Review by JerzeyDevil

"Good old Sonic of the Genesis days has returned"

I was really looking forward to this the release of this game as I was a big fan of the old Genesis Sonics, especially Sonic 3. This game easily met met expectations with the great classic gameplay that I remember.

I was surprised at the challenge this game presents to you, as the special stages are not only hard to find, but they are also considerably hard to complete. In the old Sonic games, I was able to breeze through them and become Super Sonic in no time, but it isn't the case here. The special stages are similar to the Sonic 2 ones, as you have to collect as many rings as possible while avoided the mines. The pretty graphics will amaze you in these stages.

Now, of course, the main game is what you'd expect from a Sonic game with huge levels to explore and tons of gravity- defying obstacles. The gameplay is just as fast as you remember it and the graphics are pretty and vibrant. They aren't as flashy as Sonic 3's, but they are still very well done for a handheld.

Other features in this game includes Time Attack, Multiplayer that also supports just one cartridge (sweet), and the chao garden where you can raise your own little, cuddly chao. There are a bunch of mini games you can play in this mode to make your chao happy and you can use the rings you collect in the main game to buy it some fruits to help it gain strength. And of course when Sonic Adventure 2 comes out for Gamecube, you will be able to link Sonic Advance to it to race your chao.

The only element in this game that I am disappointed about is the music. I always loved the old Sonic music, but the music in this game isn't as memorable or as fast paced. Luckily, there are a few surprises they put in, as there are some classic tunes in the menus and in certain parts of the game, which I was happy about.

You'll breeze through this game easily but the real challenge lies in collecting the chaos emeralds and becoming the awesome Super Sonic that will unlock very rewarding secret. Don't forget to pick up this well-made game, especially is your an old school Sega fan like I am. You won't regret it.

Graphics- 9 Pretty.
Sound- 8 Good, but music isn't up to par with past Sonic's.
Gameplay- 10 Fast and furious gameplay.
Entertainment- 9 It's a 2-D Sonic game!
Replay- 8 You'll be busy for hours
Overall- 9 Buy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/07/02, Updated 02/07/02

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