assorted enemies who will bar 
    your way if you don't attempt to get rid of them with magic. Some foes 
    also hinder, but not stop, your progress, and your duty is to find a way 
    around them. Other foes can be stopped in their tracks with Flipendo 
    However, the adventure also contains friends, who will help you on your 
    way. They give you advice or teach you magic, or give you items, which 
    can make your journey a helluva lot easier. Below is a list on who are 
    your friends, and who are your foes.
    A centaur who rescues you from *spoiler* Quirrell when he drinks the 
    unicorn blood *spoiler* . Not very significant, though.
    Hermione Granger
    A pupil at Hogwarts, and later becomes a firm friend when you rescue her 
    from the troll. Best and cleverest of the first-year pupils of Hogwarts. 
    She teaches you the Alohomora spell.
    Ronald Weasley
    Another pupil at Hogwarts, and is your friend from the start. Mainly for 
    direction giving, as well as giving some quick tips.
    Rubeus Hagrid
    A large "half-giant" and gamekeeper of Hogwarts. Lives in his hut in the 
    gardens of Hogwarts grounds. Assists you in making the search for potion 
    ingredients easier, and lets slip important information about the 
    Sorcerer's Stone.
    Teachers (Professor McGonagall, Quirrell etc.) 
    Teach you spells which are widely used in the game.
    Eats those idiotic Doxies hanging around for you!
    Blue Gnomes
    Description : Little blue-coloured critters who wander around the 
    gardens. When they spot you, they make straight for you and attempt to 
    give you a nasty bite. Tougher, but in no way smarter.
    Dispatch with : Two Flipendo jinxes.
    Description : Little purple-coloured flying critters who hover in the 
    air and fly slowly at you when they spot you. Immune to your Flipendo 
    Dispatch with : Use Flipendo to either push them back into a Tentacular, 
    or simply walk around and lure them into the Tentacular maws.
    Golden Gnomes 
    Description : Little golden-coloured critters who wander around the 
    gardens. When they spot you, they make straight for you and attempt to 
    give you a nasty bite.
    Dispatch with : One Flipendo jinx.
    Draco Malfoy
    Description : Snotty boy with blond hair. He gets in your way but does 
    not cause you loss of life.
    Dispatch with : You can't. Shame.
    Description : Pupils who discipline you. A threat when they patrol 
    Dispatch with : You can't kill them.
    Spiked Snails
    Description : Big golden snails which crawl about the floor leaving a 
    slime trail behind. Their body and slime can hurt you.
    Dispatch with : Three Flipendos on the snail itself.
    Spiked Tortoise
    Description : A tortoise-like enemy who crawls at a random manner and 
    occasionally farts out a ball of fire in your direction.
    Dispatch with : Three Flipendo blasts.
    Description : People who teach you stuff. A threat when they patrol 
    Dispatch with : WHAT are you thinking?!
    Description : A large, green monster with several tentacles with teeth 
    and jaws on them. Go too near and...SNAP! One energy bolt.
    Dispatch with : These can't be killed.
    Description : A large, grey warty monster with arms and legs, with a 
    heavy club at its disposal. Go near it and the troll will take a swipe 
    at you. 
    Dispatch with : It can't be killed with spells alone, but if there is a 
    hole large enough, you can use Flipendo to push it into the hole when it 
    rears up and roars.
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  / 9. SPELLS AND ENCHANTMENTS  \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    There are several spells you learn in this whole game, and you can cycle 
    round them using the L button. They come in various uses (some quite 
    entertaining) and can be used any time, including during class or in the 
    castle. Which quite means you can aim it at anyone...including teachers 
    (Why? Because they are there!), but don't go firing it off at them 
    because they'll lop some House Points off you.
    Learned from: Professor Quirrell
    Place learned: Defence Against the Dark Arts Class
    What it does: It pushes, repells and enables certain objects, 
    particularly things with a handprint on them. It is also a basic attack 
    spell, but certain creatures are immune to it.
    Learned from: Hermione
    Place learned: Common Room
    What it does: Opens chests and doors with a lock on them. Also opens 
    mirrors to reveal secret doors.
    Learned from: Professor McGonagall
    Place learned: Tranfiguration Class
    What it does: Tranforms certain things into birds to release pressure 
    plates and enable certain gadgets.
