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"Buying on an impulse can be a bad thing..."

I bought this on an impulse, and brought it home. I started playing it, and here's my review.

It's the same as always, of course. Robotnik (Eggman in this game, but I know him as Robotnik, always) wants to roboticize all the animals and steal the Chaos Emeralds and rule the world. I've liked this story, and the old cartoon show that came with it. Now, if I didn't like the story, I'd give it a '5', but since I do, it gets a:
Story: 7/10

Sound was okay, and I enjoyed the...uhm...'Snow Mountain Ice Stage' or whichever's music. On the 'Options' screen, they play old Sonic music... It was very nice.
Sound: 8/10

The play was good, but I didn't really like all that fast action on a tiny GBA. It was hard to see what was going on, and if I had a GameCube to link it up with, I'm sure it would've been easier to play, but many times I didn't see this one baddie who pops from the ground and lost my rings. That, of course, isn't the reason for the score, refer to the first sentence of this paragraph for that.
Gameplay: 6/10

Graphics were absolutely wonderful. Very nice, but of course compressed into the GBA screen. Everything was a blur as I raced on, and things were had to see but they looked nice while I was plowing into baddies. But, as I don't care about graphics in that a game great doesn't have to have great graphics (ie, Earthbound for SNES) so the score I give here doesn't add up in the end.
Graphics: 10/10

I really wouldn't know, because after 15min the smile faded from my face and I was ready to chuck SA for Super Mario World. I would guess okay, with the four chars to chose from, Amy Rose, Tails, Knuckles, and, of course, Sonic, and the time trials (which last about 5min in their fun-ness), and let's not forget the Chao Garden. I named mine 'Skye' and fussed with it for a while, but that's about it. The music for the Garden is annoying, I think. I suppose you could hook up with your friends, but I'm not buying a cable just to report and score the entertainment in that. This is a personal-opinion scored area, and is compiled from my knowledge of having played all Genesis Sonic games. See, the only replay I find is in boredom (which is why the Gensis isn't here with my N64, PS2, GBA, and SNES, but elsewhere) and if you're shooting to get Super Sonic/Hyper Knuckles/Turbo Tails.
Replay: 5/10

Overall: 6/10

Buy or Rent?
I find that Blockbuster hates me in that they don't carry the GBA games I want to try (Golden Sun, Breath of Fire, MegaMan Battle Network, etc.) and Hollywood doesn't carry them...but I would strongly suggest you rent this first before buying, unlike I did, because Best Buy doesn't let you return opened, functioning video games.
Buy or Rent: Rent*

* - Unless you liked all the Genesis games VERY MUCH and can't live without Sonic, since this is just StH3 with Amy Rose, and Tails can fly farther.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/08/02, Updated 02/08/02

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