Review by MoetheChicken

Reviewed: 07/21/04

Go Sonic! Go! Wait... I already beat the game...

Intro-The first sonic game for the GBA. It's compatible with Sonic for Game cube. It's not as good as most Sonic games. What a disappointment. Sega can do so much better than this. Read on...

Like all sonic games this has no story. It's just some weird blue hedgehog zippin around and saving fruity little forest animals. Sega might have been able to make a good story but they were lazy. Or maybe they just can't come up with a good story. A really good story may have brought this up to a four.

There game play there is some good qualities about the game play...It's normal sonic side scrolling with high speed action. With the typical coins you collect. If you haven't ever played a sonic game before coins are like this...You get coins throughout the level. Like off of jumps and in boxes. You know the places you’d expect. Coins act as health. If your hit without coins you lose a life. If you lose enough lives you'll have a chance to continue or game over. If your hit with coins your coins scatter and you can get them. If you collect one hundred coins you get a new life. So the more coins you have the more chance you have of getting coins after your hit and the more chance of getting hit give a more chance of getting a game over and the more chance of getting a game over the more chance of throwing your game boy in the wall and blaming your brother. So lets face it; you want coins. There is also another part to coins. It's a bad part too... If you collect coins then you can spend them on your "Chao." You Chao is basically a tamagachi wrapped up in a ball, shot a few times and then spit on. It's practically pointless unless you own the Sonic game for the Game Cube. The side scrolling works well with sonic so that’s not a downside. Speaking of Sonic, he's not the only nature freak animal you can be. There is also Tails, Knuckles and Amy. Let's talk about Sonic first. Sonic is the fastest. He can jump run and attack. His attack is flips and stuff. He can also glide on rails. In my opinion Sonics only okay. Tails is the second slowest character. He can fly for a limited time. He has the worst physical attack though. He just swings his tail. Tails is the fastest under water and he can swim. Knuckles... The best of them all! Knuckle's attack is a one two punch followed by an upper cut. Knuckles is second to Sonics speed. but he makes up for it with his ability to glide. Knuckles can glide back and forth throughout the whole stage. And If you want to reach a high space or your just plain tired of gliding try out climbing for size. Knuckles can also swim. okay maybe not swim more like glide under water... Now the slowest character Amy! Amy can use many hammer abilitys with her uhh... hammer. She is the only animal that can't get down and speed up so she's not that good. Think the game sounds really good!?! Wait... The game is extremely short. you can beat it in about two hours. Other than that it's a good game. I mean you just want to keep playing but you already beat it! Beating it quick is not because there's alot of levels and there easy or there's like two levels and it's hard! It's a few levels AND it's super easy. They tried to make it longer by putting hidden springs; You go on them and you play a mini game and try to collect rings. If you beat each one on each level you unlock the next easy boss fight. First off the springs are impossible to find. Second off even if you find them the mini game it's impossibly hard. It's not what you would call "fun"...

The Graphics are really good for a Game Boy Advance. And there's nothing really messed up about it. The characters are all done nicely and there not any deformed heads or anything.

Ahhh... Don't you love the classic sonic music? It just works great with every level. Sure I'll admit the boss music a little repetitive. But the other music's just perfect.

The Sound's pretty good but I never got that weird jumping sound. With the technology today you think they would put in some voice acting.

Sometimes it's fun just to pick it up to play a fun quick game. but the replay value isn't worth the game.

Well let's review: The game is cool jumping around and stuff it's really short, It's boring and just a bad game. Now the question to buy or to rent? I highly recommend you don't buy this. You may want to rent it just so you can say you beat it. But it may not be worth the renting cost or even your time...Your better buying an old cheap genesis and getting sonic games for it.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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