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"The classic sonic gameplay feels just as good on the GBA"

This is SONIC, and sonic close to his best. The game plays very similiar to some of Sega's classics on the Genesis. Sonic's moves, and level questing feels great and just as fast paced and exhilirating as it did on past systems. The game also feels very fresh since there are 4 characters to chose from: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. Each character plays very different from the last, and all add very much variety and difficulty to the game. My favorite? Knuckles. He glides, he climbs, he punches, he swims, he spins, he does it all. Although all the characters are very fun to play with. This really helps keep the replay value high and the game from not getting stale. The game does suffer from not as many levels as what I had hoped for, but at least those levels dont get boring to play. There are only a hair more than 12 levels in the game, and although they all feel very different, having more levels wouldn't of hurt the replay value of the game. I beat the game in about a 5 hour block (with lots and lots of breaks). The real replay value here tho comes in replaying the game with the different characters, trying to find all the emeralds, raising your little chao in chao garden, breaking time records, and facing head to head with link play. All in all, this is a great effort and a great game for the GBA that no Sonic fan should be without.

Graphics 9.5
The graphics are fantastically lush and look just as good if not better than they did on Genesis. Excellent graphics for an excellent game.

Sound 8.5
The new tunes sound quite a bit different, but they are still very good, and all the coin chimes and sound effects all retain the classic sonic feel to them.

Gameplay 8.5
The different character help keep this game going, and the levels feel just as deep as they do on other systems. And that is quite an accomplishment for such a tiny system.

Replay Value 9.0
Lack of levels, but great replay because of the Chao, the link play, and the 4 different varied characters to play as.

*Note:I did not mention the story in this review, because it is so horrendously awful and not even worth mentioning. The game doesn't rely on story and it is unfair to even judge the game based on that.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/11/02, Updated 02/11/02

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