    Learned from: Professor Quirrell
    Place learned: Defence Against the Dark Arts Class
    What it does: Lights up dark areas.
    Wingardium Leviosa
    Learned from: Professor Flitwick
    Place learned: Charms Class
    What it does: Makes certain objects rise and hover in the air. Press A 
    to let them down again.
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /       10. QUIDDITCH         \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    Quidditch is a sport played on broomstick. There are several members on 
    each team (I've forgotten their role) but some of them are Beaters, 
    which means they swat deadly balls at you called Bludgers.
    Your controls change in a game of Quidditch:
    A Button : Accelerate
    B Button : Swoop and dodge a Bludger
    Directional keys move your broom in the way you have set them. To adjust 
    these settings, press Start, then select "Flying Controls".
    Your objective, as a Seeker, is to seek out the golden ball with wings 
    known as the Snitch. It is golden and has wings, and is a sonovabitch of 
    catch. To catch it involves a few stages:
    Stage 1: Keeping the Snitch nearby
    At first, you must wait for the Snitch to be released, then follow it. 
    You notice it has a golden ring around it? As you draw closer, the ring 
    shrinks. You must touch the Snitch to go to Stage 2.
    Stage 2: Chasing the Snitch
    Now, the screen changes a little. You've got a golden bar at the bottom 
    of the screen, and you're supposed to chase the Snitch and go through 
    shiny rings it leaves behind. For every ring you go through, you 
    accelerate, and the bar fills up a little. When it fills up totally and 
    you're close enough to the Snitch...stage 3!
    Stage 3: Catching the Snitch
    Aha! The screen changes again. You don't have to control Harry, and your 
    controls change again:
    A Button : Close your hand to grab the Snitch if in reach
    B Button : Close your hand to grab the Snitch if in reach
    You'll see a bar in the middle of the screen, your hand on the left side 
    and the Snitch sliding along the bar. The bar is slowly emptying of its 
    blue zone - that means you've got limited time! When it's at your hand, 
    press A or B to grab! Time it right, or you'll return to stage 1!
    Grabbed it? Ta-da! You win! Congratulations, well done! 
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /     11. PUMPKIN PASTIES     \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    There are twelve Pumpkin Pasties in this game. 2 are give-aways, but the 
    others are VERY well hidden. The silver tray in your inventory holds 
    Pumpkin Pasties. Get three Pumpkin Pasties and your silver tray will be 
    emptied and you will get one more Energy Bolt added to your maximum 
    amount. It's worth it!
    Here are their locations:
        |                                                      |
        |      A very special thank-you to David Mitchell      |
        |      (mitchell@jersey.net) for Pumpkin Pasties 3     |
        |      to 8. Without them, I wouldn't have been        |
        |      able to compile this list together.             |
    1. In the northern part of the Dungeons, on the way to Snape's class. 
    Near the save point.
    2. Hermione gives you one if you get all her three wand movements right.
    3. When you finally get outside there is a secret garden located just to 
    the right of the greenhouses. Go to the very first tree, the bottom of 
    the tree is against the bottom of the screen, just walk from the top of 
    the tree down to the treetrunk (you'll be hidden behind it), you get a 
    pumpkin pasty for killing everything in there, and a few easy to get 
    Bertie Botts beans... 
    4. After you go to the trophy room for your fight with Malfoy you'll 
    pass a pressure plate on the 7th floor, this opens up a door to the 
    observatory on the 7th floor almost directly above the pressure plate 
    and about a screen to the right... you get another pumpkin pasty for 
    5. On Floor 5 the first night there's a pressure plate you need to hit 
    to be able to cross the pit, the next day there is a stepping stone just 
    a little to the left & straight up from there...this pressure plate 
    makes 3 more pressure plates appear that will open up the mop closet in 
    the upper right hand corner of the room... the 3 plates are on either 
    side of the book case on the bottom left of this level, and to the left 
    of the mop closet door. Inside you find a pumpkin pasty. 
    6. After you've collected the Flobberworms, Greenhouse #6 becomes open 
    for you... you can guess what you find inside ;-) 
    7. After you are given the quest to get the Wiggentree bark, there is 
    another Pumpkin Pasty sitting in the Gryffindor bedroom.
