Review by Waluigi

"A bit above avarage nothing more."

I bought this game because i'm the fan of the old console companies(Sega and Nintendo). I though t this would be atleast as good as the sega sonic series but i was a bit disappointed... Lets break it down

Story: 4/10 (just below average)
Bleh it's the same thing as the 2d Sonic series(robotnik wants to turn every thing thats alive, sonic and friends must stop him).. just a bit less of a story because of the fast that 4 different characters play on the same stages, and you can't swich inbetween them, you must start over if you wish to play as them, oh yea each of them has a differnet ability (which is expected)

Sound & Music : 5 (Average)
It's not as good as sega's old music... but it's ok..Sounds are ok as well, nothing superb, but not bad

Graphics,Sprites : 7 (Pretty Good)
I have no problem with the graphics, they look good, for the main characters but some of your foes will look a bit bland. backgrounds look good, stages look ok... You won't be disappointed with the graphics on Sonic advance

Multiplayer: 6 (Just Above average)
If you have a friend with sonic advance, Yes multi player will Rock! if you have 3 friends with it, it will Rock! You can aucutly play a version where you must explore a level and collect chao. or better yet team play mode where you Must work as a team to get to the finish but if you don't, you can still play the crummy 1 game pak version, which is just like the Sonic 2 version! Unless you really loved that, multi player just isn't going to make this game worth while

Replay: 3 (Not too good)
I had no real urge to replay this, even though i didn't collect all the chaos emeralds or get all of the chao's stuff... The first time it was great, but when i went though this with a 3rd charater it just got boring. Very little replay value hurts this game

Overall: 6/10

Buy or Rent?
Rent Unless you don't have alot of time,play though games very slowly,you can stand repetivness, or you like chao and are going to get SA2: Battle for the game cube(With cable of course). 1st time though it's a good game, 2nd time it's ok, 3rd time it gets boring. level length is average and this game has 14 levels. A bit on the easy side though.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 02/10/02, Updated 02/10/02

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