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Reviewed: 12/30/01 | Updated: 12/30/01

The Blue Hedgehog has returned

Sega has finally returned back to old-school gaming in Sonic Advance for your gameboy advance. Remember the old days of Sonic on the genesis, well get ready for more of it.. Sonis is back along with all his friends from Sonic Adventure. There is Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Each character has their own story in this game and basically have differnet moves and will do certain things int his game. Start with Sonic because he the best and easiest to use.

Story: There is not much to tell. Dr. Robotinks or Eggman is back. He has stolen the chaos crystals once again and it up to you Sonic or his friends to destory Robotinks and get back the chaos. This is old school sonic.. Horay!

Graphics:10 Excellent graphics. The first time I played this, I was like surprised with the classic sonic. He looks better. The camera contuines to follow sonic even if he running blazing fast! Whew!

Gameplay:10 The gameplay is good. No slowdown or anything. This is old school sonic! The controls are easy to use. A is for jump and if you tap it again, you can do a special move. B button let's you do a move as well. If your new to this, this is like the sega genesis versions. You must run through each zone collecting rings and stuff. You can get powerups too. SHields to proect you or do certain things. There are bonus games in this game to help you get the chaos. If you get them... You'll see what happen. However, Sega manage to make it harder this time. You must find Dr. Robotink and destroy him!

Sound:10 New music and new sound. However you'll hear remixs of the old music in Sonic Advance. One remix is the Scrap Brain Zone from sonic 1. There are lots of music. The ring sound is back and so are all the old ones. Yay!

Replay:10 This game has lots of stuff to do. You can play the single player with all the characters, do the time attack mode and see how fast you can run across the zone, you can have fun with multiplayer or help urself with the chaos game where you must raise your own chaos baby. This game has a linkup with the gamecube one as well.

Overall:10 This game is perfect! Sonic is back with full power. There is lot of stuff to do and chaos to find. Can you find em all?

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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