    8. Start from Hagrid's Hut, go down, right, then down again to the place 
    where there's two gnomes and thorny bushes. Knock out the gnomes. To the 
    left of the thorny bushes, you will see a small patch of dirt going in 
    the trees. Follow it (you will go in the trees) and it will lead to a 
    treasure chest. Inside it is the pumpkin pasty!
    9. Before you enter the library to find the Nicolas Flamel book, search 
    one of the bookcases for a Pumpkin Pasty.
    10. The corridor on the upper left of the shelf with the Nicolas Flamel 
    book contains a few shelves with a Pumpkin Pasty in one of them.
    11. There's one in a small alcove in the Forbidden Forest. (Shouldn't be 
    too hard to find...though I've forgotten where it is.)
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /  12. CHOCOLATE FROG CARDS   \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    Okay, due to popular demand I decided to put in a section on the 
    Chocolate Frog cards. These cards are gotten when you get a Chocolate 
    Frog (easy to recognise - brown and hop around) and are listed down in 
    your Folio Magi (press Select and scroll). There are altogether 16 
    cards, and these cards are found in Chocolate Frogs scattered all over 
    the castle.
    Here are the lists of the cards and where to find them. First row is the 
    top row, and the cards are listed from left to right. By the way, the 
    list was derived from several save states, which all had an inconsistent 
    amount of cards. So even if you see the whole list here, I can't say 
    what will happen.
    First Row
    Merlin (Medieval - Dates Unknown)  
    Cornelius Agrippa (1486 - 1535) 
    Derwent Shimpling (1912 - Present) 
    Morgan Le Fay (Medieval - Dates Unknown)
    Second Row
    Newt Scamander (1897 - Present)
    Bowman Wright (1492 - 1560)
    Godric Gryffindor (Medieval - Dates Unknown)
    Edgar Stroulger (1703 - 1798)
    Third Row
    Salazar Slytherin (Medieval - Dates Unknown)
    Ignatia Wildsmith (1227 - 1320)
    Bertie Bott (1935 - Present)
    Helga Hufflepuff (Medieval - Dates Unknown)
    Fourth Row
    Rowena Ravenclaw (Medieval - Dates Unknown)
    Hengist of Woodcroft (Medieval - Dates Unknown)
    Albus Dumbledore (???? - Present)
    Harry Potter (???)
    Due to even more popular demand, this section has been thrown in. All 
    locations are found. If you find the instructions too vague, refer to 
    the "castle maps" section in this walkthrough. The locations are not 
    marked out though.
    Merlin : At the top of the Great Hall.
    Cornelius Agrippa : In a secret room hidden by a mirror to the left of 
    Charms classroom on Floor 2. You need Alohomora to open the mirror and 
    Derwent Shimpling : The hardest one to get. You will need Alohomora, 
    Avifors and Wingardium Leviosa. After completing the Wingardium Leviosa 
    challenge, go down to the Entrance and into the Dungeons. Then enter the 
    Potions classroom, which will be open all the time now. In front of the 
    cauldron full of Wiggenweld Potion are a few bookcases - one of them is 
    a secret doorway which slides open to reveal a secret room. Enter it, 
    and use Avifors and Wingardium Leviosa at the proper times to find your 
    way to the end of the room. At the end, in a small room, is the card in 
    a locked trunk.
    Morgan Le Fay : In the castle gardens, on the way to Hagrid's Hut. To  
    find it, start from Hagrid's Hut, go down, right and down immediately 
    again. You will come to a dead-end, and two thornbushes in a bush. Blast 
    away one of them, and go through to find a small enclosure with the 
    Newt Scamander : Found in a berry bush in the Hagrid's garden to find 
    Dittany. You can find the bush on the way to find the last Puffapod.
    Bowman Wright : In a corner on Floor 6. Best gotten after you've escaped 
    Snape back to the Common Room, when you then have to go to Greenhouse 1.
    Godric Gryffindor : After you cross the first moving platform when 
    escaping Snape in the darkened room, go to the left and you will see a 
    trunk containing a Chocolate Frog containing this card.
    Edgar Stroulger : When you enter the library to search for the Nicolas 
    Flamel book, go to the left and upwards (do so preferably in the dark). 
    When you can't go left and upwards anymore, there's a bookcase in the 
    area which, when searched, slides away to reveal a hidden doorway. Go 
    through and to the left to find a hole in the wall. First cast Avifors 
    on the stone bird on a pressure plate in a corner on the left of the 
    hole, then enter the hole and you'll be in a secret room. There's an 
    open door to the right, and it leads to a place with the card! 
