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"The one thing that keeps me from killing myself..."

Sonic the Hedgehog is back and better than you could ever imagine! This game is so unbelievably great. It has every classical element of the Sonic series in it and then some...

Story - 10/10
Same as always: Robotnik (Now EggMan) wants all the Chaos emeralds to rule the world, have ultimate power, etc. THIS time around, however, you can choose between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, or Amy. The story may be old and used, but the classicalness alone makes me give it a 10.

Graphics - 9/10
Beautiful, slick, and wonderfully animated. A 2-D sidescroller just like back in the day. There were only a few minor problems, like how when someone is slanted they look fuzzy or the cheesyness of when they are falling down a hill of sand or ice. Overall, they look great with their new styles.

Sound - 10/10
Has the ring sound, the jump sound, everything you have come to know in the past. It also has some classic songs like the Scrap Brain Zone song for the Options menu and the invincibility music from the first two. All the music you can TELL is from Sonic Team, sounds just like something you would hear on the Genesis games. Great, great sound.

Control/Gameplay - 7/10
I had a little trouble here. The controls are great and respond very quickly, although Sonic's dash in the air is hard to pull off every single time. The main problems gameplaywise was the slow response to boxes. Example: I had no rings and went to a box that had 10 rings in it, hit it, got hit by an enemy the second after I hit it, and died. Right when I fell to die, I got the rings. Rrrgh. But these occurances are rare and don't affect gameplay one iota.
The Chao Garden stuff isn't all that great, but I'll still do it. Nothing to gawk over. Plays find, and has good control response.

Difficulty - 4/10
This game is very, very easy, even on Normal. The only problems I had were a few bosses, but that's all.

Modes - 10/10
This game has regular mode which saves after every level for all characters, and that alone is fine. But to boot, there is a 2 player VS mode, Time Trials, and the much overrated Chao Garden. Great fun.

Overall - 10/10
This game is so, so great. Has lots of old school style to it and it's just really really fun. Pick this up as soon as possible. Sonic is back, and I don't think it gets any better than this.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/02, Updated 02/11/02

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