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Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

Have this in your mind now: 2D games isn't a bad thing, its a good thing!

Sonic seens better when its in 2D classic form huh? Well it seens that 2D games haven't die yet, with classic 2D games bringing it back to live(Sonic,Mario etc). Sonic Advance successfully prove that.

It seens that many gamers will find the game awkward, but us ''oldies''(is there such word?) find it comfortable and bring back fond memories to us. Sonic Advance is what I've been waiting for since Sonic's era in the Genesis had died: a brand new 2D sonic game.

4 characters to choose from, with multiple huge zones to choose from(as big as those you played on TV when you are little). Trademark zones like those ''Casino'', ''Forest'', ''Snow'' are in it. Bosses are just at the correct difficulty, not too hard nor too easy. Heck, even the control is excellent! They truely resemble the Genesis controller.

And if you have a chance, examine how smooth the game animation run.

Each character now have a standing attack, unlike old Sonic 2D games.

What's frustrating is the Bonus stage. It seens that you need at least 10 tries to earn 1 Chao Emerald. Why?Well, you have to surfboard yourself in a tunnel, collect a specific amount of rings(trust me, its one of the most difficult bonus stage in the whole Sonic series). Bad, VERY bad camera view is one fault of it.

Oh yah, to access a bonus stage, you have to jump onto a special type of spring. (In case you wonder, the classic 2D Sonic's bonus stages are by hitting a lamp post checkpoint when you have fifty rings or above).

Relive your memories with familiar things. Remember the ''Pendulum mech'' boss? No? How about the ''Drill mech'' boss? No? Ok here's one popular boss, Metal Knuckles! Yes! Metal Knuckles return in this game! And guess what, I'm pretty excited!

With extras like the ''VS mode'', ''Time Attack'', ''Tiny Chao Garden'', this is a must buy.

In case you're wondering, ''Tiny Chao Garden''(TCG in short here) is a place where you raise a Chao, a young and cute creature in the SOnic World. You can pat and feed it, pull weeds, or buy items using rings(earn by mini-games!). Speaking of mini-games, they are both additive and they're not as simple as you think. Oh yah, that's like the old ''Tamagochi'' game few years back. And hey! The Chao is cute! If you have a GC, you can even transfer it and make it evolve!

I won't be surprise if they announce a sequel to the game. If there's a sequel, I'm sure it will be a hit!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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