    Helga Hufflepuff : Can be located in a trunk while on the way to finding 
    the Mirror of Erised. It's on a platform with two cracks, in the middle 
    of the large chasm.
    Salazar Slytherin : Found inside an enclosure closed off with statues. 
    Use Avifors on the statues and enter the enclosure to find the card.
    Ignatia Wildsmith : At the part when you fight the troll in the girls' 
    bathroom, fall down one of the small holes into a dungeon. Instead of 
    going back up to the bathroom via a door to the left, or to the right 
    through another doorway, push a barrel out of the way with Flipendo and 
    you will come to an area with two gnomes and a trunk with the card.
    Bertie Bott : Found in the room on the way to escaping Snape's 
    storeroom. Exact location is hard to pinpoint, so refer to the 
    Rowena Ravenclaw : Found in the Flobberworm Garden, VERY well hidden. Go 
    as north as you can, across a small chasm with two moving platforms and 
    you will reach a place with two Flipendo blocks and a row of berry 
    bushes. Push the Flipendo block in front into the hole between the 
    bushes, cross and keep going forward until you find a path heading left 
    with poisonous mushroom patches. Go along that path and you will reach a 
    seemingly dead-end. But there's a little patch of dirt leading into the 
    trees on the left - that's an entrance into the trees. Go inside and 
    find a way to another area, where there is a berry bush with the card.
    Hengist of Woodcroft : Found next to a Devil's Snare plant. Pretty easy 
    to spot.
    Albus Dumbledore : Located in the Forbidden Corridor, at the end of a 
    narrow path across a chasm.
    Harry Potter : Ron gives this to you at the end of the game.
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /       13. CASTLE MAPS       \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    Yaaay! Castle maps, the only almost fully visual section of the 
    walkthrough. Should assist in letting you find your way about the castle 
    or any other instructions in my walkthrough you deem confusing. I find 
    it helps me a bunch, but NOOOOO way am I marking out a route in the 
    maps. No. Way. The walkthrough is long enough. And neither will I put in 
    any of the Challenge maps, or changed maps of the floors when they 
    become puzzles. Nor will there be the Forbidden Corridor or likewise. 
    And the grounds are a little too complicated to map out, so no.
    Anyway, important bits in the Castle Maps have been marked out, to allow 
    to get at the little nitty-gritties in the castle (or other secret areas 
    not mentioned in the walkthrough). Enjoy!
    (Note : I've tried my best to keep the maps to scale. So if you notice 
    something is just a TEENSY-WEENSY bigger than normal, just overlook it, 
    |               ======                |
    |    ~~~~~~~~~~~LEGEND~~~~~~~~~~~     |
    |               ======                |                   
    | MMMM - Stairs to another floor      |
    | |=| - Door                          |
    | xx - Mirror (open with Alohomora)   |
    | SP - save point                     |
    | O - House Point Hourglasses         |
    | |TT| - Transfiguration Class Door   |
    | |PP| - Potions Class Door           |
    | |CC| - Charms Class Door            |
    | |DD| - Defence of the Dark Arts     |
    |        Class Door                   |
     __________        |                    |     __
    |          |       |      Potions       |____|  |_________
    |  Potions |       |     Storeroom      |                 |  
    |Classroom |       |                 |=||       __   __   |
    |          |_|=|   |________________|   |      |__| |__|  |
    |          |    |                   |   |                 |
    |_____|PP|_|    |___________________|   |                 |
        |                                   |            _|=|_|
        |     ___          ___                   ___    | To
        |    |___|        |___|                 |___|   | Entrance
        |                                               |
        |                                               |        
        |_________________       ____________       ____|
                          |     |____________|     |
                          |                        |
                          |                        |
                    To Floor 1
            |                            |______________________________                    
            |                            |                              |
            |                            |                              |
            |                            |                              |
            |                            |          Great Hall          |
            |____________    ____________|                              |
        To  |   O    O   MMMM   O    O   |                              |
    Dungeons|            MMMM            |                              |
       _|=|_|            MMMM            |_|=|___ ______________________|
      |                  MMMM                    |
      |                                          |
      |                                          |
      |_______                           ________|
              |                     SP  |
                      To Grounds
    Floor 1
                                To Floor 2
       ___________                 MMMM
      |           |                MMMM
      |   Girls'  |    ____________MMMM____________
      |           |   |                            |
      |  Bathroom |___|                            |___
      |           |                                    |
      |_______|=|_|                                    |_|TT|_
            |                                                 |
            |_____                                      ______|
                  |                                    |
                  |___                 SP           ___|
                               To Entrance
    Floor 2
                                ___________  _________________
                   To Floor 3  |           ||                 |
      ___________     MMMM     |           ||                 |
     |           |    MMMM     |           ||                 |
