"Good ol' Sonic is back to stay"

Well, well, well, if it isn't my favorite blue hedgehog on a Nintendo system! Let's see how he does in the ol' reviews:

Game play: I'm going to split this up into a few factors:
Story Mode - You get to chose among Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Tails. Each one has their own special abilities.
Sonic can do his insta-shield move which allows him to become invisible for a short while when he jumps and can now grind on rails
Tails (who is dangerously cute in this game) can fly (swim) like previous Sonic games and do a tails attack just like the on in SA1, only you can't do it repetitively.
Knuckles, good ol' Knuckles.... wait why is he in this game? The Master Emerald isn't broken. It's not in pieces or stolen... doesn't make much sense but oh well that's not the point. As before, Knuckles can climb and glide, and do that punching move he did in SA1. You know where he punches twice than leaps into the air.... he can also float in the water.
Amy, probably the most useless character, HAS THE BEST WAITING ANIMATION!! IT'S SO FUNNY!!..um... heh anyway, she has her pika hammer (did I spell that right?) Basically all of her moves from SA1 are in this game, but the fact that her jump doesn't hurt anything, and she can't spin dash, really make the game difficult for her. But it can be done.
So, characters and moves and stuff: 9/10 only cause Amy can't spindash ^_^
Every character has the same levels as the next one, but because of their unique moves, you can travel a different way with each one. The levels are filled with areas to explore, hidden passages, loops and those really annoying badnicks you love to hate. At the end of the second act of each level, you face Dr. Eggman who will try to attack you with one of his machines that are usually quite easy to defeat. There is also a zone called zone X which is 3 bosses in a row (you may recoginize the first two) Overall, the zones are very similar to the ones on the old 2D Sonic games, except they don't seem to be as fast as they should be, and once you've beaten the game with all 4 characters, there's not much to go back and explore; you've done it all pretty much.
Levels: 9/10
Special Stages are back as well, and who in God's name came up with these God awful piece of crap special stages? They suck... you can't tell if you're lined up with the rings and it's just annoying. All it is is your character on a ... snowboard I guess.. falling down a tube and you have to get a certain amount of rings. You can never tell if you're lined up with the rings or not, and I've not meet anyone who can do them yet, or has even gotten one chaos emerald.
Special Stages: 0/10
Game play overall: 6/10 (average)

Other stuff:
Vs. -Can't do it, I only have on GBA
Time attack: Nothing special, just try to get better times in the levels, a good idea though.
Tiny Chao Garden: Awwww, they're sooo cute! Here you can take care of a small chao in a small garden. You can pet it, feed it and play games. The two games you can play are a card matching game and a scissors/paper/rock game (which took me forever to figure out that's what it was) The better you do in the games, the more rings you get. Rings are important for you to buy toys and food for your chao. All through that rubber duck I got is pretty useless, it just sits there and the chao ignores it. The food you buy can either increase or decrease your chao's stats in either swim, fly, run, power and stamina. You have to kind of figure out what does what for yourself though.
Other stuff: 10/10 (thank the chao garden for that)
Graphics: I refuse to judge a game on it's graphics because I don’t think good graphics make a good game or viceversa, but I will say they are very well done. They look like they were taking from a SNES game with enhanced graphics.
Music/Sound: The music is okay in some places, but it just needs work in others. The Casino Paradise song is horrid, I can't stand it. As for sound, well the sound is fitting but I was kind of hoping they'd use sound from the original Sonic games. Once in a while you do hear remixes from songs of old Sonic games, and that's pretty cool.
Music/Sound: 6/10
Value: Like I said above, once you've played the game with all 4 of them, you've done just about everything, but still, it's a Sonic game and I love the speed and thrill of it. And going back for the chao, time attack, and MAYBE a crack at a chaos emerald brings me back to the game.
Value: 8/10

OVERALL: 8/10 This is what I get when I rounded up. Overall, a good game for Sonic to start his Nintendo days out in, but let's just fix those damn special stages.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/21/02, Updated 02/21/02

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