Review by Al the hedgehog

"Sonic's back! With a bang, or a dud?"

Ok if your in need of a new Sonic game, look no further Sonic Advance is a trip to the olden days, IN STYLE! The controls are a little hard to get used to at first, but that's not really a problem, the controls are both easy to learn and simple enough so I can play with my feet (belive me, I've tried). The controls are responsive too, if you bump the D-pad a little your character will move a little.

The graphics are crisp but as all the GB(A and C)hard to see in low light. All the sprites are easy to see on the screen and the camera keeps up even at (almost) Max speed (running fast with Sonic makes the camera kinda mess up). Remember Sonic 3's graphics? These aren't as fancy (I like shading) but they do the job for the GBA.

The story line is light and effective (for me anyway) it creates a story without a single word said *coughSonic3andKnucklescough* and that's how a story should be. Basic game story for Sonic and pals, get the Chaos Emeralds and blow up Eggman's (or Robotnik, whatever you prefer, remember no words) base. Sounds like it's boring right? Wrong. The classic motife of this story gives it a bigger punch, even though the emeralds are hard to find, and even harder to get! This game is big, in a way the levels are huge and it seems like you just can't fall in a bottomless pit anymore ^_^.

The sound in this game isn't really important. The classic ring sound is still there ^_^, the level background music is both cool and addicting. But most of all most of those little effects the sounds make give it a push in the crowd.

Here's what I really judge a game on, extras. C'mon it's got a battle mode! The extras in this game make it even better! I can't wait till I can battle someone. They've even got the single pak multiplayer game going on in there, sweet. The Chao game isn't something to gawk at either, little minigames just for the little chao dudes and dudetes. Note to self: Get Multiplayer Cables.

Replay vale, these two words can mean endless fun or a one-time hurrah. This game doesn't disappoint, four characters for you to play the game with makes sure your in for a treat, and another plus, they've all got special abilities (though Amy's the only one who can't spindash), it'll cause you to think and use differect characters on different routes through a level. Also since there's a VS mode the fun keeps on going.

Bottom line:In my opinion, buy this game. It's a classic revived with a punch. If you don't your missing one of the best shinning gems of Sonic's life.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/28/01, Updated 12/28/01

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