     |           |    MMMM     |       ____||                 |
     |           |____MMMM_____|__xx__|_____|CC|    Charms    |
     |  Library  |                             |              | 
     |           |                             |              |
     |  	ddd     |                             |   Classroom  |
     |           |                             |              |
     |____|=|____|                          ___|              |
     |                                     |   |              |
     |                                     |   |              |
     |                                     |   |              |
     |                                     |   |              |
     |________                             |   |              |
              |                            |   |              |
              |                    ________|   |______________|
                  To Floor 1 
    Floor 3
                                           |            |
                                       To  |  Defence   |
                                      Floor|  Against   |
                                        4  |    the     |
                                      MMMM | Dark Arts  |
                    _     _           MMMM | Classroom  |
      To   ________| |___| |_______   MMMM |            |
    Trophy|     _                  |__MMMM_|_|DD|_______|
     Room |    |_|   ________ _____|             |
     _|=|_|                          _  _        |
    |                    __  __     |_||_| ____  |
    |_______         __ |__||__|          |____| |
            |     __|             SP             |
            |    |  |_______________MMMM_________|
            |    |                  MMMM
            |_|=||                  MMMM
          To Forbidden              MMMM
            Corridor             To Floor 2          
    Floor 4
      ______________________         _____
     |                      |_______|     |
     |___   _______   ___   |             |
     |                   ||=|   ______   _|
     |    _              |                |
     |   |_|     ________|________    ___|
     |        __|__/\____/\_______|  |
     |     __|                    |  |  _
     |                            |  |_| |___
     |    To    _______________   |    _     |
     |  Floor  MMMM               |___| |_   |
     |____7____MMMM               |          |  
       |__|=|__MMMM___xx__________|          |
       |    To Floor 5   |          _________| 
       |_____     _______|_______     |
       |                         |    |
       |                _____    |_|=||
       |     MMMM      |_____|        |
         To Floor 3
    Floor 5
    |                 |
    |   _     _       |
    |  |_|   |_|      |
    |                 |           __     __
    |   _     _       |__________|  |___|  |__|=|__
    |  |_|   |_|         |                         |
    |              ______|                         |
    |  ___________|           _________________    |
    |                        |_________________|   |
    |                                              |
    |___   _______   _____ _______________         |
    |___| |_______| |_____|        |______|        |
    |                     |MMMM    |               |
    |  ___________________|MMMM____|__|=|________ _|
    | |___|  |___|  |___| |MMMM    |             |___|=|__
    |                   To Floor 6 |                      |
    |                              |                      |
    |____________________                        ___|=|___|
                                   To Floor 4
    Floor 6
                                      |     |      |
     ___   __   __   _________________|     |      |
    |   |_|  |_|  |_|                 |            |
    |                  __   __    |   |  _     _   |
    |                 |__| |__|   |   | |_|   |_|  |                             
    |      _________    __________|                |
    |     |         |             |_          _   _|
    |               |      __       |   _    |_| |_|
    |_______________|_____|  |___   |  |           |
                    |               |  | _   _     |
                    |               |  |/ \_/ \____|__
                    |___   _________|                 |
                    |               |                 |
                    |   MMMM        |________         |
                    |   MMMM                 |        |
                    |   MMMM                          |
                    | To Floor 7       _        ______|
                    |_________________|        |      
                                    To Floor 5
    Floor 7
                                            |             |
                                            | Gryffindor  |
                                            |   Common    |
                                            |    Room     |
     ___________________  To                |             |
    |                   |Secret             |             |
    |                   |Observatory__      |             |
    |   ___             |  |  _____/  \_____|____|=|______|
    |  |___|            |_|=||              |             |_______
    |          |             |              |                     |
    |   ___    |             |              |                     |
    |  |___|   |           __|   |______|   |___|=|___________    |
    |          |          |                          |        ||=||
    |   ___    |          |                          |       Secret
    |  |___|   |____      |_|=|____     _____________|      Bookcase
    |               |          |               |            Doorway
    |  ______       |          |               |
    |        |      |__________|               |
    |        |      |   |      |               |
    |___                |______||=|___MMMM_____|
        |                          |  MMMM
        |    |                     |  MMMM
        |____|_____________________|  MMMM
                                   To Floor 6
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /     14. TIPS AND TRICKS     \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    Here are a few oddities or some funny things spotted in the game which 
    are either just for fun or aid you in completion of the quest. Have fun!
    Colourful Spells
    You can change the colour of your spells momentarily!
    1. First, choose the spell with the colour you want. Cast it.
    2. Then, choose the spell which you want to change the colour. Cast it 
    into a wall, making sure no sparks fly out.
    3. While casting the spell, press the direction pad.
    4. Now cast it again anywhere and TADA! Different coloured spells!
    If you want to revert to original spell colour, simply change spells.
    Get the Book in 1 minute!
    Ever gotten tired to being lead round a merry-go-round on the search for 
    the Nicolas Flamel Book? Here's a super fast way to do it! These steps 
    start from when you enter the room blocked by golden statues you move 
    using Wingardium Leviosa.
    1. Keep going forward until you reach the first bridge.
    2. Now walk toward the bridge and STOP just before you put a single foot 
    on it. You'll be at the edge of the chasm.
    3. Now walk to the left, toward the wall, and whoops! You walk onto a 
    hidden patch of floor to the left, into a portion of the library with 
    the bookcase with the Book! (For which bookcase to search, refer to the 
    4. To escape the library, go back to the bridge and cross about slightly 
    less than halfway. You will see a pressure plate with a pile of books on 
    it across the chasm to the right, so arm yourself with Avifors and align 
    yourself properly with the pressure plate.
    5. Fire an Avifors spell and immediately step off the bridge as quickly 
    as possible! The pressure plate will be freed, turning the bridge and 
    opening the escape door to the right of the library. If you weren't 
    quick enough, you'll fall into the chasm, but if you were, find the open 
    door in the library (it's easy enough) and escape!
    The is only one main ending, but if you fulfill certain conditions, the 
    ending script will change - a little.
    If you have got a perfect score of 600 House Points : They will say 
    Gryffindor has won the house cup.
    If you have got all the Chocolate Frog cards in your Folio Magi : Ron 
    will tell you that you have the whole set.
                ______                                   ______        
          __   |___  /                                  \  ____|  __
          \ \-----/ /__================================__\ \-----/ /
           \ \   /__  / 15. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS \  __\   / /
            \_\----/ /==================================\ \----/_/
                   |/                                    \|
    These are questions which are commonly mailed to me every day. To get 
    them straight, I have this section so I won't have to KEEP REPLYING to 
    the same old message. It does get boring. :-)
    Q: Where are all the Chocolate Frogs?
    A: Look into the appropriate section.
    Q: What happens when you find all the Chocolate Frogs?
    A: I suppose the ending changes a TINY bit though, Ron says you have all 
    cards or something. Probably no special stuff is unlocked.
    Q: Can you tell me where to get the Harry Potter ROM?
    A: No. Find it yourself.
    Q: The ROM doesn't work properly!!!
    A: Search me.
    Q: What emulator do you use?
    A: VisualBoy Advance, latest version. I am not sure whether Boycott 
    Advance does the trick though.
    Q: I can't see the golden statue in the forbidden corridor! Only when I 
    fall then I see it!
    A: Oops. Mistake in walkthrough. It's corrected already.
    Q: After collecting the Chocolate Frog and jellybean, I can't see the 
    golden statue you're talking about! Where is it?
    A: Oops, a mistake in the walkthrough (got lotsa e-mails about this 
    one). It's corrected already - you need to cast Flipendo on a switch.
    Q: Hey, there's a grey chest in a partition of the room in the corner! 
    What's that?
    A: It's probably an Easter Egg, aka a joke secret. I haven't tried to 
    get to it, and I probably never will. But it's a good secret anyways ;-) 
    A: Many people have asked me this, and I was quite amazed...but to tell 
    you the truth I was stuck at this for about 120 seconds myself. Getting 
    back to the point: after finding the unicorn and after the cutscene, you 
    will end up in a small area with a troll and jellybeans, no? Ignore the 
    troll (you don't have to fight it) and you will see a small patch of 
    dirt at the forest edge. That signifies a secret entrance into a secret, 
    unseen route into and through the forest. You can't see yourself as you 
    walk in the forest, but some quick experimentation should bring you out 
    successfully. If one direction doesn't work, try another. THAT'S THAT!!!
    Q: Is your name really Schlave? Why is the section titled "Who am I"?A: 
    Introductory purposes, my dear Watson. You should know what I mean.
    Q: I'm having trouble with <insert something which I know I had already 
    put into the guide>.
    A: Blah. Then you ain't looking at the latest version. This is the Final 
    Version here, and sometimes the sites the guide is on are a little slow 
    in updating themselves (or just rely on the writers to do so!).
    Q: Your instructions are not clear! Help!
    A: Hm...I've tried to make myself as clear as possible. Try the Castle 
    Maps section.
    Q: You dork, I donated information that was in the Stuff I Need section 
    and I still don't see my name there!
    A: If the credits section serves as nothing more than showing yourself 
    off, then get the sh!t out of here. Alternately, you could be more 
    polite and remind me that information has been donated.
    Q: Here you go, information. Now put my name in.
    A: Really, do you think you can order everyone around? Once more please, 
    and more polite this time.
    If you want to ask me something, you can reach me at 
    ernestho@magix.com.sg or ICQ. My ICQ number is 70345585, but I don't 
    usually use ICQ that much. Only ask questions regarding this game, and 
    questions which have not been listed here. If you disobey both of these, 
    I will not reply to your mail and delete you from the Contact List.
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /         16. CREDITS         \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    This section is dedicated to all people who pass me information which I 
    don't know. 
    (If you want to donate information, look below for the "Stuff I Need" 
    - Maka'ike (makaike@bluewin.ch) for the last Pumpkin Pasty.
    - Anonymous III (CM8056@aol.com) for telling me the mistakes in the 
    controls section!
    - Anonymous II (PunkKid3000@aol.com) for telling me Malfoy is a foe!
    - Helen Brimmicombe (helen@madaboutcats.fslife.co.uk) for donating the 
    Edgar Stroulger card location.
    - Emil James Milan (ej_milan0726@hotmail.com) for donating the 9th 
    pumpkin pasty, and the Colourful Spells trick.
    - Anonymous (sky584@netsgo.com) for donating Chocolate Frog card Derwent 
    Shimpling. About time too, I've been getting Wildsmith, Agrippa and 
    Ravenclaw for some time ;-)
    - Saiber (saiber@hanson.net) for donating Chocolate Frog cards Cornelius 
    Agrippa, Morgan Le Fay, Ignatia Wildsmith and Rowena Ravenclaw.
    - Nikki (Bowby@aol.com) for confirming some of my doubts about the 
    endings. This info may or may not be in later releases.
    - David Mitchell (mitchell@jersey.net) for Pumpkin Pasties 5 to 8.
                  ______                                ______        
            __   |___  /                               \  ____|  __
            \ \-----/ /__=============================__\ \-----/ /
             \ \   /__  /       17. LEGAL STUFF       \  __\   / /
              \_\----/ /===============================\ \----/_/
                     |/                                 \|
    This FAQ is protected by Singapore Copyright Law and is for private and 
    personal use only. No part or whole of this document may be reproduced 
    in any form, written or otherwise. This document is free and may not be 
    used for commercial use, like reproducing in CDs and selling them. This 
    document may not be altered, doctored or referenced in any way without 
    permission from the author (ernestho@magix.com.sg).
    This FAQ was created by me, Ernest Ho (ernestho@magix.com.sg) and All 
    copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not 
    specifically mentioned herein. No other publishers/societies may use 
    this fact apart from GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com), Neoseeker 
    (www.neoseeker.com), The Internet Central Network (www.a2zcheats.com), 
    PoJo (www.pojo.com), Harry Potter's World (hpw.5er.com) and Mystical 
    Magic (mystical-magic.tripod.com). Remember, plagiarism is a crime 
    punishable by law.

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